Jon Jacobsen

 photo 61995ff4f0a38135d9d0edd4f6fd4680_zps0e363b4b.jpg  photo 22d3f3c4f178fb73f3cb1237d2a264b6_zps2e1bb8ea.jpg  photo 838bc2c9a7d0cfe4ec1bf26b720a26b5_zps33653f4b.jpg " I am a self-taught photographer from Quintero, with a degree in graphic design and multimedia communication , currently living in Santiago de Chile. I started creating conceptual images nine years ago. My work contains graphic, narrative images utilizing symbolism and the surreal, and continues to evolve through fashion editorials and fine art photography. I work as a freelance photographer, mainly doing Fine Art images, fashion editorials, portraits and collaborating with other talents, always with the desire of experimenting and pushing boundaries. " - Jon Jacobsen  photo c969a54c6cfdd95e696dc14b46dfcdac_zps1b3597ec.jpg  photo 460e74cdbb9d688cc80e1d140d14a217_zps9045fdb5.jpg

Marie-Lou Desmeules

 photo 3240827951313b3a573ad78c96e07277_zpsde721c6e.jpg  photo dc041e5a7260a7c4dc3b8501b2018e42_zps59d5584b.jpg Marie-Lou Desmeules, French-Canadian artist & performer, moved to Berlin at the age of 21 to start her career as a painter. She promptly felt restrained by that sole medium & began experimenting different techniques and mediums. This resulted in her “Painting Surgeries”: a mix of performance, painting, sculpture and photography. Marie-Lou works directly on her models. She covers them under acrylic paint, clothes, plastic, paper & hair to create sculptures out of them. The final artworks are photographs of the living sculptures.  photo 5568626efbed5ed7a8880319a372d3e3_zps24ca58bf.jpg  photo 2af1cb9a2495b631373e9e9a5709cb32_zps0b876d58.jpg  photo c7d559625160c908cb2f162502bed6bc_zpsd883c0bc.jpg

Nicolas Nadeau

 photo week-5_zpsa8015c77.jpg  photo antimodern_zps6ffb4526.jpg Today’s discovery is the multicolored landscape world of Austin, TX based artist Nicolas Nadeau. Click here to view more.  photo antibodies600-600x753_zpsaf761539.jpg

Terry Border

 photo HOBBIT_zps591571b2.jpg  photo rosemarysbaby_zps79f212d6.jpg  photo flashgordon_zps88e76026.jpg  photo odyssey_zps38676ac6.jpg Terry Border was born October 16, 1965, and has spent the vast majority of his life in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. He graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Fine Art Photography in 1988. Then, because he wanted to be practical and not be an artist (he is from Indiana after all), he worked as a commercial photographer for many years photographing the most mind-numbingly, boring shit you can think of. If he would have worked harder, he could have gone on to photograph more exciting things, but he figures he probably had a very bad attitude about it all. In 2006 he started what he calls his Bent Objects project, mainly because all the other blog names were already taken. Basically, the project concerns adding wire to ordinary objects to help pose them as living characters, usually telling a story, and then photographing them. For some reason people liked it. Mr. Border has two books containing collections of his Bent Objects published by Running Press, and is now working on a children's book for Philomel (a footprint of Penguin Publishing). He has a contract with Universal Publishing to make 2013, and 2014 wall calendars, and supplies American Greetings with various greeting card images. There are also, supposedly, several Bent Objects jigsaw puzzles for sale somewhere in the world, but he has never actually seen one in person.  photo tumblr_n175ljiSYb1sa7m41o5_500_zpsa1af80ca.jpg  photo julius_zps0813676a.jpg  photo 1984_zps8387d0a0.jpg

Vice Tomasović

 photo IMG_4344_zps75b1beec.jpg  photo photo2mala_zpsb223aabe.jpg Make sure you check out the work of the super talent known as Vice Tomasović, a Croatian painter, sculptor and performance artist.  photo IMG_3677_zps9a8bc5a5.jpg  photo IMG_3095_zps742a081a.jpg

Moby Stapler

 photo Untitled-1_zps41af4661.jpg For all you Moby Dick fans out there, this stapler is the perfect addition to your home or work desk. Click here to buy.  photo image_zps5281ccea.png

Marcelo Oliveira

 photo 614a1374b5331a7a475c0b3a3d0a8ded_zps52c7f913.png  photo loira-vader-02-02_zps0018768b.png Very happy to have stumbled upon the illustrations of Marcelo Oliveira.  photo 9bfd223af2f0436013d30b09f9756707_zpsc25cda2a.png

Jim Isermann

 photo jimsermann6_zps68544905.jpg  photo JimIsermannCubeweave03961996_zps179afc96.jpg Jim Isermann was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He received a Master of Fine Arts from CalArts and his work has chronicled the conflation of post-war industrial design and fine art through popular culture. He believes in the beauty of utilitarian design and has explored several traditional handicraft techniques such as stained glass, hand-sewn patchwork and hand-loomed weaving. His work has evolved from didactic representations of the failure of modernism to the physical embodiment of pure design. Isermann received a prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 2001. He shows his work in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Europe. (via Metro)  photo ex_392_zpsb48e7233.jpg

Gerardo Feldstein

 photo Enitantonitanpoco_zps71d7a070.jpg  photo Eadhocracia_zps1f2744fc.jpg Argentinian artist Gerardo Feldstein creates whimsical and bizarre mixed media sculptures based on the human figure. Some of his works play with scale, matching tiny figures with huge hands or feet. In other works, Feldstein anthropomorphizes everyday objects, adding faces to toilets and feet to tables. Born in Buenos Aires, he studied electrical engineering for a few years, started to paint and today he is an artist in various fields. His sculptures are made of different materials, he uses wire, wood, textiles and other things to form his works. (via Artistaday)  photo Eremocracia_zps97768418.jpg  photo gerardofeldstein35_zps091b78ee.jpg

Marc Da Cunha Lopes

 photo 1be75baee6ea6dbd052cf185846d7e15_zpsbac1ebaa.jpg  photo 1280495aa54c338158d5eae797dd4c4f_zps81d026a3.jpg Born in 1979, Marc Da Cunha Lopes works and lives in Paris. He studied photography in Gobelins Paris, graduated in 2005. He has been commisioned to photograph advertising campaigns for international companies such as Nike, Fiat, Peugeot, Sony. His personal work was show for the first time in Rabouan Moussion gallery in Paris in 2011.  photo 5f9c85b46d5f296f0eb920635cea901a_zps896df7d0.jpg  photo da4a9bdd26fd06bb8ac83f26f4ef9eae_zpsd90b98c4.jpg