Sylvia Stølan

 photo unnamed-1_zpsbopj2d4w.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zps7hozskyy.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsxuzsogbl.jpg 'I was born in Trondheim, Norway, and moved to the Netherlands to study illustration. After receiving my bachelor degree in visual communication I've been working as freelance artist/illustrator in the Netherlands for a couple of years before moving back to Norway.' - Sylvia Stølan  photo unnamed-4_zpshzbov3ol.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsivf0kbps.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpsp5mats2z.jpg

Alex Badea

 photo unnamed-2_zpsioz9rjpq.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsnachg74v.jpg What is this? More cool stuff on our blog? Check out the work of Alex Badea guys!  photo unnamed-3_zpstvjddt4q.jpg

Shary Boyle

 photo unnamed_zpsdyrg306l.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsdac1ijc0.jpg Shary Boyle works across diverse media, including ceramics, sculpture, painting, installation and drawing. She maintains a dual practice alternating between her studio and collaborative touring of projection/sound performance projects.  photo unnamed-2_zpsklpegxxr.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpscddnerex.jpg

Chew Chew Train Place Setting

 photo unnamed-11_zpsflxwnveu.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsx2s8cq64.jpg  photo unnamed-9_zpswfx3bmsq.jpg 'Having trouble keeping your kids at the table while they finish their food? Do they always play with toys rather than eat? It's time to give them the Chew-Chew Train. Keep your kids entertained while they eat their meals. Gone are the days of not playing with your food. Let them Chew-Chew their way to 3 meals a day.'  photo unnamed-10_zpsp3qcat3o.jpg  photo unnamed-8_zpsvxj0nwil.jpg

Diego Beyró

 photo unnamed-10_zpsd5gzqxzn.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsytipi61t.jpg Born in Buenos Aires in 1984, Diego Beyró studied Art Direction at the School of Creative Advertising (Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios). His background in the arts is largely self-taught. Since 2008, he has been represented by Galerías Sicart (Barcelona, Spain). And since 2014 has been represented by Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel). At present, he divides his time between producing pictures and videos for national and international companies and his personal project as an artist. His works are present in a large number of specialized publications. He lives and works in Mexico City.  photo unnamed-8_zpsqgug5jzy.jpg

Leonardo Drew

 photo unnamed-9_zpsn4kbxgty.jpg  photo unnamed-8_zpsuqtrglek.jpg  photo unnamed-10_zpsyw239q95.jpg Leonardo Drew <-- Born in Tallahassee, Florida, 1961; lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Education: 1985 BFA, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY; 1981-82 Parsons Scool of Design, New York, NY  photo unnamed-4_zps065rv2yb.jpg  photo unnamed-11_zpssalchvi7.jpg

Benoit Paillé

 photo unnamed-9_zpshbukwyrb.jpg  photo unnamed-8_zpsz60ef8sz.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpswrohleon.jpg 'Photography for an installation in Towada art center, Aomori, Japan, about School Bullying. The curator asked me to make an ArtWork about this subject. The installation is a big canvas on the wall of 1,2 meter height and 7 meters long with eyes of children looking on the other wall. On the other wall there is all the drawings of these children about bullying.' - Benoit Paillé  photo unnamed-10_zpstopkicvz.jpg  photo unnamed-11_zpsgolfxjbq.jpg  photo unnamed-12_zps4gtbczas.jpg  photo unnamed-13_zpsg5i3eyms.jpg

Cat Clutch Bag

 photo unnamed-4_zpsmkuoghhf.jpg  photo unnamed-9_zpswbrptjid.jpg Designed by New Look, the furry cat purse is made from polyester and acrylic and measures 15 inches wide x 11 inches in height x 2 inches deep. Found here.  photo unnamed-10_zpscokefcug.jpg  photo unnamed-8_zps5qchmowf.jpg

Donna Ruff

 photo unnamed_zpsyuxjyr0d.png  photo unnamed-1_zpsvq0iziu8.png " What captures my attention as an artist are ordinary things, artifacts of lives lived and time passing: a folded newspaper, a mosaic tile, a frayed textile. I find visual patterns in these artifacts and recreate and expand upon them in a slow, deliberate process that replicates a sense of aging and imperfection through cutting, burning and layering the resulting works on paper. The paper I choose is essential to the result. I often work on pre-existing media such as newspaper and books, cutting away some of the content, but I also use handmade paper to contrast my drawing on pure white grounds." - Donna Ruff  photo unnamed-2_zpslxsg8umw.png

Hubert Duprat

 photo unnamed-4_zpsewxcbedz.jpg  photo unnamed-8_zpsn1yncawd.jpg Hubert Duprat is a French artist known for his unusual work, an artistic intersection between caddisfly larvae and gold, opal, turquoise and other precious stones. Caddisfly larvae live in fresh water and naturally construct elaborate protective tubes for themselves from materials found in their environment. Under natural conditions they use the objects found in their stream bed homes such as pieces of wood, fragments of fish bone or crustacean shell, grains of sand, plant debris and small stones. The tubes serve various purposes; the stones are used to increase traction in fast-moving streams, they serve as disguise for the soft-bodied insect and the spiky bits make the tube and thus, the fly larva, more difficult for predators to swallow. Duprat, born in 1957, began his work with caddisfly larvae in the early 1980s. He collects the larvae from their normal environments and he takes them to his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cases and puts the larvae in tanks filled with his own materials, from which they begin to build their new protective sheaths. When he began the project, he only provided the caddis larvae with gold flakes. Since then, they have enjoyed various semi-precious and precious stones, including turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli, as well as sapphires, pearls, rubies, and diamonds.  photo unnamed_zpss2avblyx.png