Waldo Lee

p p Incredible photo-retouching by Paris-based artist Waldo Lee. Very cool. p p

Cassandra Jean Piedra

cj piedra 1 p cj piedra 1 Loving the work of Cassandra Jean Piedra, an illustrator based in Florida, USA. She already has a collection of webcomics for your viewing and reading pleasure. o cj piedra 1

Library Staircase

library staircase 1 library staircase 4 library staircase 3 Designed by Levitate Architects in London, this library staircase is both practical and beautiful. library staircase 2

Kuang Hong

kuang hong 3 o Talented Chinese illustrator Kuang Hong blends a healthy dose of science fiction along with a dash of fantasy in his paintings. p

Gabriel Wickbold

p p p p Feast your eyes on these photographs by Gabriel Wickbold, a young Brazilian photographer. Stunning! Just wow. p p

Company: Kaide-taide

p p p Finnish based design duo Aamu Song and Johan Olin of Company were comissioned to create art work for a residential building in Toukoranta, a new housing area in Helsinki, Finland. Their project kaide-taide (art-handling) bends the railings of the 8 storey building into new shapes, providing places to sit and lean on as well as opening up new views from the stairwell. Railings are painted in a different tone of grey at each floor, creating a gradient; the 1st floor being dark grey to the 8th floor being white. Link here. p p

Rainbow Pancakes

p p I am starving. If I do not find something to eat soon, I will surely die. Ha ha kidding. Look what I found online! Rainbow Pancakes! p p

Robbie Rowlands

p p p Robbie Rowlands is a Melbourne based artist whose work explores notions of stability and vulnerability through the manipulation of objects and environments. His repetitious and precise cuts and the resulting distortions reflect the inescapable passing of time that affects everything around us. Rowlands’ works have been described as “spotlighting the history, humanity and function” of his subjects. His manipulated objects and spaces blur the boundaries between our fabricated world and the natural world. (via Penthouse Mouse) p p

Brush Vase

p Designer Harry Allen's Brush Vase was originally intended for holding paint brushes, but a glass insert that holds water makes it ideal for displaying flowers as well. New York-based Harry Allen has received many awards, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Modernism/Young Designer award and the Industrial Design Excellence award. Available here. p

Snow Graffiti

p p p I am loving these graffiti pieces painted in snow from Croatian artist Lunar. Something you don't see everyday, though if you’re looking to be inspired by his work, you'll find a lot more of it in his website. p