David Altmejd

p p p p David Altmejd is a Canadian artist (born in Montreal in 1974) who lives and works in both Montreal and London, England. David Altmejd's sculptures mix seemingly random objects such as decapitated werewolf heads with graffiti-style Stars of David, stained Calvin Klein underwear, towers made of mirrors, plastic flowers and faux jewelry, to create sculptural systems loaded with what he calls “symbolic potential” and open ended narratives. Werewolf heads have appeared so frequently in his work that in the contemporary art world, they are widely recognized as being closely affiliated with this artist. (via Wikipedia) p

Julie Colombet

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Lovin' the illustrations of French artist Julie Colombet. Link here you guys.


Christina West

p p p p p " My sculptures do not provide answers or assertions, but embrace uncertainty through the provocation of more questions. The figures are permanently frozen mid-gesture in a moment that encourages the generation of ambiguous narratives. Stripped from the context of previous actions, the figures’ personalities, motives, intentions are malleable and unfixed in the viewers’ minds. Who they are is in a state of flux dependent on the stories viewers create. " - Christina West p

Lynn Digby

p " I am a contemporary realist. Much of my work has to do with finding harmony in complexity, and realism serves as my vehicle. Awareness of the paint surface and tactile qualities of brush and canvas are key to my approach. I want my paintings to obviously be what they are without being overly derivative, photographic, or formulaic. I am drawn to elaborate pattern and saturated colors. I love to create works that celebrate complexity, but are unified into a statement that communicates calm. I look for serenity and stillness within chaos; order and unity in seemingly disordered and disparate elements. The challenge is not choosing which information to exclude, as much as how to include a large degree of elaboration and make the message resonate calm and cohesion. " - Lynn Digby p

Anthony Zinonos

p p p " Born in South Africa and bred in Cyprus, Anthony Zinonos now lives and works in the fine city of Norwich in the UK. He has a degree in Fine Art, specialising in printmaking and photomedia from the Norwich School of Art and Design. He co-owns the Norwich based clothing company named "Dirt Box" and is a member of the WAFA collective. " p

James R Ford

p p p ' James R Ford is a British artist whose practice is engaged with pastimes, pursuits and obsessions. Ford delves into the activities and influences of his childhood as a way of both embarking and staying put. Exploring notions of repetition, boredom and idiocy with a sense of humour and pathos. His body of work consists of projects and investigations based around observations, process and play: ranging from inventing a new home based sport, to covering a Ford Capri in over 4,000 toy cars, to utilising his pet cat as an art tool, to spending countless hours scribbling loops. ' p p

Ruud Baan

p p p p Ruud Baan's commercial and editorial clients includes: Marie Claire, Elle, JFK, Esquire, FHM, Rails, Nike Europe, Coca Cola China, Vodafone, Sony, Deko, Footlocker Europe, East Meets West Hong Kong p p

Stanley Chow

p p p ' Stanley Chow was born and raised in Manchester, England, where he currently resides. He began his career in 1997, mainly as a fashion illustrator and storyboard artist, and has become one of the most highly respected and established artists in the UK, working across a platform of media in advertising, design, publishing, packaging, gaming, animation and interactive. ' (via Bernstein & Andriulli) p

Tauba Auerbach

p p Tauba Auerbach <-- 1981 Born in San Francisco, California; 1999- 2003 BA Visual Art, Stanford University, California; Lives and works in New York and San Francisco p p

My Milk Toof

p p p p My Milk Toof is an absolutely adorable creative project of Inhae Lee featuring the adventures of Ickle and Lardee, two baby teeth made from polymer clay. Love. Love. Looooove. p p p p