Little Wheel

little wheel Here's a nice little flash puzzle game called Little Wheel from oneclickdog. You're a robot whose task is to restore power in the main generator so the world can go about its business again. This is a tough game that took me about 25 minutes without the aid of the walkthrough. Have fun solving little wheel - Play here! little wheel2 little wheel3 little wheel4

Tea Shirts

teashirt1 Originality? Check. Play on words? Check. Absolutely brilliant? Check. Designer Soon Mo Kang came up with this creative concept for tea bags. Not only will the hanger keep your tea organized inside a mini-closet but if you twist the top of the hanger, you can let it rest on your mug. Nice.  - Via Yanko Design teashirt2 teashirt2

Jacqueline Humphries

p p p Jacqueline Humphries is an internationally reknowned painter. She was born 1960 in New Orleans, Lousiana; Lives and works in New York. p

Andreas Nicolas Fischer

p p Andreas Nicolas Fischer, born in Munich, Germany. He is a graduate of Joachim Sauter’s class at the University of the Arts Berlin. The artist lives and works in Berlin. p

Michael Dudeck

p p p " My vocation challenges the divide between human and animal, rational and emotional. It studies the intersections, where binaries bleed into one another. I work at a transdisciplinary level. I engage in migratory, nomadic procedures whereby I occupy ‘in-between’ spaces in pursuit of a turbulent vulnerability that offers the potential for transformation. My multiple works are contained within bodies : performances, videos, texts, sculptures drawings are different organs of a current body enduring dissection, constantly mutating cycles. I reveal my findings in a multitude of means. Simultaneous media hybrids exalt a fervent ambiguity. " - Michael Dudeck (photos via Pari Nadimi Gallery) p p

Ophrah Shemesh

p p ' Ophrah Shemesh's subjects are simultaneously submissive and empowered. She addresses notions of objectification, narcissism, and the male/female psychodynamic. Her figures appear with an ambiguously fixed stare ' never directed or confrontational, but always to a third party - or to oneself looking inward. These portraits could be considered eloquent depictions of either loneliness or independence. ' (via One Art World) p


p p " I received an email from a young woman in Burkino Faso who needed assistance in accessing $11.7 million. She requested my bank account details and promised to transfer the funds there. I hand copied her message in cursive and then had part of this transcription laser etched onto the jawbone of a horse. " - John Delk p

Nicole Gordon

p p p Nicole Gordon (born May 19, 1976) is a Chicago-based artist whose paintings draw on images from highly stylized scenic art, such as 19th century French wallpaper, and Medieval and Renaissance landscapes, to create anachronistic and often whimsical paintings with bright and vibrant colors. Her work is often mixed media, combining oil painting and encaustic techniques with more traditionally craft-associated materials such as glitter, and often incorporates installed sculptures that extend the paintings into the viewer's space. p

Jarod Charzewski

p p p p p " My art examines landscapes and people, man-made structures among nature, the sometimes static, often fluid designs that rise from dual environments. I harness childhood sensibilities: sights and smells, sounds, memories, feelings of rural surroundings and urban streets. I fuel my art with visuals of seasons, Prairie landscapes and recreate aesthetics that investigate mankind’s evolving influence. Artistically I try to capture the essence of mist in the Carmanah Valley rainforest, the dust of Alberta’s Badlands, and in turn release an ephemeral sensation of site-specific experiences. " - Jarod Charzewski p

Liu Xiaodong

p p Liu Xiaodong <-- Born in Liaoning Province, China, 1963. Studied at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, B.A., 1988; M.F.A., 1995. Academy of Fine Arts, University of Complutense, Madrid, Spain, 1998-1999. Teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. Lives in Beijing, China. p