photo f7bb33f6d58c4ba67d01a84ea00c1867_zpsfaf6215b.jpg  photo 3798e8215c9783b5e08ecceca14fdb20_zps172dfa1f.jpg Office coffee cup concept design by Tomislav Zvonarić of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Link here.  photo d86ea50f26829cdea666e51b1b4815bf_zps80023d00.jpg

Christy Langer

 photo vernal-emergance-e1327299443857_zps605e666a.jpg  photo love-bite_zpsd7a8048e.jpg  photo sevens_detail_zpsdf306c1d.jpg " My work as sculpture is inspired by my interest in the embellishment that can occur during the marriage of gradual ingestion and manipulation of reference. Each work, although deviated, are reconstructions of previously existing models; I utilize these animal forms to illustrate the disparity between reality and remembered experience. As the works evolve into an aesthetic state closer to realism while simultaneously referential origins based in truth degenerate, the boundaries between reality and falsity become blurred and permeable." - Christy Langer  photo double_bunny_zpsfe25d758.jpg  photo lean-b_zps83e3dfbe.jpg  photo Christy-Langer-studio-4_zps006f0c1b.jpg

Jolene Lai

 photo tumblr_n4206clF8l1qzamioo1_1280_zps3a20250c.jpg  photo tumblr_n4206clF8l1qzamioo2_1280_zps4190876e.jpg Jolene Lai is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator born and raised in Singapore. After studying painting at Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore, Jolene studied graphic design at UCLA and spent a year working at movie-poster design house, The Refinery Creative, before returning to focus on fine art. She works primarily with oil on canvas or mixed media on water color paper. With bold use of color, shape and intricate detail, she creates images with a seductive aesthetic and subject matter that weaves in emotions of whimsy, melancholy, irony and absurdity.  photo tumblr_n4206clF8l1qzamioo3_1280_zps8c971e3a.jpg  photo NightMarket_zpsc9c1c170.jpg

Marks by Aaron Nagel

 photo keeper-sm_m_zps21370fb6.jpg  photo marks-small_m_zpsaf010049.jpg  photo The-Call_m_zpsa56fce4e.jpg Marks is Aaron Nagel’s largest and most cohesive body of work to date. The eleven oil paintings in this series use imagery of youthful women in the nude, often impaled by archery arrows. These figures embody Catholic martyrs such as St. Sebastian, offering atheists and skeptics an alternative to traditional religious symbolism. As Aaron is inspired by the contrast between power and the fragility of the human body, Marks is infused with imagery that is at once calm and violent.  photo biancadoeeyes_m_zpsd00b1546.jpg  photo 6a00d834cad15053ef015432d4dd42970c_zps894f4cfa.jpg

Dan LuVisi

 photo gto___homer___by_danluvisiart-d66wqvp_zps9c93ce1e.jpg  photo gto___lenny_and_carl___by_danluvisiart-d66sbo7_zpse17a91b7.jpg The portfolio of LA-based artist Dan LuVisi is definitely worth a look.  photo grand_theft_otto___part_1_by_danluvisiart-d665ndh_zpsb863a65e.jpg

Tim Whiten

 photo Whiten_2013_12_PercevalIDetail_zps0204b9cc.jpg  photo Whiten_2013_11_PercevalI_zps40873b76.jpg Tim Whiten is a highly prolific senior–career Canadian artist whose pursuits have long been rooted in the Transcendental. In over forty years of exhibiting, he has sought to navigate the territory of the human condition and it’s transformative potential with a body of work encompassing a myriad of forms both two- and three-dimensional, including site specific works, real-time systems, ritual performances, and mixed media installations.  photo whiten_2011_16_RebisI_zpsf3d40b08.jpg  photo whiten_2011_17_RebisI_zps7fe1dd24.jpg

Derrick Piens

 photo 30720-7406391-IMG_6055_zpse74b96c5.jpg  photo 30720-7406101-IMG_5980_zps853c5203.jpg  photo 30720-7406222-IMG_5999_zps7b40ba0d.jpg " My current studio practice considers the continuous process of transformation that materials and objects undergo throughout time. I create abstract, unidentifiable objects that evoke or depict a sense of the transient through the creative and constructive process and the overall sculptural form. I am interested in the evocative and emotive qualities of colour and its potential to direct and inform the viewer’s understanding of the work. I often consider the materiality of colour: the superficial qualities of applied surfaces verses colour that is intrinsic to the material itself and solid throughout. Sculpture defines a direct physical relationship between the viewer and the objects that they encounter and a conscious use of scale reaffirms that relationship. I make work that is relatable to the human body in scale to reinforce the physicality of material within my work." - Derrick Piens  photo 30720-7406331-IMG_6052_zpse78a42a6.jpg  photo 30720-4770461-Reef_2013_zps6d7e925c.jpg  photo 30720-3054116-IMG_4939_zps88317735.jpg

Kour Pour

 photo tumblr_mzgx80ZTBu1qgx105o1_500_zps546f1ad3.jpg  photo tumblr_miub5wlQmE1qgx105o1_500_zpsbbf8c565.jpg  photo tumblr_mzgwlsycP61qgx105o1_500_zpsdb282a02.jpg Kour Pour (born 1987) is a young British artist of part Iranian descent based in Los Angeles. He specialises in painting carpets. An exhibition of his paintings at the Untitled Gallery, New York, generated intense interest. All seven canvases, depicting Persian rugs and priced at $15,000 each, were snapped up by buyers.  photo tumblr_mzgvtfTnzs1qgx105o1_500_zps037a98ab.jpg  photo tumblr_mzgx3d6MKe1qgx105o1_500_zps7a024126.jpg

Wilmer Murillo

 photo holikonia4-web_zpsc4b699a6.jpg  photo holikonia2-web_zpse55011c1.jpg  photo holikonia3-web_zps0a181ca5.jpg Ancient cultures, mysticism, sci-fi and experimental electronic music are some of the things that inspire the imagery of Wilmer Murillo. Doodled lines, bright colors, and geometrical shapes are just some of the features he uses to bring his inner world to your eyes and mind. The style of his work is very versatile and has had various stages and transformations over the years, which has allowed him to work and collaborate with different types of applications such as murals, editorial illustration, mobile apps, books and other projects, continuosly bluring the line between design and art. Wilmer currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he is studying a Master of Arts in the the University of Arts of Taipei while continuously experiments with his graphic skills and creations.  photo khordo-web_zps8c4e2a2d.jpg  photo holikonia1-web1_zpsca84d82d.jpg

Philip Wakeham

 photo theater_zpsc6018685.jpg  photo Liminal_zps74432fb7.jpg " I grew up surrounded by towering ceramic forms made by my father. My early work was very much influenced by machines, until my 20's when after studying 3d design at art college i discovered a love/obsession with the human face which is still my driving force. My influences are varied but include contemporary dance,the writings of Carl Jung and Ian McGilchrist & Siddhartha Gautama. I believe that art is more important than ever as a way of utilising the whole of our brains, Especially in the West were we are so chronically stuck in literal thought. " - Philip Wakeham  photo LiminalK_zps5279871b.jpg