Juan Carlos Manjarrez

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This could get terribly inspiring. Check out the work of Juan Carlos Manjarrez, artist based out of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Website here.

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Jennifer Mehigan

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Jennifer Mehigan <-- b. 1988, Ireland; Currently based in Singapore; Education: 2015 BFA (Hons) LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore; 2011 Adv. Dip. Graphic Design CATC Design School Sydney

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Dennis Auburn

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” 21 year old film photographer in Houston, Texas. I am for youth, going to the unknown, and learning throughout the process.” – Dennis Auburn

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Karen Woods

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” For some time now I have chronicled my journey by painting what I experience while driving around the city. I paint—in the realist tradition—from photographs taken at intersections and on the road, when I’ve been struck by the beauty in the ordinariness of my commute. These images are the “lyrical suggestions” that compel me to paint, to communicate these transcendent experiences so clearly that others might in turn recognize this beauty in the course of their day. For myself, the reward lies in capturing and expanding the space, time, and movement of a moment in everyday life, and to reveal its accompanying emotional weight: its anticipation, reflection, isolation, longing, and transcendence.” – Karen Woods

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Russ Havard

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Born in Lufkin, Texas in 1971, the landscape and culture of deep East Texas influenced Russ in an important way. Working in traditional and experimental methods Russ uses landscape as both a center and as a point of departure. Major personal and artistic changes occurred however, when Russ fell ill with an auto-immune disease in 1994. He worked and completed graduate studies at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas until a major relapse in 1997. This forced him to change his working methods and materials from large mixed media works to small-scale watercolors. The circumstance gave a new meaning of growth through volatility, resulting in more content-driven work, concerning spiritual issues. Russ Havard‘s paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both regionally and nationally, including George Billis Gallery in New York and Los Angeles; the Longview Museum of Fine Arts in Longview, Texas; the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; and the Museum of East Texas in Lufkin, among other venues. In addition, his work has been published in New American Paintings: Western Competition, Vols. 30, 48, and 102.

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Cassette Tape Bookmarks

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Cassette Tape Bookmarks – Sold in a set of 3, available in many colors. Buy here.

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Fabiano Millani

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Fabiano Millani was born in São Paulo on June 27, 1981, but he was raised in Rio Grande do Sul. Millani began his early career in 1997, when he took a course in artistic drawings with Edegar Cavalheiro. Such experience drove him forward his persistent search for realism.

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Patrice Letarnec

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These Head over Heels photographs by Patrice Letarnec, a photographer and art director based in France. Click here for the link.

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Eric Marette

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Here’s some more hyper realistic acrylic paintings by Eric Marette. Link.

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Erwin Kho

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Erwin Kho is a Rotterdam-based illustrator and polygon wizard. His 3D illustration work can best be described as having a warm clean look with an eye for detail and nuance. Erwin has worked for both national and international clients, including: Archis, Aruba, BNA, Delta Lloyd, Ernest & Young, FIP, Heineken Netherlands, MAB/Bouwfonds, Mo’Media, NIBC, Nike Europe and TPG Post.

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