Mark Nixon

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” In June 1995, suffering from a particularly bad case of writers block, I bought a camera, thinking a hobby would give me something other than music to think about and I’d be able to go back to writing songs and getting nowhere. I haven’t picked up the guitar since. Photography came very easily to me. I understood it instinctively and the results, (compared to writing a song, which might take a year, by which time I couldn’t tell if it was any good or not) were instant. I started getting work immediately and soon had to give up signing on the dole (very traumatic) and even my part time waiter’s job. My first big job was a series of book covers for Poolbeg Press, which I couldn’t believe they actually hired me for, since I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I was given a rough brief and had to find locations, props, models etc. For all you photogs, I was shooting transparency film on a Pentax 67 with no polariods, using filters, mixing daylight and tungsten and keeping my fingers crossed that they would turn out. I travelled to each location on my bicycle, with the lights balanced precariously in a suitcase on the handlebars, camera and tripod strapped to my back. Ahh the good old days. I love photographing people. There is still something magical that happens between the subject, me and the camera that still surprises me. I still feel like I’ve only started.” – Mark Nixon

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Hasan Kale

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Really impressive miniature cities painted on food by artist Hasan Kale. Wow.

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Roberto Osti

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Roberto Osti received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art, and his illustrations and paintings have been exhibited internationally and published in Scientific American magazine and The New York Times.

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Urban Grow Planters

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Bring the jungle inside with these colourful plant pots. Simply place the plant in the animal’s back and watch it grow. Buy them here.

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Till Rabus

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‘Drawing from his day-to-day existence, Rabus highlights the implicit, yet forgotten decay of one’s habitual surroundings. Showcasing a selection of bric-a-brac come to life in his methodically detailed paintings, the artist transforms the most ordinary into an extraordinary phenomenon. Paying homage to the pictorial tradition of old master painting and its iconography, the artist employs a form of radical realism; yet, a tainted shroud consistently lies over his works, allowing us to get a glimpse of today’s cold brutality with subtly humorous elements.’ (via Lazarides)

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More examples of Caktus&Maria‘s work can be found here. You’re welcome.

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Sandro Giordano

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” Photographer Sandro Giordoan depicts people in the moment after a fall in his darkly humorous photo series “In Extremis (bodies with no regret)”. In each photo the people are posed in comically awkward positions and photographed from unflattering angles.” (via Laughing Squid)

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Yuni Kim Lang

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Yuni Kim Lang is a Michigan-based visual artist who creates sculptures, photographs and wearable art that explores themes of weight, mass, accumulation, hair and cultural identity. She makes sculptures out of rope and synthetic materials where it transcends its materiality and become bodily. She is fascinated by what people give power and meaning to, along with our obsession with adornment.

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Alanna DeRocchi

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” Through my installations I want the viewer to feel unsettled, but not through a visually deceptive illusion. The scale, fragmentation, and odd appearance of the animals/furniture are intended to shift perception from the ordinary and disturb the connection to the familiar. The constructed displays are interpretations of natural history museum diorama staging and are meant to question the viewer’s placement in their surroundings. By raising the work off the floor it is out of one’s common ground. Some of the subjects confuse time by appearing in arrested motion. The installation often limits sight lines by framing the three-dimensional pieces in a seemingly two-dimensional scene as to be observed at a distance. The drawing and painting of the ceramic surface is meant to reflect my attraction to early nature drawings/prints and unfinished paintings, in an investigation of some grey area of what is real and not – where focus remains and memory is blurred.” – Alanna DeRocchi

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Hannibal Lecter Purse

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Check out this Hannibal Lecter handbag by Ukrainian designer Bob Basset, ‘modeled after the cinematic serial killer’s ominous face mask in The Silence of the Lambs.’Link here.

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