Beata “Bea” Szenfeld

 photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_01-small_zpsdi090ggq.jpg  photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_02-small_zpsekxu4jlm.jpg Beata "Bea" Szenfeld (born 23 December 1972 in Poland) is a Swedish designer and fashion designer. She is known for her artistic and experimental creations with unusual fabrics and contexts. She has also designed invitations and held exhibitions with art work.  photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_03-small_zpsflklifwa.jpg  photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_04-small_zpsqvqwmj04.jpg

Lee Griggs

 photo a559518eef28710a1a256366de6af189_zpssdba1zqx.jpg  photo 7b1bc0e5f74841704394ba5cc2e80c58_zpscfztduvk.jpg  photo 38bc16d32d3ce78ff7fc6cd077aef40f_zpshhho625o.jpg  photo 491f08454f07d838dac1859f9ed4e209_zpsppbm8tij.jpg Super cool series of facial deformations with geometrically-shaped skin by Spanish designer Lee Griggs. Have a look guys!  photo 3f5a3cabb35699eeb583409c4cc282d7_zps6qsbnexi.jpg  photo 82f1d917641bbd3da21ffe2600755ed3_zpsay543upc.jpg  photo 79ac3e2f172cb2e1dd5dd802043521ea_zps4eonyiqm.jpg

Eero Lampinen

 photo EeroLampinen-sorcererWEB_2_760_zpsgo8sv7h0.jpg  photo YO-EeroLampinen_760_zps0szserqs.jpg " I'm a Helsinki based illustrator who works with ink, brushes, watercolor and a dreamy digital color palette. My drawings are an intriguing blend of fantasy and pop culture, often depicting offbeat characters in adjacent realities." - Eero Lampinen  photo gardenerFLAT_760_zps5quxclit.jpg

Nanjing Hongfeng Technology Park

 photo 3-onedesign-shenzhonghai_zpsqu5pjowp.jpg  photo add-1-onedesign-houzhiwei_zpsjycs413r.jpg  photo 4-onedesign-shenzhonghai_zpsyd9adlpl.jpg " Nanjing Hongfeng Technology Park is on the east end of Nanjing Municipal region, as part of the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. This industrial park is situated on an enclave sandwiched by two major railway lines, the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Passenger Train Railway. The urban design of this nearly 1 square kilometer site was also done by One Design. The buildings along transportation corridors are set to form noise barriers to the outside traffic, as well as a momentary horizontal landmark through the several seconds visual encounter to high-speed train passengers. On the other side, courtyards can take on a very urban character or become landscape pockets, connected with the central park and commercials."  photo 2-onedesign-houzhiwei_zpsvdyp3sbv.jpg  photo add-2-onedesign-houzhiwei_zpszpgpdkge.jpg  photo 10-onedesign-shenzhonghai_zps6ea0u4yy.jpg

Matt Ritchie aka Matt136

 photo 46_DSC0912_1024x1024_zpsq6cullst.jpg  photo 47_DSC0913_1024x1024_zpsdyuih4ln.jpg  photo truck_1024x1024_zpsnpltbtbw.jpg Matt Ritchie aka Matt136 - A child of the 1970s, Matt’s work surveys an eclectic array of different sub-cultures, including everything from Battle Star Galactica and The Micronauts to classic comic books, video games and cartoons. His range of interests are only matched by his encyclopedic expertise on each subject. Matt’s childhood memories serve as an endless catalogue for all-things-cool, listening to him explain his work is like having an docent into a limitless underground world. Working in his signature style, Matt’s wood-cut paintings are distinct in both their small scale and crisp aesthetic. Drawing from the bold graphic artistry of comic books and tattoo illustration, Matt’s work remains steadfastly clean and minimal. Being that each piece is composed on cut wood, the work borders on sculptural, all while retaining the bold illustrative aesthetic that Matt cultivates. (via Spoke Art Gallery)  photo 43_DSC0909_1024x1024_zpsvrwfoiqc.jpg  photo 70_DSC0991_e18ed46a-ab12-4419-a6d8-3e8c1a9f9efe_1024x1024_zpskxsd7niy.jpg

Peter Shmelzer

 photo timthumb_new 3_zpsehahdhwy.jpg  photo timthumb_new 2_zpsfbo1yafr.jpg  photo timthumb_new 5_zpshtiz6uvc.jpg " I see visual art as a method of measuring and reflecting the world and our place in it. Like the written or spoken word, it is a system for elucidating that which evades our immediate understanding. There is a contemporary compulsion to impose trends and to forecast even the most ephemeral and unpredictable of things through the endless collection of data. Though this has yielded great social/scientific/economic fruit, it may be ill-suited to deal with the absurdity of human interaction. Images that work entirely outside the world of reason may be better-suited to telling the story of how we act and interact. I have tried, in my work, to create a mythological vocabulary outside of traditional religious or historical systems. Characters are set outside of identifiable context (they cannot be placed in time or located in a particular culture) but their faces are real, familiar, human faces that may remind the viewer of a neighbour or a friend (though, admittedly, gone terribly wrong). The primary aim is to evoke an emotional response and, then, to allow the viewer to speculate on the narrative. Why are these people here? How did they get this way? What are they doing to each other?" - Peter Shmelzer  photo timthumb_new_zpsx5lghqf2.jpg  photo timthumb_new 1_zps33wf9mbv.jpg  photo timthumb_new 4_zpszmrjiabw.jpg

Femke Hiemstra

 photo felix-de-foret_zps1tfyrnod.jpg  photo -----_zpszkq8hhqb.jpg  photo OMG_zpsbmq5pi9i.jpg Amsterdam based painter Femke Hiemstra’s meticulously tight, jewel like mixed media paintings and exquisitely rendered black and white drawings are homes to a dark fairytale land where inanimate objects come to life and frolic with animal neighbors. Lollipops become ship captains, strawberries become giant wrestlers, and vegetables become Halloween gods with lantern eyes. Femke occasionally uses typography in her work, using words from various languages and letters in her paintings to further enhance the narrative while still retaining a playful sense of mystery, or as a visual device to frame in the scenery, as if you were looking at her world through a secret window. She also uses found objects to paint on, such as boxes and wrappers, to create imaginary products with magical properties.Drawing from a range of influences, from firework wrappers to Japanese woodblock prints, Femke’s use of both pop culture detritus and child-like fantasy create a vibrant playground for the imagination, with each piece looking like a portal for a fantastic adventure, which is left up to the viewer to imagine the story that lies inside. (via Roq La Rue)  photo --by-Femke-Hiemstra_zpstc7uab0d.jpg  photo 14345_102451976443443_1000003592268_zpsuebyjlv5.jpg

Gaia Alari

 photo loose_ropes__still_tied_knots_by_marie_esther-d7mgnyh_zpsqso57wc3.jpg  photo in_this_shirt_i_can_be_you_by_marie_esther-d7k2tau_zpsc3llc75k.jpg Gaia Alari, also known as Marie-Esther, is an entirely self-taught artist from Milan, Italy. Since 2009 she dedicates her free time from medical studies and work to improve her skills in the field of traditional art, mostly using mixed media on paper. Inspired by many artists, such as the old italian classics but also the most contemporary ones, she has always shown a strong wish to find a style and identifiability of her own. Curious and creative, she focuses on depicting ethereal and overlapping images, in order to visually represent the intricacy of human nature, psyche and emotions. Her works have been often described as exquisitly surrealistic, oniric, touching and intense.  photo slowly_we_unfurl_by_marie_esther-d7jea61_zpsl8decaj2.jpg

Daniel Gordon

 photo Woman_with_a_Blue_Eye_zpsrbvspnxz.jpg  photo Portrait_II_zpsazaepwv3.jpg  photo RedEyedWoman_zpsy5oix3gt.jpg Daniel Gordon (b. 1980 Boston, MA; raised in San Francisco, California, USA) earned a Bachelor of Arts from Bard College in 2004, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Art in 2006. His notable group exhibitions include New Photography 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Greater New York 2010 at MoMA PS1. He is the Author of Still Lifes, Portraits, and Parts (Mörel, 2013), Flowers and Shadows (Onestar Press, 2011) and Flying Pictures (powerHouse Books, 2009). He is the winner of the 2014 Foam Paul Huf award, and exhibited his work in a solo exhibition at the museum in 2014. Gordon has been a critic in photography at the Yale School of Art. He is represented by Wallspace in New York City, and lives and works in Brooklyn.  photo Untitled-1_zpsfms0ibmu.jpg  photo 01322_zps3wt70wew.jpg  photo 01320_zpsbtbeodqy.jpg

Vlada Mirkovic

 photo 30022_127339463961547_4570929_n_zpsasa1oqcr.jpg  photo 1467478_744757995553021_2124202448_n_zpslzgbj6zl.jpg Vlada Mirkovic - Born in 1954 in Gornji Milanovac. Educated in Gornji Milanovac and Belgrade. Since 1989, he has been living and working as a free-lance artist. He has taken part at several group exhibitions, including the Forth International Biennial of Miniature Arts in Gornji Milanovac (1996). He has also had solo Exhibitions in Belgrade (1994 – 1998 - 2001), Gornji Milanovac(1995), Geneva (1996) and Cacak (1999). Mirkovic` is a representative of a fantastic figurative confession in Serb Art, a composer of a self-created and personified visual myth. He is an obvious lunar painter, a kind of storyteller expressing himself in paintings. It is impossible to omit and reject certain literary aspect in the domain of fantastic painting. This visual alchemist of an inner space balances between reality and daydream. Mirkovic`’s paintings is a closed work housing a universe of sand watches, seashells, dolls, keys, hangings, and small wooden chests being a symbol of harmoniae mundi. The space at his painting is esoteric underground more alike metaphysical embodiment than concrete metaphysical reality. Vlada Mirkovic`’s painting emits the feeling of persecution, dreary loneliness and pettiness of human essence in the sand ocean that swallows everything. This artist paints the dark night of a soul discussed by mystics.  photo 1524591_744758905552930_1394149600_n_zpsu8ijd8kr.jpg