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 photo thats-a-load-of-bull-72-dpi_zpsa12eae08.jpg

 photo drawing4_zps69eb03a3.jpg

 photo carpony-express-72-dpi_zpsa8acc9d7.jpg

‘Donald Ross also known as “scribe” is 37 years old and currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri of the United States. The animated, public murals by Scribe are readily recognizable in Midtown Kansas City and throughout different part of the United States, Canada and down into Mexico where he has both painted murals and had gallery shows. Scribe incorporates a menagerie of animal characters developed over many years representing a particular, self-referential trait that he inserts in various scenarios. Scribe intersperses personal iconography, biblical and fairytale references, animation and metaphor in works intended as contemporary parables for public audiences, hence the use of his artist name and persona. Through accessible idiom and image, Scribe incorporates humor and play in the conveyance of serious messages regarding personal integrity, attainment of knowledge, and adventure.’ Website here.

 photo sumegos-sad-song-72dpi_zpsababdf33.jpg

 photo sumego-meets-mortality-e-mail_zps49ce91d3.jpg

 photo cactus-head-silvertongue-groundhog-72dpi_zpsddbb565d.jpg

IRÉEL by Flora Borsi

 photo a29ed122483125cf79e15bbf7bf78b29_zps9d51e7d6.jpg

 photo dbf233f86c70d3f0f9ea08d6d3070dc3_zpse314f915.jpg

 photo aa991b706a5f269aa17cac9238abf773_zpsb8383f33.jpg

” In this series called “IRÉEL” I mixed photographic elements with painting techniques. A hyperrealist painter aims to achieve a result which looks like a real photographic picture. A pictorialist photographer’s desired result is visually equivalent to a painting. The photographs are real, I’ve just applied some color/toning effects, adjusted the contrast and a few skin retouch. ” – Flora Borsi

 photo 48c753bd896f0fada4e05aaf5e71b546_zps241e98d1.jpg

 photo fbbb82c38a1d34fde5eff3d326989ad1_zpsf6cf788b.jpg

 photo 150553af3f86bc2e0a82ab58cf501072_zps5db83738.jpg

Peter Scanlan

Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in 1986 Peter Scanlan spent most of my time Illustrating and designing, using old school traditional media as well as digital paint and ink. I live in Demarest, New Jersey with my wife, three kids, and various animals. Clients include Marvel Comics, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, HBO, Samsung, CNBC, Pfizer, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, CBS Records, Polygram, The Franklin Mint, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Berkeley, Baen, Scholastic, Tor, Doubleday.

We Are Flowers

 photo 51odydrs4o4lelih_zps89821d76.jpg

 photo ax4t4n5geviaegj3_zpsa8d3c0ec.jpg

 photo g19fwxrdze7n8f01_zps45bf76d9.jpg

 photo b2f4hbzsldwo38zb_zps16c8b29e.jpg

New York-based SOFTlab planted a flowery installation inside Brazilian footwear brand Melissa’s local flagship store. Link here.

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 photo zd0t6ca3hj3mzrr1_zps01e25514.jpg

Shen Shaomin

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 photo pic386_zps5cadbe0c.jpg

Shen Shaomin (born 1956, Heilongjiang Province, China) is an artist based in Sydney, Australia, and Beijing. He has exhibited internationally in exhibitions including the 2006 Liverpool Biennial, Mahjong at Kunstmuseum Bern in Switzerland and Dialogue at East West Gallery in Melbourne.’

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Samuel Tefcon

 photo 1000_MILE_STARE_DETAIL_1000_zps644ff462.jpg

 photo RHED_RIDENHOOD_31_zps6b1fdff8.jpg

Baltimore based illustrator and graphic designer Samuel Tefcon got talent coming out of his ears. Go check him out.

 photo HEAVY_HEARTED_900-copy_zps5c348199.jpg

 photo smokestack_detail1_zpsd77ad601.jpg

Karley Feaver

 photo 1094920-7_zpsf39728e5.jpg

 photo 1086409-7_zps19eee370.jpg

 photo 1086289-7_zps21ace214.jpg

Karley Feaver (born 1978, New Plymouth) studied at Wellington School of Design (Industrial Design) and at Unitec (3D design). In 2011 Karley was one of 14 artists chosen to exhibit at the United States Ambassador’s Residence in Wellington, as part of the Art in Embassies Program curated by Nathan Huff and James Brown. In 2013 she was invited as a guest artist for Remake: Emerging Artists at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. Also in 2013, she was invited to exhibit at solo show at Saatchi & Saatchi gallery in Auckland. Karley works across a range of disciplines including painting, sculpture and taxidermy. Karley’s works are held in the James Wallace Arts Trust collection, Westpac New Zealand’s corporate collection and in private collections in the UK, Australia, Russia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

 photo 1085832-7_zps7898545e.jpg

 photo 1086274-7_zpsc9a2abf6.jpg

Julien De Repentigny

 photo JulienDeRepentigny_kusama_1_zps3b9e14d8.jpg

 photo JulienDeRepentigny_kusama_2_zps435e3580.jpg

” I always wanted to work with balloons. I wanted to create something different. Not just show the balloon as an object but create a world with them. I created new shapes of balloons and played with colours.” – Julien De Repentigny

 photo JulienDeRepentigny_kusama_3_zps3270acb8.jpg

Joey Salamon

 photo KillingFields-1200x952_zps0967fbf8.jpg

 photo YouHaveArrived-1200x889_zps9c2e9e91.jpg

Born in West Lafayette, IN and raised in Midland, MI, Joey Salamon (b.1988) from an early age showed exceptional artistic talent. He experimented with styles for years until discovering the medium of paper collage while studying fine art at Grand Valley State University on Michigan’s west side. After graduating from GVSU in 2010, Salamon moved across the country several times while honing his craft and expanding his range in mediums. From working newspaper design jobs in Chicago and on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, interning with renowned paper-artist Jen Stark in Miami, briefly living and working at the Acorn Community Farm commune in rural Virginia, he eventually found himself back in his home state of Michigan by settling in the New Center neighborhood of Detroit in the summer of 2014. Salamon has produced work for clients including Slightly Stoopid, The Polyphonic Spree, Murder by Death, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Disco Biscuits, The Orwells, The War on Drugs, Adeline Records, Naukabout Music Festival, The NORML Foundation, Fifth Estate Magazine and Grand Valley State University and has been featured on the Juxtapoz Magazine website, People of Print, and Scene 360 Magazine. Known for his detail-oriented, eye-popping and colorful psychedelic work, Salamon credits many themes as inspirations for his creations such as; botanical illustration, ancient cultures/civilizations, cityscapes, outer space, the use of repetition, the 60s counterculture/90s grunge movement, contemporary fashion and street art.

 photo StayFree-647x1024_zpsef313fa9.jpg

Andra Ursuta

 photo crush_zpsf8241910.jpg

 photo crush4_zps84a88c45.jpg

Andra Ursuta was born in 1979 in Salonta, Romania, and lives and works in New York. She received a BA in art history and visual arts in 2002 from Columbia University. Ursuta has had several solo shows in New York, and her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, such as The Encyclopedic Palace, 55th International Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy (2013); Busted, High Line, New York (2013); Expo I, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, New York; Ostalgia, New Museum, New York (2011); and Looking Back / The Fifth White Columns Annual, White Columns, New York. This is Ursuta’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States.

 photo crush1_zpsb1c1c8ad.jpg

 photo crush3_zpse21cbdd6.jpg