Ken Lavey

 photo unnamed-2_zpsmsytog4s.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zps7s43epjx.jpg " This work comes from the kind of ultra male spaces that I have been photographing for years. Hardware stores, garages, second-hand electronics stores, the ubiquitous junk drawer. These places are especially fertile ground. The primary decision in making these compositions is determining the object’s ideal view. Which way should these objects point themselves? Should it be looked at from the front? From behind? In what direction should its extremities protrude? Does it matter which is the front or which is the back? These decisions allow the objects to be fully described, and to establish interesting resemblances and associations. What color could complicate things? What kind of textures and surfaces could be in conversation with the subject? I consider what other objects I have, and how their interactions can create evocative combinations. How can I use space and light? These decisions emphasize and confuse the thing’s function and scale. The work is nourishing and debauched. The photographs transform these unexpected objects, their original use is obscured. They’re new. These things are freed from the confines of their original purpose and interpretation." - Ken Lavey  photo unnamed-1_zpstavyg9sz.jpg  photo unnamed_zpstykhlnw9.jpg

Tim Hawkinson

 photo unnamed-2_zps3iz8wmvo.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsy6saueso.jpg  photo 1_zpsrsggsbfu.jpg Tim Hawkinson is a multi-media artist whose intricate, poetic works explore nature and the human experience through inventive use of materials, form and imagery. Hawkinson has been featured in many exhibitions around the world including the 1999 Venice Biennale, the 2002 Whitney Biennial, and solo exhibitions including The Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.; The Whitney Museum, New York; Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sidney.  photo unnamed_zpshvdgkb8q.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsixbcdh8k.jpg

Tadas Cerniauskas

 photo unnamed_zpsyqsafl08.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zps0jobvydx.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zps5kh4c9wa.jpg " Every single day I spend at my studio and my creative process resembles playing. And everything I create comes out of curiosity. The same happened with a project 'Black Balloons'. For an extensive amount of time I had an idea to connect two balloons. I found a free minute between the other currently run projects, bought two balloons, and got overwhelmed by the result. It was so unpretentious and so magical at the same time! That opposition created by two very simple and playful objects once again brought a unique childlike sense of discovery. This experience uncovers a lot and the more one looks at it, the more it becomes true: "simplicity is genius". For the first test I only used two balloons and two different gasses: helium and sulfur hexafluoride - the light and the heavy ones. Later on I worked out how to make the balloons float in the middle of a glass tank without connecting them to anything. It's a never ending story of an explorer... Now I'm building these sculptures one by one, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that soon enough everyone will have a chance to see them alive. Knowing that these particular installations last for a considerably short period of time, they are really alive.Furthermore, they interact with the spectator in so many ways - one can only imagine how a sculpture made out of 400 balloons would react to a wind that one creates just by walking by." - Tadas Cerniauskas  photo unnamed-3_zpsdfa7urwx.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpscnfxvbez.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpszolw230r.jpg

Carrie Ann Baade

i  photo 11x14-butterfly-1_zpsoa3i0yno.jpg Born in Louisiana, Carrie Ann Baade received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago that included one year of study at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and her MFA in Painting from the University of Delaware. Her paintings combine remnants of Renaissance and Baroque imagery, creating surreal landscapes inhabited by exotic flora, fauna, and figures. As a contemporary painter, she returns to the relevant moments in art history in order to reclaim them. Baade’s artworks are in collections around the world and have been featured in numerous publications. She has been awarded the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowship in 2010 and the Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for Established Artist in 2005. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions: the Delaware Contemporary, Billy Shire Fine Arts in Los Angeles, the Ningbo Art Museum in China, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, Florida. Raised on the front range in Colorado, she now lives and works in Tallahassee where she is an Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University.  photo bride_carrieannebaade_zpsrqsmowy5.jpg  photo The_Perilous_Compassion_of_the_Honey_Queen_by_Carrie_Ann_Baade_zpslmxuy5uk.jpg

Kate Copeland

 photo unnamed_zpsei3sr8zp.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpslxppuhl1.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsxqxu6lrj.jpg Kate Copeland is a talented freelance illustrator based in London. Link here.  photo unnamed-4_zpsbztvxs2l.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zps6icbhvyf.jpg

Christto & Andrew

 photo unnamed_zpsgqpgvlnz.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpszgeb7ece.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsu7yjbcpi.jpg As jigsaw puzzles piece together to a form a visual image, the sedimentation of symbols within Christto & Andrew’s photographs reveal the affects of history, politics, the economy and popular culture into the construction of contemporary society specifically found in the Gulf region. Using Qatar as an example, exaggerated colours, staged compositions and uncanny humour hightlight this constant development, and the malleable state of transformations into which its multitude of lifestyles are nurtured and interact. In the same way, scavenged objects are transformed into cement moulds and regular people into models through photography to subvert and further notions of value, commodification and occupation. As a result, each object and character within their photographs become symbolic refelections of these stratifications found in Qatari society.Christto and Andrew’s images, therefore, do not to critcise but rather hightlight two parallel dialogues-a local one and an expatriate one, which equally weave together this complex network of cultures and subcultures evident in most Gulf and MENA contexts.  photo unnamed-3_zps2skjdce0.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsfwsjnsko.jpg

Shen Yuan

 photo unnamed_zpslraeqbfa.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpskoaaock6.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpstzrt848m.jpg Shen Yuan <-- Born in 1959 in Xianyou, China. Lives & works in Paris since 1990  photo unnamed-4_zpsouktwkei.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpso743jl6e.jpg

Anna Palmer

 photo unnamed_zpshq9hkbzy.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpscsiycwla.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsiei10ism.jpg " My scratchboard work has grown and evolved over the last 40 years as I have worked in a variety of mediums and on different surfaces for many clients primarily in the West and Southwest. Most of my work in the past has been commissioned, but today I have the luxury of enjoying creating art for art’s sake and the resulting pieces are what you see here today. I feel very blessed to be in this position and I hope as you view my art, you will feel the joy I do. Over time, I will add more to the mix." - Anna Palmer  photo unnamed-2_zpsv0ikjqn1.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zps5wx4tzjk.jpg

Kirsty Templenton Davidge

 photo unnamed-3_zpsfno917dz.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsxnvxcgwf.jpg " I have produced a group of paintings that reflect on memory and its after-image. Some are inspired­­­ by childhood memories of travelling back and forth along Toronto area highways during the 1970’s. Always moving forward, but never arriving at a comfortable place. Concurrently, I’m thinking about the passage of time; of my childhood, and my own children’s childhood, up to the present day. Continuously sliding along these timelines, seemingly back and forth, I represent the quieter aspects of life that are often forgotten." - Kirsty Templenton Davidge  photo unnamed-1_zpsdxzszqdr.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsxm619dsm.jpg

Debbie Quick

tumblr_lf0youPJIs1qftioao1_1280 tumblr_lf0uddpPsu1qftioao1_1280 tumblr_lf2znz1hzn1qftioao1_1280 " I am a storyteller. Or at least I’ve wanted to be one for as long as I can remember; yet, the verbal telling of situations is not how my mind works. Instead, I physically construct my stories which speak of emotional interactions and reactions experienced during intense social exchanges. Just as social interactions are layered, having a number of interpretations, visual information leads to a multitude of possible understandings as well. This is why the idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” describes how I choose to create narratives. Having more than one interpretation of an experience is why I desire to pack multilayered thoughts into every thing I make. Through exploring these concerns I attempt to communicate the numerous nuances of emotion weathered during awkward social exchanges." - Debbie Quick tumblr_lf2zck5RNA1qftioao1_1280 tumblr_lf0uh5qFb51qftioao1_1280