Sweet Station in Paris!

p p Photos of our stickers in Paris for all the world to see by super-talented photographer Fab5. Also see: Sweet Station in Amsterdam. He has a very defined style, and it's a beaut, and so waste no time in bookmarking his website. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you back here on Monday! Kiss! p

Sweet Station in Germany!

p p Street artist Heavy Heart sent these photos to us taken from Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. Seriously one of the coolest people ever! Thank you! : ) p

Sweet Station in Prague!

p p We've been inundated with sticker requests since I posted about it on Monday. My apologies to those who have been waiting for it so patiently. Anyway, I got several photos of our stickers from Heavy Heart, a street artist from Switzerland. Sweet Station in Prague, Czech Republic!! Woo-hoo!! So very cool! Stay tuned for more, tomorrow. p

Sweet Station Stickers

o o Act fast if you want some of these stickas! Were giving them away for FREE so you've no excuses. Just email us your name and home address. Sadly, the first 2 Sweet Station stickers are all out but if you cry out loud you may be able to get those too, we'll see. These are long lasting and high quality vinyl stickers, therefore, they are not cheap (ouch! my wallet!). We send them out to our readers for free to promote the site. Check out some of the cool pictures people are sending us. Links here and here. o

Sweet Station in Berlin!

p p MR 176 was in Berlin recently slapping stickers up on various spots all over the city. Very, very cool. p p

Sweet Station in Amsterdam!

sweet p This came as a pleasant surprise from my email three days ago from Belgium-based photographer Fab 5 (previously-blogged). He was in Amsterdam for a project and thoughtfully sent these photos for us to enjoy. I am also happy to announce that his photographs will be featured on our upcoming art zine - Pinkstew. p

Kitty Love

p p p p I hope you don't get lost in the cuteness of these kitty photos I found on Kasmi-Nuko. Click here for the link. Love the fat ninja cat pictured below. Hahaha. Super fun! p

Seunghan Song

winphone 1 winphone 2 What a nice concept! "This phone is a completely translucent touch-screen device created by designer Seunghan Song. The Phone imitates its surrounding climate, therefore on a sunny day you will see a clear screen, on a rainy day the display will show virtual raindrops and when it is snowing you will see a frosty looking interface." - via yankodesign winphone 3 winphone 4 winphone 5

Sweet Station in Spain!

p p p Yes. Yes. Yes. These are photos sent to us by Tábatah, a photographer based in Huelva, Spain. Looks fantastic. Muchas gracias Tábatah!! p

Sweet Station in Transylvania!

p p p p p These photos are sent by the lovely Magda Candea (previously-blogged) taken from Bran Castle, commonly known as " Dracula's Castle " located near BraÅŸov in Transylvania. ' The castle is now a museum open to tourists, displaying art and furniture collected by Queen Marie. Tourists can see the interior individually or by a guided tour. At the bottom of the hill is a small open air museum park exhibiting traditional Romanian peasant structures (cottages, barns, etc.) from across the country. ' p p p p