Sweet Station in Baguio!

p p Photos by Job Manalang all the way from the Republic of the Philippines. More on our Flickr. Thanks Job and Mabuhay!!! : ) p p

Sweet Station in Samara, Russia!

p p p p p These are photos sent to us by Sweet Station reader Greg Zemskov from Russia. That's his friend Artёm on some of the photos. Yayyy!! Kisses from NJ! Note: Unfortunately, we are currently OUT OF STICKERS. Please check back soon for an update. If you have asked for one and haven't gotten it, you will. p p p

Cute Rats

p p p I'm not a rat person but I have to admit that these photos by Jessica Florence are pretty cute. Yes? No? Maybe? Click here for the link. p p

Puppy Love


They're so adorable. I love cute puppies. *sigh* (via mycuteanimals.com)

p p p

Sweet Station in Moscow!

p p p Photos sent by Olesya from Russia, friend to Sweet Station. She poses with her man standing on the terrace of a 20 storey building located somewhere in Moscow. Love it! Very, very cool! : ) p p

Sweet Station in Times Square!

p p p Craig Phillips Please send pictures of you, and your friends holding up our stickers to honey4president(at)gmail(dot)com. The cool ones will make this blog. Yeah. Thats all. p Gary Baseman p p Gary Baseman & Honey p

Sweet Station in Brazil!

p p

Photos of artist R.Kioko's (previously-blogged) crib in Cotia, Brazil!


Sweet Station in Croatia!

p P P P P P Part 2 of Sweet Station in Croatia - TOP: Lortek (Lunar's crewmate from Belgrade), 2fast (creative director of TBWA Zagreb), Oko (street artist), Zets, Martina (designer), Zeljka (student) and Stupni, (event manager) BOTTOM: Gina (Lunar's parents cat), Notorius CMB crew: Zets (again), Senz and Worm See the rest here. If you are one of a few hundred who got a hold of our stickers, please send us some photos of our stickers in action and a link to your website so we can show our readers what you're up to. That's all. Thanks. P P

Sweet Station in France!

p p p Photos sent by Jessica Guez aka Subtile Incoherence from Garges les Gonesse, France. More to come soon. p p

Sweet Station in Croatia!

p p p p p If you see Lunar (Slaven Kosanovic) over in your neck of woods, befriend him coz he's the most rulin'! The following are photos he sent of his family and friends from Croatia holding up our stickers : ) How cool is that? Top: Lunar and Hrvoje Appelt (journalist), Nina (Lunar's wife) and their cat, Mone (writer from Zagreb), Nives Zemba (producer), Maja (student) and Saint (writer and YCP member), Thema (designer) Bottom: Modul (skater and writer), Djane Rea, Sine (fine art painter) More photos from Lunar next week! p p p