Dan Bo Amazon Robot

p Just some random box robot I found on Amazon.com.jp. Hes a cutie. Click here for the link. p

Rainbow Pancakes

p p I am starving. If I do not find something to eat soon, I will surely die. Ha ha kidding. Look what I found online! Rainbow Pancakes! p p

Snow Graffiti

p p p I am loving these graffiti pieces painted in snow from Croatian artist Lunar. Something you don't see everyday, though if you’re looking to be inspired by his work, you'll find a lot more of it in his website. p

The Catorialist

p p The Catorialist -- Selected as one of Cat's Fancy's Top 100 Catstyle Influencers. (Photos via The Catorialist) p

Little Wheel

little wheel Here's a nice little flash puzzle game called Little Wheel from oneclickdog. You're a robot whose task is to restore power in the main generator so the world can go about its business again. This is a tough game that took me about 25 minutes without the aid of the walkthrough. Have fun solving little wheel - Play here! little wheel2 little wheel3 little wheel4

Let’s Be Friends

p p Let's be friends <-- Touching photos of unusual animal friendships *smile* p

Sweet Station Stickers

p p Take a few snapshots of yourself displaying our stickers and send those photos to honey4president(at)gmail(dot)com to get it posted on the site. That's all. Photos courtesy by PML. p

My Milk Toof

p p p p My Milk Toof is an absolutely adorable creative project of Inhae Lee featuring the adventures of Ickle and Lardee, two baby teeth made from polymer clay. Love. Love. Looooove. p p p p

Impressionist Cake

p Found this cool Vincent Van Gogh cake last night on Flickr. Yummy yummy. More cake here. p

Happy Thanksgiving

p We will be taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday and will return on Tuesday, December 1st. Smiley hugs for a very happy Thanksgiving and a bountiful year! Click here for some turkey tips. 0