Sweet Station in Montclair!

Cheers to Manuel Bolano, Tanya Unson and Shaun Mackiel! Good times are here! Chur! Chur!

Katie Eary

Katie Eary is the London-based designer who will soon need no introduction – her aggressive but noble menswear is an unstoppable, inevitable hurricane ripping its own path through fashion. If difficult social and economic times such as this bring watershed moments, rare changes of perspective that grab fashion by the lapel and drag it into the future, then Katie is the young talent that really is the burgeoning voice, and attitude, of our generation. ‘ (Photos via ///)

Honey on Twitter!


I just got started on microblogging random stuff on Twitter. Sometimes it feels like the next thing to being in the room with everyone. You can (if you care) follow me on Twitter here.


Pixel Pour 2.0



Pixel Pour 2.0, discovered by gnom3sayin on Mercer Street in New York City. (via Likecool) Looks goodness!


Little Lotus Project

‘ The Children on the Edge ‘ Little Lotus Project ‘ is a collaborative art project, linking four New Zealand artists with refugee and migrant children on the Thai/Burma border. Working in partnership with the international charity, Tanja Jade (aka Misery), Peap Tarr, Pat Shepherd and Alex Chalmers will visit Children on the Edge sponsored schools in Nov 2010 and work with the children on a variety of art projects. Access to education and art supplies is a luxury for these children and all funds raised from Little Lotus will go towards their ongoing welfare and education. Follow Little Lotus on the adventure. ‘ Link here.

Paper Boat by Artist Frank Bolter




‘ A German-made paper boat has floated successfully down the London Thames, with the suitable name of “HMS Origami.” It measured 5.4m in length. German conceptual artist Frank Bolter, who was using would normally be used in the manufacture of drinks cartons. I spent the whole day glueing sheets together for you,’ he said. ‘Then I had to cut it into three pieces because the van wasn’t big enough to transport them to the dock. Now I shall glue them back together again. ‘ Link here


Gummi Bear Surgery


Gummi Bear surgeries (heart transplant, brain transplant…) by Instructables member fungus amungus. View more photos on this site.





‘ Described as an underwater scooter, BOB is a Breathing Observation Bubble designed to allow non-divers the opportunity to enjoy the full experience of life underwater. The beauty of HydroBOB is in its simplicity and ease of use. There is no need for lengthy and expensive dive courses, just a 10 minute briefing and you’re ready to go. You don’t even need to know how to swim. Pop your head into the bubble, settle down onto the seat, squeeze the trigger and away you go. ‘ Link here.


Karen Portaleo



” My name is Karen Portaleo, and I am the cake decorator at Highland Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been decorating cakes since October of 2005 when , by chance, I stopped in to my friend’s bakery to have brunch. I noticed there weren’t any decorative items, and asked if I could maybe do some cookies ( having up until that point only decorated cookies a handful of times!). My background is in clay sculpture, but these days cake has taken over! I am self taught and always learning. ” – Karen Portaleo


Sweet Station in Vama Veche!





Photos taken in Vama Veche, Romania.. sent by our friend Constantin Nimigean of Oitzarisme. Cheers!