Sweet Station in Cocoa Beach, Florida

 photo IMG_9439_zpsbgotq3pf.jpg  photo IMG_9446_zpstydk4dwj.jpg  photo IMG_9440_zpskdk5rk4f.jpg  photo IMG_9443_zpspihrqbnd.jpg  photo IMG_9442_zpspexagkmu.jpg

Konrad Bogart

 photo KyleBryantAPrbig_zpsf8kufp5f.jpg  photo KyleBryantmayBig_zpszbs9bba7.jpg  photo KyleBryantMarBig_zpsuemxotcu.jpg 'Konrad Bogart makes his introduction to the world in his first official video "Upgrade My Status". In this video KB shows where his skills lie, Fine Art printmaking and rap music. This video depicts the life of the "starving artist" becoming a strong willed fine artist. "Upgrade My Status" was printed in a limited edition of 10 and is available exclusively from Limit It Editions.' Buy here.  photo KyleBryantDecBig_zpsnulsj7ab.jpg  photo KyleBryantOctBig_zpsg4ikyb0f.jpg  photo KyleBryantNovbig_zps52bzv4ud.jpg

Sticker High: Fab

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Sticker High: PHASES

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Sticker High: Natalia

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Do-It-Yourself Tea Light Holders Made With Lace Bikinis

 photo 1_zps5e228b39.jpg  photo 2_zps0c9d42cf.jpg  photo 3_zpsc3ba0574.jpg These sexy tea light holders are an easy-to-make, inexpensive DIY project to add style to your favorite living space. These candle holders are made out of lace underwear. Yes, underwear! I cut up the bikinis (generously provided by the lovely people at BEX nyc) .. wrapped and glued them to small latex balloons.. waited a couple hours for it to dry. I then took the balloons out and put LED tea light candles inside, and viola! With this simple idea, you can enjoy candle light anytime. Click here for the link.  photo 4_zps64da2c0e.jpg  photo 5_zps094b07ba.jpg

Revelation by Heidi Taillefer

 photo Revelation-HeidiTaillefer_zps66962d90.jpg  photo 8625943207_aecc457f24_b_zps17a27d68.jpg Here's your chance to own one of Heidi Taillefer's  printed limited edition reproduction of Revelation (2010). This print is available in the von Scaramouche online store. Hurry up because this reproduction only has 40 signed and numbered prints AND for a special price of $265 on April 20th only (regular price: $295). Meaning, it's not gonna last long. Revelation is available here. Buy it now.  photo 8627053204_e9709089df_b_zps2e6edba4.jpg  photo 8627053572_208f9159b3_b_zpsbd497fae.jpg

Honey’s Magnets

 photo IMG_0512copy_zps1b149d04.jpg  photo MAGNETS11copy_zpsa713879d.jpg  photo IMG_0903copy_zpsf60138ad.jpg Oh look, it's Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, and Daniel Day-Lewis in disguised as Bill the Butcher!! Nice. What better way for them to join forces than to have their handsome faces immortalized in magnet forms. We can all thank Honey for that, the artist and founder of the best virtual art gallery on the planet - Sweet Station, in my humble opinion. Yes I know, I'm her brother so I'm biased. These magnets aren't your ordinary run-of-the-mill magnets. These magnets are special. How special you ask? Check out the details on Robert's face. How about Christopher's wrinkles! Are you mystified by Daniel's handlebar stache? Their mugs were lovingly recreated from Honey's amazing illustrations. For $8 plus cost of shipping, you'd get a pack with one of each. It's been a long loooooong time coming it seems but we finally have the magnets ready to go. All they need are good homes. Before I forget, there's a surprise that comes with each awesome magnet packs. I don't wanna spoil it but let's just say that if you can handle that truth, this is as good as it'll get. We appreciate you and I promise you'll like the magnet packs. But hurry, we're only making a very limited run, for real. Click here to buy.  photo mmmcopy_zpsbda3497e.jpg  photo MAGNETS22copy_zps08057d2d.jpg


 photo HOG-Sunset_zpsd1494f4b.jpg  photo Untitled-3-1_zps53cf6923.jpg We dare you to be a part of something incredible in your life for once, while doing something good for the art community at the same time. 'The HOPE Campaign & Empty Kingdom have joined forces to bring artists from around the globe together during SXSW in Austin, TX for an ALL DAY ART EVENT titled "ReCREATE: ATX" to support one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the United States, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery (HOG).' What's in it for you for supporting this awesome campaign? You get cool stuff from contributing a S1 all the way up to $1000. I bet you got at least a dollar don't you? Then give it up, you won't be disappointed. Trust me, you'll feel so much better knowing it's going to an awesome cause. And remember that it's not about how much money you give, it's about being part of this community that helps artists altogether. The HOPE campaign matters to all of us whether you're an artist or not. Help make it happen for ReCREATE ATX!  photo 20130131214413-First_Mural_Group2_zpsaa5e9e7f.jpg  photo Untitled-2-1_zps3b75ba2f.jpg

R2D2 heels

Photobucket Photobucket You know you're a Star Wars geek when you get your head stuck in a bucket trying to be R2D2 upon seeing this post. Link here. Photobucket