Qiu Yang

Photos by Chinese-born Amsterdam-based artist/ photographer Qiu Yang. Have a look at her website. There are a some nice things to be found on there.


tenteri 1 I'm fortunate enough today to have come across a bunch of photos that reminds me of one of the simple pleasures of life: exploring and being one with nature. It really goes to show how strong a picture or painting really can be. Looking at these photos, I want to throw my cell away, turn off the PC, walk for miles in the backwoods, and stop and realize the beauty in life again. Tenteri's photography reminds me to slow down a little which is very easy to forget these days. tenteri 1 tenteri 1

Marian Drew

p It's hard for me not to get lost starring at these photographs. Strange as that may sound, it is true. Thank you Marian Drew. Your work is just brilliant.

Sylvain Dumais

Enjoy the flicks of French photographer Sylvain Dumais, based in Toronto, Canada. Love the Ice Fishing set.

Water Figures

Shapes made out of water based paints and sound from a speaker. Motion captured with mic triggered SB800 Nikon flash controlled by StopShot. Links here, here and here.

Alix Malka

malka1 Parisian-born photographer Alix Malka is one of the most sought out photographers by the fashion magazines. His talent shines thru like a freaking' laser beam, you can't deny it. "Obsessed by color, Malka’s images are suggestive of taste for rich, exuberant and sophisticated stylism. Certain image will probably speak to you. One of my preferred photographers in the hyperglamourous world of fashion. " malka2 malka3 malka4

Winkler and Noah

p p I'm back. Winkler and Noah presents The Puppet Show, an artistic project by the photographers Romina Raffaelli and Stefano Marini: 30 portraits of children from two to eight years old were taken and transformed into dolls by subtle retouching. p p

Richard Mosse

p p p Trial photo series by Richard Mosse : Pashto tribesmen come to receive aid at earthquake relief centre, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan, 2005. p

Guillermo Calderon

calderon 1 calderon 2 I have a soft spot for aspiring artists who, without the benefits of formal art training, pursue their chosen careers out of love. Much respect to Mexican-based photographer Guillermo Calderon for his project entitled "SOAKED", about photographing professionally-dressed people in a bathtub. The word is out on a book being published in the near future about SOAKED, no less. The waiting is killing me. Guillermo's flickr page has more wonderful photographs. calderon 3 calderon 4 calderon 5

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

gadl 1 Alexandre Duret-Lutz aka gadl created these cool panorama-stereographic pictures dubbed Wee Planets. The effect pretty much reminds me of peering into a fish-eye lens on steroids. Oh and gadl is kind enough to provide a detailed tutorial on his flickr page. So better check it out! gadl 5