Dulce Pinzón

p p p Dulce Pinzón was born in Mexico City in 1974. She studied Mass Media Communications at the Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla Mexico and Photography at Indiana University in Pennsylvania. In 1995 she moved to New York where she studied at The International Center of Photography. p p

Matt Hoyle

p p p I have to say Matt Hoyle's images really jumped out of me. Very inspiring portfolio indeed. Bookmarked! Taken from his website: Matt Hoyle is a commercial and fine art photographer based out of New York City. Matt is known best for his portraits of rich characters and intriguing faces. His first priority in any shot is the person he is capturing. It sounds obvious but there are many photographers who are now very focused on just getting a cool, high definition look and forget about who they are shooting. Matt has a genuine interest in each individual he shoots and building a rapport with them is natural for him. He then directs them through their shoot to garner the most natural, trusting and intimate portraits -- whether they are everyday people or high profile personalities. Matt's style is described as hyper-real because of the unique "grade" he applies to each image - similar to the post production treatment of a TVC or film. Matt seems to find the perfect balance between injecting a unique look & feel for each subject while still retaining the raw essence of their personality. It's because of Matt's relationship with his subjects and his visual treatment that people often describe his work as cinematic or painterly. There is a definite feel, mood or tone to each image but the person is still telling their own story. p

Louis Campos

p p p Check out the photography of Louis Campos, a photographer based in New Jersey. Louis is a good friend of mine and his amazing. He is certainly an artist to keep your eye on in the coming years and I'm not just saying that because I know him. Hahaha.

Michael Hughes

p The amazing photographs that show the world's most famous landmarks replaced by cheap souvenirs by Michael Hughes. Link here.

Tim Simmons

p p p Gorgeous photographs by British photographer Tim Simmons. Click here to view more. p

Roberto Kusterle

p p p ' Roberto Kusterle was born in Gorizia (Italy) in 1948. Since the Seventies he works within the field of the Visual Arts, devoting himself to painting and installation works. Since 1988 his interest for photography begins, that has become his primary way to express himself. He lives and works in Gorizia. ' p p

Bobby Neel Adams

Family Tree is a series of portraits of immediate family members by Bobby Neel Adams. Families are photographed individually and then sized and printed at the same portions. The two photographs are manually torn and glued together to make one portrait investigating the visual DNA passed from generation to generation. No Photoshop. p

Martin Klimas

p p I came across Martin Klimas photography and was immediately drawn to his series of shattering statues. Gorgeous destruction. p p

Marco Ricci

p p The previously-blogged Marco Ricci updated his site with plenty of new work since we last took a look at his website, and this time it's loaded with great black and white shots. Rock n' roll! Click here for the link. Thank you Marco for the email! p


p p p Scanwiches are scans of sandwiches for education and delight. If I made you hungry, I'm sorry. p