p p p Scanwiches are scans of sandwiches for education and delight. If I made you hungry, I'm sorry. p

Timothy Saccenti

p p Timothy Saccenti is a director and photographer living in New York city and working worldwide. Timothy's artwork is defined by his technique of creating immersive environments for expressing the esoteric through a modernist pop sensibility, tempered by an occasional ironic dose of humor.


Photos by Korean duo Zoren Gold and Minori Murakami aka Mi-Zo. More beautiful images on their site. p

Petrina Hicks

Hicks gently subverts the pervasive language of photography as it is used in advertising and publicity, creating edgy images that intrigue and disturb. While she primarily works with people, her works transcend the boundaries of portraiture as she finds beauty in perceived imperfections and renders idealized beauty strange. Her images are mostly of adolescents and elegantly capture the ambiguities of youth. Whilst she uses digital interventions, they are almost imperceptible, creating instead a polished hyper-reality. These subtle contrasts within the image play with photography's dual capacities as both a revealer of truths, and a perpetrator of lies. Hicks' photography embraces the scope of what it means to be human. (Continue reading...)

Emma Livingston

Tree portraits by Emma Livingston, a London based photographer specializing in nature, urban and abstract photography. Have a look. p p

Joshua Hoffine

Just discovered the impressive horror photographic art of Joshua Hoffine from Kansas. Awesome!

Frederic Guarton

p Works by Frederic Guarton from his Urbano Vegetal series. Sweet!

Rare Cloud Formations

p p p I stumbled upon this blog with an amazing compilation of the rarest and most beautiful cloud formations. Link here. p

iPhone Photography

p Just What I See features the iPhone works of Maryland-based photographer, Greg Schmigel. All of the images featured on his site were created using Apple's (first generation) iPhone, and it's simple 2-megapixel camera system.

Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin

p p Works by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin - two known Dutch photographers via their label media Air De Paris. p