Khristian Mendoza

p p p p Transparency by Khristian Mendoza from Melbourne, Australia. Portfolio found on Behance Network - Get clickin'! p p p

Sam Taylor-Wood

p p Sam Taylor-Wood (born 4 March 1967) is an English conceptual artist. She has been identified as a member of the Young British Artists movement. Her work includes photography and cinema. More photos and info here. p

Natasha Lawes

p p p p ' I am truly part of the Blue peter generation, I just love making and decorating, whatever the medium or subject. My father the late David Lawes, was a Scenic Artist working for theater companies such as the Royal Opera House & ENO and this wet my appetite for working with many mediums, production design & all things theatrical. My interest in Tech-effect costume also blossomed from a young age when he worked with the amazing costume designer Eiko Ishioka. My mother was a brilliant potter, and that inspired me to work with clay, to sculpt & to model make. I went on to study at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 1994 where I honed my skills in painting, sculpting, design & illustration. ' - Natasha Lawes p

Adrian Samson

untitled-4 p p p Adrian Samson is a photographer based in London shooting global advertising campaigns and working on personal creative projects. p

Juha Arvid Helminen

p p p Check out Finnish artist Juha Arvid Helminen's website for many more photos. Love. Love. Looooooooooove. p p

Erica Love

p p p Erica Love <-- Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Lives in New York and LA p

Isabella Rozendaal

p p p Works by Amsterdam-based photographer Isabella Rozendaal. ' What Isabella enjoys most is photographing the remarkable and humorous things she encounters in real life, preferably expanding her fascination into substantial documentary projects. She likes to think big. She tends to pick subjects that are well documented and cliché and shows them from a new perspective, conveying her vision on them. Bookmaking is her favorite thing. Though she has an awareness of and love for the aesthetics of photography, conveying her wonder and surprise at the world is her main objective. Other interests include cowboys, pork, sweaty concerts, sunsets, and fruit. ' p

Loretta Lux

p p Loretta Lux (born 1969) was born in Dresden, East Germany and is a fine art photographer known for her surreal portraits of young children. She currently lives and works in Monaco. p

Katerina Jebb

p p p ' Much has already been written on the relationship between death and photography, on reality and fiction, on the blurring of genres-all fundamental themes in the discussion around contemporary photographers and the work of Katerina Jebb. Using a variety of techniques- scanners, photocopy machines and conventional cameras- Jebb almost denatures life, capturing the familiar and re-presenting it to us as something alien and otherwordly. As with the daguerreotype, Jebb's images feel like a dim and fading memory which momentarily saves the sitter from inexorable destruction in the form of the photographic trace. ' (via Fred and Associates) p p

Heather McClintock

p p p ' Raised on a dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Heather McClintock received her B.A. from New England College in N.H. and England, and then relocated to NYC to pursue her personal journey through prestigious commercial studios. Seeking a deeper, more intimate connection to humanity and the commonalities of our existence, Ms. McClintock's passion for recording the essence and purity of the human condition came to fruition in northern Uganda, where it awoke a longing to document the strength of will, hope and grace within each of us. Her Uganda work has garnered several awards and recognition, including most recently being selected for the prestigious Eddie Adam's Barnstorm XXI Workshop, awarded an artist's sponsorship by Blue Earth Alliance for " The Innocent: Casualities of the Civil War in Northern Uganda" project; Merit of Excellence and Honorable Mention in the 2007 International Color Awards Photography Master's Cup; the 2006 Center for Photographic Art Artists Project Award; the 2008 and 2006 Photo Review International; First Prize and Honorable Mention in photojournalism in the Black & White Spider Awards. her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in the collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and several private collections. ' p p