Sabrina Siedt

p p Great inspiring work from (Dortmund) Germany-based photographer Sabrina Siedt. Click here for the link. p

Satoshi Minakawa

p p p ' In shot after shot, Minakawa presents vehicles that look as if they came straight off some deranged kabuki set. Nothing looks as if it was ever meant for anything so mundane as road transportation. Gaudy gold fins are welded to the boot of two-wheeler carts. Trucks are festooned with blinding neon signs, their every surface plastered with kanji script and strobe lights. Meanwhile, the fleet of motorbikes and scooters are painted in a resplendent rainbow of glossy blues, reds and blacks; some are even adorned with stylized eyes on the fender. The overall effect is one of manga Transformers, a split second before they unfold, unclip and spring into life. ' Link here. p

Christophe Gilbert

christophe gilbert 1 christophe gilbert 1 Photographer Christophe Gilbert, from Belgium,  showcases with his  photo-manipulating skills. christophe gilbert 1 christophe gilbert 1

Krijn van Noordwijk

p p Krijn van Noordwijk has been a photographer (and occasional director) since 2006. Krijn's portrait work combines graphic but classical aesthetics with a contemporary view on people and their emotions. Inspired by (in no particular order) Jimi Hendrix, Irving Penn, Rembrandt van Rijn, DJ Krush, Piet Mondriaan, George Hurrell, Johannes Vermeer, Rory Gallagher, David Carson, Annie Leibovitz, Johnny Burnette, Gottfried Helnwein, Carl Fischer, Dead Prez, Charles Saatchi, David Lachapelle, The Beatnuts, Tony Scott, Joel Peter Witkin, Jurassic Five, Art Kane, Andy Warhol, Stefan Sagmeister, Leo Fender, Francis Bacon, Man Ray, Philippe Halsman, Donald Duck and many many others. p

Nigel Tomm

p p p Ladies and gentlemen, Nigel Tomm and his photo installation art - Most Famous Photography by Most Popular, Interesting and Influential Portraits of Sexy Amateur Nude as People or Famous Photographers in One Person Series. Have a look. p

Charlie White

p p p Charlie White is a photographer and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited internationally since 1999. White holds the position of Associate Professor, and is the Director of the MFA program at the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Fine Arts. White was a fellow at the Yale Norfolk Summer Program in 1994, received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, in 1995, and his MFA in 1998 from Art Center College of Design. p untitled-9

The Daydreamers Project

p p p This is the Daydreamers project started by Alexandra Sandu in September 2009. The people photographed here were asked to close their eyes and think of something beautiful. These photos are supposed to make you smile and feel good about life. The goal is to reach 1000 daydreamers, so the project is still under development in Alexandra's studio in Bucharest. p p

Jacqueline Rivera

p p p p Jacqueline Rivera recreates the dreams, emotions, thoughts, and scenes that are all apart of living life. Have a look. (via Agitatto Gallery) p

Zhang Peng

p p p " In a broad sense, all of my works demonstrate a kind of oppression. If conditions allow, parents plan a future that they think will be good for their children. If they are not wealthy enough, they hope their children will have a skill and then they force them to develop it. As children grow up, their character is distorted by the inappropriate pressure of their parents and their schools. The appearances of my figures drift between real people and dolls. While the image is aesthetic, I also want to reinforce the strong sense of distortion. " - Zhang Peng p

Natasha Ygel

p p Natasha Ygel is a restless, groundbreaking and trend-setting photographer who started her career by taking pics of her rocker and Djs’ friends in the mid 90s at her studio and different scenarios. Later on fashion and publicity would come to light and she would become attracted and idetified with these two worlds. Ever since she has been working in these kind of environments as if they were part of her own nature. p