photo -Oh-Hein-Kuhn-Da-won-Kang-age-19-August-13-2007_zpsqk3ap1kg.jpg  photo hein-kuhn-oh-cosmetic-girls2_zpsjlmx1jiy.jpg  photo cosmetic-girls-hein-kuhn-oh-7_zpslppbp4ce.jpg Starting as a documentary photographer who captured the social landscapes on the streets, Hein-kuhn oh has focused on documenting specific groups of people that present a certain type of social convention created by the Korean society past 10 years. Especially in 1999, his solo exhibition ‘Ajumma, Portraits of Middle-aged Women in Korea’ created the ‘Ajumma Syndrome’ in Korean society through his distinctive theme and style. Since then, he had pursued with constant interest on portrait study of ‘Women Series’ such as ‘Girl’s Act-high schoolgirls in uniform’ and ‘Cosmetic Girls- teenage girls with trendy make-up code. Through this, Oh reveals the common notions and stereotypes that are influenced by entertainment media in Korean society.  photo hein-kuhn-oh-cosmetic-girls75_zps6rpjzijy.jpg  photo 12_zpspagte3bm.jpg

Joanne Leah

 photo JoanneLeah_AcidMass_03_zpsi0em1wey.jpg  photo JoanneLeah_AcidMass_04_zpsjijtxiit.jpg  photo JoanneLeah_AcidMass_07_zps9feoiuyi.jpg Check out the work of Brooklyn based photographer, Joanne Leah. there's a lot more where it came from, so get-a-clickin'!  photo JoanneLeah_AcidMass_10_zpsc8pnnquf.jpg  photo JoanneLeah_AcidMass_08_zpsud3jssok.jpg

Oliver Kruger

 photo 73fbed2402_548_wide_zpsod1iqsa7.jpg  photo af496b2b82_548_wide_zpsin2nglf3.jpg Oliver Kruger is a talented documentary style photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Click here to view his website.  photo dc5165a67f_548_wide_zpsyd8tplio.jpg

Guillaume Dutreix

 photo night002_zpssgnw8tqp.jpg  photo night001_zpsl5cjciug.jpg Gorgeous photography by Paris-based photographer Guillaume Dutreix. Love.  photo night003_zpsuippurpe.jpg  photo night004_zpsa2hargpq.jpg

Vedema by Petros Koublis

 photo Petros_Koublis_02_zpsguywgzem.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_07_zpskdqrsyf9.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_08_zpsrjumvrts.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_05_zps8dkjsjbd.jpg ' The project was commissioned by Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort, one of Santorini's most unique and prestigious hotels, built around a 400 year old winery made of dark volcanic stones. The hotel is located in the southern part of the island, in the scenic village of Megalochori, next to a wonderful large area of vineyards. The name comes from its history and connection to the surrounding nature, as in Santorinian idiom ventema (βεντέμα) means harvest. I cooperated with interior designer Stamos Hondrodimos from Interior Design Laboratorium, in order to create a series of photographs that would decorate all the rooms and the exclusive suites of this exceptional resort. For that reason, a total of about 100 prints in several dimensions were created from the images of this series and today they can be seen around the Vedema hotel's elegant spaces. The concept of this project was to bring into surface and reveal a different face of Santorini, its hidden aspects and less known parts. The idea was to turn our eyes away from the famous caldera of the island, one of the most breathtaking and photographed parts of the world, and investigate the peculiarities, the secrets and the mysteries of the landscape that spreads towards the eastern part of the island. The project was realized in April of 2014.' - Petros Koublis  photo Petros_Koublis_06_zpsrifnfweh.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_13_zps4b4ygq6v.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_09_zpsonvydnpp.jpg

Jan Masny

 photo 06_zpsaomn744l.jpg  photo 04_zpskb0xx21m.jpg  photo 02_zpshtrblurr.jpg " A misty veil of golden spun hair floats above her forehead; dark copper flows in contrast with the blues and greens of the skies, seas and forests. Warm and cool sensory surfaces exude freshness and natural light. The metallic hues on her eyes transmutate texturally from base metals to gold. With her natural freckled skin against the grain and growth rings of painted wood she is neither a mermaid nor a nymph, but an enchanted Modern Muse - evoking the grace of Botticelli’s Venus and a pre-Raphaelite sensibility but with her own slight knowingness of the 21st century. Glamour and nature coexist without discord, enriching each other. These photographs extract beauty from nature whilst playing with the traditional dichotomy of the natural and artificial. In this creative alchemical process she has been liberated from temporal existence and has achieved immortal perfection." - Jan Masny  photo 03_zps9ztakrnr.jpg  photo 05_zpsjlamnzym.jpg

Mike Mellia

 photo 4.mike-mellia-6.2015_zpsmrkdxv0z.jpg  photo 6.mike-mellia-6.2015_zps9slxnsye.jpg  photo 1.brooks-brothers-mike-mellia_zpsuuuwxyey.jpg Mike Mellia (b.1980) is an American photographer whose allegorical imagery relates to larger conceptual ideas, telling stories through a painterly technique and creating cinematic compositions. Mellia's signature style is a distinct aesthetic that combines an old-world sense of beauty with complex conceptual modern ideas. His images often raise a tension with viewers' preconceptions about a subject. He has held several solo art exhibitions in NYC and his work has been commissioned by a variety of commercial clients. Mike Mellia graduated from Columbia University in 2002 and lives in New York City.  photo 58.mike-mellia-a-selfie-a-day_zpspsropqu8.jpg  photo 1.mike-mellia-6.2015_zpsrnaf4dcr.jpg

Andres Serrano

"Even though I consider myself a conceptual artist, I am a traditionalist when it comes to photography. I like to use film and shoot straight. No technical gimmicks or special effects. What you see is what I saw when I looked though the camera. If I've dazzled you with lights and colors, it's because I've dazzled you with lights and colors. Ideas are more important than effects. And effects are always better when they're real. In Lori And Dori, for instance, the conjoined sisters are dressed like fairy tale princesses evoking a dreamy and surreal landscape of the mind. But they're real. Other times I have to make things look real, even if they're not. In White Nigger, a man is made Black through make-up, while a child is "hung" with a harness. Ezra Pound once said, "Make it new." I do. And make it real, too." via link

Blake Little

Blake Little is an award winning, Los Angeles-based photographer best known for his ability to intimately capture the energy and personality of his subjects. His skills as a portrait photographer have garnered him a reputation as a favorite amongst celebrities, international publications, and corporate clients.

Nathan Hervieux

 photo brossedents-1500-1024x520_zps1duinexe.jpg  photo masque-1500-1024x520_zps3of9rlwf.jpg Amazing portfolio from a talented French photographer - Nathan Hervieux.  photo chewgum-1500-1024x520_zps0ufpkjaf.jpg  photo rasage-1500-1024x520_zps8h8d6jt5.jpg