Inframen by Nir Arieli

 photo dd970fecb856b054c8e0a40e83f3777c_zpsceba21e0.jpg  photo 7bba1cd6b488c0ecbd0eab31f72e928d_zpsb6562aaa.jpg  photo deaf0dfbee0cbeee0acaf361fbeb570e_zps1c3d3247.jpg " To be a dancer is to work your body to the breaking point. In my project "Inframen", I created a series of portraits using an infrared technique that reveals details that are under the subject's abused skin. I am taking the dancers out of their roles as performers and revealing personal intimate individuals. Through these subtle and surreal portraits, I aim to continue my studies of contemporary male dancers, peeling the physical shield and exposing fragile human beings - The scars show on their skin and through their eyes." - Nir Arieli  photo fa26d7017d9b823c80cc238c65e9b5a8_zpse4f63a1e.jpg  photo c4c9e5142e5c73f93eca1cb5e9e2a9bb_zpsaa7078b2.jpg

Alan Sailer

 photo ALAN-SAILER-HIGH-SPEED-2_zpsb9b6b24a.jpg  photo tumblr_mpotlyXFF11r6q94do2_500_zps04081bbc.jpg  photo High-Speed-Explosions-by-Alan-Sailer-1_zpsd7e18cc3.jpg  photo tumblr_krle28DykX1qz56v2o1_1280_zps675a32f4.jpg These incredible set of high speed photographs are the work Alan Sailer. Wow.  photo tumblr_mpotlyXFF11r6q94do4_500_zps804e2e09.jpg  photo tumblr_mpotlyXFF11r6q94do1_500_zpsb7651e89.jpg  photo 5_zpsb0d978d3.jpg

Alessandra Celauro

 photo e1970f2ff3ffe8788fb1af288dcbd5b9_zpsea821b96.png  photo 330bc823b07c20c8993cac78a45a9b98_zpsea325b0a.png A series called Vanishing by art student and photographer Alessandra Celauro based in Asuncion, Paraguay.  photo d24fbb6b46025f55744226324e704dca_zpsebd0cff4.png  photo 0b9f1541f368f7c94cf042b00e6b8ff7_zpsf1e56f2b.png

Maykel Lima

 photo 77c243594553fa342ef62d2213316697_zps0a3a878f.jpeg  photo 2ea11450138bc70f6b3d8d7be3671137_zps2f3a09f5.jpeg Maykel Lima, ladies and gentlemen. A talented illustrator and digital photo artist based in Madrid, Spain.  photo aaa86f02b0568d390af1c5c4254f14aa_zps9e9edc94.jpeg  photo 8fbb71fb43d780cabe4f8bc95176a9a9_zpsa5dc8388.jpeg


 photo hd_bb36a9c48622c035c53174375d0ede08_zps48d29021.jpg  photo hd_6e2ed47528500760264a12d2ad368e06_zps40d4a8bc.jpg  photo hd_f2da53d8245fb740288e5aee9e622109_zps7b4e92d0.jpg  photo hd_7f12fd5b668020e7371e42738b5a3e63_zpsc3dece5c.jpg A collaborated effort with photographer, David Wile and April Maciborka. This series focused on the reaction of babies tasting lemon for the first time. Link here.  photo hd_b9478c2b0591b786cf72d8a98b71b131_zps0b4b0f5c.jpg  photo hd_815a6adabc6b7c4e255c79eea2def5df_zpsc424d473.jpg  photo hd_760d5934dbd762512b0e2e012e1e5480_zpsb8c3ea1f.jpg

Maiko Takeda

 photo look5_zpsa116e34b.jpg  photo look6_zps254e7593.jpg  photo look9_zps944a2721.jpg Logic + geometry + space form the common denominator in all Maiko Takeda pieces. It’s a world in which the simple will seem complicated and order turns to chaos. But do not be afraid to indulge, as at the end you will always find that the common denominator stands (right there at the bottom where it belongs). Maiko Takeda grew up in a post boom Tokyo where she quickly was faced with the challenge of wanting to create products of individual and timeless quality in a country slowly coming to a grinding halt. This meant that she more and more looked to areas outside of fashion and pop culture for impulses, exploring the city by foot, finding inspiration in the smallest and most random of things. Within the pieces, there is the juxtaposition of various elements. Environmental influences such as shadow, wind and gravity, create an experience of wonder and bewilderment for the adorned. The form of her work itself can never be its sole feature as the extra element is always seeking to transcend the expectations of the wearer as part of the work. After having moved to London she studied Jewellery Design BA(Hons) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and is currently doing a Masters in Millinery at the Royal College of Art. Her work experience includes Issey Miyake, Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy and Erickson Beamon.  photo look3_zps794a409f.jpg  photo look7_zps2bff2a6c.jpg

Peta Clancy

 photo PC_Rose3_2010_zps2e1a0c13.jpg  photo rose_2_detail_594_zpsf166ecbe.jpg Peta Clancy has predominantly worked with the medium of photography. Recently her practice has expanded into new mediums: performance, sculpture, video and installation. Her photographic practice points to the ‘expanded’ field of photography. She has explored the porous membrane of the body interrogating the smooth surface of the photograph: piercing, crumpling, creasing and embedding it in wax.  photo PC_Rose_4_2010-web_zps36869724.jpg  photo detail_roses_2_594_zps4d166299.jpg

Ulric Collette

 photo IMG_2632_zpse574dc85.jpg  photo IMG_1461_zps0d47fe6f.jpg  photo IMG_9285_zps6fd12789.jpg Born in 1979, Ulric Collette, self-taught photographer, studied art and graphic design in Quebec city in the late 90s and now work as art director for Collette, a communication studio in Quebec region. The work of Ulric has been presented in various websites, magazines and books all over the world (Prism, Global Investor, Esquire, Light and Lens, Snap, Fubiz, My Modern Met, Adobe, etc). Most recently, his work on the genetic portraits series was shortlisted in the world most prestigious advertising awards show, the Cannes Lion.  photo IMG_0581_zpse16fc2ca.jpg  photo IMG_9294_zps8baea617.jpg

Ester Partegas

 photo 4_zpsd8452890.jpg  photo 2_zpsdb990e17.jpg  photo 5_zpsdfb93ad3.jpg Ester Partegàs (b. 1972 La Garrigia, Barcelona) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She has an M.F.A. (Sculpture) from the Universitat de Barcelona, and has completed Postgraduate studies at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. She participated in the International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York in 1999. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including The Aldrich Museum, CT; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; 2nd Moscow Bienniale; Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro NC; Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee WI; Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA; Cercle Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona; Sculpture Center, New York; Rice University Art Gallery, Houston TX; Queens Museum of Art, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria, New York.  photo 3_zps1c3393c5.jpg  photo 1_zps10f4427e.jpg

Haylee Anne

" Swooning over lush National Geographic landscapes for years inspired me at an early age, alerting my subconscious that I was to be a photographer. Upon my entrance into the BFA program for Photography at Montclair State University, my intent was to hone my skills and focus successfully on travel imagery, however this training ground sparked my conscious with new ideas, themes, and image making techniques, I was inundated with a zest to create. Now, women, water, and special processes are my main dig. It is my desire as a young artist to enhance and support feminist and bodily dialogue with images that interact with people and settings that may at times appear unnerving, but lovely." - Haylee Anne