photo 78_1205_grande_zpsc0e64c37.jpg  photo 78_1208_grande_zpsc4e7f5cd.jpg CORPICRUDI are Samantha Stella and Sergio Frazzingaro (Genoa, Italy). Since late 2003 they are working on hybrid projects between contemporary art, music and style focusing on aesthetic harmony. In the conviction that art must dispense harmony and that aesthetics is its fundamental element, the research developed by corpicrudi is based on the Oscar Wilde’s theme of the pretence, and the necessity of finding in it the only possible approach to the representation of the idea of beauty.  photo 78_1202_grande_zpsa95928fb.jpg

Jan Masny

 photo Untitled-2_zpsaf1bb8ad.jpg  photo 1369635980340_1_699_zpsfefb5ba8.jpg Jan Masny started his photographic practice in the photographic studio of Bogdan Axman. He very quickly became independent and moved to London in 2004. His main focus is in fashion photography as well as portraiture and advertising. His photographs are simple and minimal with the aim of specifically emphasizing their content. He is fascinated by polarities and contrasts of meaning, and his ability to extract often unexpected aspects from his subjects gives a freshness and depth to his work. He has taken portraits of numerous celebrities including Jamelia, Gosia Bela, Simon Webbe, Asher D and Lisa Maffia.  photo 1369635962976_1_699_zps8f2b8491.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsfe84b380.jpg

Christian Chaize

 photo Praia-Piquinia-23-08-11-16h44web_zpsfd0fcbee.jpg  photo Praia-Piquinia-10-06-11-14h23web_zps6b66d7ff.jpg  photo PP11-06-1116h368X10BISweb_zps0b5f2e0d.jpg Christian Chaize, a self-taught artist, lives and works in Lyon, France. In 1992, he was awarded the Prix European Panorama de Kodak for Young European Photographer in Arles, France. In addition to his artistic achievements, he enjoys a successful career as a commercial photographer.  photo Praia-Piquinia-10-06-11-14h23web_zps6b66d7ff.jpg  photo PraiaPiquinia16-08-1214h23web_zpsc6e58c85.jpg

Steve Back

'Drawing on technical precision honed through his former engineering studies and management consulting work, Steve Back expertly manipulates light and perspective to produce strong images that move beyond mere subject matter. His style manifest the perfect juxtaposition of creativity and intellect.'

Laura Plageman

 photo plageman_response_vulture_zps400cdf68.jpg  photo plageman_response_trumpet_zpsf62064af.jpg  photo plageman_response_egret_zps3ca3ccb0.jpg Laura Plageman is an artist and educator who lives and works in Oakland, CA. Her images explore the relationships between the process of image making, photographic truth and distortion, and the representation of landscape. She is interested in making pictures that examine the natural world as a scene of mystery, beauty, and constant change - transformed both by human presence and by its own design.  photo plageman_response_riverbend_left_zps62ae4eb6.jpg  photo plageman_response_kudzu_zps7aa4e1b8.jpg

Luis Argerich

 photo tumblr_msg46jBCSg1r6q94do9_500_zpsc481c1e1.jpg  photo tumblr_msg46jBCSg1r6q94do7_500_zpsf97c2896.jpg " I'm a (very) crazy nightscape photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I teach at College, I'm a huge and southernmost fan of the Green Bay Packers, I have two kids, I'm 43 years old and I don't have plans to update this paragraph." - Luis Argerich  photo tumblr_msg46jBCSg1r6q94do4_500_zps2a10202a.jpg  photo tumblr_msg46jBCSg1r6q94do8_500_zpsabfc730e.jpg

Madame Peripetie

 photo 91cf1d71c20898dff052e223c58f34e8_zps44d25f80.jpg  photo 08e490a6c41e6ba82c84ead2a88d3805_zps86d1253b.jpg  photo de6666d6663b88eabd320132fae541da_zps2b7f291f.jpg Madame Peripetie explores the boundaries between fashion, sculpture and the human body, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns; whilst infusing high-fashion elements with abstract and conceptual ideas, creating an eccentric escapade of color and texture. In her work she is focusing mainly on the interaction between body, language and new media. Her inspirations include surrealism, dadaism as well as the new wave era of the 80s, British post punk scene and the avantgarde theater of Robert Wilson.  photo 51cf506d037c91d97db15835a28dca9c_zpsceabdd13.jpg  photo beeca472716add06025db0460009caeb_zpsebe770c8.jpg

Mikko Lagerstedt

 photo fa3ee75d75df11fc8c211eba7c7c657b_zps9e8d1f02.jpg  photo ffa215c116f556e38002a0e6cde201d7_zps841773fa.jpg " I'm a self-taught fine art photographer from Kerava, Finland. I was born in November 1982 in a small town in Finland. My photography journey started in December 2008 and I fell in love with it straight away. I have always been interested in drawings and paintings, finally when photography found me, I knew it was my vision. My goal is to capture the feeling I had when I took the photograph - it's the most important thing in my photographs. I love to view the world from different perspectives. In our lives, things can go so fast that we forgot to enjoy these short moments - if I can make people stop and see the beauty of life and feelings, I have succeeded." - Mikko Lagerstedt  photo 272f6217bab34444822074695d20b1a9_zps990c6946.jpg  photo 9ff13c923325c6e7a0fb23eb32cd3eac_zps800279c6.jpg

Inframen by Nir Arieli

 photo dd970fecb856b054c8e0a40e83f3777c_zpsceba21e0.jpg  photo 7bba1cd6b488c0ecbd0eab31f72e928d_zpsb6562aaa.jpg  photo deaf0dfbee0cbeee0acaf361fbeb570e_zps1c3d3247.jpg " To be a dancer is to work your body to the breaking point. In my project "Inframen", I created a series of portraits using an infrared technique that reveals details that are under the subject's abused skin. I am taking the dancers out of their roles as performers and revealing personal intimate individuals. Through these subtle and surreal portraits, I aim to continue my studies of contemporary male dancers, peeling the physical shield and exposing fragile human beings - The scars show on their skin and through their eyes." - Nir Arieli  photo fa26d7017d9b823c80cc238c65e9b5a8_zpse4f63a1e.jpg  photo c4c9e5142e5c73f93eca1cb5e9e2a9bb_zpsaa7078b2.jpg

Alan Sailer

 photo ALAN-SAILER-HIGH-SPEED-2_zpsb9b6b24a.jpg  photo tumblr_mpotlyXFF11r6q94do2_500_zps04081bbc.jpg  photo High-Speed-Explosions-by-Alan-Sailer-1_zpsd7e18cc3.jpg  photo tumblr_krle28DykX1qz56v2o1_1280_zps675a32f4.jpg These incredible set of high speed photographs are the work Alan Sailer. Wow.  photo tumblr_mpotlyXFF11r6q94do4_500_zps804e2e09.jpg  photo tumblr_mpotlyXFF11r6q94do1_500_zpsb7651e89.jpg  photo 5_zpsb0d978d3.jpg