photo the_dragonmaster_by_pertheseus-d4mg258_zps6e0b1abc.jpg

 photo megaman_tribute_by_pertheseus-d3lnyc3_zps1ff7cd4f.jpg

This is great. Plenty more digital art to be found at Pertheseus‘ gallery.

 photo crouching_tiger___hidden_dragon_by_pertheseus-d633n04_zpsd5abea05.jpg

Horses Dream Of Horses

 photo Horses-Dream-of-Horses-21_zps5742a7b9.jpg

 photo photo-11_zps8c92931e.jpg

 photo 1500-Giant-Raindrops-10-640x486_zps526b0b32.jpg

 photo Untitled-1_zps296bb2a9.jpg

Beautiful installation by Urs Fischer at The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (MOCA) titled ‘Horses Dream of Horses‘. It is composed of 1,500 blue resin raindrops made with plaster, resin paint, steel, nylon filament, and it is suspended in the air like a frozen moment in time.

 photo 130412archizines0063_zps8babb691.jpg

 photo URS5_zps0738165c.jpg

 photo weatherart_ursfischer5_650x366_zpsaacea5fd.jpg

Twilight, Zone by Casey Weldon

 photo 1038201274790590_zps513c9371.jpg

 photo 1038201274790611_zps77ef955d.jpg

” Three paintings for the Twilight Zone themed show, “Another Dimension” at Gallery1988. I gave the kids from Twilight the “Eye of the Beholder” makeover.” – Casey Weldon

 photo 1038201274790621_zps6914b4e0.jpg

Bluff House by Inarc Architects

 photo 5195520fb3fc4bc89b00004d_bluff-house-inarc-architects_bluff_125v21-528x361_zps6e33cca3.jpg

 photo 51955209b3fc4be3da000035_bluff-house-inarc-architects_bluff_1161-528x649_zpsb4918604.jpg

 photo 51955234b3fc4be3da000039_bluff-house-inarc-architects_bluff_3941_zpse6842305.jpg

Bluff House on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia is a holiday home designed by the Inarc Architects.

 photo 5195522eb3fc4be3da000038_bluff-house-inarc-architects_bluff_3861_zps9403b44f.jpg

 photo 51955207b3fc4bcd16000045_bluff-house-inarc-architects_bluff_109-528x352_zpsee22a72a.jpg

 photo 5195522bb3fc4bc89b00004f_bluff-house-inarc-architects_bluff_373_zpsb66662c3.jpg

Tim Maguire

 photo 20111003_zps04af6711.jpg

 photo 20120301_zps8a738953.jpg

 photo 20120602_zps92901b1a.jpg

Though Tim Maguire was born in England in 1958, his family moved to Australia in 1959 where he resided until 1992. Maguire is regarded as one of Australia’s country’s most significant artists. The artist’s current practice involves the painterly reconstruction of digital imagery through a process that refers to printing technology. His large-scale paintings mimic the appearance of smooth, mechanical reproduction but their surfaces are disrupted by random elements of physicality; drips, runs and blotches interrupt their reading as purely printed images. According to Maguire, ” My chemical interventions are more about breaking imagery down, exposing the process that leads to photographic illusion. I want the imagery to be more raw, with its component parts fitting less neatly, and any illusionism to be tentative.” Maguire currently divides his time between the U.K. and France. He has exhibited his work extensively in Australia and Europe for over two decades. The artist’s work appears in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Galleries of New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia, and the Kunsthalle Nuremberg. Maguire’s paintings are included in several major public and private collections in the United States, Australia, and throughout Europe.

 photo 20120102_zpsc6b8c086.jpg

 photo 20111101_zps98204a41.jpg

 photo Time-amp-Nature-install-2_zps31009452.jpg

Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia is a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn illustration, pattern/print, packaging, branding, and computer generated illustration. Whose interests include travel, textiles, fashion, folk art, wallpaper, and all types of candy, (except chocolate).In his younger years, his family traveled back and forth between Mexico and the Southwestern United States. As a result he is bilingual and has a unique perspective on American as well as Mexican culture.

Become the Wind by Sakshi Gupta

 photo Sakshi_05_zps4e76d836.jpg

 photo Sakshi_03_zps87e310cd.jpg

 photo Sakshi_08_zps420551db.jpg

 photo Sakshi_01_zps4b3cff02.jpg

” The title of the show, ‘Become the Wind’ is as much a provocation as it is a description of a moment. As a provocation, the phrase challenges you to flow between a tangible state and an intangible essence. As a description, the phrase refers to that moment or state of mind where anything can be. I identify ‘the Wind’ in the title of this show with a state of the self defined by the constant pull and push of two opposing forces – one is that of constantness and the other is that of becoming. It is a state of self that is essential and stable but one that is also continuously evolving.” – Sakshi Gupta

 photo Sakshi_10_zps1255ea87.jpg

 photo Sakshi_11_zps672b30d1.jpg

 photo Sakshi_09_zpsbf92dda6.jpg

Medrie MacPhee

 photo Float-xl_zps459d8c51.jpg

 photo BigBang-xl_zps3a99c3d1.jpg

 photo artwork_images_1094_589110_medrie-macphee_zps9e1f46c5.jpg

 photo medrie_macphee_1_zps30b38bfc.png

Medrie MacPhee was born in Edmonton, Alberta and has resided in New York City since 1978. She received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited in over 20 solo exhibitions including shows at Keith Talent, London; Michael Steinberg, New York; ArtCore, Toronto; Paolo Baldacci Gallery, New York; Baldacci-Daverio Gallery, New York; Phillipe Daverio Gallery, New York; Stadtische Galerie Haus, Siegen, Germany; the Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto; Escape 502, Montreal; Linda Generaux Gallery, Vancouver, B.C; and the Concordia University Art Gallery, Montreal.

 photo medrie_macphee_zpsc166b710.jpg

 photo artwork_images_1094_566700_medrie-macphee_zps9d49c629.jpg

 photo 5_DSCF2524_zpsa2b8068a.jpg

Pieter Vermeersch

 photo 31_Pieter_Vermeersch_De_Loketten_Vlaams_Parlement_2010_A_zps1093f39b.jpg

 photo IMG_1664_zpsa4dc97a9.jpg

 photo Pieter_Vermeersch_080912_W01_zps45396558.jpg

 photo vermeersch_project_space0411_zps0ecca016.jpeg

‘There are images that become abstract and there are abstractions that become images. Pieter Vermeersch is not an abstract painter as such but rather an image maker; those mental images he finds in reality by photographic means. There is no such thing as pure abstraction. Everything is connected to some part of reality. The image of different degrees of luminosity or the image of the colour of the rainbow’s prism for instance, they fascinate Pieter Vermeersch by their capacity to represent a recognisable image, both identifiable and abstract, while emphasizing the process of image apparition, this “meta-image” in which time progression and space definition take place.’ (via CCNOA)

 photo IMG_1666_zpsd51720e8.jpg

 photo Pieter_Vermeersch_zps2521e4a0.jpg

 photo IMG_1662_zpsb7175693.jpg

Antarctic Spring

 photo dead_moon_princess_iv_sketch_by_antarcticspring-d606d4k_zpsccc7dcae.jpg

 photo devourer_by_antarcticspring-d670nw1_zps058c87f9.jpg

Here’s a small selection of work from a Russian illustrator that goes by the name of ‘Antarctic Spring‘. More to see here.

 photo dead_moon_princess_vii_sketch_by_antarcticspring-d63y1no_zps364913ee.jpg

 photo riven_xxv_by_antarcticspring-d5npf63_zps375eec29.jpg