Vlad Rodriguez

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Vlad Rodriguez aka Pixeldomestiko is a multidisciplinary artist peruvian based in Miami, studied art at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru ENSABAP, Graduate, specializing in drawing and painting. He completed his Bachelor of Arts UDESC Center SC-Brazil, and Digital Design at the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design.

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Brad Hill

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Adorable sculpture called S’more Puft by Michigan-based artist Brad Hill.

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Rain by Nazar Bilyk

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Say hello to sculptor/artist Nazar Bilyk, living and working in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Ester Curini

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Known for creating highly detailed animal portraits set against stark white backgrounds, Italian painter Ester Curini has explained that isolating her subjects on a blank canvas allows her to concentrate on a subject’s essential characteristics, and, at the same time, on what is essential to her as an artist. Whether representing bunnies, as in Eye to Eye (2011), cows, as in La Teresina (2009), or any of a host of other animals, Curini’s subjects appear anthropomorphic with their human poses and matter-of-fact gazes, often turned directly back at the viewer. (via Artsy)

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Diem Chau

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” I started my carving in 2005 when I was doing research into folk art and Hobo Art. Hoboes were regarded as traveling laborers with a variety of skills; they often made whimsical carvings with whatever they had at hand. The artwork was simple and heartfelt. I fell in love with its genuine nature; the work is unassuming and approachable, but too often underappreciated. Much like the hoboes of the past, I come from a humble background, our resources were few but our stories are great. I really embrace the idea that art is for all and to reflect this philosophy the mediums I’ve chosen to use are objects from everyday life.” – Diem Chau

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Ivan Alifan

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Ivan Alifan was born in 1989 and raised in Russia, now currently completing his final year at OCAD University majoring in Drawing and Painting. He participated in the Hermitage Museum residency in St. Petersburg, Russia and was part of OCADU’s Off-Campus Studies Program, studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Ivan has participated annually in Art Expo New York since 2008.

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Jonathan Whitfill

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Jonathan Whitfill received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Texas Tech University in sculpture and three-dimensional art. His sculpture has been exhibited throughout West Texas. His performance art has been shown in the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center . Mr Whitfill recently exhibited work at Art Vitam Galerie Europ’Art in Aigues Mortes, France, and was selected to participate in SANOFI’s Library Conference and Exhibition in Montpellier, France. (via Earthbound Moon)

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Francis Upritchard

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Francis Upritchard (born 1976) is a New Zealand born artist living in London. Upritchard represented New Zealand at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Francis Upritchard was born in 1976 in New Plymouth, New Zealand. She graduated from Canterbury University of Fine Arts in 1998. That same year she moved to the UK where she lives and works.

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Sandra Chevrier

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Lovely paintings by Montreal-based artist Sandra Chevrier. She says, “I often give human and animals the main roles in my paintings The aesthetic of the pieces seduces and plays a prevailing part. But, there’s always a social message hiding behind it.”

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Laurent Le Deunff

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Laurent Le Deunff works with materials drawn from the world of nature. He often uses wood, in which he has produced sculptures so perfectly finished that in certain cases they fall somewhere between art objects, manufactured goods and hand crafted works. The artist has no hesitation in confusing the issue still further, playing on his craftsmanship and the “hand made” aspect of his work, which he pushes to the limit by producing oeuvres made from nail clippings (Crâne, 2002-2003) or sculpted animal teeth (Autoportrait, 2003) that could easily be categorised as being related to art brut. For Laurent Le Deunff, his choice of material leads naturally to the object created (a bone in alabaster, a club made from stripped down wood..). (via Ceci n’est pas)

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