David J. Merritt

 photo 20110403103446706_zps35621415.jpg  photo purplepharohwide_zpscaf1a5d6.jpg  photo purplepharohmed_zpse4b3638d.jpg David J. Merritt (b. 1979, New Jersey) holds an MFA in Studio Art from New York University Steinhardt, 2011 and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2004. Currently he lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  photo brokenface_zpsb9811bd3.jpg  photo brokenfacedetail_zps5fae39df.jpg

Vince Low

 photo bc0de2e8407a5274f619d256777e3ba6_zps7e3e7835.jpg  photo 2bce59f6f46aa6ec5af1dfe661cc6f88_zps1453211d.jpg  photo 757cb6e4d1f4770e1c28caa60bec6e64_zpsa83bf638.jpg Beware of Vince Low. He's an incredibly talented illustrator hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Check him out.  photo 692453dc651fc9d9b7a544f349b3e5e2_zps1b1d4d55.jpg  photo 033e44ebdcc5ebdcaa0b4119809bee5c_zps501098fe.jpg

Sarah Braman

 photo sb_DONK_zps3fd8ece7.jpg  photo BramanSmallFry_zps2e3f7a80.jpg  photo 6a00d8341c630a53ef0168e9e7585b970c-600wi_zps1bdba220.jpg  photo SBDONK_zps2969c189.jpg Sarah Braman was born in Tonawanda, NY, in 1970. She currently lives and works between Massachusetts and New York. Braman is co-director of CANADA Gallery, New York.  photo sarah-braman-at-mitchell-innes-and-nash-11-3-11-3_zps3cfd7198.jpg  photo Braman_Sarah_09_zps07d45aea.jpg  photo sarah-braman-at-mitchell-innes-and-nash-11-3-11-1_zps9779a085.jpg

Ester Partegas

 photo 4_zpsd8452890.jpg  photo 2_zpsdb990e17.jpg  photo 5_zpsdfb93ad3.jpg Ester Partegàs (b. 1972 La Garrigia, Barcelona) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She has an M.F.A. (Sculpture) from the Universitat de Barcelona, and has completed Postgraduate studies at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. She participated in the International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York in 1999. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including The Aldrich Museum, CT; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; 2nd Moscow Bienniale; Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro NC; Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee WI; Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA; Cercle Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona; Sculpture Center, New York; Rice University Art Gallery, Houston TX; Queens Museum of Art, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria, New York.  photo 3_zps1c3393c5.jpg  photo 1_zps10f4427e.jpg

Basi Mateo

 photo basi1_zps63f45da1.jpg  photo nueva1_zpsbe6372ce.jpg A nice gallery of lovely oil paintings by Spanish artist Basi Mateo. Link here.  photo una-mirada-541x700_zps034775b5.jpg

Luciano Podcaminsky

 photo Untitled-7_zpsc93611f3.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zps7d6c4da6.jpg  photo DSC4526-copy-565x849_zps0ce22029.jpg  photo Untitled-6_zpsed6a5f5a.jpg Argentina-based artist and film director Luciano Podcaminsky's work is so dynamic and exciting. A true pro.  photo Untitled-2_zpsf89e44e7.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps91f6df38.jpg

Fabrice Fouillet

 photo Untitled-2_zps1be38299.jpg  photo f3_zps344e8a83.jpg  photo f6_zps6da5a2b8.jpg Fabrice Fouillet was born in 1974. He first studied sociology and ethnology, then photography at the Gobelins school in Paris, and specialized in still lifes. He currently lives in Paris and regularly works with many magazines, such as Vogue, Wallpaper, Numero, L’Express, Le Monde, The New York Times... His out-of-studio approach fluctuates between art and documentary and aims to explore the close relationship of men with their environment. His work favours a thorough architectural approach and stems from a particular outlook and idea, serving uncluttered aesthetics. In 2013, his series on new places of worships, "Corpus Christi", won the Sony Awards in the category "Architecture".  photo f1_zps578949e1.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps56691796.jpg

Daft Punk by Honey

 photo daft_zps338c2d20.jpg  photo tumblr_mr8goa4wWO1rssstao1_1280_zps2579d840.jpg  photo 2_zpsa9916bfd.jpg I am working on a series of illustrations of DJs and record producers of electronic dance music. So far I had drawn Tiësto, Steve Aoki and now, the French duo Daft Punk. More to come... soon. Link to my website here.  photo tumblr_mr8gmpoVYB1rssstao1_1280_zps6b3342f5.jpg  photo 1_zps46d6854c.jpg

Thad Markham

 photo 15410_zps97806974.jpg  photo 15413_zps77f1471d.jpg  photo 20217_zps0b74272b.jpg Designer Thad Markham is a California native, born and raised in the mountains of Southern California. His youth was spent skiing competitively every winter and racing around Big Bear Lake on jet skis and waterskis all summer. Santa Barbara was the next stop, as Thad pursued an engineering degree at UCSB. He worked in his field for a mercifully brief time before striking out for more exciting pastures as an entrepeneur. Thad moved to Cambria, California in 1992. Years of hard work and long hours later, his business a roaring success, Thad's ever-active mind sought new challenges. It all started with the bananas. One bright sunny morning he was sitting at breakfast and his glance fell on a bunch of bananas on the table. "That's funny," he said to himself, "it almost looks like they're dancing." Thus began his preoccupation with the secret lives of fruits and vegetables...he began haunting the produce department of the grocery store, his mind captivated with a single burning question... What do the fruits and vegetables do at night when no one is watching?  photo menage-a-guac_zpseee9079e.jpg  photo LastTangBeforeBreakfast15409_w480_h461_zps80081d00.jpg  photo 1_zps19475e26.jpg  photo 15411_zps0e264901.jpg

The Rhinoceros by Xavier Veilhan

 photo 362994_une-femme-regarde-l-oeuvre-de-xavier-veilhan-le-rhinoceros-lors-de-l-exposition-extra-large-a-monaco-le-13-juillet-20_zpsc909159b.jpg  photo EXTRA_LARGE_sceno_Vilhan-Scurti-Schutte_JC_Vinaj_Isopress_zpsf048dad3.jpg  photo EXTRA_LARGE_sceno_focus_Veilhan-Cragg_JC_Vinaj_Isopress_zps401b7f8e.jpg 'Whether he uses digital photography, sculpture, public statuary, installations or even the art of the exhibition, Xavier Veilhan builds his work around the same axis: the possibilities of representation. The Rhinoceros (1999), made at life-size, was lacquered in Ferrari red in a way that instantly modifies the perception of the mastodon's 'body work'.' Link here.  photo xavier-veilhan-24581_1_zps244cac8f.jpg  photo a1-5996294_zps25bf67fa.jpg