David Agenjo

 photo David-Agenjo-Painting-1_zps44b793b0.jpg  photo David-Agenjo-Painting-2_zpscc123a4d.jpg Born in Madrid, 1977, David Agenjo is a self-taught artist living and working in London. After a brief career as a graphic designer, he now devotes himself entirely to painting. He has been exhibited in New York, London, Dublin and Madrid. His primary focus is on the human body, communicating a personal engagement through colour and texture allowing us to reconnect with the architecture of living beings. He develops each new painting on top of his previously used palette, fusing the given abstract random colours and textures with new layers of figurative depiction to create a new organic composition. This interlinks the whole body of his work, each painting affecting the next in a natural reproductive-like process.  photo david_a_studio_zps8c0a8c3b.jpg

Roland Corbin

 photo 8123272149_d9307ae90b_c_zps8c00c85b.jpg  photo 406123-11104026-7_zps5c364ac6.jpg Roland Corbin was born in Edinburgh and is now based in London. He graduated with a 1st class Honours from Edinburgh College of Art in 2000, with further study at the New York Academy of Art. He draws his artistic inspiration from the natural world, finding beauty and symmetry in the animal and plant kingdom. Using aspects of symbolism, surrealism and abstract expressionism, his work reflects the rich and ritualistic cultures of the East and the Pacific islands; Geisha make frequent appearances, juxtaposed with patterned birds, flowers and tropical underwater seascapes. By decontextualizing the natural world, Roland narrows the viewer’s focus, creating a new appreciation for the rich colours and shapes of his subject. Influenced by the detail of medical and botanical illustration, his recent work is representational; oversized animals are often painted in isolation or juxtaposed with unrelated aquatic creatures.  photo 406123-11104076-7_zpsf6cafb16.jpg

Conrad Jon Godly

 photo OT1201160x50cm_zps745a5863.jpg  photo OT5201150x60cm_zpsaaa96547.jpg  photo OT2201160x50cm_zps572b6b99.jpg I have seen Conrad Jon Godly's work before but I've never paid attention. I should be slapped. Haha. I have to say these are looking pretty incredible.  photo OT4201150x60cm_zps4e41e6f7.jpg  photo OT3201160x50cm_zpsa148d6c6.jpg  photo 123694_640_zps2cca1583.jpg

Fujiko Nakaya

 photo cloudparking0_zps4b951259.jpg  photo cloudparking2_zps2c3e5c12.jpg Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has gained much attention and international recognition for her pioneering sculptures made from artificial fog. Nakaya’s environmental atmospheres explore the interface between art and technology and have paved the way for a unique and dramatic relationship between the two, within the context of contemporary art. (via ArtsHub)  photo cloudparking3_zps70339f3f.jpg  photo cloudparking6_zps4df64cf5.jpg

Imme van der Haak

 photo immevanderhaak1_zps4f98b782.jpg  photo tumblr_m7d6zozzsm1r5zjd6o4_1280_zps851b9c1a.jpg Imme van der Haak is born and raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Imme went on to graduate in 20120 from Artez, the academy of arts in the same city. Following this, she moved to London to begin studying a master in Product Design at London’s reputable Royal College of Art where she graduated in 2012. Imme’s work is playful, yet subtle in its approach. She constantly strives to question and challenge our perception of what is ‘normal’, focusing on the everyday, which we might take for granted.  photo tumblr_mlmqw1SEK11qe31lco7_1280_zps6cda4d78.jpg  photo tumblr_m7d6zozzsm1r5zjd6o2_1280_zpsd7e62978.jpg


 photo 8023759495_059e03ce0b_b_zpsb5243568.jpg  photo tumblr_ma51xjpBxP1rqermvo3_1280_zpsdc7547e1.jpg  photo 8023756397_2f47129f79_b_zps02462ba5.jpg " I took ceramic trash from a ceramic master who reproduces old Korean ceramics such as Joseon Baekja or Celadon. After baking in a kiln by using the old method, ceramic masters break almost 70 percent of the porcelains that don't reach up to their standards of masterpieces. I put the broken bits and pieces of ceramic trash together one by one as if I'm putting together a jigsaw puzzle. And I cover the seams with 24 karat gold leaf.The result was uncanny and bumpy objects. Each broken piece operates as a self forming into an infinite proliferation toward as unexpected fabrication--fictitious loquacity and stuttering discards from standard conventional masterpieces." - Yeesookyung  photo 04_detail_zps5cfe47cc.jpg  photo Yeesookyung-Translated-Vase-2007_zpscdfb8717.jpg

Alex Gardner

 photo fisherwoman_AlexG_zps64b760e0.jpg  photo sushi_ALEXG_zpse5afa669.jpg LA-based artist Alex Gardner 'explores human nature and reoccurring themes such as desire, ethics and anxiety are often juxtaposed with the notion of leisure.'  photo attention_ALEXG_zps25631a26.jpg  photo AlexG_zps383c1372.jpg

Christian Rex van Minnen

 photo image1_zpse68cac64.png  photo image2_zps15c6fa40.png " In my work, whether stone and oil, metal and wood, or cardboard and papier-mâché alchemy and automatism are linked together in the cognitive creative process. Intention becomes line, line becomes shape, shape becomes form, and form becomes content. In my work I find myself either suppressing or indulging of my own desire to associate personal narrative to the raw visual information inherent in the material and process. Construction, destruction and reconstruction are symbiotic elements in the creative process allowing the image to fluctuate between abstraction and representation, truth and illusion, personal and archetypal." - Christian Rex van Minnen  photo image3_zps9dbfbaf8.png  photo image_zps0e15f3f8.png

Ana Teresa Barboza

 photo 025copia_zpseab148df.jpg  photo 026copia_zps1e1c3eea.jpg I stumbled onto Ana Teresa Barboza's embroidered work and got inspired. And that, of course, is a good thing.  photo 024baja_zps12705d99.jpg

Nguyễn Hùng Cường

 photo image_zps1e027704.png  photo image3_zpsfabd3bf9.png  photo image2_zps4cb21e86.png These origami art were created by Hanoi-based artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường.  photo image1_zps1f0ee0f6.png  photo image4_zps6a4f87ad.png  photo image5_zpsbcd88a1c.png