Denis Peterson

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Denis Peterson is an Armenian-American painter whose hyperreal work has been at the Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Butler Institute of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, Tate Modern, Springville Museum of Art, and Corcoran MPA. One of the first Photorealists to emerge in New York, Denis is widely acknowledged as the primary architect of Hyperrealism, founded on the aesthetic principles of Photorealism while breaking away from its more traditional conventions. Peterson’s captivating paintings can be found in high profile collections of world renowned art patrons and multinational corporations, i.e. Exxon Corporation and Morgan Stanley.

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Taisuke Mohri

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Taisuke Mohri’s ‘Cracked Portraits’ are a series of detailed pencil artworks overlayed with a pane of cracked glass – known as the ‘material cracks’. ‘In Mohri’s works the representation of the face on paper gives itself to the viewer as a photo of a sculpture but as time of the observation unfolds and the distance between the eye and the image diminishes the statue comes alive disclosing to the viewer the ashy substance of pencil drawing as well as vivid traces of “organic body surface”. Wrinkles, birthmarks, tiny skin swellings as well as purely organic smoothness and roundness of the casted head create visual oxymoron, generating constant shifts in perception of the image, which oscillates between physical presence and representation, between life and stone. The artist uses pencil as well as quality of human perception to make a Triple Maneuver. He depicts three-dimensional object on the surface of a paper in the way it looks as a sculpture installed in the space. Then he emphasizes the surface of the stone (“inside” the paper) by infusing flesh, skin and age in the image of the saints and warriors. Finally he “revives” the depicted figure itself driving “Life” into it so the figure provokes onlooker’s imagination on what might be the emotional state, the world inside the personage. First, eliminate the surface of the medium (paper), than bring the focus on the surface of sculpture, finally, create the illusion of “inside” of the resurrected person – this is the structure of photo-realistic labyrinth the artist offers us to experience. ‘

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Edgar Mendoza Mancillas

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Thrilled to have found some more work from the talented Edgar Mendoza Mancillas. Check it out everyone!

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Tricia Cline

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” This body of work is an ode to the Animal, its ability to perceive, and our return to that perception. An animal is its very form. Its function is its form. A dog runs at full speed, a distinct scent or sound alters its direction. The legs, the nose, the ears of the dog are its function, its bliss. When an animal recognizes another animal it reads with an instinctual eye the character in the form- the essential nature in the form before it. Its text is not a concept about what it’s looking at but a full-bodied response to the shape, smell, movement, and stance of the image in front of it. The language of animals is the language of images. An image is not an idea with a defined meaning, it is itself an animal.” – Tricia Cline

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Kimsooja (b. Taegu, Korea, 1957) is a world-renowned artist, currently living in New York. Her work has been exhibited throughout Asia, America and Europe, and her practice includes installations, photographs, performances and videos. Her subject matter ranges from nomadism, the relationship between self and the other, and addressing the role of women and the human being in the chaotic world in which we live. Kimsooja uses minimal elements: a translucent diffraction film that covers the vault, the entire glass structure of the palace, a mirror that covers the floor, combined with the sound of the artists’ breathing in the soundtrack The Weaving Factory, 2004. She brings the audience into a transforming experience and invites them to experiment with their minds, mobilizing senses, awareness, and imagination into focus. Kimsooja composed To Breathe – A Mirror Woman specifically for the space configuration of the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid. The artist incorporates the architectural structure of the building into the mirrors on the floor, to expand and unite space.

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JUURI is a Tokyo-born Japanese + American artist currently working from Norman, Oklahoma in the USA. Her work is the product of her mixed cultural heritage, influenced by historical Japanese elements as well as contemporary Western motifs. In her layered mixed media paintings, she portrays the delicate allure of the female face; surrounded by traditional kimono patterns, wild non-objective paint washes, and complimenting sections of gold leaf. After switching from her intended career of graphic design in 2010, JUURI progressed quickly; creating an online presence for her art as well as social media and marketing from scratch (and many online tutorials.) Since then, JUURI has had several shows in both Oklahoma and California, and continues to succeed in selling her art online to clients around the globe. JUURI’s plan for the future is to participate in more worldwide group and solo exhibitions, and to someday take her artistic venture back to her home”town” of Tokyo, Japan.

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Penelope by Tatiana Blass

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The work consists of a 14-meter long red carpet extending from the chapel entrance to the main altar, where its end is attached to a hand loom equipped with foot pedal, thus giving the impression that the carpet weaving is under way. On the other side of the loom, tangled yarns are stretched out to pass through holes in the wattle-and-daub wall and reach the outside area. The red yarn takes over the greenery of the museum garden, covering the lawn and climbing shrubs and trees. In this process, it creates an ambiguous movement of construction and de-construction, in a reference to the Greek myth of Penelope. Link here.

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Ling Jian

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Ling Jian was born in the Shandong Province of China in 1963. He graduated from the Qinghua University Art College and has exhibited his work in Germany, Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Italy.

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Break-Through by Thomas Hirschhorn

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Break-Through is the title of this collection of sculptures. It is a new form of sculpture, composed by several pieces which follow one another in the gallery space. This new form of sculpture hangs from the ceiling, from above, falls from above. The floor and walls stay unblemished, as they are too perfect to allow any intervention on them, a break-through is not possible. The only place that makes it possible is the ceiling. That is how Break-Through has found its place. The ceiling is not only the sole available place – it is also the place from which gravity exerts its force majeure. It is the sense of gravity that makes it fall from above. And it is from above that a breakthrough is possible downwards. The opening is the evidence of the collapsed, broken ceiling. The breakthrough occurs by a force from above, due to an external force, a force that does not stop. This could be a water leak, a flood. The ceiling broke down, fell down and with it everything that it was hiding over my head – the unspoken and the hidden chaos. It reveals everything I did not see. And brutally, through the force of gravity, everything is poured, all is revealed and offered to the eye. The invisible operational mechanisms are revealed and become visible. It’s up to me to see into the chaos and be alert and awake. Making the invisible visible – thanks to the law of physics – is what Break-Through does and shows. It is a ‘critical’ sculpture, a ‘critical’ corpus. This break that comes from above cannot be avoided, is irresistible. This sculpture, this break, this ‘critical’ corpus will fall over my head, I cannot save myself from its new logic, its relentless logic. The force majeure has no mercy and forces me to see. I have to raise my head, I have to open my eyes wide and face what I do not want to see. This is the logic, the form and the mission of this sculpture. ” -Thomas Hirschhorn

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Tiësto by Honey

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I was already a big fan of Tiësto‘s music, but I feel like his newest tracks have really come a long way. Please check out my Tumblr which I update regularly with new illustrations, sculptures, and other fun stuff. Make sure you take a look. Link here.

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