Nicolas Milhe

 photo NM11S3-01_zps44c192de.jpg  photo NM11S3-03_zps935b148b.jpg  photo NM11S4_zps27b9d0a9.jpg Nicolas Milhe <-- Born in 1976 in Bordeaux; Lives and works in Paris; Education: 2002 The Pavilion, Educational Unit Palais de Tokyo, Paris; 2001 DNSEP Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux.  photo NM11S3-02_zpsb951c9b2.jpg  photo NMLESCANARDS-VE2_zps18794a1a.jpg

Lindsay Bottos-Sewell

 photo DSC_0162_zps3490dfff.jpg  photo DSC_0165_zps48596535.jpg  photo DSC_0156_zps93c9bc21.jpg Lovely embroidery/collage pieces created by Maryland-based artist Lindsay Bottos-Sewell from her "I don't really miss you" series.  photo DSC_0161_zps77636830.jpg  photo DSC_0160_zps9fdd9460.jpg

Ardmore Residence by UNStudio

 photo 528573bae8e44e2225000187_ardmore-residence-unstudio_-iwan_baan__ardmore_uns_5557_uns_zps3e210c38.jpg  photo 528573d3e8e44e524b0001e9_ardmore-residence-unstudio_-iwan_baan_ardmore_uns_6296_zps29d9c015.jpg  photo 528573c3e8e44e8e72000186_ardmore-residence-unstudio_-iwan_baan_ardmore_uns_5705_zps2e03350b.jpg From the architects UNStudio. The Ardmore Residence at 7 Ardmore Park in Singapore is located in a prime location close to the Orchard Road luxury shopping district and enjoys both expansive views of the panoramic cityscape of Singapore City and the vast green areas of its immediate western and eastern surroundings. Link here.  photo 528573b4e8e44e8e72000185_ardmore-residence-unstudio_-iwan_baan_ardmore_uns_5691_zps54d16a8e.jpg  photo 528573c9e8e44e2225000188_ardmore-residence-unstudio_-iwan_baan_ardmore_uns_6270_zpsdfaf3916.jpg

Ben Newman

 photo bennewman_pony_pickingpartner_small_zpscae996b8.jpg  photo bennewman_pony_suitingup_small_zps0f83650a.jpg " I live in Oxford, England with my wife Ness and our black Labrador Titus. I work as a character artist at Rebellion, and previously worked at Free Radical Design, mostly on the Timesplitters series. They keep me pretty busy, but what little non-work related art that I've done is presented here for your amusement - Blaarg!" - Ben Newman  photo bennewman_pony_headspace_small_zps5de04d98.jpg  photo bennewman_pony_grooming_small_zps68b1b4fb.jpg

Sarah Walker

 photo neo2_zpse58f6869.jpg  photo neo9_zpsb8c85429.jpg " I intend these paintings to operate as tools for recalibrating perception. They present a concentrated arena in which to experience simultaneous, interwoven, contradictory spaces and states of being. Dynamics of accumulation underpin my paintings. This focus comes from time spent in the company of obsessive-compulsive hoarders amidst their congested environments. Immersion in their self-made worlds has caused me to wonder about processes of preservation, how things are saved and to what end both personally as well as culturally. That the past and the present can coexist, that material possessions can stand in for psychological states and more generally the space of the mind are ideas I find especially compelling. In light of these thoughts and experiences I undertake to mirror the ecstasy and catastrophe knit into the impulse to have access to everything. " - Sarah Walker  photo neo3_zps670ef02a.jpg

Jonathan Schipper

 photo _DSC6805_zpscd1d2d0a.jpg  photo _DSC6817_zps60892daf.jpg To Dust by Jonathan Schipper : Two sculptures are hung from a mechanism that gently grinds them into each other. The sculptures will slide against one another for many years creating new unimagined form.  photo _DSC6808_zps64bf332b.jpg

Ayano Sudo

 photo AyanoSudo23_zps2c352310.jpg  photo tumblr_mjh83jGlnP1r17movo1_500_zpsf9b15925.jpg Ayano Sudo was born in 1986. After completing a study exchange program at Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2009, she graduated from Kyoto City University Of Arts in 2011. The same year she received the Yasumasa Morimura prize, part of Mio Photo Osaka.  photo tumblr_mu5cwbIEXY1r17movo1_1280_zps34b8a22f.png

Jason Limon

 photo 9506811070_b172b90cfc_b_zps9657b3f8.jpg  photo 9506810892_ac52d44928_b_zps22f86a9d.jpg  photo 9506810792_6de81269a5_b_zpse07d1389.jpg Sculptures by San Antonio, Texas-based painter and sculptor Jason Limon.  photo 9506813170_d28e4d9c1c_b_zps1a1b479d.jpg  photo 9506811154_7b3cd82fa8_b_zpsdb52066b.jpg

Emanuele Dascanio

 photo 25551_365509897991_1459778_n_zpsaf6560a0.jpg  photo 25551_365509842991_8359416_n_zps6bc9e4d8.jpg  photo 25551_365509927991_5877421_n_zpsbc014c92.jpg Realistic oil on canvas still life paintings by Italian painter Emanuele Dascanio. More to see on his Facebook page.  photo 25551_362005282991_8202620_n_zps994f5a72.jpg  photo 25551_365509877991_6835037_n_zps3e0783de.jpg

Thomas Darnell

 photo 220x160peonies_zps910a01a9.jpg  photo 2PeoniesII120x120_zps58722314.jpg  photo 13Peonies195x114cm_zps2ac3a757.jpg " Ever since childhood I have been inspired to create art. Over 18 years ago I made the decision to quit my ‘day job’ and pursue my ‘passion’ which was to become a full time painter. At 34, leaving behind a secure life in Texas, I jumped into the unknown: the south of France. Feeling somewhat panic-stricken and some would say ‘delusional,’ I also felt that if I didn’t do it then, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Luckily I have had great support, understanding and encouragement from my wife and children, and so far, we’ve pulled it off. My work is inspired by a need to find order and meaning in this beautiful disorder we call life. I choose imagery that makes me feel centered and calm, changing from very technique-oriented, representational work to more meditative abstract painting because the variety keeps both fresh. What remains consistent in all my work though is the light. It represents energy, spirit and forces we do not see but feel are there all the same: emotions, sounds, thoughts, gravity, vibrations. The illusion of spatial dimension and light is achieved through a technique involving multiple layers of transparent oil paint and alkyd resin. Starting with blurry images I refine detail and contrast with each pass and often ‘erase’ some of the image with a thin wash of paint and go back to refining the details until the right balance is achieved." - Thomas Darnell  photo 1PeoniesI120x120_zpse89b178b.jpg  photo op1_zps22487939.jpg