Przemek Blejzyk

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Przemek Blejzyk is a talented lodz, Poland based illustrator, painter, and an outstanding character designer as well. His vibrant illustrated characters migrate from canvas to large building-sized paintings seamlessly. Check him out on his blog here.

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Cynthia Lahti

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” My goal is to create works of art that resonate with honesty and reflect the beauty and chaos of the world. My art is influenced by human artifacts from ancient times to the present, as well as by my personal experiences and emotions. Like the varied objects I draw on for inspiration–from 1940s knitting catalogs and outsider art, to Native American cedar carvings and Degas’ sculptures of dancers–my artworks force an explanation of reality and compel viewers to connect to a larger human experience. I work in various media, including drawing, collage, and sculpture.” – Cynthia Lahti

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Malene Hartmann Rasmussen

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” I am working with mixed media sculpture, making and arranging multiple components into complex narrative tableaux of visual excess. The dialogue between components and the way one’s unconscious can direct the composition interests me. I try to create a place beyond reality, a deceitful echo of the real world, that bends the perception of what is real. I want my work to look like a very skilled child could have made it, clumsy and elaborate at the same time. Initially the viewer may, mistakenly, be drawn to my figures thinking them to be toys; however closer examination reveals their rather darker narrative. They invite you into an absurd and surreal world where things are not what they seem. A frozen moment that indicate a story and mood but at the same time is open for the viewer to filter their own references through, to make sense and contribute to the story themselves. My aim is to create a visual poetry based on my own personal story.” – Malene Hartmann Rasmussen

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Alban Low

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Beautiful portraits of Jazz musicians by the amazingly talented Alban Low.

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Ambreen Butt

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“I Am My Lost Diamond” by Ambreen Butt (Born in Lahore, Pakistan 1969.
Currently lives and work in Boston, MA)

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Kang Kang-Hoon

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Incredible large scale hyper-realistic paintings by Kang Kang-Hoon. Make sure you go through all of his work.. soo inspiring.

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Bai Yiluo

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Bai Yiluo works often incorporate photography and traditional sculptural techniques, media disparate in their ancient and contemporary connotations. Bai draws upon these to develop installations which reflect the human condition as a cyclical struggle, torturously beautiful and poetically triumphant. Bai’s Civilization is a haunting monument enshrining imperious power as a corrupted vision built on labourers’ toil. Made from terracotta, classical busts pose as emperors and slaves, pierced through and defined by agricultural tools, a life force and bane. Set upon twelve individual plinths, Civilization bridges reference to both Eastern and Western spiritualism, while its violent form suggests revolution, conflict, and rebirth as the isochronal quality of nature.

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Leland Bobbé

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Leland Bobbé, a native New Yorker, has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. His work spans both the fine art and commercial worlds and has been shown in galleries and utilized by advertising agencies around the country. His series, Half-Drag offers a unique perspective on the men behind the make up, while providing provocative social commentary on gender identity, normative ideas about gender roles, and the traditional male/ female paradigm.

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Steve Aoki by Honey

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Our very own Honey continue to awe and inspire. Check out her site now with a few new illustrative work.

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Aris Kolokontes

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You are looking at the work of Aris Kolokontes, a sculptor and creature character designer based in Athens, Greece.

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