Angela Rizza

Angela Rizza is a freelancing illustrator based in New York. She graduated with her BFA in 2011 from the Fashion Institute of Technology and loves illustrating narrative works and characters. Since graduating she has been featured in Level magazine, Imagine FX, Creative Quarterly, Illustration Age, and has done shows for Light Grey Art Lab, and has worked with Bioware. She is obsessed with birds and wants to live in a dome house filled with succulent plants.

Izaak Zwartjes

 photo 7997489079_1b30b396eb_o_zpsd4347cf8.jpg  photo IMG_3559-copy1_zps3bf8acf0.jpg  photo IzaakZwartjes_zps56481d28.jpg Izaak Zwartjes (Leiden, 1974) is a Dutch artist. He makes monumental sculptures and installations of found objects. Zwarjes lives and Works in Leiden. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where he graduated in 2008. At his final graduation exhibition Zwartjes impressed the audience with his installation The Laboratory Of Life about a post apocalyptic world in which science, religion and art come together. With the work Zwartjes gained a good reputation. Since 2008 his work has been on show in several exhibitions, including a solo in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.  photo 9_d_zpsdb960056.jpg  photo 0_zps1d66b7c3.jpg

Omar Ortiz

 photo contemplacion-140-x-180_zps9c3d4e7a.jpg  photo 1_zps239fedee.jpg  photo img_1893_zps775cbf15.jpg If I am ever half as good as Omar Ortiz (blogged) then that will be fine.  photo aun-sin-titulo-oleo-sobre-lino-140-x-1801_zps73bac89a.jpg  photo aun-sin-titulo-oleo-sobre-lino-140-x-180-detalle-011_zpsf01910eb.jpg  photo aun-sin-titulo-oleo-sobre-lino-140-x-180-pintor-01_zps51a776a3.jpg

Gregory Witt

 photo meteor_full_lowres_zpsbfb1bd7d.jpg  photo meteor_detail_lowres_zpsc830720a.jpg " I feel like I understand enough about the things around me to build them. So I have been. Sometimes I think of my recent projects as instantiations of normal types of objects, as new examples of specific classes of things- another refrigerator, another tornado, another subatomic particle. Of course, these objects differ considerably from more familiar examples of their type. While the projects perform functions integral to their identities, these functions have been disconnected from use. I want to see what a refrigerator is on its own, engineered and fabricated to work only for itself. With the contamination inherent in outside utility removed, an appliance can serve as a more ideal model. " - Gregory Witt  photo cloud_full_lowres_zps4ba78c8d.jpg  photo cloud_detail_lowres_zps8633e87e.jpg

Marcos Rey

 photo 5646003978901498_zps27d0e186.jpg  photo Arequipa_by_pieldepapel_zpsc1edf4fe.jpg  photo marcosrey16_zpse480227f.jpg Marcos Rey was born in 1978 in the Galician city of Vilagarcía de Arousa, Spain. Drawing was always a very important part of his life since he was a child. At 26 years old he started making commissions, as he mastered his technique helped by books and his own artistic intuition. Drank from the fountains of the great masters like Da Vinci, Dali, Mondrian, Ingres… and contemporary artists. Currently continues to gain knowledge, which will serve to develop his artistic development in the future.  photo 1042164032290192_zps14886520.jpg  photo 5585394169213247_zpsf42b5a32.jpg  photo marcos-rey_zpsd387754d.jpg

Aya Haidar

 photo 201209080914251b9_zps6a38adb4.jpg  photo checkpoint-2010_zps86652a1f.jpg " My focus on developing inter-cultural dialogues is a vital step in the support of offering alternative ways to see the world, and initiate debate and dialogue about the globalised world we live in. I see my work contributing to dialogues around global cultures, media and questions of identity, both national and personal. I explore whether the durational aspect of craft, more so than other artforms, expresses concepts of time, through the way in which the hand of the artist is inherent within the medium. Alongside this a consideration of whether the voice is inherent within craft and its histories, alluding to feminist narratives by bringing the domestic into a more discursive platform. By reviewing history, authorship and authenticity, Cultural and historical customs are drawn out. Networks are re-worked where the material shapes the way the viewer identifies with stories and engagement can happen. Stories are recounted, history, authorship and authenticity are again revisited." - Aya Haidar  photo Untitled-1_zps47f866e6.jpg  photo IMG_8462_zps77391a1e.jpg

Jessilyn Park

 photo Jessilyn-Park-147_zps9f900f96.jpg  photo Jessilyn-Park-157_zps7bfe35bc.jpg  photo Jessilyn-Park-152_zps5b7ec245.jpg Orlando based artist Jessilyn Park specializes in 'paintings using both oil and acrylic that bring life to any room. Studied under world-renowned impressionist artist Leonid Afremov.'  photo Jessilyn-Park-160_zps4a1282ad.jpg  photo Jessilyn-Park-150_zpsee797a34.jpg  photo 17529_517516878301495_2060002192_n_zps9c5a1dcf.jpg

Hanne Maren Meldahl

 photo 11_01-1_zps8b045d9b.jpg  photo 11_02anjacarr_zpsc91a706c.jpg  photo 11_04anjacarr_zpse2c30145.jpg Installation: Radio-controlled creatures (made out of human hair, bacon, laqure, and paint) reacted on the movements of the audience and followed them in the room. Link here.  photo 11_03anjacarr_zpsb7b275a5.jpg  photo 11_bj_zps99169723.jpg

David J. Merritt

 photo 20110403103446706_zps35621415.jpg  photo purplepharohwide_zpscaf1a5d6.jpg  photo purplepharohmed_zpse4b3638d.jpg David J. Merritt (b. 1979, New Jersey) holds an MFA in Studio Art from New York University Steinhardt, 2011 and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2004. Currently he lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  photo brokenface_zpsb9811bd3.jpg  photo brokenfacedetail_zps5fae39df.jpg

Vince Low

 photo bc0de2e8407a5274f619d256777e3ba6_zps7e3e7835.jpg  photo 2bce59f6f46aa6ec5af1dfe661cc6f88_zps1453211d.jpg  photo 757cb6e4d1f4770e1c28caa60bec6e64_zpsa83bf638.jpg Beware of Vince Low. He's an incredibly talented illustrator hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Check him out.  photo 692453dc651fc9d9b7a544f349b3e5e2_zps1b1d4d55.jpg  photo 033e44ebdcc5ebdcaa0b4119809bee5c_zps501098fe.jpg