Marzena Ablewska-Lech

 photo moth_desire__mirror_2_by_marzenaabl-d32o4yc_zpsd655e96e.jpg  photo id_tree_by_marzenaabl-d306kmz_zps02b30f9f.jpg  photo showroom_by_marzenaabl-d2zrs5t_zps85b6b626.jpg A nice collection of sketchy illustrations by Marzena Ablewska-Lech, a talented artist based in Poland. Check it out.  photo Harpy_by_marzenaabl_zps5ddda790.jpg  photo portrait_with_datura_by_marzenaabl-d3279ql_zpsbf3e70da.jpg

Yasmeen Ismail

 photo WEb_061_zps6239304f.jpg  photo WEb_03_zps6cfe4a95.jpg Yasmeen Ismail is an award-winning, London based illustrator and animator, who has worked on a wide range of projects, but with a particular emphasis on children's illustration and character design. She has a love of inks, paints and watercolours, and is interested in paper craft, design, typography and collage. Yasmeen is a versatile illustrator with a great eye for colour, detail and composition. Since graduating from art school in Dublin in 2002 she has worked closely with a range of clients including advertisers and directors, and has fulfilled the role of producer and director on many projects. From 2006-2010 she ran her own Illustration and animation production company, Sweetworld TV Ltd.  photo WEb_021_zpscbcd9f63.jpg

Hyperrealistic Beached Whale

 photo beachedwhale02_zps1493a293.jpg  photo beachedwhale00_zps64b6856c.jpg  photo beachedwhale04_zps2b8da83c.jpg Captain Boomer, a Belgian art collective, created this art installation of a life-size, 17-meter long fiberglass beached sperm whale. Captain Boomer states, "The psychological archetype of the dead big fish leaves no one untouched. It stirs and mobilizes a local community. During our beachings, we see an intensive interaction among the crowd. People address each other, speculate and wonder. They offer help and ask for information. The different layers of perception create funny games. Some audience members know it is a work of art but feed the illusion to other people. The sperm whale appeals to everyone, regardless of social or cultural background. It is the place where everyone gets together. That’s why it is vital it beaches on a public spot that is freely accessible." Link here.  photo beachedwhale05_zps282feb26.jpg  photo beachedwhale001_zps956503f8.jpg

Guthrie Gloag

 photo gloag_sight_535x45x23_woodbone_detail_zps267f89ae.jpg  photo gloaq_sight_535x45x23_woodbone_side_zps513e4e0e.jpg Guthrie Gloag is an emerging artist and a biologist raised in British Columbia. His work incorporates found driftwood and bone to create expressive animal and human forms. Gloag started creating this series of work in 2011 and is continuing to focus on evolving the sense of character in each piece.  photo seawolf_31x57x155_woodbone2_zps7d9ab31b.jpg  photo gloaq_sight_535x45x23_woodbone_front_zpsd635b477.jpg

Meghan Hildebrand

 photo 1007Cooling_hildebrand_zpsa8085863.jpg  photo artwork_images_424989940_622636_meghan-hildebrand_zps06d492f6.jpg  photo 2AttackoftheDanger_zps23581ee7.jpg Meghan Hildebrand's paintings, which she describes as "story-maps of the imagination", are constant exercises in innovation and improvisation. With her unique vocabulary of symbols, she translates the landscape into electrifying dreamscape scenarios, each image alluding to a much larger narrative. Now residing in Powell River, Meghan arrived on the Sunshine Coast by way of Whitehorse, Halifax, and Nelson. Over the last ten years, she has had over thirty solo shows, including a retrospective survey at the Yukon Arts Centre in 2012. Her work has been acquired by public collections and belongs to private collections internationally.  photo sm1076untitled_Hildebrand_zpsc18b7b4e.jpg  photo Meghan_Hildebrand-10_84_zps0b0eaa37.jpg

Mr T Roll Holder

 photo mr-t-roll-holder-sooda-e-monkey-business-designboom-shop01_zpsd20baa47.jpg  photo 3_zpsae2f91d1.jpg Meet Mr T, The irresistible roll holder and the strongest man in your bathroom, will show off his strength and your spare rolls too. Link here.  photo 2_zpsadf05cc5.jpg

Pedro Lourenco

 photo 9146268686_4226438d29_b_zps4b9af325.jpg  photo 9600391104_fd58db919f_b_zps89626491.jpg  photo 9078052998_3e69ae0b7b_b_zpsfb688bba.jpg Pedro Lourenco, illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. Clients include: Adweek; Clean Feed Records; Expresso; FEB Design; Festival Paredes de Coura; FIBA Design; Lowe/Ativism (now again Lintas); Overcoat Management; Vodafone and many more.  photo 9236529489_3fd709fa59_b_zpscf3c2f67.jpg  photo 8949888202_3df6280eaa_b_zps91617f1c.jpg

Vacon Sartirani

 photo 7077143791_3dac43d4ab_b_zps2f310347.jpg  photo 5977186563_6e163c5027_b_zps29b9c7f9.jpg  photo 6992815831_eaa3bde397_b_zps567beda9.jpg  photo 6091689657_9a293009c1_b_zpsaf6164d1.jpg Vacon Sartirani is a painter born in 1982 in Bergamo (Italy). After graduating in decoration and fine arts in Bergamo (Maestro d'art, Liceo Artistico) in 2008 he gets a degree in Cinema, Art and Media Studies (DAMS) at the Bologna university. He starts being a full-time artist in 2008 with solo and group exhibitions inside and outside Italy. Since 2010 he collaborates to the magazine CTRL and in the same year he is co-founder of the art magazine Cartilagine. He lives and work in Berlin.  photo 5920122314_d678f3ab78_b_zps34cb4f5e.jpg  photo 6139928933_df02eba49f_b_zpsbfcbd91f.jpg  photo 5920121552_cd2bfb83ae_b_zpscc122730.jpg

Jonathan Edward Guthmann

"Jonathan Edward Guthmann is an Australian artist currently based in Melbourne. In being an artist, Guthmann is carrying on a tradition of painting, drawing and printing that extends multiple generations into his family history... [His] imagery borrows heavily from the worlds of the esoteric and mythical because the forms, ideas and symbols with which they are embedded describe man’s relentless quest to find and to create meaning for himself. Symbols, particularly those we find in these “systems” describe his attempt to address and to comprehend the great mysteries of nature and of being."  photo Four-Horsemen-Conquest-Web_zpsa0f454e7.jpg

Dan Webb

 photo theputtitrapdetail_zpsf2aa65bc.jpg  photo theputtitrap3_zps68731052.jpg " There is always the feeling when I carve of being caught in a landslide, as the dust and shavings fall. Learning to ride a wave of potential disaster not only successfully, but gracefully, requires figuring out how to choose the least worst path along the way. For this reason, carving seems to illustrate very clearly both entropy, where complex systems break down, and serendipity, where good fortune is culled out of an uncontrollable set of circumstances."- Dan Webb  photo webb09_zps8240b6f8.jpg  photo 17_zpscb337347.jpg