N.C. Winters

 photo yetisdilemma_0_zpsxjcwue6w.jpg  photo arthur_zpsv32nvrhq.jpg  photo murderbunny_0_zpstsjqv6cf.jpg N.C. Winters employs artistic fist lasers to shoot creative works directly into your mindballs. He’s an artist working out of sunny San Diego, constantly drawing, painting, making webcomics, working digitally and even at times sculpting. Winters is constantly pushing out new creative content at a rate that medical professionals are less than comfortable with.  photo wrathoflemonhead_zpsuay2ldpb.jpg  photo incontrol_0_zpsloieve1r.jpg

Myriam Mechita

 photo tete-et-oiseau_zpscz8e8tpk.jpg  photo tas-de-chaine-2red_zpsswoc3xux.jpg  photo femme-qui-pleure-red_zpsihlfppyk.jpg Myriam Mechita was born in 1974 in Strasbourg, France. Her studies include Diplôme national d’expression plastique – Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (1997). She has exhibited widely in countries including New York, Paris, Australia, Germany and Holland. Since 2006, Myriam has taught at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Caen. She currently lives and works in Paris and is represented by Greenaway Art Gallery in Australia.  photo couple-detail-red_zpsww6wmwhv.jpg  photo branche-et-os_zpszp1ihevb.jpg  photo vue-densemble-velizy_zpskpwrt9v6.jpg

Nicomi “Nix” Turner

 photo download_zpsaakmoylm.jpg  photo NICOMI_NIX_TURNER_zpszy5z08o9.jpg  photo tumblr_ncmne5N2af1qkxpfwo1_1280_zpsmh0l5skj.jpg Nicomi "Nix" Turner is a San Francisco based illustrator,[1] recognized for her intricately detailed botanical-scapes, Esotericsymbolism, provocative renderings of The Sacred Feminine, and "Anatomical Deconstructionism". Her works are created using graphite on paper in a way that has been described as a rare talent for manipulating and "painting" with the basic medium.  photo nicominixturner_zps2q4nnknf.jpg  photo xnicomiturner_345354354_large.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eoOd7bvGb1_zpsd8tfgru8.jpg


 photo 3_zps1yxjhw8x.jpg  photo 1_zpsbq9nkng8.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsyc6odkqk.jpg " Inspired by my travels, naturalistic illustrations, Naive Art, childhood memories, legends and folklore, I create colorful watercolor artworks on paper, characters cut out of wood, painted murals and intricate patterns and illustrations for clients allover the world." - Aitch  photo 2_zps84cddjpo.jpg  photo 4_zpsdm9pmh3k.jpg

Joe Hengst

 photo untitled_3_zpso1uxkwnt.jpg  photo untitled1_zpsaodgdffh.jpg Joe Hengst was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. He started his schooling at Columbus College of Art and Design and received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2013. He is currently living and working in San Francisco.  photo untitled4_zpsyqdnaa1g.jpg  photo untitled2_zpspjcwfxki.jpg

Scott Rohlfs

 photo scott_rohlfs_playing_with_fire_zpspqqfiklz.jpg  photo scott_rohlfs_pow_acrylic_original_zpsfeikbwqp.jpg  photo scott_rohlfs_cherry_pop_zpsshjetrt4.jpg The women who populate Scott Rohlfs' acrylic paintings are a fusion of the artist's personal experiences and influences. His women exist in a realm of moody atmospheres, tattoo-inspired couture and pop cultural elements. Rohlfs combines classic realism with an element of distortion when painting, resulting in surreal imagery. The eyes of his subjects are often the focal points of his work, imbued with an arresting quality. Rohlfs describes his figures as, "a reflection of myself and whatever mood I am in at the time." Rohlfs' produces a great amount of work and has sold hundreds of paintings throughout the US and abroad. (via Distinction Gallery)  photo scott_rohlfs_wow_acrylic_original_zpsnonahfvc.jpg  photo scott_rohlfs_awake_too_long_original_art_zpspcxm8mrt.jpg  photo scott_rohlfs_haute_acrylic_original_art_zpscctjzaev.jpg

Simon Landrein

new Simon Landrein makes fantastic comic art. Using an old dot shading style in a new and fun way. (via Itsnicethat) new

Jessica Dalva

 photo 1255496_710404332307063_1154127829_n_zpsnwu3zia3.jpg  photo 1238322_710404562307040_1150184172_n_zpsatce8ftc.jpg  photo 11064283_1091406094206883_6491962568613364297_o_zpscy3q23vd.jpg Jessica Dalva dabbles in painting, sculpting, sewing tiny and regular sized costumes, set design, puppetry, and welcomes new tasks daily. A northern California transplant, Dalva lives and works in Los Angeles, and hopes someday to know how to make everything and/or anything.  photo Dalva_LG_as_the_tide_rises2_zpswmincqdb.jpg  photo Dalva_onslaught_2_s_zps4895skqd.jpg

Jon MacNair

 photo WD_zpsnxwnnppa.jpg  photo escape_zps2nf3tbwv.jpg  photo OOTI_zpskrf1lppq.jpg  photo HAD_zpsqz9s6da4.jpg Jon MacNair was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of Southeastern Michigan near Detroit. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2005, where he earned a BFA in Illustration. His commercial work has appeared in various editorial publications and mainly been used for apparel and package design. Clients include: Monument Snowboards, 21st Amendment Brewery, Grove, Corpse Corps Boards, Willamette Week, On3P Skis, The Stranger, Tooth & Nail Records, Closed Casket Activities, Baltimore Magazine, Annalemma, Urbanite Magazine, Baltimore City Paper, Slice Literary Magazine, Pittsburgh City Paper, The Riverfront Times, Rockpile Magazine, The Washington Square Review, Hyphen Magazine and Computer Arts Projects.  photo BALB_zpsvzvn1hjq.jpg  photo AFC_zpsikcrqgld.jpg  photo NTB_zpsfgjyq08j.jpg

Sergio Garcia

 photo Sergio_Garcia1_zps3ggwlmrm.jpg  photo SergioGarcia_OurLilAngelKnowsSignLanguage-1024x942_zpsflexdshm.jpg  photo Garcia_child-hand-cast0550-1024x973_zpszfcoh4on.jpg  photo Sergio_Garcia_view2_zpszhgeucp0.jpg " We, as humans, are naturally drawn to the unorthodox. I have always enjoyed the use of the unconventional as a base for my artwork. I enjoy creating art that people can relate to and that stimulates the creative subconscious. Not only to create an emotional relationship between art and viewer, but to conjure up questions of how and why. It is this desire to create a connection with the viewer that fuels my creativity. My passion is creating a perfect balance of light and shadow. Light is the core of my artwork. Without light there is no art. Without art there is no life. Amen, brother." - Sergio Garcia (via Thinkspace Gallery)  photo sergiogarcia_Im_Going_Going_Back_Back_2_sculpture_zpsyz13lkq8.jpg  photo sergiogarcia_I_Dont_Mean_To_Be_Blunt_sculpture_zpsatoxchwt.jpg  photo image1_zpslc4pjk7k.jpg