photo tumblr_mwddhgSQ1k1r05oujo1_1280_zps35b2fbad.jpg  photo tumblr_mwddhgSQ1k1r05oujo2_1280_zpse57815c2.jpg " We got together as a team on 2009, we began our wanderings with experimental animation shorts, with time our bonding has increased giving place to a more consistent line of work. We are self taught, we came from Psychology and Philosophy studies which became very handy on our later work. Our style could be considered Lowbrow or Surrealistic Pop and our artistic philosophy always come from a concept that might be shown or neglected at the final shape of our work. We consider ourselves multidisciplinary, we came to think that because we have done projects that include very different media and we have covered pretty much the whole spectrum of techniques including animation, video art, digital art, fineart, illustration, wall painting and sculpture. We have been influenced by many things, movies, comic books, music … and social aspects that concern us and try to give expression to manifest ourselves through our work using imagination to disseminate our thoughts." - CRAJES (Carla Rendón and Jessica Ruiz)  photo _MG_6386_zps90cdaaf8.jpg

180 Canvases by Instant Hutong

 photo cf48b76c3d62cd058a2f0faf7d17ab3e_zps254ca2b0.jpg  photo 8cc7c89f8e6f99bebf41630442e7907a_zpsad655107.jpg  photo f390031ae06f72a895f60d933b914ed2_zpsbf793b60.jpg 180 Canvases is a site specific installation designed to fill the space of Arrow Factory gallery in JianChang Hutong, Beijing. Arrow Factory is a 15 m² independently run alternative art space founded by artists Rania Ho and Wang Wei, which occupies a former vegetable stand and which is now hosting exhibitions on a monthly base. We played with the original concept of the space, a shop-like show window facing the hutong lane, inserting an element of surprise to catch attention of passing-by viewers. The contrast of a colourful Wunderkammer featuring 180 canvases painted by hand strikes with the grey colour of surrounding walls, bringing some reminder to local tradition of chinese colourful paper cutting and the common habit of people to hang up wires on which they put clothes to dry on the public lanes. On the other hand, the installation will continue the research project called Theory of Moments, undertaken by Marcella Campa and Stefano Avesani, on investigating and reshaping the not defined, abandoned or under-used spaces in downtown Beijing.  photo db617bb0152d62da34a5f069fddbaf07_zpscced17df.jpg  photo 57d549a143e57eb6fe0ac320158d6adf_zps18ed1a18.jpg

Alexandra Levasseur

 photo 2_zpsd78fe4cf.jpg  photo 25_theplayer-low_zps6057ec08.jpg  photo 23_protective-gear-lr750_zps106914f7.jpg " My objective is to explore the spontaneity and inspiration that every morning gives me, either by environmental or emotional circumstances - states of mind, energy, desires, etc. This is a one-year project actually in process since October 2011. So far, it has shown my impressions and perceptions of autumn and winter in Quebec leading me to illustrate, the evolution of the hibernation and laziness phenomenas that characterise my mood during these dark and cold months. When the fall comes, the body is looking for physical comfort. The feminines figures represented find themselves surrounded with wool clothes, blankets and pillows. “Duvets” and walls are covered with colorful flower patterns, simulating spring and summer life and the warmth of the nest where to hide until the sun comes again. In the winter days, the bathtub hot water remains the best way to console the skin and bones from this unkind climate." - Alexandra Levasseur  photo 1_zps099d75ba.jpg  photo 23_hunting-season-lr750_zps1cb7f819.jpg

Afarin Sajedi

 photo 1086594842ClickImg19442_zps114f2a75.jpg  photo 2076583668IMG_0513_zpsca194af4.jpg  photo 1089620274Peace_zpsac7422fa.jpg Afarin Sajedi <-- Born 1979 Shiraz Iran; Education: Arts and architecture faculty of Tehran Azad University (Central branch); Bachelor of Arts in Graphics Sep. 2000 – May 2004  photo 441433700IMG_0508_zps68c20ae4.jpg  photo 964057640likeasoldier_zps5a04eb20.jpg

Xu Zhen

 photo XU-ZHEN-In-Just-a-Blink-of-an-Eye-2005-2012-Image-2-Photo-Linda-Nylind1_zpsa24d262c.jpg  photo gateway_130411_XuZhen-3_zps2856c310.jpg  photo xuzhen2_zps3e84c613.jpg Xu Zhen (Born 1977 Shanghai, China; Lives in Shanghai) As a prolific and controversial artist, Xu Zhen’s conceptually-driven practice encompasses a vast range of media and often employs humour, irony and sophisticated trickery. For In Just a Blink of an Eye, 2005, presented in 13 Rooms, a breathing body floats mysteriously in mid-air, frozen in time and space as if defying the constraints of physics. The work engages with the materiality of the body, testing the limits of physical and cognitive possibilities as we try to comprehend what we see. - See more at: http://kaldorartprojects.org.au/13rooms/xu-zhen#sthash.gHiTDDm5.dpuf  photo blink_of_an_eye_610_zpsb7c32c80.jpg  photo z1_zps697af8fa.jpg

Paul Grassino

 photo Untitled-1_zpsb9ad88a7.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zps681e8c24.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zps28e41bf5.jpg Paul Grassino (Turin, 1967) lives and works in Turin, with his work offers a reflection on the drift of the current society, suspended on the ridge between the natural and the artificial, between instability and mutation. His work is mainly a search that retrieves the full sense of the manual: working with synthetic rubber, wood, wax and polystyrene, but also with more advanced techniques such as cast aluminum or cement casts, brings his sculptural works with a high degree of showmanship.  photo Untitled-3_zps5d1e194d.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zpsf36d4fe0.jpg

Luís Troufa

 photo tumblr_mutu1iwKyx1sjlk1jo1_500_zps91eea856.jpg  photo tumblr_mtwfofdjbr1sjlk1jo1_500_zpsbff988c9.jpg You are looking at the work of Luís Troufa.... nothing but goodness here.  photo tumblr_mxfwe8i7wm1sjlk1jo1_500_zpsbd0f2e64.jpg  photo tumblr_mtwfs86uqC1sjlk1jo1_500_zpsb73efbec.jpg

Kevin Cooley

 photo tumblr_n26jqxd21L1r0i205o7_500_zpsbc62502f.jpg  photo tumblr_n26jqxd21L1r0i205o2_500_zps9fc2e43f.jpg  photo tumblr_n26jqxd21L1r0i205o4_500_zpsdabfd088.jpg Kevin Cooley: In Controlled Burns, swirling and imposing clouds of smoke contend with one another in a physical battle between diametrically opposing explosions of black and white. From a structuralist point of view, this imagery serves as metaphor for binary opposition, e.g. good vs. evil or day vs. night, yet this is not the sole line of inquiry. Inspired by the smoke signals of the recent Papal conclave which uses smoke as form of basic communication, this series is apart of a larger artistic pratice focusing on human relationships to nature. Fire is a powerful natural force that we harness for greater good, and it is the only Classical element, that we can create on demand, yet when out of control it has the potential for grave destruction. Contolled burns, is a visual representation of an inherit duality in how we interact with nature, symbolizing our desire to conquere and control nature, reminding us that sometimes we must fight fire with fire.  photo tumblr_n26jqxd21L1r0i205o1_500_zpsa5743dcb.jpg  photo tumblr_n26jqxd21L1r0i205o5_500_zps3a49e04b.jpg

Richard James Oliver

 photo andshesaid_zpsed39b8d7.jpg  photo Badgerinthebag_zps3c82bc36.jpg " Though the subject of my work has no direct relation with the music my band creates, I believe it is born of the same crop and has the same underlying themes and drive. My work was a response to the difficulty of self identification in a post industrial Wales. It reflected the problem of self value and worth in a new non self sufficient country where every corner and horizon echoed the past yet every TV and computer pointed forward. The youth of my generation were born into the void left over in a post industrial country and patriotic pride was hard to come by. So even though my images were not relevant to the lyrical and musical content of the band, the core inspiration was, e.g. drive to achieve, stepping above and beyond, waking up to your own potential, and doing something with your life were all lostprophets anthem calls. To summarise, my work didn't directly or visually represent the underground hardcore metal scene of the day but it was born out of the same rebellion against complacency and apathy that was inbred being brought up in a very grey poor town." - Richard James Oliver  photo Bakers_zps3256a15b.jpg

Botanical Bliss by Roque Alan Deleon

 photo tumblr_mws90jBkrY1qlvfhio1_500_zpsfc7f790c.jpg  photo tumblr_mws90jBkrY1qlvfhio3_500_zpsbc1e2a65.jpg This bit of awesomeness brought to you by Roque Alan Deleon. Love it.  photo tumblr_mws90jBkrY1qlvfhio2_500_zps7f86b9ea.jpg