Jim Isermann

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Jim Isermann is a practicing artist, based in Palm Springs, California. Since receiving his MFA from the California Institute of Arts in 1980 Isermann’s artistic output has chronicled the conflation of post-war industrial design and fine art through popular culture. Functional installations that reclaimed a utopian view of the future while revealing the pathos of that failed promise have maintained an unflagging belief in the beauty of utilitarian design. Through out the 1990′s Isermann explored traditional handicraft technique to produce works (i.e.: stained glass, weaving, etc) that are unashamedly beautiful, a beauty that is integral to the limitations and specific characteristics of fabrication. In 1998, following a 15-year survey exhibition organized by David Pagel for UW Milwaukee’s institute of visual art, Isermann began to use a computer to design manufactured elements. Realized installations and commissions have employed mass-produced thermal die-cut vinyl decals, plotter-cut mylar decals, ContraVision© ink jet printed vinyl and projects incorporating multiple vacuum-formed ABS plastic panels. In 2003, a 35-foot 5-pendent chandelier, custom carpeting and furniture selection were permanently installed in the atrium of Genentech Hall at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. (via University of California, Riverside)

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Geoffrey Laurence

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” As I watch my own work evolve, two general themes appear evident in the work of the last ten years. The first, an intention and struggle to find and maintain a link between classical painting pre 1900 and modern painting since 1900 and a desire to solve the problem of preventing the one from denying the other. I feel very much the pressure of 600 years of art and yet wish to make paintings that are in every sense, if possible, contemporary to my time. The second is a dialogue and attempt to find a meaningful pictorial response to the Holocaust , mainly a result of my being the offspring of concentration camp survivors and feeling very much connected emotionally for me to the tragic history of my family. The fact that the events of the Holocaust are only 60 yrs away from the present gives a measure of urgency to the need to understand the horrors that were and continue to be perpetrated by man against man.” – Geoffrey Laurence

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Marc Sijan

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” I am seeking to freeze motion rather than suggest life. The sculpture appears passive, but there is so much going on inside.” – Marc Sijan

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Isaac Cordall

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More gem from Spanish-born, London-based artist Isaac Cordall. I just adore all his tiny human cement street art sculptures.

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Revolver by Rub Kandy

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Great work, as always, from Mimmo Rubino aka Rub Kandy. So awesome!

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Joshua Levine

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Joshua Levine‘s explorations into the possibilities of the current genetic manipulations and scientific technologies do not involve any judgments. In this age where the cloning of animals is an almost daily news headline on the 24 media channels, Levine focuses on these new possibilities and how they relate to the creation of new art forms. He leaves it up to viewers to determine whether these scientific advancements are for better or worse. Taking cues from scientific principles and techniques and blending them with a healthy dose of science fiction, Levine creates his animal hybrids. Always inspired by discoveries achieved through scientific research and its contribution to our increasing knowledge of the inner-workings of the universe, Levine believes in the idea of “better living through science.

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Jannick Deslauriers

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Jannick Deslauriers‘ work is a testimony to the poetry of our times. She expresses the helpless vulnerability we may feel when faced with the grace and beauty of created forms, which are at once disturbing and astounding. The same hands simultaneously both weave a story and unravel it. Elements from Jannick Deslauriers’ work create a discourse between fear and dreams, between civility and death, between harmony and conflict, between fantasy and horror. Her work expresses a dream which enables us to comprehend fully the contrasts inherent in our human condition and which allows us to understand our true nature.’

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David Lupton

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Brilliance from David Lupton, a talented London based illustrator. Be sure to explore the gallery section on his site if you’re not familiar with his work.

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Susie MacMurray

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Susie MacMurray is a British artist whose work includes drawing, sculpture and architectural installations. A former classical musician, she retrained as an artist, graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 2001. She lives in Manchester and has an international exhibition profile, showing regularly in the USA and Europe as well as the UK. An engagement with materials and with the body is at the heart of MacMurray’s practice. Her role is one of an alchemist: combining material, form and context in deceptively simple ways to stimulate both physical and cultural associations within those who encounter her work.

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Trace Heavens by James Nizam

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Trace Heavens,” an exhibition of photographs by Vancouver-based artist James Nizam, is the result of patience and, perhaps, obsession. The large black and white photographs depict the transformation of darkened rooms into uncanny light sculptures that intersect elegant geometry with math-class daydreaming. Bridling sunlight into streamlined rays via perforated and sliced walls, and with the aid of artificial fog to intensify the slants of light, Nizam creates imagery that might bend our perception of photography.

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