Bradley Platz

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” There is a stillness and a heaviness that I enjoy in classical works and it is with homage to this, and with respect, that I let the past inform the modern. My work is influenced by the progression of time and the intricate language of symbols both personal and universal. To me, paintings are reliquaries for ideas and history is always involved.” – Bradley Platz

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David Levinthal

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David Levinthal <-- Born in San Francisco, CA, 1949; Lives and works in New York, NY; Education: S.M. Management Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981; M.F.A. Photography, Yale University, 1973; A.B. Studio Art, Stanford University, 1970

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Amanda Elizabeth Joseph

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Check out Amanda Elizabeth Joseph‘s site for a whole slew of mind-blowing updates. Worth a look.

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Christian Chaize

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Christian Chaize, a self-taught artist, lives and works in Lyon, France. In 1992, he was awarded the Prix European Panorama de Kodak for Young European Photographer in Arles, France. In addition to his artistic achievements, he enjoys a successful career as a commercial photographer.

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Jeremy Nichols

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Jeremy Nichols holds a B.F.A. in printmaking from The Ohio State University. His interest in graffiti and skateboarding brought him into the art world. Originally born in Tokyo, Japan, the artist now resides in Portland, Oregon where he is a freelance artist/designer. In his most current works, he is trying to experiment with the human figure and the natural/unnatural cycle of life/evolution. Through layering and blending various human appendages, he further abstracts the figure until he is able to build an organic formation(s)/composition. Such formations attempt to depict dark heavily polluted environments that could have been caused or created directly and indirectly by human interaction. By distorting the human figure until they are unidentifiable, he is trying to present the viewer with the idea that even the smallest human interaction or daily activity can cause various unrecognizable or unnoticeable effects all around us.

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Tae Querney

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It’s the work of Tae Querney. If you haven’t already, check out her work.

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Jim Hodges

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Jim Hodges (born 1957) is a New York-based installation artist. Hodges was born in Spokane, Washington. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Fort Wright College in 1980 and his Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 1986. Jim Hodges is represented by Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels, and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco.

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Walton Ford

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Walton Ford (b. 1960 in Larchmont, New York. Lives and works in New York, New York) Walton Ford’s monumental watercolors expand the visual language and narrative scope of traditional natural history painting, meditating on the often violent and bizarre moments at the intersection of human culture and the natural world. Although human figures rarely appear in his paintings, their presence is always implied.

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Steve Back

‘Drawing on technical precision honed through his former engineering studies and management consulting work, Steve Back expertly manipulates light and perspective to produce strong images that move beyond mere subject matter. His style manifest the perfect juxtaposition of creativity and intellect.’

Olga Noes

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Floating down a lazy river of beautiful women and acid-encrusted dreams, Olga Noes was hatched as the godchild of filth in a sweeping east Tennessee town located on the outskirts of mischief. Her most prolific hobbies include routine beer drinking, solo dance parties and the ritual of dousing the divine with the atrocious, using pencils and paintbrushes as the viscosity. A self-taught portrait artist by trade, her primary fuel for creativity is juxtaposition. The marriage of beauty and tragedy is uniquely appealing in prose, paint and life in general to Olga. Joining these two components in all her work, primarily using the female form and portraiture as the medium, is her goal.

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