Lola Dupré

 photo 1a-Camille-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740_zps21e28409.jpg  photo 3a-Themis-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740_zps5f2731c5.jpg  photo 2a-Alek-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740_zps540c0ad7.jpg Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator working in the Alpujarra de la Sierra, Andalucía, Spain. The collages are handmade with paper, scissors and glue on wood panels.  photo 4a-Ulysse-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740_zps1b9d5bed.jpg  photo 5a-Emma-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740_zps4ca16203.jpg  photo 6a-Ursula-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740_zps6807f33d.jpg

Maykel Lima

 photo 77c243594553fa342ef62d2213316697_zps0a3a878f.jpeg  photo 2ea11450138bc70f6b3d8d7be3671137_zps2f3a09f5.jpeg Maykel Lima, ladies and gentlemen. A talented illustrator and digital photo artist based in Madrid, Spain.  photo aaa86f02b0568d390af1c5c4254f14aa_zps9e9edc94.jpeg  photo 8fbb71fb43d780cabe4f8bc95176a9a9_zpsa5dc8388.jpeg

Chrissy Angliker

 photo 4_Chuck_web_zps1170b1c6.jpg  photo 3_Moni_web_zps10bd689f.jpg  photo 5_Joee_web_zps1c91a587.jpg Chrissy Angliker was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and raised in Greifensee and Winterthur. Angliker sees her paintings as made up of three elements, each representing chaos or [artistic] control. Control is represented by colour and marks, but the drips facilitate more truth than is possible under control—they allude to the chaos in each subject. (via Artist A Day)  photo 2_selfportrait2_web_zps7399ff92.jpg  photo 6_Mark_web_zps9c59979f.jpg

Antonio Castelló Avilleira

 photo 1320767495-2_zps0de88ed8.jpg  photo 1320767495-3_zpse5d52458.jpg Hyperrealistic paintings by artist Antonio Castelló Avilleira (blogged).  photo 1320767495-1_zps59c24266.jpg

Heather Carson

 photo cola1_zps8d547880.jpg  photo cola2_zpsc8139a6a.jpg Heather Carson was born and raised in Los Angeles. She has designed lighting in the US and Internationally for over 200 productions in theatre, opera, dance, concert and video primarily in downtown NY Theatre and European avant-garde opera. Carson was head of the lighting programs at Penn State and Cal Arts and has taught at NYU, Smith College, Bard College, Sci-Arc, UCSD and UCLA. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes including the 1999 Rome Prize, the 2004 New York Foundation for the Arts Artists Fellowship in Architecture/Environmental Structures and the 2011 City of Los Angeles (COLA) Individual Artist Fellowship. Heather Carson lives and works in L.A.  photo cola3_zps57b4fc91.jpg  photo HC_Side_installz_zps0a33ac96.jpg

Gustaf Lilliestierna

 photo GL022_800_zps0b15282f.jpg  photo GL023_800_zpse02a45d1.jpg  photo GL021_800_zpse50ef53c.jpg Gustaf Lilliestierna's photorealistic paintings 'portrays the constant interaction between the abuse of desire and the recurring disappointment when life fails to meet one’s expectations. Concealed behind the otherwise wrinkled shirts and averted glances, one finds contradictory feelings, failures and disappointments. Lilliestierna's work in its simplicity, describes the complexity of being human and trapped between discipline and laziness. The characters in Lilliestierna's paintings are in a state of fictional calm. Autonomous from their fellow creatures, yet stuck in a vicious circle where constant planning meets laziness and ends with disappointment. His characters are their own repetitions which sometimes find themselves with an empty gaze, caught within a collective pattern of bodies. With their neutral appearance and attire, the people in the paintings could represent anyone. They are completely disconnected from their spatial context or supposed situation. The backgrounds of these paintings stand silently empty, and with nothing to say of who the people are, where they are, or why they look, stand or sit in a certain way. Even though they appear different in appearance, their collective expression is still intertwined in an impossible pursuit of perfection which somehow echoes the belief that the future is always better than the present.' (via Nau Gallery)  photo GL020_800_zps3fc230a0.jpg  photo DSC_0485copy_800_zps2fd3fed9.jpg


 photo 62a4ed5e92014c87978fd7763c2fe3e8_zps34b915ff.jpg  photo ebe5019b1f337a510723a36c69084d6c_zps02613c74.jpg  photo 2c7a73edd15229b1c017316de2de9fa5_zps1ea4a41f.jpg You are looking at the illustrations of South Korean artist Jae Young Sohn aka Rudcef... nothing but goodness here.  photo e56fe144a118b62e962abcbb68531015_zps159c6796.jpg  photo 8e4e817999fe89593d176ee8ce20ad7b_zpsce801f8c.jpg  photo bd09e1f6cf522a9e95ad0ec3c9e760c1_zps4541c06d.jpg

Chris Matthews

 photo tumblr_m2fbtvSSG71rpg9bco1_400_zps7d9e8e87.jpg  photo tumblr_m33t7e7rHA1rpg9bco1_500_zps8ac68eb1.jpg Munich based illustrator Chris Matthews got talent coming out of his ears. Go check him out. Link here.  photo tumblr_lzynu7Mh1U1rpg9bco1_1280_zps18d8e212.jpg  photo tumblr_m5axyaFHk21rpg9bco1_400_zps7dd2b07e.jpg

Gabriel Orozco

 photo GO12_6_Roiseau_3_zpsecbc50bd.jpg  photo GO12_10_Roiseau_7_zpsb2458252.jpg Gabriel Orozco (born April 27, 1962) is a Mexican artist, born in Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, and educated at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas between 1981 and 1984 and at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid between 1986 and 1987. Orozco gained his reputation in the early 1990s with his exploration of drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. In 1998 Francesco Bonami called him "one of the most influential artists of this decade, and probably the next one too."[1] Within the past fifteen years Orozco has also created work in the medium of painting. An avid world traveler, Orozco and his wife Maria Gutierrez, along with their son Simón, divide their time between Paris, New York and Mexico City.  photo GO12_13_Roiseau_10_zpsf0f56264.jpg  photo gabriel-orozco-1349192063_b_zpsd0f8f1d1.jpg

Kevin Cosgrove

 photo workshop-with-safety-poster_zps5782e654.jpg  photo workshop-with-car-door_zpsaa7ff7d5.jpg  photo workshop-with-shirt_zpsb5d9d447.jpg Kevin Cosgrove <-- Born Ireland, 1984; Lives and works in Dublin; Education: 2007 BA (Hons) in Fine Art (First Class Hons) National College of Art and Design, Dublin; 2006 BA in Fine Art, (First Class Hons) Dun Laoghaire Institute Of Art Design and Technology, Dublin  photo taxi-on-lift_zpsc4a08884.jpg  photo fire-brigade-workshop_zps53acfe98.jpg  photo workshop-with-alloys_zps077f8049.jpg