Hilde Kentane

 photo 600scrapdog_zps67a45f04.jpg  photo 600scrapponey_zps02e30de8.jpg Beautiful sculptures by the amazingly talented Hilde Kentane (Belgian, living and working in Holland since 2007).  photo 600birthday_zpsdf1a7378.jpg  photo 600impersonation_zps1868f208.jpg

Baitogogo by Henrique Oliveira

 photo 2261-04_zpsebb5b5e2.jpg  photo 2261-03_zpsa3373f97.jpg  photo 2260-34_zpsf784ddc2.jpg 'Through a kind of architectural anthropomorphism, Henrique Oliveira reveals the building’s structure. At Palais de Tokyo, he plays on the space’s existing and structuring features, prolonging and multiplying pillars in order to endow them with a vegetable and organic dimension, as though the building were coming alive. The artist draws inspiration from medical textbooks, amongst others, and particularly from studies of physical pathologies such as tumors. Through a formal analogy, these outgrowths evoke the outermost layers of the bark of a common tree. The texture of this wooden tapumes installation inevitably calls to mind certain tree essences from Amazonian, humid tropical forests: the rivulets and other nodes constitute uncontrollable networks, in a logic that Man can no longer suppress.' Link here.  photo tumblr_mq5eneWEHw1qarjnpo3_500_zpsd9cc819b.jpg  photo 2256-06_zps734f1882.jpg

Adrian Cox

 photo 985945_orig_zps8affadeb.jpg  photo 505368_orig_zps4d315df3.jpg " The figures in my paintings offer themselves to be felt; their vulnerability as flesh is bared and opened. Orifices and protuberances create sites at which the skin outside meets with the skin inside, forming a continuous passage between the two that eradicates their distinct positions. These grotesques become border creatures, defined by indeterminate boundaries that merge, overflow, and extend into the surrounding landscape. Despite their potentially alienating monstrosity, these characters strive to connect with each other and their environment. Their acts of singing, loving, whistling, stargazing, and wandering suggest attempts to become united with their surroundings through a state of perpetual wonder. As these characters achieve such unity, the world that opens itself to them is one full of growth and decay, shifting and transforming with their every extension. My work shows death as integral to the world of these border creatures. Rather than celebrating death itself, however, I seek to make bearable a recognition of its deep connection to life. It is in this hope that I offer an exploration of the body as open, vulnerable, and on the threshold of boundlessness." - Adrian Cox  photo 7787668_orig_zpsd73703c8.jpg

Dorothy Cross

 photo Earth_051_zps549b1683.jpg  photo tumblr_ms2rqlUo2z1r6w3qso1_500_zps181b98d5.jpg Dorothy Cross (b. 1956, Cork, Ireland) works in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, video and installation. She has been exhibiting regularly since the mid-80s and her witty and inventive investigations of contemporary sexual mores and politics tend to be produced in series. Her first major solo shows were 'Ebb', at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, in 1988, and 'Powerhouse' at the ICA, Philadelphia, the Hyde Gallery and Camden Arts Centre, London, in 1991. During the 90's she produced two extended series of sculptural works, using cured cowhide and stuffed snakes respectively, which drew on these animals' rich store of symbolic associations across cultures to investigate the construction of sexuality and subjectivity. Over the past few years Cross has devoted increasing amounts of time to the development of large-scale public events and projects, most memorably the award-winning 'Ghost Ship', an ethereally illuminated light-ship, which haunted Dublin Bay for a few weeks in 1998.  photo tumblr_ms2rqlUo2z1r6w3qso2_500_zps4d478bd1.jpg

Amy Judd

 photo 1_zps35a455d6.jpg  photo 2_zps8faed14a.jpg Amy Judd is a London based artist represented by Hicks Gallery Wimbledon. Recent Avian work is a collection of sensitive silent moments; some full of whimsical intrigue, others more surreal and seductive. These paintings draw inspiration from the enchanting and imaginative relationship between women and birds found in traditional mythologies and folklores. The composition, light and positioning of the subject, creates curious images, which conjure up new “mythological” narratives or creatures within the paintings; using Feathers as armor, and birds as familiars. The sensitive brushwork on the figure’s flesh complements the delicate pattern of the feathers, however the compositions are bold and strong, and the figures are not frail or delicate; the feathers allude to strength, flight and bravery, rather than fragility.  photo Wow-Art-Amy-Juddlsquos-Oil-Paintings-03_zps139c0d2c.jpg

Isidro Blasco

 photo 1400x720-OHbmK5L5oExdltod_zpsa22000bd.jpg  photo zewssceD7SutWbwD_zpsf54c7c81.jpg  photo KKIb8LIbdU25ne9F_zps7a917cb4.jpg  photo vfvvLnrIgjL_iL8R_zps21a8a0af.jpg " I made this installation using hundred of images that I took right in front of my apartment building, in Jackson Heights, New York. The different parts of the installation grew organically as it was been set up at the gallery Savannah College of Art and Design - ACA Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia." - Isidro Blasco  photo DJB3iHwiEAPGLpyG_zps2195baea.jpg  photo vAMFwxVQeDtwWvle_zps38b9ff55.jpg  photo 29kf8wmTCMdhE75E_zpse479f3ae.jpg  photo PiOZw3ejv1xwe4tV_zpsd1b60459.jpg

Alec Huxley

 photo Huxley_Were_Chained_zpsa46b6c3a.jpg  photo Huxley_Git_zps45bdea5c.jpg  photo Huxley_Stealing_Bags_of_Laughs_zps6233005d.jpg Alec Huxley (B. 1980) is a painter, photographer and graphic designer living in San Francisco, California. Filled with contrast, his work is primarily figurative. Bleak and colorful, it focuses on urban and desert landscapes of the American West Coast. Cinematic-like scenes serve as stylized historical records of place, time and architecture as well as settings for surreal narratives. A self taught painter, his background includes studies in business, graphic design, photography and a career in printing before committing to fine art full-time in 2009. Alec was raised in California, Alaska, Texas, Scotland and spent his 20's in Seattle, Washington. He is also the founder and principal of Adult Flavored Pudding, an art and design entity of a more contemporary nature.  photo Huxley_Been_Trying_To_Meet_You_zpsf2b706f8.jpg  photo Huxley_Didactics_zps26c60122.jpg

Kagan McLeod

 photo Coach-bathroom_zps7a48e346.jpg  photo Coach-cleaning_zps253ce2bd.jpg Kagan McLeod has been illustrating for magazines, newspapers and design firms since 1999, after graduating from Sheridan College's illustration program. He began work as a staff artist for Canada’s National Post newspaper, and has since had work published in magazines around the world. He lives in Toronto with his wife, two daughters and hound dog, Buddy.  photo Coach_zpscad56e9c.jpg

Kim Dingle

 photo SW_WORKSimage2482w625_zps8735f56a.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2470w625_zps7040e78a.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2476w625_zps6a24ccd8.jpg " I've been an artist since I was a baby. My art is about my inner life, and the pain of it. It's about the very painful process of being alive. By nature I am not an overtly political artist. I know that everything is political, that everything is politicized. But...I don't work at that level. The fact that we walk around...and eat and breathe and have ideas and don't need any batteries or cords is just amazing to me. I mean, what keeps us moving? I'm in awe of it. "Priss" is like Shirley Temple as a psycho pit bull. Being a girl is my background. Of course I have a feminist consciousness but I don't think of myself as an artist who has a feminist agenda. No more so than any other artist, male or female. " - Kim Dingle  photo SW_WORKSimage2478w625_zps8e81d5e2.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2483w625_zps9b196503.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2479w625_zpsb488d97b.jpg  photo Kim-Dingle-studio_zps3844a23a.jpg

Douglas Smith

 photo Douglas-Smith-07_zps083f5bf0.jpg  photo Douglas-Smith932_zpscd222176.jpg  photo http---jux-user-files-prods3amazonawscom-2013-05-16-21-17-36-997-Douglas_Smith_zps9be29d24.jpg  photo 1_zps830d10fc.jpg Born in New York City, Douglas Smith began drawing early. To Douglas, the most appealing aspect of making art was storytelling, and with this in mind, he chose to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, earning his BFA in Illustration in 1974, also studying sculpture, painting, and printmaking. Smith moved to Boston shortly after graduation, and started to build a freelance career, working for local magazines and newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Inc. Magazine, New England Monthly, and others. His work was frequently selected for inclusion in the Society of Illustrators exhibition, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, American Illustration, Print’s Regional Design Annual, Graphis Annual, and ‘Outstanding American Illustrators Today’ from Japan. His national reputation building, Smith received many advertising, book, and corporate assignments, and was profiled in 1986 by Communication Arts. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Richard Solomon group and is now its senior member. Additional honors awarded Smith over the years include a Silver Award from the Society of Newspaper Design, an Award of Merit from the Society of Publication Design, Gold and Merit Awards from the Art Directors Club, and an Achievement Award from the Society of Technical Communication. He is also a frequent exhibitor at the Society of Illustrators in New York. In 1992, Douglas was invited to participate in the United Nations/Society of Illustrators show – ‘The Illustrator and the Environment,’ a subject of deep interest to him. During his Boston years he designed and drew numerous projects for Greenpeace, including an anti-whaling children’s book, and an internationally famous t-shirt design opposing the annual ‘harvest’ of harp seal pups. Smith has lectured at Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art, Art Institute of Boston, Parsons, New England School of Art, and Maine College of Art. Smith realized a long-held dream when he moved from the Boston area to Peaks Island, off the coast of Maine, in 2004. Now, aside from his illustration work, he also participates in the vibrant island arts community, becoming a member of the cooperative art gallery, displaying ‘found object’ sculpture, as well as drawings and paintings in various media. He lives a short walk from the ocean, in a house full of art, odd stuff, and three cats.  photo 7c4b3dea7fd23bda343668fe27075087_zps29b9ab8e.jpg  photo Douglas-Smith_zps77c64a0d.jpg  photo Douglas-Smith1_zpsdd26dd7a.jpg