Pedro Lourenco

 photo 9146268686_4226438d29_b_zps4b9af325.jpg  photo 9600391104_fd58db919f_b_zps89626491.jpg  photo 9078052998_3e69ae0b7b_b_zpsfb688bba.jpg Pedro Lourenco, illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. Clients include: Adweek; Clean Feed Records; Expresso; FEB Design; Festival Paredes de Coura; FIBA Design; Lowe/Ativism (now again Lintas); Overcoat Management; Vodafone and many more.  photo 9236529489_3fd709fa59_b_zpscf3c2f67.jpg  photo 8949888202_3df6280eaa_b_zps91617f1c.jpg

Vacon Sartirani

 photo 7077143791_3dac43d4ab_b_zps2f310347.jpg  photo 5977186563_6e163c5027_b_zps29b9c7f9.jpg  photo 6992815831_eaa3bde397_b_zps567beda9.jpg  photo 6091689657_9a293009c1_b_zpsaf6164d1.jpg Vacon Sartirani is a painter born in 1982 in Bergamo (Italy). After graduating in decoration and fine arts in Bergamo (Maestro d'art, Liceo Artistico) in 2008 he gets a degree in Cinema, Art and Media Studies (DAMS) at the Bologna university. He starts being a full-time artist in 2008 with solo and group exhibitions inside and outside Italy. Since 2010 he collaborates to the magazine CTRL and in the same year he is co-founder of the art magazine Cartilagine. He lives and work in Berlin.  photo 5920122314_d678f3ab78_b_zps34cb4f5e.jpg  photo 6139928933_df02eba49f_b_zpsbfcbd91f.jpg  photo 5920121552_cd2bfb83ae_b_zpscc122730.jpg

Jonathan Edward Guthmann

"Jonathan Edward Guthmann is an Australian artist currently based in Melbourne. In being an artist, Guthmann is carrying on a tradition of painting, drawing and printing that extends multiple generations into his family history... [His] imagery borrows heavily from the worlds of the esoteric and mythical because the forms, ideas and symbols with which they are embedded describe man’s relentless quest to find and to create meaning for himself. Symbols, particularly those we find in these “systems” describe his attempt to address and to comprehend the great mysteries of nature and of being."  photo Four-Horsemen-Conquest-Web_zpsa0f454e7.jpg

Dan Webb

 photo theputtitrapdetail_zpsf2aa65bc.jpg  photo theputtitrap3_zps68731052.jpg " There is always the feeling when I carve of being caught in a landslide, as the dust and shavings fall. Learning to ride a wave of potential disaster not only successfully, but gracefully, requires figuring out how to choose the least worst path along the way. For this reason, carving seems to illustrate very clearly both entropy, where complex systems break down, and serendipity, where good fortune is culled out of an uncontrollable set of circumstances."- Dan Webb  photo webb09_zps8240b6f8.jpg  photo 17_zpscb337347.jpg

Bienvenido “Bones” Banez, Jr.

 photo OUR-WORLD-666-EXTINCTION_zps52be1be2.jpg  photo OUR-WORLD-666-EXTINCTION-003_zps78dcd7b8.jpg  photo OUR-WORLD-666-EXTINCTION-002_zps10616562.jpg Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr. is a Filipino surrealist painter born in Davao City in the southern island of Mindanao, the Philippines, on June 7, 1962. Bien rose to comparative international prominence when he was counted in as the greatest living Filipino surrealist by Terrance Lindall, president and executive director of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in New York.  photo OUR-WORLD-666-EXTINCTION-001_zpsfd0183eb.jpg  photo OUR-WORLD-666-EXTINCTION-004_zpsbc58db73.jpg

Klara Lidén

 photo KL4PressImage_zps92650f08.jpg  photo tumblr_mk4o08tWjc1rp268eo1_400_zps4245f632.jpg Klara Lidén (born 1979, Stockholm, Sweden) is a contemporary artist. She currently lives and works in Berlin and New York City. Lidén is known for her installations and videos that respond to specific architectural environments.  photo 20120312101751722_zps50fdc0c6.jpg

Dasha Pliska

 photo 9d2fc3cf59c63b6b3d692fafa65c9390_zpsa0fbcc89.jpg  photo 7a462a52067017778f6cf1d28b196823_zpsbd957c2a.jpg  photo 8c307193e2ef19352641f840bc6355cd_zpsa6bf7159.jpg These are just some of the many fantastic illustrations you’ll find over at the Behance portfolio of Dasha Pliska, artist from Odessa, Ukraine.  photo 567edc89ed53ee97e6db9236310da657_zps3046575a.jpg  photo e7552a565a43bac741ed6d0d1f327378_zps62da14f9.jpg

David T. Cho

 photo 46_img8377web_zps6937005e.jpg  photo 43_img8367web_zps43bf9f1c.jpg  photo 44_img8381web_zps695cb94c.jpg David T. Cho was born in South Korea. He received BFA from Emily Carr University in 2008 and currently working and living in Vancouver.  photo 45_img8375web_zps0ac909db.jpg  photo 22_paquiao02web_zpsa1fd5516.jpg

Kim Adams

 photo 01_Caboose_Conrail_a_zps728d1f1c.jpg  photo 03_Caboose_MKT_a_zpscb26df3e.jpg  photo 07_Caboose_DeleawareHudson_a_zps999f942d.jpg  photo 13_Caboose_CPRail_a_zps7356b537.jpg Canadian artist Kim Adams is known for his assemblage type sculptures that incorporate the readymade and prefabricated to explore social structures, the implications of technology and mobility, and the divide between life and art. Adams has exhibited extensively in Canada and internationally, and his works have been shown both in sanctioned gallery spaces, as well as out amongst the public. His challenging aesthetic and sense of humor emerge throughout his diverse practice. Kim Adams has been showing for almost three decades and is currently based in Toronto.  photo 11_Caboose_NBSouthern_a_zpsc1b77163.jpg  photo 17_Caboose_CanadianPacific_a_zps3a2eb5be.jpg  photo 20_Install_Caboose_zps29897a06.jpg  photo 19_Install_Caboose_zpsfa10b62b.jpg

Richard Heinsohn

 photo 56_zps08d1ab75.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps42659fb7.jpg  photo 2063631_zpsddc50260.jpg " I work with color as a medium which directly and immediately affects the mind. Like Rothko and Gottlieb, I believe color can arouse complex thought and that its impact goes well beyond a merely retinal effect. By juxtaposing deeply saturated hues and values I reach out from and out to a part of the psyche where intellect and emotion interact. The extreme amounts of paint, the craters and the various painterly events all speak to the force of nature in its many intense manifestations. This work addresses global issues of survival, extinction and climate change while also focusing on the act of painting, the diversity of appropriation and the nature of the viewing experience. Most importantly, I place a high value on intuition, enigma, spontaneity and humor in art. The greatest reward for an artist may not be that he or she is understood, but that people continue to find the work compelling, intriguing and fascinating well into the future. As art becomes more philosophical, sociopolitical and academically driven, I feel the need for more open-ended interpretations than tidy explanations." - Richard Heinsohn  photo 2063635_zpsc2978e6d.jpg  photo 55_zps442c6b41.jpg  photo 2_zps2b5ce7a6.jpg