Andy Wauman

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Andy Wauman is a contemporary artist whose sculptural and mix-media works explore the culture of commercialism. The guy is dripping with talent. “Andy Wauman’s works speaks about the possibility of freedom. They are messages with a romantic sense for anarchy and love. In his statements, he often uses images that have been violated, multiplied and copied by commercial media. He recuperates common metaphors and symbols and gives them back their original romantic touch or even ideological meaning. The poetic quality is striking. Within an upcoming movement of new young artists using the language of the social context they grew up in, with the so-called popular culture and media as basic ingredients. Andy Wauman’s feeling for materials and authentic meaning is a marker.”

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Francesco Capello

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The portfolio of Italian artist Francesco Capello is definitely worth a look.

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Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich is a superb photographer from Berlin, Germany. His mostly architectural dream-like photos have a unique, but calming palette that induces a placid smile on my face. You can see more of his work here.

George Dimitriou

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George Dimitriou is a freelance illustrator and animator based in Greece. He had collaborated with publishing houses, production companies and advertising agencies locally for numerous commercial projects. He favors artistic styles that maintain the feel of natural media, and is best known for his gritty and emotive illustrations.

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Markus Linnenbrink

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Markus Linnenbrink was born in Germany in 1961. He attended Gesamthochschule in Kassel as well as the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. His work is included in the permanent collections of The Hague Ministry of Culture, the Hague, Netherlands; Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA; Harvard College, Cambridge, MA; the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; Museum Neue Galerie, Kassel, Germany; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA; the San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA; UCLA’s Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA and the West Collection, Oaks, PA, among others.

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Interesni Kazki

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Mural by Ukrainian street artist duo, Interesni Kazki (Aleksei Bordusov and Vladimir Manzhos).

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Fran Recacha

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Beautiful works by figurative contemporary painter Fran Recacha based out of Barcelona, Spain.

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Lightning and Kinglyface

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Lightning and Kinglyface are Anna Fulmine and Victoria Shahrokh. Working on self initiated projects and commissions for photography as set designers and prop makers. Clients includes: Barclays, BAFTA’s, Bompas & Parr, Cadbury, De Beers, Digital Magazine, Dr. Martins, ENEL, Esquire, Exposure, FHM, Glenfiddich, Harrods, Hyundai, Innovision, John Lewis, Nike, Nokia, etc.

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Caitlin Hackett

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” I create pseudo-mythical, mutated, and anthropomorphic creatures using ballpoint pen and watercolor as my primary mediums, almost exclusively on paper. With my work I attempt to capture the often volatile human-animal relationship. I am faced with the fact that we live in a planet in decline, where nearly every natural ecosystem in the world is withering away. Human kind has created a planet of refugees; animals forced to flee ever farther from the insatiable encroachment of urban development, victims of a war for space which they cannot hope to win. My drawings refer to this decline and to the refugees it has created. I am left with the question of what is natural; are we (human beings) still a part of nature? If so, does that make all that we have created, cities, vehicles, factories, all technology, part of nature as well? As we try to separate ever more from our primal nature, will we be able to still see and understand the importance of other animals and our relationship to them?” – Caitlin Hackett

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Russell Maltz

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Russell Maltz’s sculptural projects often utilize stacked and painted commercial building materials to establish formal and physical relationships with existing architectures including college campuses, shopping centers, museums, and galleries. His studio-based and site-specific works continue to expand the legacies of conceptual and minimalist art, focusing on issues of scale, density, documentation, and systemic progressions. Large outdoor works allow Maltz to establish a dialogue with real estate developers and suppliers, as he borrows or buys quantities of cinder block and lumber for temporary use during the run of an exhibition. Afterwards, these materials (which have been altered with Day-Glo orange or yellow paint) are returned to their source, often used in local retail and home construction.

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