Jessica Dance

 photo knitted_hotdog_860_zpsf400321b.jpg  photo wool_burger_jessica_dance_web_860_zps62ba1be8.jpg " I am a London-based Art Director, Model Maker & Prop Stylist. I specialise in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. By bringing my playful imagination to areas of fashion, editorial, interiors, film and animation, I create tactile and inviting solutions to a brief. Clients include: Vogue, Google, Mulberry, Creative Review, Vanity Fair, Liberty, Topshop, Whistles, Hunter, Selfridges, Berghaus, Marie Claire, GAP, Endsliegh and TimeOut." - Jessica Dance  photo knitted_christmas_dinner_jessica_dance_web2_860_zps156038f5.jpg

Ryan Blume

 photo Illumine1_zpsbe716442.jpg  photo illumine4_zpsf6d035ba.jpg  photo illumine5_zps0e830a2d.jpg " Through my illustrations I've been able to combine two of my major passions in life: yoga and art. I've applied the style that I have been developing over the past five or so years to create yogic inspired artwork. My particular style, which is organic in nature, speaks to the anatomy of the human figure and also the prana that surrounds us. I believe that we are interconnected with our surroundings and we co-manifest each other. So, you will see in my illustrations that these same organic shapes make up the figure as well as the surrounding space. This emphasis on figure and environment cohesion speaks to how our movements/actions have an effect on our environment and vice versa. With this unity, I hope to invoke a sense of empowerment and awareness to how our bodies can move and how our actions reverberate to affect our surroundings. I also intend to exemplify the beauty of the yogic practice through the portrayal of advanced asanas." - Ryan Blume  photo illumine6_zpse86a70c1.jpg  photo illumine2_zps0554e875.jpg

Colby Bird

 photo WEB-Colby-Chair-11_zps73a70e3b.jpg  photo cb13012_zpsd8bb89d3.jpg Colby Bird (born 1978; Austin, Texas) received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. He has had a solo exhibition at University Galleries at Texas State University, and also recently exhibited at Aspen Art Museum, Arthouse, Austin, and Hagedorn Foundation, Atlanta. His work is in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Bird currently lives and works in Los Angeles and New York.  photo WEB-Colby-Chair-21_zps884dac40.jpg  photo frontgallery2_zpsef54c587.jpg

Christian Schwarzwald

 photo CS_Install_1_zps8c332ae4.jpg  photo CS_Install_2_b_zpsee19bea1.jpg Christian Schwarzwald <-- Born 1971 in Salzburg, Austria; Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; Academy of Fine Arts, Athens; Lives in Berlin.  photo CS_Install_3_b_zps919707b9.jpg

Sebestyén Fiumei

 photo 8992727_orig_zpsa91852be.jpg  photo 6750128_orig_zps08275e0a.jpg  photo 2900867_orig_zpsce883c01.jpg Check out these plastic straw sculptures created by artist Sebestyén Fiumei.  photo 6324159_orig_zps6c881303.jpg  photo 1595903_orig_zps3f9b6c5a.jpg

Seunghwui Koo

 photo 448156-11499856-7_zps8dce721a.jpg  photo 534700_457097024336802_61186672_n_zps25f79691.jpg Seunghwui Koo creates her works drawing inspiration from the daily happenings and intricate moments of her life in NYC. Her work is a commentary on the lives of New Yorkers as she has witnessed. She was born in South Korea, where she first had the idea of combining the pig’s head and human body. The significance of the pig’s head lies in the different symbolic meanings from the Eastern and Western cultures. Good fortune (Eastern) and greed (Western), two very different connotations of the pig, are themes that are a part of her works. She has drawn upon her experiences from living in New York City for eight years as the source of her subject matters. She uses resin, acrylic, plaster, clay, and mixed media to create her works.  photo 448156-13680028-7_zps0abdca9f.jpg  photo 603968_457093707670467_1976535552_n_zps6ef75e26.jpg

Aleksey Litvishkov

 photo 472af6a34d704674902905dc72a622be_zpsf92b5583.jpg  photo 8b658ac39f44babe432dda9e20b5bf56_zpsa4442b1a.jpg  photo 0eb566388c63a1d964fa8319dae61a08_zps3ee0cde3.jpg Happy to have stumbled upon the illustrations of Aleksey Litvishkov.  photo c48365ffdde4a415d7c13065bc30c626_zps817aa794.jpg  photo 9609749e0ed501117f9234d01c008859_zps7d6e3b48.jpg

Jacques De Oliveira Cezar

 photo 399762-10163930-7_zps8530f273.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps56425170.jpg " My work is highly inspired by the beauty of the anatomy and the classic conception of academic sculpture, with a pinch of trashy pop-culture." - Jacques De Oliveira Cezar  photo Untitled-2_zps9ba13516.jpg

Carlos Mercado

 photo 349176-1540501-7_zps710c2b41.jpg  photo 349176-1539523-7_zps7094d475.jpg Self-taught artist. Mercado has taken part in more than a dozen group and solo exhibitions in Puerto Rico and the United States since 1989. Considered a conceptual artist more than a painter and designer, he is influenced by Pop and Experimental art. His early works included impressions of his own body on cloth, which he achieved by drenching himself entirely in paint. He later worked with mixed media and collages and subsequently with abstraction. Within the Pop style, he has worked on portraits that capture the essence and feelings of the model. Mercado is highly committed with his work. The fundamental aspects of this artist production are grounded in his dedication to the medium as well as his compromise with his point of view. The search for new ways of expression has lead him to gradual changes in his point of view and stylistic modifications. Link.  photo 349176-1540521-7_zps8765760b.jpg

Zhang Botao

 photo zhang-botao-untitled-woman-in-repose-paintings-oil-zoom-2_zps5c6373a8.jpg  photo 58045a_zps9399eeb6.jpg Zhang Botao, born in 1970 in Gedaqi City, Great Khingan, Helongjiang Province, China. Zhang Botao one of the most prominent emerging representative of the Chinese contemporary ‘Cartoon’ art movement. His style is refreshing and elegant at the same time as he combines modern Manga-inspired subjects with renaissance style old European portrait painting. Zhang Botao has had several successful exhibitions worldwide and his works are collected by various Art foundations, luxury organizations, invesment banks to private collectors internationally.  photo 58044a_zps54d45399.jpg  photo 58049a_zpsd1562886.jpg