Nancy Rubins

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Nancy Rubins (born Naples, Texas, 1952) is an American sculptor and Installation artist. Her sculptural works are primarily composed of blooming arrangements of large rigid objects such as televisions, small appliances, camping and construction trailers, hot water heaters, mattresses, airplane parts, rowboats, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and other objects. Works such as Big Edge at CityCenter in Las Vegas contain over 200 boat vessels. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Monochrome I, Built to Live Anywhere, at Home Here, at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, contains 66 used aluminum boats and rises to a height of 30 ft.

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Florian Meacci

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Florian Meacci is a talented French freelance illustrator/graphic designer based in London. Click here to view more of his work.

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Terry Strickland

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” Using the human figure and still life objects I consider intangibles, challenging myself to capture small nuance in relationships, life, death, and love. Much of my work is about transitions, whether it is a midlife juncture or coming of age as a universal truth. These paintings are decisions reflected and possibilities contemplated.” – Terry Strickland

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Bottle Cap Art by Molly B. Right

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” The bottle cap portraits begin with a painted portrait, on a piece of sheet metal. The caps are then glued to the painting, in such a way that they overlap, like the scales of a snake. The bottle caps date from the 30′s to the 70′s and are considered collectable on their own. Particular attention is given to the craftsmanship, so that no traces of glue are visible. Transparent washes of glaze are often used to further define the image. Most of the portraits are 4′ x 5′ and weigh 60-70 pounds.” – Molly B. Right

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Paloma Varga Weisz

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Paloma Varga Weisz (born 1966) is a contemporary artist living in Germany, best known for her sculptures and drawings. In 2012, six of her drawings were acquired by and exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art. She lives and works in Düsseldorf.

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James Bennett

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James Bennett began his professional career shortly after receiving recognition from the Society of Illustrators and RSVP as a scholarship student at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His conceptually humorous Illustrations have since appeared as covers and interior pieces for The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Forbes, Time, Sports Illustrated, The Weekly Standard, Mad, Business Week, New York, Smithsonian, Reader’s Digest, Yankee, Golf, and Philadelphia magazines, among others. He has also produced art for RCA Records, American Express, Paramount Pictures, Citibank, Hasbro, and Milton Bradley.

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Paul Yanko

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” The densely layered compositions characteristic of my painting are reflective of a desire to reconcile formal painterly concerns with an interest in creating process-derived imagery. I remain equally influenced by emblems of Modernist geometric abstraction in addition to the characteristically intense, saturated hues found in commercial sign painting and toy construction sets. I develop my paintings systematically through an additive process of layering acrylic paint mixed with acrylic mediums onto masked areas. I initially establish sets of vertical and horizontal bands, applied to either a square or rectangular format, with function as an armature on which subsequent color shapes are layered. As I paint, I allow shapes to shift in registration in order to reveal varying amounts of underlying color.” – Paul Yanko

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Luis Argerich

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” I’m a (very) crazy nightscape photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I teach at College, I’m a huge and southernmost fan of the Green Bay Packers, I have two kids, I’m 43 years old and I don’t have plans to update this paragraph.” – Luis Argerich

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Nino Sarabutra

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Nino Sarabutra has filled the gallery floor with more than 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls and invites you to walk on them. Entering the gallery, every step you take you will be treading on the skulls, unavoidably. In truth, each step we take brings us one step closer to our own demise, yet we never know which will be our last. (Born in Thailand, Nino Suwannee Sarabutra studied Ceramic Arts at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. After university she joined various advertising agencies – she has worked in advertising and ceramics since. Her work was exhibited in the National Ceramics Exhibitions 1990 and 1991. Nino set up her Bangkok studio in 2006 while running a small local advertising agency. In 2008 she started working on her first solo exhibition – Exploring Love. Nino’s work explores human emotions and existence.)

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Mona Hatoum

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Mona Hatoum (born 1952 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a video artist and installation artist of Palestinian origin, who lives in London. Mona Hatoum explores a variety of different subject matter via different theoretical frameworks. Her work can be interpreted as a description of the body, as a commentary on politics, and on gender and difference as she explores the dangers and confines of the domestic world. Her work can also be interpreted through the concept of space as her sculpture and installation work depend on the viewer to inhabit the surrounding space to complete the effect. There are always multiple readings to her work. “I wanted it to appeal to your senses first maybe or to somehow affect you in a bodily way and then the sort of connotations and concepts that are behind that work can come out of that original physical experience.” The physical responses that Hatoum desired in order to provoke psychological and emotional responses ensures unique and individual reactions from different viewers.

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