Mona Hatoum

 photo DSC09211_zpsb5244491.jpg  photo Mona-Hatoum-22-e1360601432949-680x300_zps46091f47.jpg  photo blog_Fibonacci_Merz_3_zps7d30bc0b.jpg Mona Hatoum (born 1952 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a video artist and installation artist of Palestinian origin, who lives in London. Mona Hatoum explores a variety of different subject matter via different theoretical frameworks. Her work can be interpreted as a description of the body, as a commentary on politics, and on gender and difference as she explores the dangers and confines of the domestic world. Her work can also be interpreted through the concept of space as her sculpture and installation work depend on the viewer to inhabit the surrounding space to complete the effect. There are always multiple readings to her work. "I wanted it to appeal to your senses first maybe or to somehow affect you in a bodily way and then the sort of connotations and concepts that are behind that work can come out of that original physical experience." The physical responses that Hatoum desired in order to provoke psychological and emotional responses ensures unique and individual reactions from different viewers.  photo tumblr_mmjkc32yPb1rnbd4go1_500_zpsc7b564fc.jpg  photo 2013_06_08_Venice_island_bottle_beach_JO-DSC00356_lowres_zps3d092817.jpg

Carl Krull

"Carl Krull's Car Drawings were done on the road from the passenger seat across the United States. The procedure of drawing on a tube was the method. Scrolling and scanning the curved or partial surface working through the paper like a printer, one line at a time. Eventually every bump in the road and every tiny crack in the floor affects the drawings which becomes a topographical map of the journey itself."

Henrik Menné

 photo 2_zpsb4a71421.jpg  photo 02_menne_zps9494f1f4.jpg Whether they are dynamic or static; sculptures by Henrik Menné are basically about process, balance and about organizing matter through both rigid systems and chance. The major part of Mennés production consists of large-scale machines or arrangements temporarily put at work when exhibited - all sculptures are ‘in the making’ so to say. Their process is always silent, controlled and structured by repetitive movements as the machines transform a single material - plastic, wax, metal or stone - into peculiar objects. These soft-formed elements are seldom regarded as autonomous art works and destroyed or recycled when no longer on show. Although closed and often self-referring, the system in which the process takes place both changes the environment and is sensible to changes in the environment. The instability of the physical context is therefore what causes important marginal variations in the shapes of the particular outcome.  photo henrik_menne_3_zps114c29d5.jpg

Natalia Rak

 photo fots_mural_2013_028_zpsbbf7dc6e.jpg  photo fots_mural_2013_025_zps4eeaa9e6.jpg Here's the recent work of artist Natalia Rak - "Legend of the giants" Folk on the Street, Bialystok. Make sure you go through all of her work.. soo inspiring.  photo fots_mural_2013_026_zps384de873.jpg

Kim Joon

 photo 2035851794_1f8fd2b2_Rocker-Gunsn5C27Roses69cmx87cmdigitalprint2012_zps77853a38.jpg  photo 2035851794_0462688a_Rocker-Woodstock69cmx87cmdigitalprint2012_zps01296da6.jpg  photo 2035851794_2ed366d2_Rocker-PinkFloyd69cmx87cmdigitalprint2012_zps3f1534b1.jpg Kim Joon, one of Korea's most notable young contemporary artists, creates digital prints exploring themes of desire, memory and youth using porcelain and tattoos as his digital mediums. He fabricates compositions out of tableware, fragments of idealized nudes, and icons of Western pop culture, including guitars, cars and guns. A master of the computer software 3D Studio Max, Kim successfully juxtaposes old and new, traditional Asian motifs and new media.  photo 2035851794_1e012f56_Rocker-SexPistols69cmx87cmdigitalprint2012_zps563ac9a9.jpg  photo 2035851794_ab40e05d_Rocker-VeletUnderground34cmx43cmdigitalprint2012_zps152fa675.jpg

José Luis Carranza

 photo Eugene-oacuteleosobretela-80x80cm-2012-bajaresolucioacuten_zps3c1fa2d8.jpg  photo 001CITERA-oacuteleosobretela-180x148cm-2011-_zps1fab659f.jpg José Luis Carranza is an artist working out of Peru. He attended the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Peru, a school which is known for sticking to the more classical side of art training. Along with this technical training, he has also spent years studying the work of Peter Paul Rubens and Francisco Goya. In 2009 the French embassy in Peru held the National Passport Contest, and after having won this contest, Jose studied in France and was able to further dissect the work of European Masters. Of course like all good artists Jose is not just looking at the past, modern artists such as Dan Schutz and Neo Rauch are also great inspirations for his work — most recognizable in the way the Jose applies the paint. His work talks about the idea of religion and politics and the state they are in, and the belief that we are born into a world of violence. The paintings have a foreboding quality to them, and even though their may be multiple characters in one piece, there is this sense of isolation to them. (via Creep Machine)  photo P1110220_zpscb4b8bbd.jpg  photo z5_zpsb759c895.jpg

Danny Galieote

 photo saturday-afternoon-in-newport_zps7ec03551.jpg  photo tumblr_mbs8cuz3XJ1qipud5o1_500_zps89c73609.jpg  photo AtPlay-DANNYGALIEOTE--818x1024_zps19894cab.jpg Danny Galieote has a strong background in drawing and painting and has been working professionally out of his studio for over 20 years. His ‘American scene’ paintings and drawings have been exhibited widely and most recently, he is represented by Arcadia Fine Arts in New York. He has also been an animator for the Walt Disney Animation Studios for more than a dozen years working on such films as, The Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Princess and the Frog and Tangled. (via Laafa.org)  photo tumblr_m7xlopheUr1qevys3o1_1280_zps1fae3d64.jpg  photo Galieote4-1-11PleasurableRegretSM_zpsd1bba1b2.jpg  photo inprogressMaxs2xcropped_zps62699a17.jpg

Jane Lee

 photo 3998179528_cbc6af6894_o_zpscb7585f1.jpg  photo 3997418713_0f98e8ecb5_o_zpsd7ba3811.jpg Jane Lee is one of Singapore’s most noted contemporary artists. She is best known for her inventive techniques and innovative use of materials. She explores the very nature of the way paintings are constructed by treating the components of a painting—stretcher, canvas, and the paint itself—in new ways. In the process, she is re-examining the significance of painting and the relevance of contemporary art practice.  photo 2011_51966_92655_zpsca7e42da.jpg  photo 3998179966_66bd65a4c9_o_zpsc5a90457.jpg


 photo resource_6202561_1304683979c_zps98a61629.gif  photo resource_6202561_13046839628_zps4dc37fe5.gif  photo resource_6202561_1304684025d_zps34c1c7f4.gif Cool illustrations created with red and blue ballpoint pens by Guangzhou based artist Wang2Mu. Looks goodness. Click here for the link.  photo resource_6202561_1304683954h_zpsfbc907a5.gif  photo resource_6202561_1304683970s_zpsb5d472d3.gif

Tom Doyle

 photo 4ca0c943_zps1f79c96d.jpg  photo 754d9b50_zps55da2773.jpg  photo dfd2bd32_zpsee104457.jpg The thrust of American sculptor Tom Doyle’s work—both figuratively and physically—is a desire to suspend forms in space, sustained by just three supports. Although his works range in size from eight inches to fifteen feet, they share the same principle of lift, as if buoyed by the artist’s struggle to achieve weightlessness, or even flight. Doyle uses a Sperber two-man sawmill to carve trees that he fells himself. He devises the final shape of his sculptures after coming up with a support structure. His work has a distinct affinity with the abstract expressionist language used in paintings, particularly that of Franz Kline. Doyle was well-ensconced in the New York art world of the 1950s and ’60s, where he was part and parcel of the creative ferment. Tom Doyle is the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Sculpture Award and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Award in Sculpture. His works are installed at the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticut; Queens College, Queens, New York; Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek, Chester, Connecticut; and the Jean Widmark Memorial, Roxbury, Connecticut. (via Sundaram Tagore Gallery)  photo cffb3fe3_zps0066ee82.jpg  photo SpaceEmbraced71_zpsf027c1b5.jpg