James Gobel

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James Gobel creates paintings made of felt, yarn and other fabrics that refer to a range of artistic movements–Renaissance and Baroque portraiture; German Neue Sachlichkeit painting; Japonism, Pop Art and most recently abstraction. Whether depicting large men or abstracting nautical flags, Gobel uses textiles to create complicated compositions which are as tight as old master paintings or as loose as drawings from his sketch book. Born in 1972 in Portland, Oregon, James Gobel received his BFA at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1996) and his MFA at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1999).

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Anneke Eussen

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Anneke Eussen is a contemporary artist in fields of drawing, sculpture and photography and installation. Eussen was born in Netherlands 1978 and currently lives and works in Berlin.

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Nicola Samori

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Nicola Samori was born in Forlì on 13th May 1977. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, the artist has exhibited since 1998 both in Italy and abroad.

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Emil Lukas

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Emil Lukas is a painter out of Stockertown, Pennsylvania. Represented by Sperone Westwater Gallery.

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Lisa Hanawalt

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Lisa Hanawalt grew up in Palo Alto, California, and graduated from UCLA in 2006. Lisa has won Ignatz awards for Outstanding Minicomic (Stay Away From Other People, 2009), Outstanding Comic (I Want You #1, 2010), and a Stumptown Award for Best Small Press (I Want You #2, 2011). In 2013, her comic “The Secret Lives of Chefs” received a James Beard Award nomination for humor in journalism. She has worked on illustrations, book covers, character designs for animation, and she exhibits her art in galleries.

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Anita Kunz

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Canadian by birth, Anita Kunz has lived in London, NewYork andToronto, and has been widely published in Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, France and England. Her work has been featured in Time magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, GQ, The New York Times, Sony Music, Random House Publishing and many others. Her work has also been published on many magazine covers including Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times Magazine, and on more than fifty book jacket covers.

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Flow by Cheng-Tsung Feng

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Flow is a bamboo chair, which you can sit on and enjoy a lazy afternoon. It is light and free as a cloud, which can give you an easy and relaxing mind. Designed by: Cheng-Tsung Feng

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Leonor Zamith

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I think Leonor Zamith’s illustrations are fantastic. Check them out guys!

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Ricardo Cinalli

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Ricardo Cinalli, originally from Argentina, is an illustrator and painter whose art has traditionally focused on the human form. He works with pastel as his primary medium, constructing detailed drawings from very fine lines.

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Takahiro Komuro

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Amazing monster sculptures by Tokyo based artist Takahiro Komuro.

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