Conrad Jon Godly

 photo SOL-23201375x60cmbPrivatsammlung_zpsb08f5600.jpg  photo SOL-20201395x80cmbPrivatsammlung_zpsf53c25b1.jpg  photo SOL-13201335x28cmbPrivatsammlung_zps85e83c5c.jpg Please check out the work of the incredibly talented Conrad Jon Godly.  photo SOL-22201385x70cmbPrivatsammlung_zps93e75ee7.jpg  photo SOL-16201375x60cmbPrivatsammlung_zps72fc04d9.jpg

Charlotte Mei

 photo 20051-884673aff20e419881768bace2e0f965_zpsfd3f74ae.jpg  photo 20051-ad48a55a0cc444a28ef584568e23a5eb_zpsca0ae9bd.jpg Lovely works by London based illustrator and ceramic artist Charlotte Mei.  photo 20051-e236460f0afd4f37aa11442501d622e6_zpsf838d959.jpg

Marilyn Minter

 photo MarilynMinter_DrizzleWangechiMutu_zps315f1208.jpg  photo MarilynMinter_DribbleWangechiMutu-e1338576338650_zpse4860dea.jpg Marilyn Minter (born 1948) is an American artist currently living and working in New York City. Minter currently teaches in the MFA department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and is preparing for a traveling retrospective of her work which open in 2015 and travel to numerous locations to be announced.  photo MarilynMinter_GoldlicksWangechiMutu-e1337883030510_zps4d8f8f5c.jpg

Hidenori Mitsue

 photo 032_winterlandscapeskaters_e_zpsa67b8f1f.jpg  photo 031_winterlandscapeskaters_f_zps776827eb.jpg Hidenori Mitsue <-- 1969 Himeji Japan; Lives and works in The Netherlands; Education: 2007 - 2009 MFA, Dutch Art Institute; 2006 - 2007 BFA, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht; 1988 - 1992 BFA, Kyushu Sangyo University Department of Design  photo 034_winterlandscapeskaters_c_zps7cfea086.jpg  photo 035_winterlandscapeskaters_b_zps006a7826.jpg

Bart Nijstad

 photo atail_zpsdb3bd2ff.jpg  photo detail2_zps9beb0506.jpg  photo detail3_zps5b01697a.jpg " I was born in Holland in 1979 in a small town called Meppel. I studied fine art at the academy of Kampen and Groningen. In 2005 I finished art school and decided I wanted to make comic-books. In my drawings everyday subjects play an important role. The environments I create and the topics I raise are sober and Dutch. With recognizable motifs I try to create a familiar world. In addition to the subjects that depict the real world, there are dream sequences or alienating events. At this point I play with the certainty of the created structure. This is what it is all about, leaving the viewer curious and confused." - Bart Nijstad  photo adaaklein_zps264ccc17.jpg  photo adadetail5_zps281d5cf4.jpg  photo adadetail3_zps1bd8f624.jpg

Matt Donovan & Hallie Siegel

 photo Donovan2011_Boy_with_parachute_1_zps50ec1858.jpg  photo Donovan2011_Boy_whittling_a_stick_2_zpsa13f9c02.jpg  photo Donovan2011_Boy_with_life_jacket_1_zps4eef31ef.jpg  photo Donovan2011_Conjoined_twins_3_zpsa19a3623.jpg Matt Donovan is an artist, industrial designer and conservator of kinetic artworks. Formally trained in Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design, but with an instinctive understanding of engineering, he has built a career in which design and art are inseparable. In addition to his collaboration with Hallie Siegel, highlights from Matt’s career include collaborating with Max Dean and Raffaello D’Andrea on “The Robotic Chair”. He has exhibited at ARS Electronica, ARCO art fair, Luminato Festival, and has work in the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Canada. Hallie Siegel is an artist, media designer and science communications advisor, who uses text, graphics and other media to translate abstract ideas into accessible and meaningful content. Born in London, Ontario and raised in Toronto, Hallie completed her B.A. in Communication Studies at Concordia University. She presently works as a science communications advisor for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and her work with Matt Donovan has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Toronto and across Ontario. Matt and Hallie began their collaboration in 1999. Over the next several years, they built up a body or work, received grants from the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council, and eventually exhibited at the Olga Korper Gallery in 2007. At the end of 2007 they moved to Zurich where Matt was Artist in Residence and Hallie worked as a science communication advisor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). They returned to Canada in 2010, and now work out of their Toronto studio. Website here.  photo Donovan2011_Boy_with_hatchet_2_zpsecb2a752.jpg  photo Donovan2011_Boy_intallation_2_zpse4414366.jpg  photo Donovan2011_Boy_intallation_1_zpsedfaabc1.jpg

Camila Carlow

"Eye Heart Spleen is a body of work by English artist Camila Carlow. 13 photographs representing human organs sculpted out of wild plants and weeds foraged in Bristol. The plants were collected and assembled early in the day, so as to photograph them in the best possible light, and to keep them from wilting. This work invites the viewer to regard our vital structures as beautiful living organisms, and to contemplate the miraculous work taking place inside our bodies, even in this very moment."

Adelaide Paul

 photo the_artificial_queendom_detail_zps1cbbb6cc.jpg  photo the_artificial_queendom_2006_zps2e0f2385.jpg Adelaide Paul is a sculptor residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned her BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1993, and her MFA from Louisiana State University in 1996. Her work is concerned with investigating the relationships between domesticated animals and humans. She is represented by the Garth Clark Gallery in New York City, and she is a resident artist at The lay Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  photo p1020270_zps6f07f195.jpg  photo the_artificial_queendom_detail2_zps8ce54445.jpg

Radu Belcin

 photo 2011FindmewhereImhiding170-50cm_zpse9eed27f.jpg  photo 2011FindmewhereImhiding270-50cm_zps0b88fb25.jpg Radu Belcin catches attention by new associations of characters, or objects, in a chiaroscuro-painted atmosphere. Starting the quest from the expression of reality study, Belcin explore the identities of the individual and of the present. The frame of such visual exploration is addressed in chiaroscuro. The delight of long shadows elongating in the background, the sparks of light, coming from the scenographically designed spot lights create the atmosphere that leads to a world of dreams or nightmares. (via Nasui Collection & Gallery)  photo 2011FindmewhereImhiding370-50cm_zps70793fbc.jpg

Zheng Chunhui

 photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso1_1280_zps7f8208f2.jpg  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso3_1280_zps66b0ac94.jpg  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso4_1280_zpsdcf020c9.jpg 'This huge wooden sculpture is an impressive display of the famous Chinese wood carver Zheng Chunhui's incredible hand-carving skills. Standing more than 40 feet long, almost 8 feet wide, and, at one point, 10 feet tall, the massive work of art was formed out of just one single log and was recently declared the world's longest wood sculpture by the Guinness Book of World Records. (via My Modern Metropolis)'  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso2_1280_zpsc618a135.jpg  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso5_1280_zps1d2300a0.jpg