Alex Haigh

p o These uniquely designed fonts would definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd. Alex Haighand and the gang over at HypeforType - cool memorable name - recently launched Exclusive Faces Volume 2. The second volume includes exclusive font designs from Non-Format, Research Studios, MWM Graphics, Suprb, and Richard Perez. More fonts after the jump. p

Aaron Maximilian Gleason

p p ' Aaron Maximilian Gleason was born in California in 1979, and raised in Atlanta, GA from the age of 8 to 18. He graduated Rhode Island School of Design class of 2002 with a BFA in sculpture. In 2002 he moved to New York City where he now lives and works as a painter and video artist. He has shown painting, sculpture and video work in New York City, Providence, Boston and Atlanta. ' (via Bill Rowe Gallery) 3

Erica Love

p p p Erica Love <-- Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Lives in New York and LA p

Brother Abstract

p p The pieces shown here are by artist Andrew Hunter aka Brother Abstract. These are beautiful, and I wish there was more. p


p Simon aka Vietnamthemovie is an upcoming illustrator based in Stroud, Gloucestershire UK. You can also find him on Flickr. Link here. p


p p p p p ArteLunar is Luiz Fernando Souto Maior - one talented wood sculptor hailing from Brazil. You can see much more models over at his website so pay a visit. p


p p ' Ciou comes from Toulouse, the pink city in the south of France. She lives and works between Paris and Bruxelles. Ciou’s artworks are cute and scary, a mixture between wonderland and nightmare. She loves collecting animal skeletons, Vintage toys, specialty Bambi toys, taxidermy, seventies memorabilia and music. She is very interested in primitive art, religious art, Japanese culture, dolls, pin ups, cemeteries, carnivals and freaks. ' (via yOuKfOu) p

Davor Matijasic

davorm1 Croatia-based illustrator Davor Matijasic might as well work for Spumco because his work is very JohnK-esque. It's not a bad thing mind you. I absolutely love the characters' expressions. davorm2 davorm3 davorm4

Diamante Murru

p p p p Loving the digital illustrations of Diamante Murru from Cagliari, Italy. Check her out on Myspace as well. See you all back here on Monday. Kiss! p

Luigi Benedicenti

p p p Luigi Benedicenti is one of Italy's most celebrated Photorealist painters. Love this. Click his website to view more of his work. p