Justin Cooper

Shown here, are the illustrations of Justin Cooper from Sydney. I thought these are brilliant! You can see more of Justin's beautiful work on his website.

Linnea Strid

Check out these gorgeous hyperrealistic paintings by Swedish artist Linnea Strid. More work waiting for you on her Flickr.

Lucy McLauchlan

In an era when visual images are styled to perfection using technology, Lucy McLauchlan crafts using permanent materials like Indian ink and marker pen. “ If I make a mistake I can't remove it; often though, the accidental details become my favourite,” she says of this ambitious, but inevitably rewarding, process. Lucy combines art deco, psychedelic and childlike motifs to make pieces that are delicate and tender yet engaging and provocative. With Rain People, a hanging structure made from multiple painted wooden elements, she recently branched into sculpture, effortlessly occupying the topical territory between installation and interior design. (via LAZ.inc)

Love Letter

' Love Letter is a project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and is sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative. '

Carl Krull

platea-60x80cm_carl_krull p p p Carl Krull <-- Danish artist based in Copenhagen, works primarily with drawing, painting and various kinds of animation techniques. By capturing his work process and documenting it, he invites the spectator to enter the constantly changing world of his creations. He is represented in Copenhagen by V1 gallery. p


p p p ' P_Wall (2009) was commissioned by the SFMOMA Architecture and Design Curator Henry Urbach for the exhibition Sensate: Bodies and Design. The wall, part of a series started with P_Wall (2006), is an evolution of the earlier work exploring the self-organization of material under force. Using nylon fabric and wooden dowels as form-work, the weight of the liquid plaster slurry causes the fabric to sag, expand, and wrinkle. ' p

R. Kioko

p I was unfamiliar with R. Kioko’s work but that was until she uploaded some of her pieces on our Flickr group, which, if you’re not a member yet, join today! : ) p p

Daddy Daddy

o p p Daddy Daddy (2008) installation at the Guggenheim Museum by the great Maurizio Cattelan (previously-blogged) via ZENZOTT. p


p p p I had a fun time looking through the work of Yisrawayl Goodwin a.k.a. Nose. It’s all so wonderful and refreshing so be sure to check it out! p p

Arielle Coupe

p p p Have a look at the work of Arielle Coupe. Definitely worth checking out. p