Daddy Daddy

o p p Daddy Daddy (2008) installation at the Guggenheim Museum by the great Maurizio Cattelan (previously-blogged) via ZENZOTT. p


p p p I had a fun time looking through the work of Yisrawayl Goodwin a.k.a. Nose. It’s all so wonderful and refreshing so be sure to check it out! p p

Arielle Coupe

p p p Have a look at the work of Arielle Coupe. Definitely worth checking out. p

Brandon Jan Blommaert

Canadian artist Brandon Jan Blommaert created these sculptures out of junk. He placed the sculptures on fantasy backgrounds using Photoshop, creating a series of public artworks for a large recycling center in Edmonton, Alberta. (via Inhabitat)

Nimit Malavia

" I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I am a graduate of Sheridan ITAL's BAA- Illustration program and am now residing in Toronto, Ontario. With my work I am constantly trying to create images that appear honest and true to who I am. I hope that through my work I am able to grow and gain a better understanding of the world around me, one that I hope to share with others. " - Nimit Malavia

Regino Gonzales

p p p Some wonderful stuff from New York artist Regino Gonzales. More at his website. Check it out. p

Vanessa Prager

p p p " I focus on pulling a story into a single image through emotion and situation without completely losing the integrity of reality. Hopefully by the end of one of my pieces I've left enough space for the viewer to be able to participate." - Vanessa Prager p

Antje Gerwien

p p Great design work for ReVital advertising by Antje Gerwien from the University of Weimar. Link here. p

Li Xiaofeng

p p Li Xiaofeng <-- is Beijing artist who creates clothing piece made from traditional Chinese ceramics. p

Vincent Fantauzzo

p p p p p Melbourne artist Vincent Fantauzzo has won the 2009 Archibald People’s Choice Prize for his portrait of child actor Brandon Walters. It's the second win in a row for Vincent Fantauzzo, last year winning with his portrait of the actor Heath Ledger. (via In The Real Art World) p