Mel Marcelo

p p p Check out the illustrations of San Diego-based artist Mel Marcelo. Looks goodness. p

Zhong Biao

p p p ' As a sensitive artist, Zhong Biao has captured the pulse of China's social reforms through the visual symbols Chinese people are familiar with. He takes the visual experiences of an era as the image source of his works, including sculpture and china representing China's past glories, the labor models of the Cultural Revolution, and such symbols of modern life as McDonalds and Boeing aircrafts. Of course, most symbols are skyscrapers and western-style buildings in old China. What attracts artists is the different meanings of these images, because in the language of ordinary Chinese people, what used to be synonymous with corrupt capitalist society or colonization is now the symbol of modernity. With the development of movies, TV, printing, and digital technology, it seems that the way modern man receives information has already undergone the transition from text to images. In these new circumstances, images from different eras are frequently taken out of their original context and used repeatedly. And in this process they are continuously endowed with new cultural meanings. Zhong Biao's work is similar to the "knowledge archeology" described by Facult Michael. In "visual archeology" similar to "knowledge archeology," he cuts a section from the visual symbols people are familiar with, then takes out those fragmented symbols from the cultural deposits of different times, and last arranges and combines them in a unique way. What he wants is not to show the meaning of symbols themselves, but to reveal the changing meanings of the images through setting up peculiar scenes. ' (via Art Scene Warehouse) p

Hu Ke

p p p ' Chinese contemporary sculpture artist Hu Ke creates works of a young female displayed in compromising situations. Despite the actions and positions Hu-Ke sculpts the figure in, she appears to have a disturbing calm written on her face. ' (via Designboom) p

Miriam Moshinsky

p p p Miriam Moshinsky <-- born in Russia at 1978; lives and works in Israel; graduated from Avni Institute specializing in Graphic Design and Digital Art. p p

Arturo Elena

p p Arturo Elena, is a self-taught artist who has revolutionized the world of graphic illustration with his amazing technique and unique style. Surprising is often the term used to describe the work created by Arturo Elena. Elena began working in the 1980’s, designing women’s collections in Barcelona. His work in fashion illustration has received both national and international recognition while appearing in many prestigious publications, exhibitions, museums and highly sought after fashion firms. (Continue reading...) p

Lunar and Playboy Croatia

p p p p I was more than a little thrilled to find out that the crazy talented Slaven Kosanovic aka Lunar did a series of illustration for the 150th anniversary issue for Playboy Croatia. Have a look. p

Jade Klara

p p ' Jade Klara produces lovingly handcraft work that represent contrasting themes of innocence, sadness, love and loss. Inspired by Japanese kawaii, colourful South African lifestyle and classic story tales, her drawings serve to make you smile. ' p p

Ben Camberos

p p p ' A native from the ever violent city of Tijuana, México, Ben Camberos grew up influenced by American television, comics, anime and Saturday morning cartoons, among other things. His favorite artists are Bruce Timm, Akira toriyama, Shane Glines, Katie Rice and Frank Frazetta. Now an illustrator and and graphic designer, he’s worked for Giant (Obey) where he made promotional artwork for The Hard Rock Cafe and rock bands including Metallica, Limp bizkit, Aerosmith, and Korn. He’s colaborated with writer L.H. Crosswaithe on print projects and has also been published in Indie Rocks magazine in México city and in the Street Fighter Tribute book featuring artists form around the world. ' (via Dumm Comics) p p

Ryan Sanchez

p p p Ryan Sanchez is an artist, illustrator, and author. He was raised as a latch key kid in the suburbs of LA LA Land, California. To keep himself entertained as a child, he drew on sidewalks, streets, walls, shoes, clothing, textbooks, and anything else he could get his hands on. (Read on..) p

Tom Hovey

p Tom Hovey is an illustrator working out of South Wales and North London. He worked on projects for clients such as: Red Bull, Henri Lloyd Jeans Co, M&C Saatchi, Daydream Network, Don't Panic and many more. p