Kyle Barnes

 photo tumblr_ndvrqi1J0t1qccpz7o9_1280_zps3bd73277.jpg  photo tumblr_ndvrqi1J0t1qccpz7o1_1280_zpse3c91d7b.jpg From Cookstown, Northern Ireland, Kyle Barnes graduated from The University of Ulster, Belfast, in 2010 with a BA Hons degree in Fine and Applied Arts. Since then he has won the Towry prize at the National Open Art Competition, exhibited at the prestigious Pallant House Gallery in Chicester and most recently been awarded the KPMG Young Artist Award at the RUA Belfast. He is interested in the process of painting, manipulating the material and working to its distinct qualities, while paying heed to differing textures in skin and how this is conveyed through tonal value and the temperature of colour. He is inspired by our perception of, and our interaction with each other through visual identity. The combination of expression, eye contact, concealment, colour and texture makes for a varied involvement with each of his works.  photo Hyperrealistic_Portrait_Paintings_by_Kyle_Barnes_2014_04-650x502_zps5b8dbe9f.jpg

The New North by David Altmejd

 photo 20091123050139_david_altmejd_north1_zps1f7a0dad.jpg  photo 2-AD2007-015TheNewNorthDetail3p_zpsed2515ca.jpg  photo 4-AD2007-015TheNewNorthDetail2p_zpsc3a48bf8.jpg The New North (2007) is approximately four metres tall; its colossal dimension allows the artist to create microcosmic worlds within it. It is covered in patches of fuzzy horse hair, wires, mirrored rhomboid shapes and quartz crystals; it also has a mysterious staircase with stalagmites that hang from its steps. Winding its way through the hollow body shape, the stairs are suggestive of mutual ascent and descent, as if inviting an exploration through an ancient cave or ruined architecture. The quasi-taxidermied structure has its own complex logic and systems, like a conceptual city or a building, living and breathing, and self-sufficient.  photo 3-AD2007-015TheNewNorthDetail1p_zps3051ce11.jpg  photo 1-AD2007-015TheNewNorthview2p-brighter_zpsd59c9067.jpg

Zaria Forman

 photo Untitled-1_zpse161d2cf.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zps22a9cbe1.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zps1eb03a7f.jpg " In August 2012, I led an Arctic expedition up the NW coast of Greenland. Called "Chasing the Light", it was the second expedition the mission of which was to create art inspired by this dramatic geography. The first, in 1869, was led by the American painter William Bradford. My mother, Rena Bass Forman, had conceived the idea for the voyage, but did not live to see it through. During the months of her illness her dedication to the expedition never wavered and I promised to carry out her final journey. These drawings were inspired by this trip. Documenting climate change, the work addresses the concept of saying goodbye on scales both global and personal. In Greenland, I scattered my mother’s ashes amidst the melting ice." - Zaria Forman  photo Untitled-2_zpsdea88382.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zpscebe0c0d.jpg  photo tumblr_ndmasgeLR31qzghgbo1_500_zpsc6d99ddd.jpg

Arianna Vairo

 photo experiment3web_zps4b649dd6.jpg  photo experiment1_zpse6aa09d1.jpg  photo ari_zps5cae7cc9.jpg Arianna Vairo is a talented illustrator and printmaker based from Milan, Italy.  photo new1_zpse96c1fd5.jpg  photo LaLetturaweb_zps5c9876bc.jpg


 photo 4_zpsdbb4cc56.jpg  photo 3_zps47325281.jpg Check out these gems by illustrator known as MsCatface from Denver, Colorado.  photo 2_zps2526111d.jpg  photo 1_zps26fb4dc3.jpg

Brooks Salzwedel

 photo 6736715_orig_zpsbdecfc5b.jpg  photo 7715975_orig_zps130d9e30.jpg  photo 6706492_orig_zpsa6e784b8.jpg 'Salzwedel's recent works focus on North American landscapes that reflect the subtle friction between urban development and nature. His work evokes the fragility of our environments often giving hints of mankind’s encroachment on massive landforms such as mountains and forests. His medium of choice is a statement of this clash, graphite, a natural mineral, resin, a byproduct of plant materials, and mylar, a manufactured film. With this process by use of graphite and tape on semi-transparencies, resin on panel, Salzwedel is able to accomplish ethereal artworks with a sense of depth. Salzwedel casts some of these pieces in vintage medicine tins and corroded pipe-ends, lending an intimate quality to the works. As a whole he brings these together creating a beauty and calm out of the detritus we have laid upon the earth.' Link.  photo 5228480_orig_zps998c36b0.jpg  photo 6983534_orig_zpsf70144e2.jpg  photo 2829287_zps6850fcb5.jpg

Akinobu Kurokawa

 photo image_1_l_zps15bdd6ee.jpg  photo 26Akinobu_Kurokawa_zps60cfbcb1.jpg Akinobu Kurokawa is a Japanese artist who was born in 1974. Akinobu Kurokawa has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Mori Yu Gallery - Kyoto and at the Mori Yu Gallery - Tokyo.  photo 25Akinobu_Kurokawa_zps70658594.jpg  photo 24Akinobu_Kurokawa_zpsc76830c5.jpg

Gerald Collings

 photo 3_zpse174e794.jpg  photo 1_zps96cb67ba.jpg Gerald Collings is a romantic. He paints in a warm body-colored fascination. The colors are of slow dying. Depicting the underside of desire, of internal, of meat. The paint is boiling, drooling with layers dripping into each other. Meeting and holding against a slippery form. They are curious, erotic, and bleak. (Continue...)  photo 2_zps7982de0a.jpg

Daikichi Amano

 photo tumblr_nc54ca7uhS1skpha5o4_1280_zps527a2dbe.jpg  photo tumblr_n1q8y5z1LE1sa80aho7_1280_zps33565b35.jpg Born in Tokio in 1973, studies art in USA before to come back in Japan. Began to show art work in Tokio, in 2007. Amano’s photographs are drawn from his own private fantasies. Fantasies that are animistic, animalistic and atavistic in nature, but all-too-human in execution, evoking primal fears and desires. In Amano’s world, the human body is worshipped and admired for its awesome beauty but also deformed and fused with nature – with wood, blood, bones, scales and feathers – transforming it into an erotic grotesque. But these frightful dioramas are also cut through with the blackest humour. Link here.  photo large_zps00a4b415.jpg  photo tumblr_n1q8y5z1LE1sa80aho4_1280_zps68216513.jpg

Suzzan Blac

 photo 2003_torn_apart_zps75c8cb36.jpg  photo 2000_tell_me_you_love_it_zpsa07c31c8.jpg  photo 2001_the_stiletto_shoe_zpsfcf2ac16.jpg " I am a survivor of severe and prolonged physical, psychological and sexual abuse, which began by the hands of my mother, who physically and emotionally abused me every day of my life. She also enabled one of her boyfriends to sexually abuse me. I have experienced domestic abuse, both physical and psychological. I also grew up knowing paedophiles, who sexually abused me from when I was an infant. I have experienced numerous rapes. When I was sixteen years old I was abducted into sex trafficking and forced into pornography and prostitution. I have experienced PTSD, including self abuse, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency and suicide attempts. I feel that there are many missed opportunities to utilise the valuable experiences of survivors of abuse. My secondary goal is to work alongside qualified mental health agencies, social workers, professors, police agencies and the judicial system. In order to assist them in a better understanding by my experiences and insight, which could expand and enhance their teaching programmes and/ or knowledge base. This was proven, when I collaborated with professor Claudia Paola Tapia of Barry university, Florida. Who utilised both my art and my insight into the teaching programmes of trainee social workers. I am now about to embark on facilitating seminars about child sexual abuse, for social workers here in the U.K. I have painted forty images that portray my own personal story of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They are my expression of not just a depiction of pain and trauma, but how abuse made me feel. And also the consequences and reverberations of secondary victimisation. I paint to give a tangible voice and resonance to other victims and survivors who cannot express their own atrocities, who have suffered at the hands of others. I am now also an advocate of both child and adult abuse." - Suzzan Blac  photo 2001_mothers_anger_zps9e34a472.jpg  photo 2002_ive_killed_zpscb7faeb1.jpg