photo muro30d-1024x683_zps38d001c1.jpg  photo muro1402-1024x697_zpsf2ad2810.jpg  photo m15-01-1024x685_zpsb9d19285.jpg When I see works like this I just get overwhelmed by my love for art. Thank you Hyuro! More to see on her website. Go!  photo muro31d-683x1024_zps20f16cfb.jpg  photo DSC_0030-1024x685_zpsed76d926.jpg  photo Hyuro2lores_zps7f6e03e8.jpg

Allan Innman

 photo 6337991489_82927f4264_b_zpsb9620125.jpg  photo 206637_860648092226_6503209_40264016_931960_n_zps02fda8ed.jpg  photo AllanInnman_zpscb090236.jpg Allan Innman is a painter from Oxford, MS. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2006 with a BFA degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. From 2007-2012 he worked as Visual Resources Specialist in the Department of Art at the University of Mississippi. Currently, Allan attends the University of Georgia and is pursuing a Master of Fine Art degree in Drawing and Painting. His work is based around still-life and figurative work featuring elements of nostalgia and popular culture.  photo 73253_746969440156_6503209_39341712_8215977_n_zps7d5062f7.jpg  photo ywingpilot_zps97931f0c.jpg  photo taterheadweb_zps841ccde6.jpg

Giuseppe Penone

 photo 292bb9f1cf77148d_penone2_zpsa098001b.jpg  photo Giuseppe-Penone-Spazio-di-Luce-designboom-01_zps36d94ed5.jpg 'At the heart of Giuseppe Penone’s (b. 1947) work is a recognition of our inseparable ties with nature. For this commission, Penone has drawn upon the ancient method of lost wax casting to create a twelve metre bronze tree with a radiant gold-leafed interior. Spazio di Luce (2012) could easily be mistaken for a life-size cast, however where there was once a tree now there is a void. The inside of the cast replicates the tree’s bark while the finger prints on the outside protect the memory of the many hands involved in the sculpture’s making. This fusion of bark and hand prints continues Penone’s career-long concern with setting the human body in dialogue with the organic world which it inhabits.' (via Whitechapel Gallery)  photo e8388e5ba24c9b62_penone_zps70af6935.jpg  photo 1543_zps55743b7f.jpg

Dima Rebus

 photo 83673251715460bf52b38b33cdc4eacd_zpsb651cff8.jpg  photo Albione1000_zpsecc87e20.jpg Well when you get a chance, check out Moscow based artist Dima Rebus because I like his work and so will you.  photo 2c42126ca91284653d68c36305e9e33b_zps80dad73e.jpg

Hayv Kahraman

 photo dymaxion_zps748131f7.jpg  photo sexual_zps1bf20b4c.jpg  photo hold_still_zps8dfe6abe.jpg Hayv Kahraman was born in Baghdad, Iraq 1981. Recent solo exhibitions include Let the guest be the Master, Jack Shainman, Extimacy, The third line gallery, Dubai, Pins and Needles, The third line gallery, Dubai ; Waraq, Frey Norris, San Francisco ; Seven gates, Green Cardamom, London. Recent group exhibitions include: The Jameel tour, San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio ; Cantor Art Center, Stanford ; The Victoria and Albert museum, London ; Institute de Monde Arabe, Paris ; Casa Arabe, Madrid ; Fertile Crescent, Paul Robeson center for the Arts, Princeton ; Newtopia the state of human rights, Kazerne Dossin Museum, Mechelen ; Disquieting muses, Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece (2011) ; Of women’s modesty and anger, Villa Empain center for the arts, Brussels (2011) ; Taswir, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin Germany (2010) ; Unveiled: New art from the middle east, Saatchi gallery, London (2009); Hayv was shortlisted for the 2011 Jameel Prize at the Victoria and Albert Muesum.  photo combing_hairdetail_2_zpsb092dc89.jpg  photo hegemony_zps3e30436f.jpg  photo triangle_zpse262e7bc.jpg

Michael Ramstead

 photo 2013-bats_zpsc4d3dd00.jpg  photo 2012-oni-danse-macabre_zps6fdf5b89.jpg Michael Ramstead was born in 1988. He earned his BA at UC Davis in 2010, majoring in Art Studio and minoring in Art History. He currently lives and works in Long Beach, California.  photo 2013-procession_zps953819ff.jpg  photo 08021255_zps000c4fd7.jpg

Roger Reutimann

 photo 172_1roger_reutimann_sculptor_dreams_6_b_zps822dbaf2.jpg  photo 168_1roger_reutimann_sculptor_dreams_4_b_zps5f1cef8a.jpg  photo 160_1roger_reutimann_sculptor_dreams_1_b_zps042ec02a.jpg " Social issues and cultural scrutiny remain a constant source of inspiration for my work. Infusing art with a concept provides the ability to communicate an idea on a deeper, emotional level. Mastery of technique and style will facilitate the process, but it’s the meaning, the soul of the piece that provides the intellectual capacity to transcend, to transform." - Roger Reutimann  photo RogerReutimann09_zps9bbd7956.jpg  photo 176_1roger_reutimann_sculptor_dreams_8_b_zps8f32ad89.jpg  photo RogerReutimann06_zps9bbd7956.jpg

Aaron Nagel

 photo Nagel_the_calming_14x20_01_zps65bfc50f.jpg  photo aaron-nagel_zps0ca39532.jpg Aaron Nagel was born in 1980 in San Francisco, CA. He is a figurative oil painter who resides in Oakland, CA. Having received no formal training, he is entirely self-taught; a fact at odds with his classical approach to surrealism. In his current work, he explores specific themes of guilt and power, always associated with his views on the perils of organized religion and theism.  photo AaronNagel-Lush_zps870d3329.jpg  photo 41_zps0a76b4a6.jpg

Shredded Money

 photo 2803a342a0fb55720f296e0c35c8d19b_zpsf071889c.jpg  photo ecf858f4992b310d5c6da5076affa36c_zpsd4cfa53a.jpg One million dollars of shredded currency was used as the medium for a series of 10 sculptures by Sebastian Errazuriz and Thomas McDonell. Each of the 10 sculptures was offered for sale after the New York exhibition, at the price of 100,000 dollars per sculpture. Errazuriz and McDonell purchased the shredded bills from the United States Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and created the work after forming a partnership and entering into a contract that guaranteed appropriate distribution of all income derived from the Million Dollar Project. The sales from the sculptures were intended to allow the artists to recover the hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in their art education and to palliate future unemployment. The United States Treasury Department, by way of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, stipulates that currency residue cannot be sold as “commercial art.” Errazuriz and McDonell insist, however, on their right of expression with artistic purpose and further on their right to make a living from their art. Link.  photo 5112e69e622a04e3c40360649d11d224_zps3480caaa.jpeg

Stephen Appleby-Barr

 photo 3054_DarkMessenger_lg_zpsb4d2601d.jpg  photo 3127_Punchclaw_on_the_Mountain_lg_zps8f33035e.jpg 'In the last four years, Appleby-Barr has quickly become internationally renowned for his Old Master-style paintings with a contemporary twist. Curious and well-read, Appleby-Barr plays with classical literature and portraiture by infusing them into his own, partly fictional and partly autobiographical, narrative paintings. The delightfully dark world he creates has its own set of rules and conventions, where cat or doll-headed figures are not out of the ordinary. His remarkable facility to render materials such as fabric, fur and armor in extraordinarily realistic detail draws a comparison with painters including Rembrandt and Lucien Freud.' (via Nicholas Metivier Gallery)  photo 3116_Appleby-Barr_6580101_LR_lg_zpsf53c9965.jpg  photo 3117_Appleby-Barr_6580104_LR_lg_zps34e61517.jpg