Pete Harrison

pete harrison 1

pete harrison 1

Amazing portfolio from talented graphic designer/illustrator Pete Harrison a.k.a. aeiko.

pete harrison 1

pete harrison 1

pete harrison 1

pete harrison 1

Betsy VanLangen




Betsy VanLangen is a talented photographer based in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Check out more of her fantastic photography here.


Franceso de Molfetta



Italian artist Franceso de Molfetta showcased a series of sculptures in a solo exhibition called “New Idols” at Don Gallery, Milan. “New Idols” is inspired by 80s icons, ranging from Batman, JFK, King Kong to ET. Most of them are presented in unusual poses and looks. (via Highsnobiety)


Gonglue Jiang



Love this chewing gum bottle design by Gonglue Jiang . Featuring a skirt of sticky paper at the bottom of the bottle, and a temporary storage space for used gums. (via LikeCool)


Valentina Brostean

brostean 1

brostean 2

Graphic designer/illustrator Valentina Brostean from Serbia artwork is “inspired by the relationship between dreams, natural world and the emptiness of consumer culture, between safe childhood playing to everyday marks of reality”.

brostean 3

brostean 4

brostean 5

Konstantin Shalev

shalev 1

shalev 2

Colorful vector illustrations from Konstantin Shalev. Visit his behance gallery for more amazing drawings.

shalev 3

Eika Dopludo




Artist Eika Dopludo has some wonderful illustrations on her Flickr.


Eoin Ryan

e ryan 1

e ryan 2

Irish illustrator Eoin Ryan uses a unique style that fuses a retro style with modern concepts.


Ran Ortner

ran ortner 1

ran ortner 2

Brooklyn-based artist Ran Ortner paints haunting seascapes on large scale canvases. One of his oil painting of the ocean, called Open Water no. 24 won him $250000 in the 2009 ArtPrize competition.

ran ortner 3

ran ortner 4

Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich

people too 1

people too 2

people too 3

people too 4

Taking paper art to a new level, talented artists Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich joined forces to create People Too, a Russian-based design collective.

people too 5