Laura Bernard

 photo 4d61fd29746501.5601c65d2d109_zpsqvzmnrsj.jpg  photo 74387029469057.55f49059b6a49_zpsabazt8f6.jpg " I am an illustrator and visual artist from Wellington, New Zealand, soon to move to Melbourne, Australia. My work is my mystical, whimsical and slightly surreal interpretation of the world and my experiences." - Laura Bernard  photo f6c72730085913.5612dc957e807_zpsh2i6mr6a.jpg  photo 828d4229840395.56062b0bd2746_zpsgyubjmys.jpg

Ron Nagle

 photo 3040217705_zpsgqgpzlmn.jpg  photo r5_zpsmfg7ml1i.png  photo Nagle-Chow-Mein-Man.4lowres_zps0htbmccb.jpg Ron Nagle is known for his intimately scaled sculptures, each made up of ceramic elements that are slip-cast, fired, and embellished with epoxy details. Some are glazed to a hot-rod finish, others textured like stucco and then airbrushed. Despite the work’s three-dimensionality, Nagle explains, “everything is done, even subconsciously, from a flat point of view.” Nagle was born in San Francisco in 1939. He began working with ceramics during the 1950s as a high school student. In 1961 he apprenticed to Peter Voulkos at the University of California, Berkeley, and later exhibited his work alongside Voulkos, Ken Price, and other innovative West Coast artists working in clay. His work is inspired by such artists as Giorgio Morandi, Phillip Guston, and George Herriman, and by such varied forms as Japanese Momoyama ceramics and Hawaiian funerary monuments.  photo tumblr_nj45hxbmsu1s9acypo1_1280_zpsjsqkhn0b.jpg  photo 16.-Dr.-Bob-Cobbler-915x915_zpsgo57wmdv.jpg  photo Fiestasiesta.3_zpsiuthj1wv.jpg

Tomoo Gokita

 photo 16460200373_2b3f673e43_b_zpslkmd4nwm.jpg  photo 16894135749_022412c1c8_b_zpsy61dsta4.jpg  photo 16894135799_b0bf77a4c9_b_zpskmohcht3.jpg  photo 16872957137_69b8b6affb_b_zpszyslncwc.jpg Tomoo Gokita (b. 1969) lives and works in Tokyo. Honor Fraser Gallery has presented two exhibitions featuring Gokita's work to date: Heaven (2009) and Vanity Drunko (2007). In 2014 Gokita was the subject of the large-scale solo exhibition, Tomoo Gokita: The Great Circus at the Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art in Sakura, Japan. His work has also been included in such thematic shows as Wonderful My Art, Kawaguchiko Museum of Art, Yamanashi, Japan (2013); The Unseen Relationship: Form and Abstraction, Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art, Sakura (2012); Gateway: Japan, Torrance Art Museum, CA (2011);VOCA 2009: The Vision of Contemporary Art, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (2009); New York Minute, Macro Future Museum, Rome (2009); and Collected Visions, Pera Museum, Istanbul (2009).  photo 17080356815_442f1a5888_b_zps0lryshft.jpg  photo 2_zpskz29dmfo.jpg  photo 1_zpszbcgjteo.jpg

Tadas Sidlauskas

 photo loop_tadassidlauskas_small_zpssikg41ak.jpg  photo sleepanddream_tadassidlauskas_small_zps5ghgnnqp.jpg " My work consists of both, realistic and abstract elements. I work mainly with oil paints. Every piece of art I create is personal to me for different reasons. While creating the work, I'm more interested in conveying mood and emotion than simply trying to copy the exact scene or idea that I have in my head. I use color, ornamentation, abstract shapes, human figures and other elements to build an emotional connection with the viewer. I spend a lot of time traveling and it heavily affects my art." - Tadas Sidlauskas  photo thoughtstadassidlauskas_zpszrpiovpx.jpg  photo loop2_tadassidlauskas_small_zpsayzcksim.jpg

Stan Manoukian Grograou

 photo 100612w_zpss5hwom3i.jpg  photo 091712w_zpsosoi1twu.jpg I was thrilled to discover the refreshing artwork of Stan Manoukian Grograou. Don't know much about this French artist but I do know talent when I see it.  photo 092012w_zpsm0se6q01.jpg

Jet Martinez

 photo unnamed 2_zpsv7zg51hk.jpg  photo unnamed 1_zpsxwetlpnb.png Jet Martinez lives and works in Oakland and San Francisco, CA, where he is currently the art director for the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) in the Mission District. Jet received his B.F.A in Painting and Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001 and studied Spanish Literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder (1992-1995). Jet Martinez is the recipient of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Art in Grant (2009), the Port of Oakland/ Oakland Arts Council Grant for Artists (2005), and the Ivan Majdrakov Award in Painting, SFAI (2000-2001).  photo unnamed_zpsit1xpwdf.jpg  photo 0809128_zps1dxdqznf.jpg

Tara Donovan

 photo -1992_zpszslmoyui.jpg  photo -2027_zpsebf3za88.jpg  photo -1991_zpsir26dtfn.jpg 'Presenting large-scale installations that resemble elements of nature under a microscope and cell-like forms or organisms from the depths of the ocean, Donovan’s body of work derives from recognisable everyday items, such as Scotch Tape, drinking straws, paper-plates, needles, plastic rods and toothpicks. The artist often uses thousands of identical items repeated to produce forms that resemble expansive reflections of nature. The items are stacked, glued, cut and assembled until an alchemy is realised, producing a majestic installation. What often appears as precious stones or minerals in Donovan’s work often turns out to be common materials such as plastic buttons or polyester film, such as in Untitled (Mylar), a freestanding sculpture that will be presented in The Steadings Gallery as part of Donovan’s expansive presentation at Jupiter Artland.' (via Art Rabbit, Jupiter Artland)  photo -2025_zpsny6bjjhm.jpg  photo -1993_zpswlciqhcg.jpg

Julie Legrand

 photo tumblr_nvm0fl0D6v1r03m0qo2_1280_zpsq4iehpnm.jpg  photo 1613c754425df9c5788eb07a211f8e8a_zpsgvqrdouw.jpg Julie Legrand is a visual artist. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Renaissance' sold at Christie's Paris 'Artists Angels for Madagascar - Art - Sculptures Zafaminary - Charity Sale' in 2013. (via Mutual Art)  photo g_Bullukian14Legrand08bRose_zpsq7dv5jix.jpg

Roy Livingston

 photo copybigbotcs72RoyLivingston_0021_Layer-Comp-22_zps5i5c60h4.jpg  photo copyN3O-72-Roy-Livingston_0018_Layer-Comp-19_zpsz7o15gxb.jpg  photo copyelectro-robot-72-Roy-Livingston_0044_Layer-Comp-45_zpsl0g5pg28.jpg Roy Livingston is an x-ray artist who has been working x-ray photography for almost a decade. He use X-ray radiography along with photography and anything else he can scrounge up to create his art. He refers to his aesthetic approach as an artistic joy ride as it is always organically evolving as he discovers and develops new techniques. These postings will actually be going back in time as He’s done way more creating than posting, So these posting will be almost an archeological dig as they go back in time revealing layers of his evolution as an artist.  photo tumblr_nvrlrbHohf1r1w416o10_540_zpspjpzdyrc.jpg  photo tumblr_nvrlrbHohf1r1w416o1_540_zpsbgh0m6ps.jpg

Duarte Vitória

 photo 67_zpskkifvofd.jpg  photo awaken1_zpsl0oc7t0r.jpg  photo 59_zpsosr9idh4.jpg Duarte Vitória <-- Born in Penafiel in 1973. Lives and works in Oporto; Education: 1996 Degree in Drawing, Esap, Porto; 2001 Degree in Painting, Esap, Porto; 2003 Degree in Plastic Arts – Painting Branch, Esap, Porto.  photo 14_big_zpsrmolalxv.jpg  photo daring1_zpsb7d6f3fs.jpg