Kate Louise Powell

 photo self_portrait_at_18_by_katepowellart-d74czm9_zps82392851.jpg  photo finally_finished_this_painting__by_katepowellart-d4xu238_zps918dc078.jpg " I have loved nature all my life, it is the backbone of everything, it is beautiful and horrible, and it is incorporated into most of my drawings and paintings. I like to embellish portraits and figures with elements of nature to combine ‘human’ and ‘natural’ beauty, and I also like to use nature to express more personal and emotional ideas. Butterflies are a regular occurrence, my awareness of and involvement in The Butterfly Project has meant that they have come to represent quiet emblems of hope. As art is slowly becoming a bigger part of my life, my work is growing more personal and closer to my heart. When it comes down to art, what motivates me most of all is the blankness of the page in front of me which cries out with so much possibility. I look at the blank sheet in front of me and know that I can do anything. I am free, there are no rules. To this day, art is shaping who I am. It is bringing me new opportunities, allowing me to meet fantastic people, and constantly giving me hope. If I didn’t draw I’d curl up and die." - Kate Powell  photo last_flowers_by_katepowellart-d5qilgf_zps66454278.jpg

Ben Young

 photo 49daa2206fce371e322946a45160b507_zpsfa45c48a.jpg  photo 9f0cd57f759ba78d143a15f928d27576_zps95eb6d34.jpg  photo bfbfdbe48578d89035c46d8a683222af_zps62679402.jpg Raised in Waihi Beach, New Zealand now residing in Sydney, Australia, Ben Young is a self-taught artist who has been making glass sculpture for over 10 years. Having spent most of his life living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty (North Island, NZ) it seemed obvious to him to explore the local landscape and surroundings for early inspiration in his art. The ocean also playing a dominant role in his life being a keen surfer and boatbuilder by trade, he was inspired to capture the perfection and raw power of the sea and of the perfect wave. Other local landscapes including the lonely Mount Maunganui and Mayor Island have featured in his uniquely crafted glass sculptures.  photo 4f723f4200ee46632a603e48e42dfdb6_zpse951663d.jpg  photo 654879e8e3b6d47c178fc37129e28b16_zps03ddddff.jpg

Alexandra Manukyan

 photo 46e7913541807a375d748e71f6bd59c7_zps24a5666c.jpg  photo 1d45137a326b1aba189e1693d088a0da_zps619aa55d.jpg  photo 4df7a969dd30f7179cd020c9ff172bfa_zpsddc91898.jpg " The central theme that unites all my paintings examines how seemingly separate and isolated life experiences actually disguise the extent of our individual and communal bonds. The "masks" and the accompanying identities we all assume depending on the life role we must play, obstructs the conscious mind from acknowledging what truly unites us through the isolation and chaos: our shared encounters of pain, loss, desire, and longing for serenity and acceptance. The false facades we all manufacture to adapt and belong also renders most blind and lost in a world where the meaningless has somehow become meaningful and the idea of a shared honest self devoid of hidden agendas all too infrequent." - Alexandra Manukyan  photo eca543462388b622ed024cac93458e20_zps11e4c462.jpg  photo 2828a25ef25e8261d98b007411519208_zps3749d8a5.jpg

Thomas Robson

 photo large_47_zps507b2e91.jpg  photo large_49_zps2d5b7550.jpg  photo large_51_zpsc97d75c7.jpg " My professional background is in Graphic Design with 18 years experience as an award winning BBC designer. Specialising in the fields of interactive design for web & TV (notably in e-Learning), plus the project management of large scale website design & build teams. Currently exploring the role of Artistic Provocateur, attacking the boundaries between graphic design & fine art by subverting and re-contextualising imagery with dramatic visual interventions." - Thomas Robson  photo large_1103_zpsf8f58256.jpg  photo large_388_zps16c5be11.jpg

Cheryl Pope

 photo POPE_UP_AGAINST_zps4e034521.jpg  photo _MG_1618-1-2_zps0536138c.jpg " The work I produce seeks to address relevant issues that affect the way in which we live our lives today. I begin with relationships and experiences in my everyday that I find confrontational or in need of examination. Through research, experimentation, and collaboration, I produce works addressing specific questions that extend into social, political, and global conversations. I am interested in developing communities through my work via collaboration, relevancy, and outreach. " - Cheryl Pope  photo 120407-6305_zps925243e8.jpg  photo Up_Against_Install_2_zpsb6642283.jpg

Nate Frizzell

 photo Untitled-1_zps8cbaa378.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpsdb85dba8.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zpsdc402cd2.jpg A graduate of Los Angeles’ Otis College of Art and Design, Nate Frizzell has spent his time since dedicated to painting and honing his style. Using bold and colorful images of children at play – and in turmoil – Frizzell creates intimate stories that mask his own feelings of immaturity. Using both highly rendered images and softer graphic design elements, Frizzell weaves stories into his paintings that we all can see ourselves being a part of.  photo Untitled-2_zps98f3baca.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zps437241fd.jpg

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

 photo Copy-of-gookeyes-detail_zps60400909.jpeg  photo 469171_3326642329378_585749053_o_zpsf4f525f3.jpg  photo 469356_3326636209225_1536841803_o_zps6980e9bf.jpg  photo Copy-of-photo-1_zps6e8c26a1.jpg Timothy Hyunsoo Lee (b. 1990) is watercolor artist born in Seoul, South Korea, but raised in New York City. Educated at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT, USA) with a degree in neuroscience, drawing and developmental biology, he uses his background in cytohistology to create large-scale watercolor paintings and sculptures that explore his identity as a Korean-American, and as someone who has suffered from a panic and anxiety disorder since his childhood. Timothy was the 2014 recipient of the VSA Emerging Young Artist Award given by the Kennedy Center (Washington DC, USA), as well as the International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai. He currently lives and works in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, and has exhibited in New York City, at the S. Dillon Ripley Center of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and internationally in Seoul, Dubai, and Madrid. He is currently represented by Sabrina Amrani Gallery in Madrid, Spain where he had his first European solo exhibition titled “double-sided” in 2014.  photo 462300_3326640729338_1779139158_o_zps9a863c12.jpg  photo Copy-of-Secretive-skin-installation_zps49e871cd.jpg

Impact by Miranda Brandon

 photo rsz_h900_26_82_zps727af470.jpg  photo rsz_h900_26_81_zpsbdd54c0e.jpg  photo rsz_h900_26_131_zps23f923bd.jpg " While volunteering for the Audubon’s BirdSafe program I collected many birds that met untimely deaths due to collisions with built structures. Displayed are some of the birds I found, fully intact with everything that they were, aside from a conscience and a pulse. The birds are photographed in ways representative of the moment of impact or the aftermath of impact." - Miranda Brandon  photo rsz_h900_26_139_zps6d633117.jpg  photo rsz_h900_26_77_zps4d97913a.jpg  photo rsz_h900_26_140_zps1c492153.jpg

Frank Gehry

 photo tumblr_neqnc2mbqr1r0i205o3_500_zps4c9f72f4.jpg  photo tumblr_nettgtiJjU1qlq9poo9_500_zps2fb98af7.jpg 'The designs of Frank Gehry, one of the most innovative architects working today, grace numerous metropolitan skylines around the world. Known for his deconstructivist approach and creative use of materials, his buildings incorporate a wealth of textures that lend a sense of movement to his dynamic structures.'  photo frank-gehry-untitled-hong-kong-ii-2013-gagosian-gallery-butterboom_zpsbc374aa4.jpg  photo tumblr_neqnc2mbqr1r0i205o9_1280_zps791900d6.jpg

Gel Jamlang

 photo tumblr_nb8l9msQZw1qdhfhho3_r1_500_zps08980bdd.png  photo tumblr_nb8l9msQZw1qdhfhho2_r1_500_zps109d5ece.jpg " I am a Filipino visual artist/illustrator. I studied at the University of the Philippines college of fine arts (y.1996-2000). I worked for 12 years in the industry of home design and painted large scale oil and acrylic paintings. Shortly after exhibiting in New York at the Philippine Consulate, I moved to Maryland and focused on my art career. I like painting playful portraits, often digressing into odd places. " - Gel Jamlang  photo CharlieMix_small_zpsf16445f0.jpg