photo Untitled-1_zpsciwnukro.jpg  photo Elodie VermeulenLostfish-www.kaifineart.com-1_zps1zqcnu8s.jpg LostFish (Elodie is her real name), was born in 1983 in the south of France. Self-taught, she began her creative development as a freelance character designer, but quickly turns to an artistic universe, creating digital paintings. Her influences are mostly classical, inspired by the Flemish painters and the art of the 19th century, both in painting and photography, she draws mostly strange and sometimes disturbing girls, half woman and half child.  photo Untitled-2_zpsdvpty69m.jpg

Modern Twig Coat Hook

 photo il_570xN.381209795_lhqd_zpssbxfuwpn.jpg  photo il_570xN.381211519_ld1g_zpsntvdghcj.jpg Modern yet sculptural and organic these stylized twig hooks make a striking perch for coats, bags, hats, towels and umbrellas. They look especially dramatic when grouped in multiples, either in a straight line or at varying heights (consider hanging a combination of small and large hooks at different heights in one area). Buy here.  photo il_570xN.381209473_q9mn_zpsxzrmvacj.jpg

William Morris

 photo 1_zpssyeukcou.jpg  photo 2_zpsc6b06wt3.jpg  photo 3_zps8zkfz2ae.jpg 'For more than twenty years, William Morris has captivated and intrigued the art community with hauntingly evocative and beautiful glass sculptures. He has captured the imagination time and again by creating objects that appear to be ancient stone or wood carvings, not the modern glass sculptures they actually are. His art speaks of human origins, myth, ancestry, and ancient civilizations. It symbolizes a harmony between humanity and nature and provides a ghost-like bond to the world around us - a world that is often forgotten, ignored, and abused. Morris gathers much of his inspiration from ancient cultures from around the world - Egyptian, Asian, Native American - all peoples who respected and admired the land they inhabited. Because of this, Morris's artwork has become something all its own: culturally distinct and yet familiar to all cultures. His pieces embody a spiritual quality that sharply contrasts old beliefs with those of the modern world. These objects speak to our senses and continuously beg us to explore them further.' Link here.  photo 216_zpseoamvbp7.jpg  photo 217_zpsbywpxdwr.jpg  photo 35_zpsyhiajbs1.jpg

Finbarr Dac

 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.16.23 PM_zpsdpchq15d.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.16.34 PM_zpsud6zhmkq.png " In a relatively short urban art career, I have defined and perfected an atypical paint/stencil style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art almost completely - I call it Urban Aesthetics (a modern-day take on a 19th century art movement). Hailing from Cork (Eire), I have lived the majority of my life in and around London. Self-taught and non-conformist, my influences range from dark graphic novels through to the works of Francis Bacon and Aubrey Beardsley.I have painted/exhibited alongside respected artists such as Goldie, Nick Walker, Jamie Reid and Jef Aerosol. But in general, I shy away from the scene, keep my own counsel and shun the typical life of a street artist." - Finbarr Dac  photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.15.35 PM_zpsj46klmwg.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.15.07 PM_zps0egp2tzz.png

Tales You Lose by Andre Levy

tumblr_mvbsodPlMa1siodr2o1_1280 tumblr_n6yzr5N3KY1siodr2o1_1280 tumblr_nyf6rz8v011siodr2o1_1280 " We are constantly surrounded by pop figures – in films, in music, comics, and even in gossip magazines. They are sometimes our escape from reality, our fantasies. Coins portray something opposite: the real, the everyday.​This project is about individual expression in opposition to massified thinking, about how our personal passions are more worthy than things that are imposed to us. The paint brings to the faces of kings and presidents borrowed narratives from other famous characters and unleash individual alternative stories." - Andre Levy tumblr_msz88f0emD1siodr2o3_r1_1280 tumblr_mt3yvf9DjI1siodr2o1_1280 tumblr_n0066c2KRP1siodr2o1_1280

Nicholas Down

 photo unnamed-1_zpscobhx1jd.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsombqossm.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zps3rqmeu37.jpg 'These ‘Abstracted Landscape’ paintings represent an accumulation of years of observation and study of the way light transitions from one moment to the next. Ranging from overt colour fields to more mysterious abstractions, they cover a period in my creative development from 1996 right through until the present, and have been influenced by the works of the American Luminists, Mark Rothko, and the later Abstract expressionists such as Martyn Brewster.' - Nicholas Down  photo unnamed_zpsbree04wg.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsdk38ener.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpssjcndrxo.jpg

Chamo San

 photo unnamed-4_zpsaikjtob0.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpscd064cq8.jpg " My name is Chamo and I’m from Barcelona. I’ve studied Fine Arts at UB (Universitat de Barcelona), Barcelona, and ENSBA (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts), Paris. I’m above all drawer, but I love every field in the Art’s world." Link here.  photo unnamed-2_zpsnszdrdhf.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsksnewozf.jpg

Susana Blasco

 photo unnamed-4_zpsyjx81ncu.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsvohv81g5.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpstxpycd2j.jpg 'These photos are taken with mobile phone of everyday objects placed on top of vintage photographs. Without any retouches or photoshop modifications, these images are directly published on Instagram, using the "earlybird" filter and under the hashtag #antiheroes_sb.' Click here for the link.  photo unnamed-1_zpslxjjijhq.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpsmdk62dqh.jpg  photo unnamed-6_zpsu7hihvnq.jpg

Zhang Shujian

 photo unnamed-1_zpslk8ltyfi.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsvyj4mqhu.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpslll4mtxk.jpg I’m falling hard for the work of Chinese artist Zhang Shujian. Check out the rest.  photo unnamed-3_zpssbcv2zez.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpsjxyqlq9u.jpg

John M. Armleder

 photo unnamed-2_zpsa3zpfd1v.png  photo unnamed-1_zpso1z0dkir.png John M. Armleder <-- Born in 1948 in Geneva, Switzerland; Lives and works in Geneva Switzerland, and New York, USA; Education: 1966-1967 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Geneva, Switzerland  photo unnamed-3_zpskpwtrzt3.png  photo unnamed_zpsw01dbrgy.png