Marta Bielsa

 photo f3e3c2c256a4462cac9a7dad4681c472_zps81501c4b.jpg  photo 0f87e27475daff5c8238dfeb27b8428e_zps834d6f3f.jpg The work of Marta Bielsa (a talented artist and illustrator from Spain) are simply lovely. You could also check out more of her beautiful digital illustrations on Behance. Link here.  photo 542bb0254be1f8388fbbf910aa4d4b14_zps9e7b566c.jpg  photo a8526f76ff6892c43cec7c07ce670d81_zpsd80a1cdd.jpg


 photo 46_como06-copy_zpse0e046b5.jpg  photo tumblr_memty9AOF71r05oujo1_1280_zps23c61517.jpg  photo 46_como08-copy_zps60a8eec3.jpg  photo 46_como03-copy_zpsf966bd56.jpg Italian street artist Never2501 used leaves, branches, roots, and dead trees to create this large-scale installation. He didn't use any tools or nails or screws or anything to build this.

Yang Na

 photo 4517766458_3a2e71655e_o_zps0d70cf88.jpg  photo 4517765388_1e10b0e2d2_o_zpsa3b15456.jpg  photo 4517134293_9d792cf43f_o_zps091f206f.jpg Love these oil on canvas paintings by Chinese contemporary artist Yang Na.  photo 4517132639_cd7db94d0c_o_zpse6df3c59.jpg  photo 20121203113929_0756_zps1c1d4ec1.jpg  photo IMG_0103_zps11d059ee.jpg

Sadie Barnette

 photo tumblr_mic8mhcfqT1r7l28fo5_1280_zps295f46f1.jpg  photo boom-box-5_zpsec8d7c30.jpg  photo tumblr_mhs4n1jIok1qex654o1_500_zps8993fb3f.jpg "I use drawing, photography, objects, book and print making, and site-specific interventions, to construct a visual language system out of sub-culture codes and west coast vernacular, economic formalism, text and abstractions. In my work, what is at stake is the gravity of the urban as fantasy, extra-legal economies, luxury as drug, counterfeit capitalism, glitter as hypnotic, outer space as head space, the everyday as gold, family and lived identity experience, and the party." - Sadie Barnette  photo IMG_6670_zps36c425e1.jpg  photo IMG_6701_zps7e001877.jpg


 photo uchiha__s_little_weakness___paperchild_by_mllelowra-d551e7n_zps6bcda5fe.png  photo enjoy_your_meal___paperchild_by_lowra33-d349dss_zps11b4d36e.jpg  photo cm_for_cartoonhero777__cloud_strife_vs_mllelowra_by_mllelowra-d5usdh6_zps149b4764.png  photo uchiha_and_pocky_panda_by_lowra33-d4f1qgx_zps151a0fb7.png Funny paper cut-outs of anime characters interact with real life by Lowra.  photo itachi__s_nails___paperchild_by_lowra33-d4t454c_zps8a407fe2.png  photo ice_cream___sasuke_paperchild_by_mllelowra-d5dvevg_zps6c73b296.png  photo Itachi_wants_a_Kitkat_by_Lowra33_zps83f0b271.jpg  photo Sasuke___PaperChild_by_Lowra33_zpsb7257b57.jpg

Jacob Hashimoto

 photo rice3_zpsacaaedf8.jpg Superabundant Atmosphere, an installation by Jacob Hashimoto includes thousands of shimmering white “kites,” each handmade from silk glued over a tied bamboo frame. During the installation process, Hashimoto and five assistants will string the kites together and suspend them from the gallery ceiling, creating an enormous sculptural cloud rising upward and outward from the rear of the gallery. Although Hashimoto makes use of traditional kite-making materials and techniques, the small kites that form his installations do not actually fly. Instead, they are the modular units that he multiplies and arranges into structures that, while monumental in scale, appear to be weightless. As the light that streams through the gallery’s front window changes throughout the day, so too, will the appearance of Superabundant Atmosphere. Sometimes the installation will seem buoyant and ethereal, while at other times it will appear to be a solid mass. In any guise, Hashimoto intends for Superabundant Atmosphere to convey a sense of wonder and playfulness, as visitors encounter, walk around, and react to its presence.

Victor Enrich

 photo 030_020MEDUSA_01_BOXMETA_zps8d94181d.jpg  photo 027_018TANGO_03_BOXMETA_zps8dc2a2ad.jpg  photo 014_010SHALOM_01_MAGAZINE_zps464efa51.jpg Spanish artist and photographer Victor Enrich's uses photoshop to create these wonderfully impossible city portraits.  photo 028_018TANGO_04_BOXMETA_zpsb3f4e98a.jpg  photo 020_013TONGUES_01_BOXMETA_zps90e89ce1.jpg  photo 026_018TANGO_02_BOXMETA_zpsd2331e75.jpg

Josan Gonzalez

 photo melthanson_by_cuatrovecesuno-d3b1xov_zps376e8eeb.jpg  photo portrait350_zpsc958f373.jpg  photo Gallery-of-Mo-2011---Portrait-by-Ian-Haworth_zps4574af00.jpg Plenty of gorgeous work from Barcelona based illustrator Josan Gonzalez.  photo cover-portrait102_zpsb69feb7d.jpg  photo portrait218_zps0c4da479.jpg  photo 141fca39bdb800ba37be87301f20e535-d4eicki_zps91942708.jpg

Daniel Sueiras

 photo dani_zps4e81a358.jpg  photo DANIELSUEIRASI_zps701bf725.jpg I am mysteriously drawn to these portraits that belongs to Spanish painter Daniel Sueiras. His website has some interesting and surreal imagery, so be sure to check it out.  photo DANIELSUEIRASII1_zps11d26ba6.jpg

Liza Corbett

 photo afterlife_zps476775e2.jpg  photo 2-2_zpsceb1134c.jpg Some lovely pen and watercolour work from NY-based artist Liza Corbett.  photo lamentation_zps6b30c182.jpg  photo whitesnake_zps08fc0cd8.jpg