Nicolas Villeminot

 photo Willem_Dafoe___final_by_ElectroNic0_zps4dca73ff.jpg  photo george_lazenby_as_james_bond_by_electronic0-d5s3b47_zpsf23d1bf1.jpg Nicolas Villeminot is a brilliant illustrator based in France. His painterly caricature work are a joy to look at.  photo Philo_by_ElectroNic0_zpsd5ae6bc4.jpg  photo hugo_weaving_by_electronic0-d48nc3i_zps61514ed7.jpg

Antoni Tudisco

 photo Spongewood_zpsd13c7961.jpg  photo doghnuts_zpsce38450f.jpg " My name is Antoni Tudisco, 21 years of age and was born and raised in Germany by my Filipina mother and my Italian father. I’m a fan of extraordinary things ever since I was a child. I had my own world as a kid. I started to sketch during lessons when i was attending the elementary school I didnt really listen to the teacher i just draw and skribble. I guess that characteristic of mine developed into being creative and original today. The first time I heared about the *ADOBE PALETTE* , I left no stone unturned and learned every commands all by myself. Since then, *ADOBE* and me were like bestfriends. We were inseprable. Then I tried taking another step higher and tried doing 3D designs and videos. It was hard at first because i had to understand and do everything all alone but because of hard work and enthusiasm, it turned out to be a success until i developed my own website where I presented my works after that, i got the attention of other artists and agencies. After recieving my diploma at the age of 18, I got loads of projects and requests from some major clients such as MTV PHILIPPINES, COCA-COLA, REEBOK WOMAN, NESTLE and VANS." - Antoni Tudisco  photo deadskull_zps605813d2.jpg  photo 01wood_zps08c81504.jpg

Teeth Tea Cup by Lily X. Su

 photo GCM9x9WSAGq80mcY_zps004420f6.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps8a4dc8a0.jpg " The ultimate challenge in my opinion is to create something that makes sense but can't be explained. I believe that the subconscious outsmarts logic. I create objects that may not necessarily make sense in the waking world but may very well exist in the subconscious. I also seek to create uneasiness. We are in an era flooded with objects, objects of use, comfort, sophistication, flamboyancy... There are many objects that serve immediate comfort, yet few are made to be a companion to our recurring feelings of uneasiness" - Lily X. Su  photo tumblr_m9n4x3emZz1qeju05o3_1280_zpsf73479a6.jpg

Fulop Gabor

 photo Untitled-1_zps9c719dc7.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps278e9dbb.jpg By all means, please check out Hungarian artist Fulop Gabor . The site got some really wonderful sculptures.  photo Untitled-3_zps7c708d9e.jpg

Food Art Pairings by David Schwen

 photo chips_salsa_zps9d827e76.jpg  photo peas_carrots_zpse8996b21.jpg  photo potatoes_gravy_zps6be82964.jpg David Schwen is a creative based in Minneapolis, with a focus on Illustration, Design and Art Direction. For more than ten years, Schwen has been a Minneapolis-based designer and illustrator, but he has been creating art his whole life. As a native Midwesterner, he brings a fervent vision and an unstoppable work ethic to everything he does.  photo ham_cheese_zps281b1c87.jpg  photo spaghetti_meatballs_zps8975ffea.jpg

Andrea Mancuso

 photo b5496d60fe7467184030403597fbcdd2_zps164b6385.png  photo a87c092550803b7d4c581d9ef6d77cb1_zps115767e8.png Enjoy some beautiful character design work from Andrea Mancuso, digital artist based in Genoa, Italy. Beautiful stuff!  photo 761e379cfe901fb018c3d2ad61ddc3f5_zps5a527b0b.png

Instant Cup Noodle Robot

 photo DSC_7835a_zps39cd5f8d.jpg  photo DSC_7837a_zpsbc1cafd1.jpg This cute robot timer is built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Cup Noodle, developed by Japan’s Vstone robotics. So, so cool! Link here.  photo DSC_7833a_zpsa3431bf9.jpg

Long Tongue Sally by Mette Sterre

 photo 6920747_orig_zpsc73a6cdb.jpg  photo image_zps7159c7bd.png " I create costume performances, installations and drawings. Performance is my prime medium because it’s active, direct, time-based and energetic. I’m a very hyper-active person and I want to communicate with my audience. I can't stand being passive, I enjoy being in control. When making a new work, I’m starting out with an autobiographical dilemma and relate it to in a broader social phenomenon. I enlarge this dilemma and focus on a way to create a situation that can translate this. From here on I develop the performance with a character, a costume and a setting. It’s all quite theatrical, and baroque. I use humor as a bate for my audience." - Mette Sterre  photo 5746789_orig_zps8849c15d.jpg

Vlad Rodriguez

 photo 71ff0a586e63ae2c6256925b7a221c78_zps8f1b5436.jpg  photo 16fd3cc60a2d394e3757ea42888617e1_zps97894b0b.jpg Vlad Rodriguez aka Pixeldomestiko is a multidisciplinary artist peruvian based in Miami, studied art at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru ENSABAP, Graduate, specializing in drawing and painting. He completed his Bachelor of Arts UDESC Center SC-Brazil, and Digital Design at the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design.  photo 574461cf239ecdd87ae898a9bd96cc4c_zpsb09c3e8a.jpg

Brad Hill

 photo s__more_puft_by_siraudio-d3gb0ed_zps22b944ff.jpg  photo s__more_puft___back_view_by_siraudio-d3gb0h4_zps74edde59.jpg Adorable sculpture called S'more Puft by Michigan-based artist Brad Hill.  photo s__more_puft___front_by_siraudio-d3gb0ik_zpsf80b7fcc.jpg