Daniel Maidman

 photo MAIDMAN_Blue-Leah-10_24x24_zps9ccbfa8e.jpg  photo 28Blue-Leah-2_zps5cfa9199.jpg  photo 02Blue-Leah-7_zpsd2364c67.jpg Daniel Maidman is a painter who applies a classical grounding to a contemporary sensibility. His art has been shown in juried exhibitions in New York, Washington, DC, California, Ohio, Missouri, and Oregon, and was selected by the Saatchi Gallery to be displayed at Gallery Mess in London. His art and writing on art have been featured in ARTnews, American Art Collector, International Artist, Poets/Artists, Manifest, The Artist’s Magazine, The New York Optimist, and the publishing arm of SUNY-Potsdam. He blogs for The Huffington Post. His writing on Da Vinci is currently taught at DePaul University and Roosevelt University. His paintings range from the figure and portraiture, to still lives and landscapes, to investigations of machinery, architecture, and microflaura. His images occupy a spectrum from high rendering to almost total abstraction.  photo MAIDMAN_Blue-Leah-8_24x24_zps96d147bb.jpg  photo 01Blue-Leah-62_zpsbfbf84bb.jpg  photo MAIDMAN_Blue-Leah-1_24x36_zps56f4bb44.jpg

Marela Zacarias

 photo tumblr_ml969ay0ln1r2ysm3o1_500_zps20e5fbfe.jpg  photo image-8_zps8557a340.png Marela Zacarias is a contemporary visual artist. Her work combines painting and sculpture and is characterized by an interest in site specificity, the history contained in objects, and current events. Zacarias’s wall and free standing sculptures are constructed from window screens and joint compound and painted with original patterns and geometric abstract shapes.  photo tumblr_ml969ay0ln1r2ysm3o2_400_zps54b9bc0a.jpg  photo DIG_E_2013_Raw_Cooked_Marela_Zacarias_004_PS4_zps7d295513.jpg

Esther Jervis

 photo Aesopshands1web_zps7a7ed50d.jpg  photo Aesopshands4web_zps587fa617.jpg " My work is about the creation and amalgamation of creatures and their surrounding stories. It alludes to the experience of hybrids derived from fables but going on from there to invent new characters, with a particular interest in transformation. The intention with all of the work is to make the viewer conscious of both their response to and their involvement with the characters; whether it is an awareness of the uncanny and the absurd, the notion of the spectacle; whether they are intrigued or repelled. The work also seeks to maintain a tension between this and more playful encounters with inventiveness and storytelling that leave space for the imagination to work." - Esther Jervis  photo Aesopshands3web_zps6d6960d4.jpg  photo Aesopshands2web_zps8bd5539d.jpg

Kali Ciesemier

 photo image1-7_zpsdcbbff6a.png  photo image3-6_zps29bb5538.png Kali Ciesemier (pr. Cali Cease-my-er) is a freelance illustrator and adjunct faculty in the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Illustration department. She has illustrated for such clients as The New Yorker, The New York Times, Harper Collins, Amtrak, United Way, LA Times, and the Boston Globe, and previously worked as a concept artist for Big Huge Games.  photo image-8_zps244e0035.png

Weedong Yun

 photo 1317191772535_500_zps30162041.jpg  photo 1317191465390_500_zps390aa9ee.jpg  photo 1317251197277_500_zps1018341c.jpg By all means, please check out Weedong Yun's beautiful watercolor paintings on paper. I'm certainly inspired.  photo Yun-Weedong_zpsbe6c517b.jpg  photo 1317251051628_500_zps21fad1bb.jpg

Visang House

 photo visang_house_moon_hoon_01-550x421_zps0415fada.jpg  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_12-550x369_zps2aa0ef57.jpg  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_22-550x367_zps3c4583cf.jpg  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_20-550x364_zps3319d626.jpg  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_18-550x366_zpsa7cf3bfe.jpg 'Moon Hoon is the Seoul-based studio behind exuberant and quirky architectural designs. Moon Hoon’s jagged soaring form design for the Visang House was a response to the needs of a young couple with a narrow site. The angled, monumental volume occupies the long plot while maximising the views of the mountains afar. This house acts acts as a periscope to the landscape, while interiors become staggered theatre-like stages.' (via I Like Architecture)  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_11-550x824_zpse904ea16.jpg  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_13-550x372_zps86c32aaf.jpg  photo visang_house_moon_hoon_02-550x399_zpsc1c39e1a.jpg

Anna Taut

 photo image3-6_zpse7b5aee2.png  photo image2-7_zpsccda530d.png Anna Taut <-- was born in 1984 in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated Faculty of Painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2009.  photo image1-7_zps08ab66e5.png  photo image-8_zps0f05318b.png

Ian Gilson

 photo 1503622_orig_zps15b7f95a.jpg  photo 9039045_orig_zpse0a727ba.jpg  photo 8573715_orig_zpsb81a8bda.jpg Loving these organic sculptures made mostly from recycled wood and metal. It's the work of Ian Gilson who has a website full of more just like it.  photo 721958_orig_zpsa83e7fec.jpg  photo 4287703_orig_zpse0e92bf0.jpg

Adonna Khare

 photo artprizewinner05_zps5a81608a.jpg  photo Lioness1_zps1b504b99.jpg  photo Detail-11_zps0eda6ebe.jpg Adonna Khare <-- 1980 Born: Glendale, California; Education: Currently enrolled in M.F.A. program, California State University, Long Beach -2003 B.A., California State University, Long Beach.  photo B-Large-Lion1_zpsb6d086ce.jpg  photo A-Mural-11_zps60339d21.jpg

In Passing by Chris Fraser

 photo 8411835143_8bf369a91e_b_zps74a06ba2.jpg  photo 8411836133_6d1266b40e_b_zps6ea2e925.jpg  photo 8412935282_9d0884cc29_b_zps133a1964.jpg "I would like my work to point back into the world. I spend a lot of time crafting specific situations, framing light in such a way that it reveals a portion of the complex order within the ambient environment. But there is nothing particularly special about the light that enters these works. Echoes of this same order can be found in your home, entering your windows, skirting around furniture, slipping through a crack in the door. I want to call attention to a type of beauty that usually goes unnoticed. " - Chris Fraser  photo 8412932550_8cfc482157_b_zps55976004.jpg  photo 8411834589_ed3fdcf5e0_b_zpsbc2b1df7.jpg  photo 8411837147_d3d4a5074a_b_zps6dc97af7.jpg