Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker. He took up photography as a hobby in his teens, honing his skills as a student journalist in high school and college. While still an undergraduate he started his own commercial photography company in Charleston, South Carolina. With a background in literature and English, he worked for more than a decade in the field of Philanthropy, raising money for elite schools like Dartmouth College and the London School of Economics. Christopher was able to integrate his creative skills, in writing, photography and graphic design into much of his fundraising work.

Maisie Parker

 photo Maisie-Parker-Scrubberman-3-1839076_zps53a19313.jpg  photo Maisie-Parker-Scrubberman-2-1837148_zps0ecf06c3.jpg " I work in mixed print media; screen-printing, relief printing, collagraph, chine colle, and mono-prints, although drawing is at the heart of my work. Drawing as a way of knowing, as a mode of enquiry and as a visual language. Life drawing is the source of all my print work and is ongoing. It is the most important part of my art. I love the idea of the repetition of images and use it throughout much of my work. Working in this medium, I have found a new and vibrant palette, which has spilled over into my long-standing interest in life painting, and has tapped into a deeply buried childhood enjoyment of colour." - Maisie Parker  photo Maisie-Parker-Scrub-1-1837144_zpsf226aa67.jpg  photo Maisie-Parker-Scrubberman-1-1837147_zps57089786.jpg

Christian Herdeg

 photo BIG_zps9ca63d32.png  photo herdeg_03_large_zps6d816c97.jpg Striking colored light installation called Neon Stage by Christian Herdeg.  photo herdeg_01_large_zpsd97e4254.jpg  photo herdeg_02_large_zpsf584ae26.jpg

Sergio Ragalzi

 photo tumblr_lygowhWS0H1qa84fno1_500_zpsaac85e75.jpg  photo Genetica-2093-Sergio-Regalzi-foto-G-Scelfo_zpse320000b.jpg  photo foto-sergio-blog_zps0071f416.jpg Sergio Ragalzi was born in 1951, in Turin, where he still lives and works. His début on the artistic Italian scene is in 1984 with Extemporanea, the exhibition which marks the re-opening of the legendary roman gallery l’Attico by Fabio Sargentini, which would dedicate to Ragalzi many personal exhibitions in the years to come. He takes part to the exhibition Anniottanta at the Modern Art Gallery in Bologna in 1985. That same year he is invited to the Museo de Arte in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and some of his works are presented at L’Italie Aujourd’hui, exhibition hosted by the Centre Nazionale d’Art Contemporain in Nice and in 1986 he takes part to the Frankfurt-Hannover-Wien travelling exhibition Aspekte der Italienischen Kunst 1960/1985, curated by Renato Barilli. In 2001, his sculptures are presented at the exhibition Italian sculpture in the 20th-Century, Italy-Japan 2001-2002, which is hosted at the three Japanese modern art museums in Ibaraki, Yokoana and Kagoshima. An anthological exhibition is organised at the industrial premises of Pagliero, in Castellamonte (Turin), in 2007. The most significant personal exhibitions in 2008 are: Acquario at Allegretti gallery in Turin, Voliere at Delloro gallery in Rome, Due insetti neri at Rivara Castle and Pioggia Nera at Grossetti Contemporary Art in Milan. In 2010, the installation Genetica 2093, was presented at the Auditorium of Rome, at the SuperstudioPiù in Milan, at the Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery within the 6th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art, in Via Palazzo di Città in Turin and at the Castello di Rivara. In September 2010, the installation Genetica 2093 was presented at the MACRO Museum in Rome, which has acquired its ownership.  photo sergio-ragalzi-foto-E-Del-Brocco_zps6cd19fe7.jpg

Przemek Blejzyk

 photo santa_zps8b93cbfe.jpg  photo PIES_zpsf9125de8.jpg Przemek Blejzyk is a talented lodz, Poland based illustrator, painter, and an outstanding character designer as well. His vibrant illustrated characters migrate from canvas to large building-sized paintings seamlessly. Check him out on his blog here.  photo DSCN0876_zpsa0efe346.jpg  photo wystawa_zps2c989740.jpg

Cynthia Lahti

 photo BlackHairOne2011_zps043e376d.jpg  photo crushrow2copy_zpsb0aabc5d.jpg " My goal is to create works of art that resonate with honesty and reflect the beauty and chaos of the world. My art is influenced by human artifacts from ancient times to the present, as well as by my personal experiences and emotions. Like the varied objects I draw on for inspiration--from 1940s knitting catalogs and outsider art, to Native American cedar carvings and Degas' sculptures of dancers--my artworks force an explanation of reality and compel viewers to connect to a larger human experience. I work in various media, including drawing, collage, and sculpture." - Cynthia Lahti  photo BlackHairTwo2011_zps92e033fd.jpg

Malene Hartmann Rasmussen

 photo 4978-s_zpsd84a5939.jpg  photo if-i-had-a-heart-i-could-love-you-03_zpseaeda287.jpg  photo 4989-s_zps21f519e2.jpg " I am working with mixed media sculpture, making and arranging multiple components into complex narrative tableaux of visual excess. The dialogue between components and the way one's unconscious can direct the composition interests me. I try to create a place beyond reality, a deceitful echo of the real world, that bends the perception of what is real. I want my work to look like a very skilled child could have made it, clumsy and elaborate at the same time. Initially the viewer may, mistakenly, be drawn to my figures thinking them to be toys; however closer examination reveals their rather darker narrative. They invite you into an absurd and surreal world where things are not what they seem. A frozen moment that indicate a story and mood but at the same time is open for the viewer to filter their own references through, to make sense and contribute to the story themselves. My aim is to create a visual poetry based on my own personal story." - Malene Hartmann Rasmussen  photo fire-walk-with-me-02_zps9e8d67b7.jpg  photo fire-walk-with-me-01_zps65b61c6a.jpg

Alban Low

 photo 2013_05_22_33_co_Maciek_Pysz_guitar_insight_zps6fe25739.jpg  photo 2013_5_3_33_Phil_stevenson_guitar_jazz_trio_co_zpsa0e905b8.jpg  photo 2013_19_3_33_Pizza_Express_Nick_Meier_co_zps490a82d9.jpg Beautiful portraits of Jazz musicians by the amazingly talented Alban Low.  photo 2013_5_9_33_co_Nicola_Muresu_bass_jazz_zps84d9ea30.jpg  photo 2013_5_5_33_co_Adrian_Lever_Tambura_ArHai_zps90a5d76a.jpg  photo 2013_4_21_33_Jan_Ponsford_singer_co_zpsd502fef9.jpg

Ambreen Butt

 photo artwork_images_425821800_802469_ambreen-butt_zpscfd6e00f.jpg  photo mg_9201_zps6a84fdb3.jpg  photo tumblr_me4dm90HmA1qj13nfo3_1280_zpsafcc2b8a.jpg "I Am My Lost Diamond" by Ambreen Butt (Born in Lahore, Pakistan 1969. Currently lives and work in Boston, MA)  photo img-ambreen-butt_111832942072jpg_standalone_zps597feddc.jpg  photo 20121124-223000_zps90441271.jpg  photo mg_9196_zps73f47942.jpg

Kang Kang-Hoon

 photo Modern-Boy-trick-show_zps99cb3464.jpg  photo Modern-Lady-Angry-pregnant-woman_zpsb759486a.jpg  photo Modern-Boy-1987s-old-sound-2_zps82fe9d79.jpg  photo Modern-Boy-others-bones_zps2c77a3b3.jpg Incredible large scale hyper-realistic paintings by Kang Kang-Hoon. Make sure you go through all of his work.. soo inspiring.  photo Modern-Boy-curly-hair_zpsc189f72e.jpg  photo Modern-Boy-Phallic-simbol-1_zps1f185370.jpg  photo Modern-Boy-custom-made-breath_zps0bd95462.jpg