Erika Craig

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” I paint figures underwater, immersing my subjects in their surroundings. A person’s reflection in water is a constantly changing self, a distorted image with many sides. Near the surface, the familiar blends into the unknown. Color and shape break down. Things that seem separate become entwined. ” – Erika Craig

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Cédric Verdure

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French multidisciplinary artist Cédric Verdure creates beautiful wire sculptures. ‘Cedric recycles the fence that is often neglected as it might seem unsuitable for anything. The sculptures are hanging from trees, integrating with nature, they arise and face everywhere. Folding, mending and evolving, the Cedric sculptures give a hand to the eternal fence, another life in art.’

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Cynthia Poole

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Striking and bold, many of Cynthia Poole’s paintings take as their subject food packaging, sweet wrappers and chocolate bars; often with a warm nostalgia for confectionary of the ’70s and ’80s . Liking their vivid colour and strident competitiveness, she explores the ways in which they complete and clash, and complement one another. Each one has been designed to draw attention to itself, but together they make a glorious, confused landscape. The mixed responses of nostalgia, hunger, and maybe guilt, that can arise from these objects, are transformed on the canvas into the carnival aspect of consumer culture.

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Michelle Jader

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” My work explores moments when we willingly and unwillingly dive into the next phase of our life. Whether it’s moving to a new city, starting or ending a relationship, having a baby, or quitting a job, these moments of endings and beginnings are alternately terrifying and exhilarating. Ready or not, we jump, fall or are pushed, and our lives change.” – Michelle Jader

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Cuboid Balloon by Junya Ishigami

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Wow: Cuboid Balloon is a helium filled, massive floating monolith created by Junya Ishigami (via The Fox Is Black)

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Gollum by Honey

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My Gollum illustrations are directly inspired by the hobbit-like creature’s personality (which is based on addiction). For me, he is certainly the most complex and interesting character in the Lord of the Rings series. I read that a psychiatrist and a group of medical students in London have diagnosed Gollum, with schizoid personality disorder. When you get a chance, please check out a feed of my latest work on Tumblr. Thanks guys!

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Unsettled Dogs by Sam Jinks

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Sam Jinks‘ sculptural work sustains the briefest and often most private moments in time. Emotional vulnerability is both the subject and result of his work and moves audiences in a way not expected from contemporary art. For Jinks, his works are not literal representations, but are based on the combination of different stages of life. He includes elements both old and new; an antique style plinth supports an up-scaled embryo and in another work a couple lying together presents an allegory using the the dog-headed figure, describing the irrational aspects of human relationships. (via Sullivan+Strumpf)

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Love this snake mural. What an impressive piece coming from street artist Sokram for the Desordes Creativas Festival in Ordes, Galizia, Spain.

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This is awesome. Check out these fun illustrations by “Lauren“. Plenty of wonderfully simple and fresh work on her website.

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Giraffe Childcare Center

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French architecture studio Hondelatte Laporte Architects have created a childcare center in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, that features a giant giraffe as part of the building.

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