Stephan Balkenhol

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Stephan Balkenhol has studied at the Academy in Hamburg under Ulrich Rückriem. He is influenced by a long lineage of woodcut, in particular traditional Nordic techniques as well as German Expressionist methods. While Balkenhol’s choice of wood has varied, his treatment of the surface has remained raw and spontaneous throughout his career. This has allowed his work to remain simultaneously fragile, strong and elegant. His sculptures often depict caricatures of the everyday, generic man, modest in garb but stoic in stance. His figures, carved from a single wood block and often incorporating a plinth, have a monumental quality. Balkenhol’s sculptures and reliefs can be seen as commemorations of the common man and his existence.

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Anselmo Swan

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Anselmo Swan, a resident of Vancouver, primarily works with oil on panel in his depictions of mundane objects as a reflection of contemporary culture. The isolation of objects and the attention to detail make the work as much about the shape and form of the object as it’s significance, whether great or small. Anselmo attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, received a scholarship from Malaspina Printmakers Society and continued his studies at Simon Fraser University. He has exhibited with galleries in Vancouver and Los Angeles and his work has been featured in local and national publications.

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Sirous Namazi

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Sirous Namazi is born in 1970 and educated at the Malmö Art Academy. He is born in the town of Kerman, Iran, but came to Sweden already as 13 years old. His dual nationality plays a certain role in his works, and is to some extent reflected in his interest in questions of identity, origins, communication, and space. His works are characterised by a multitude of expressions and he moves, seemingly without effort, between different genres. Namazi’s aesthetics revolves around formal, painterly and minimalist problems-and an emphasis is equally placed upon the process behind a work, as much as the final result.’ (via Galerie Nordenhake)

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David Walker

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Talented UK artist David Walker created these beautiful vibrant female portraits. No stencils, No brushes, just David and his spray cans.

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Liao Yibai

‘Born 1971, Jiang An, Sichuan, China, Liao Yibai lives and works in Beijing and Chongqing, China. The series Fake Antiques, Fake Evidence, and Legends pokes fun at China’s history of power struggles, misinformation and attempts to re-write its own past. Each piece is hand-welded and placed upon a pseudo-antique pedestal, claiming a position of authenticity that alludes to the thriving fake antique industry in China. Many of the works are replications of vases and heirlooms dating back to the Ming, Qing and Yuan dynasties. Yibai then gives them a clever modern twist by adding details like nuclear clouds, swine flu viruses and acid rain.” (via Animal)

Bahar Yurukoglu

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Bahar Yurukoglu <-- Born in Washington, District of Columbia; Education- (2011) MFA, Studio for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts; (2003) BFA, Photography; School of Visual Arts, New York, New York.

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Mark Greenwold

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” Artists ought to have the right to offend…I’ve always been interested in strong, difficult content– capable of arousing real misunderstandings.” – Mark Greenwold

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Dimitri Tsykalov

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Check out the macabre art of Paris-based Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov.

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Playing With Matches by Honey

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Each piece took half an hour to make and I use approximately 1,200 matchsticks for both pieces. More samples of my work can be seen here.

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Ellen Altfest

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Ellen Altfest (b. New York City) is a realist painter based in New York. She paints still lifes and male figures from life in painstaking detail. Her work is noted for its precision and trompe-l’œil accuracy. Influences include Albrecht Dürer’s The Large Turf, Jackson Pollock, and Lucian Freud.

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