Rhonda Gushee

 photo 15_meanestthing_zps36b3762b.jpg  photo 14_meanestthing_detail_zps670c05cf.jpg  photo 02_Dolls2005Zapp_zps00de4ba7.jpg " My figurative sculptures are investigations into how humans interact socially and within personal relationships. They are reconstructions of the emotional and intellectual mechanisms that people use to cope every day. My objective is to suggest memory narratives and psychological connections. Myths and fairy tales, family and friends inspire my characters. Some of the figures emit various toy sounds when certain buttons are pushed, pulled or squeezed. The work involves taking apart found objects, combining human and animal forms. The tactile materials such as Raku clay and stitched fibers come together and become a hybrid of the old and new. I find that these elements highlight contradictions such as humor and fear, beauty and decay, the antique and contemporary." - Rhonda Gushee  photo 05_disjoined_rakuclay_fur_zps5c140a74.jpg  photo 04_Doll_IWithCaseZ_zps61288a61.jpg  photo 23_PetSitterSideZa_zpsfb7c0beb.jpg

Q Confucius No.2

 photo pic_2011_04_04s_zpse7ce3773.jpg  photo pic_2011_04_05s_zpsabc8a723.jpg  photo pic_2011_04_01s_zps65fbc673.jpg  photo ZhangHuanConfucius6_zps55a6d751.jpg Loving this giant sculpture of Confucius, which is made of silicone, steel, carbon fiber and acrylic by Zhang Huan. 'Q Confucius is Zhang's thought-provoking examination of how China's spiritual culture has changed as the country has experienced a heightened profile in the global community. Zhang asks how China will adapt to a future without religion as rapid social reforms take shape.'  photo pic_2011_04_03s_zpsd26893b3.jpg  photo ZhangHuanConfucius7_zps5976d725.jpg

Witit Karpkraikaew

 photo disney-zombies-3_zps1d6bd6ae.jpg  photo disney-zombies-2_zps521e6408.jpg Disney princesses gets zombified by Thai illustrator Witit Karpkraikaew. Click here for the link.  photo disney-zombies-1_zpscf0a754c.jpg  photo the_zombie_belle_white_princess_by_clocktowerman-d5btodg_zps215d0797.jpg

Tim Hawkinson

 photo TH-IndexD_zps0c157608.jpg  photo image-8_zpsc82a0d3e.png Tim Hawkinson is known for taking a simple proposition to great extremes. He has a predilection for readily available materials - found, everyday objects, and often his own body - as material, reference, and model. He has a persistent fascination with perception, time, scale and the “primitive” or rudimentary. His process can be long and arduous, labor intensive, and repetitive. Play and humor emerge. Since the mid-1980s he has brought the most inventive and varied materials to life in a wide-ranging body of work, taking the ordinary into new and unexpected realms. (via Stuart Collection)  photo tumblr_kr1v8mLgH31qzu5tto1_500_zps1bf82b34.jpg

Kevin Best

 photo Untitled-1-2_zps161b0625.jpg  photo Untitled-3-1_zps2287654c.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zps47f32308.jpg For an artist reinterpreting the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, in a new medium, Kevin Best could not have been born in a more appropriately named country. New Zealand was named in 1645 after the Dutch province of Zeeland. Kevin takes us back to that golden era, he has amassed an extensive collection of items which featured in the original paintings, giant glass Roemer’s, delicate “Kraak” porcelain, German Westerwald jugs, agate and silver knives, silver cups and 300 year old bronze candlesticks that have miraculously survived many attempts to be turned into cannon. What he can’t find he makes, acquiring skills as a wood tuner, carpenter, set painter and jeweller. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the significance of every item in each work and how they interact with each other to form a narrative that had a deep significance in a time of great wealth and fear. A narrative that resonates to this day. Each work can take weeks or months to complete; his meticulous technique was learned at The Australian Centre for Photography.  photo Untitled-4_zpsa60f4f8c.jpg  photo Untitled-2-1_zps8f7584d6.jpg

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

 photo Punch-Bag-Laundry-Bag2_zps3a9c588d.jpg  photo Punch-Bag-Laundry-Bag_zpse73ab080.jpg Use your dirty laundry as a punching bag. The Punch Bag Laundry Bag is big enough to hold a heavyweight load of washing & tough enough to take a beating. Rocky trained by punching frozen beef, now you can use your dirty laundry for your work out. Hang the bag in your wardrobe or the corner of your room, until you're ready to take your laundry to the cleaners, literally! Ideal for boxers, trousers and shirts, there's even enough room to throw in the towel.  photo original-1_zpsec46eca3.jpg

Masks by Jozef Mrva

 photo e4dff8b1ff345fe00f79379aee35afb4_zpsf9729212.jpg  photo 780d0344beac1f5b8388d80d739b1f36_zps340f3fc2.jpg  photo a8a9d43d0a5c3256a647682cfce2e2e7_zps2391496f.jpg  photo bf3edaa05c6aaa11ed4ef5cfa29658f1_zps89855e5d.jpg " I consider these masks as an experiments with identity, especially in the rituallistic way. The bearer is intended to accept his new archetypical identity and immerse oneself in his role. Animal masks resemble rather skulls or remains or abominations, they bear shamanic, dionisian or satanic symbolism, the form, material and overal execution is primitive, harsh and expressionistic. They are made to inspire the inner forces of man and allow behavioral self-expression through identity alternation (alcohol or drug use advised). Cardboard is used due to its good availiability so one can improvise and create new in a while for a new roles and make-up rituals. Some of them are fragile and therefore disposable. They are primarily intended to have fun with them." - Jozef Mrva  photo 652afc64e803b52d02e0d90d2f1c6422_zps2d22fbfd.jpg  photo 4eb698db4ca2eca30c631efbfa6fd054_zps209106e5.jpg  photo 3b55e953cc0c73641831c57a5f6a8d2a_zps06465b14.jpg  photo 3f02deda6e6fe72bd731e80612a3c32f_zpsf34f9a0f.jpg

Steve James

 photo headstudy-92_zps7b515098.jpg  photo headstudy62_zps618ec678.jpg  photo headstudy57_zps808e771d.jpg I came across the work of the ridiculously gifted artist Steve James. I expect we'll see a lot more from him soon.  photo headstudy46_zpsf0a4efb8.jpg  photo headstudy55_zps65fcecac.jpg  photo headstudy56_zpsea9a2ac0.jpg

Alet Pilon

 photo not_me_4_zps57e8f0ce.jpg  photo not_me_3_zpsa78ebc2e.jpg For a number of years, the underlying theme in the work of Alet Pilon has been the' balance of power' between man and beast. Typically, she has tended to see man as dominant and animals as defenseless and vulnerable, prompting her to attempt, in her work, to dismantle the might of man and emphasise the power of animals. Alet Pilon was strongly affected by her short stay at Het Vijfde Seizoen, where she saw that not only animals are vulnerable, but that people can be vulnerable as well – and perhaps to an even greater extent. As a result, she decided to revise her point of departure, making the demarcation between man and beast – between ruler and victim – vaguer, whilst the urge for life continued to manifest itself. (via Het Vijfde Seizoen)  photo -Roy_Villevoye_The_clearing_back_Alet_Pilon_not_me_MG_0268_zpsaea26770.jpeg  photo not_me_2_zpsb2d7ad67.jpg

Lauren Schofield

 photo treesburstbutterflies_zps5eecb511.jpg  photo nightparade_zpsa2528460.jpg  photo 6ecc4df44dc454606d946dab8bc052b3_zps95a566d4.jpg " My work aims to transport the viewer to a magical place in a distant land that inspires a visual story. I focus primarily on the female enigma, maidens of myth and mystery, and each representation that I have made depicts another side of a who a woman can be. The halos make reference to mythical beings who live in close harmony with nature. Rabbits often feature in my work. In folkloric traditions they are an archetypal symbol of femininity, associated with the lunar cycle. “A rabbit in the moon,” they say." - Lauren Schofield  photo thesleepwalker_zps70fac6c9.jpg  photo nightwingscopy_zps7517100c.jpg