Sharon Moody

 photo moodyMarryMe_zps3a897b60.jpg  photo moody_theamazon-LR_zps7a2a1f6f.jpg " My goal as a painter is to create space, whether the table top space in a still life work or the more shallow space of a trompe l'oeil composition. Illusionism, especially the heightened mimesis found in trompe l'oeil, invites the viewer to enter the space of the piece and then persuades them to linger and explore the meaning of the work. A final aim is first to delight the eye, and then intrigue the mind." - Sharon Moody.  photo moody_2012_rain_zpsa220e76c.png

Carmine Bellucci

 photo bea842153de41808e2d212f4f3719492_zps2de32901.jpg  photo 1d0e8c4d30258f858d6163585052a788_zpsdf32017a.jpg  photo a4af307d71e209b63ce66fe8b1dddec7_zps94df67da.jpg What a nice surprise to discover the work of Italian illustrator Carmine Bellucci. I am enamoured of it's jewel-like beauty and it's deeper meanings. Check out his website now, for it's a treasure trove of goodness.  photo aa36c6ed861db0588d6b99963d45f00f_zpsdafa7604.jpg  photo cd8b0b6d028145e28301f80e75ad252c_zps12117d6a.jpg

REM Island by Concrete

 photo image5-3_zpsfb481674.png  photo image3-6_zps22b286e2.png  photo image-8_zps4d098f09.png Restaurant REM Island in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Concrete, 2011.  photo image1-7_zps62acf97b.png  photo image4-4_zps50c6c0e7.png

Randall Rosenthal

 photo cardbox12_zps44373e96.jpg  photo guysections_zps770b1e57.jpg  photo rosenthal_hushMoney10_zpseca9316e.jpg  photo NYT_overhead_close_up_zps41584b17.jpg Every one of these things has been hand carved from a single piece of wood by New York sculptor Randall Rosenthal. You can say WOW now.  photo lunch_money_zpsc7227a7c.jpg  photo rosenthal_sweetMemories_zps9ae85950.jpg  photo obamawash6_zpsa030e28a.jpg

Raymond Saá

 photo Raymond-Sa-_291_zps835d55b1.jpg  photo Raymond-Sa-_278_zps192f9e83.jpg 'Raymond Saá uses tropical plants, fruit and foliage as a metaphor to explore the resilience of Caribbean culture that is transplanted to a new life in the United States. Saá was raised in Miami by his exiled mother and grandparents and his work draws on his family’s experience of displacement and struggle to maintain their Cuban heritage here. He is interested in the way that food, fruits and flowers from the market or the imagination can conjure associations with the old world. At Wave Hill, he has created a new mural for Glyndor Gallery in the transitional space of the entrance foyer. He covers the 19th-century European-style wall surfaces with Caribbean-style tropical plants to demonstrate his ideas about transplanting culture. He renders the plants in stark black and white to hint at the dislocation first generation immigrants experience in a new and competitive culture.' (via Art State)  photo Raymond-Sa-_279_zps67a83e2c.jpg  photo a185ff6062e42996905e04e8b07ff8aa_zps6afd5420.jpg

Carlos Perez

 photo Birthday-Party-Acryl-auf-Leinwand-145x120cm2011_zpsb16f5486.jpg  photo 043_zps10e76050.jpg  photo 05_zpsbf8213cc.jpg " When I paint – I think about people whose only experience will be what I have experienced in the past. And I think when I paint that I can sensitize it for people and help other people - people that I don't know. That's why I often work with children and why I often work with these large pictures. One is more present than what one does." - Carlos Perez  photo PEREZ_Salto-Al-Otro-Lado-Del-Muro-200x200cm_zps6abd48c0.jpg  photo 081_zps5d91cc1b.jpg

Liz Miller

 photo detail3_zpsf0a30fac.jpg  photo detail2_zps2ddd4582.jpg  photo detail4_zps4da209f2.jpg  photo detail6_zpsea5b758e.jpg "My mixed media installations and drawings recontextualize simplified shapes, signs and symbols from disparate historical and contemporary imagery to create abstract fictions. Existing forms from a multitude of sources are co-opted, altered, and spliced to adopt hybrid identities. Through the process of appropriation and subsequent recombination, shapes lose their real-world connotations and take on fictitious roles. Forged relationships between benign and malignant forms confuse the original implications of each while revealing the precariousness of perception and how easily it can be tampered with. Recent projects pit Baroque and Gothic pattern and ornament against forms derived from armor and weaponry. Seemingly oppositional pairings create duplicitous environments where conflicting messages are conveyed. The use of felt, foam, and other tactile materials further complicates questions of source, masking the identity of forms while allowing them to inhabit both sculptural and two-dimensional space." -Liz Miller  photo detail1_zps27e2a825.jpg  photo detail7_zps10b4b4aa.jpg  photo detail_zps43f0b09b.jpg

Sam Taylor

 photo 107_roklob-web-spt_zps7ff0eb0c.jpg  photo 49_clown-euro-web-spt-vice_zpsc6a6fc27.jpg  photo 51_yeezy-dodgem-web-nme-spt_zpsff1ba0b8.jpg Fresh, brightly-coloured drawings from cartoonist and illustrator Sam Taylor. The archive of posted illustrations on his website is completely worth the visit.  photo 47_hippy-guy-web-spt-vice_zps872d13f1.jpg  photo 44_murdoch-mantis-web-quango-spt-vice_zpsca3a95ab.jpg  photo 107_love-fight-spt-web_zps290516c9.jpg

Formed by Justin Roth

 photo ecc1deb5d8e78fd96f096fa1d516154b_zpsa53de7ca.jpg  photo 2f9f779e12848416f914ffd712c0df15_zpsb1f0e719.jpg Justin Roth's 'Formed' portraits are collages of multiple photos of hands.  photo 3715f743dc13fa01968eb1445da15ab0_zps53d12da7.jpg

David Imlay

 photo 14_portraitofgidapainting_zps635b0246.jpg  photo 14_thematadorpainting_zps370c5019.jpg  photo 14_portraitofblondiepainting_zps744bbdf5.jpg  photo 14_sirwinstonchurchill1946web_zpsde5e3505.jpg David Imlay's approach to painting draws influence from twentieth century American Contemporary Realism as well as Photorealism which both emerged in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Artists such as Robert Bechtle, Richard Estes and John Register utilized a straightforward approach to representation which continues to be widely practiced in these post-abstract eras. Born and raised in San Juan Capistrano, David first realized his passion art at an early age. He was fortunate enough to have the encouragement and support of his family and was heavily inspired by his grandfather Theron Imlay a Southwest Oil and Pastel Artist. David studied Illustration at San Jose State University as well as Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, Italy. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 2001 and currently resides in San Francisco, where he now works as a freelance Illustrator and Fine Artist.  photo 14_rembrandit_zps13d0e83a.jpg  photo 14_portraitofcalvinpainting_zps1f1501bd.jpg  photo 14_portraitofadachshund_zps13a2fcb0.jpg