Pete Ryan

 photo 8_wall_v2_zpse291c41d.jpg  photo 8_1digitalv2_zps55709488.jpg  photo 8_backpack_zps649cea92.jpg Pete Ryan is an illustrator. He works with acrylic paint, silkscreens, block prints, and airbrushes to make his work. He works insanely long hours, but that's what makes him happiest. Pete has won some awards and been recognized in some industry annuals - I'm sure you can guess which ones. He loves coming up with solutions to problems and will likely shock you with the amount of ideas he provides for each project. Pete also loves Boston Terriers and Middle Earth.  photo 8_shaker_v2_zps5ab3e0ad.jpg  photo 8_alawyerdolls_zps06a245b2.jpg

Ernesto Burgos

 photo 21_kwg-burgosover-something-else-2012-v3_zpsa410bec7.jpg  photo 21_kwg-burgosthe-talk-that-counts-is-the-talk-that-doesnt-matter-2012-v3_zpsde85ae48.jpg  photo 21_kwg-burgosthe-talk-that-counts-is-the-talk-that-doesnt-matter-v3-2012_zpsafa7afc9.jpg  photo 21_kwg-burgosbeverly-still-hangs-around-2012_zps1818ecff.jpg Ernesto Burgos was born in 1979 in Santa Clara, CA while exile with his family from Chile. He later moved back to Vina del Mar, CL, before returning to the US for college, where he received his BFA from California College of the Arts. In 2004 and his MFA from New York University in 2008. Burgos currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  photo 21_kwg-burgosinstallation-view_zpsb546babe.jpg  photo 21_kwg-burgosin-separate-activities-2012_zpsfa44a6fb.jpg  photo 21_kwg-burgosinstallation-view-v3_zps7b419737.jpg

Patrick Jackson

 photo 04_AllCutUp_PatrickJackson_zpscc1297d9.jpg  photo 03_AllCutUp_PatrickJackson_zpsf435170d.jpg  photo 05_AllCutUp_PatrickJackson_zps8b1629fe.jpg These look pretty interesting. It's the work of Los Angeles based artist Patrick Jackson. He is a fantastic artist.  photo 16_HouseofDouble_PatrickJackson_zps185016de.jpg  photo 14_HouseofDouble_PatrickJackson_zps45828957.jpg  photo 10_HouseofDouble_PatrickJackson_zps9f4b21ea.jpg

Fab Ciraolo

 photo 395069_273567566042458_989795864_n_zps78a3c212.jpg  photo tumblr_mk5ngjtnQE1qzamioo3_500_zpsc5a17313.jpg  photo Capturadepantalla2013-05-23alas164131_zps3a2a1a6e.png Fab Ciraolo, I have to say these are looking incredibly beautiful and perfect. Love it. What a treat!  photo 420081_282624808470067_333195834_n_zps935b8ddc.jpg  photo tumblr_mk5ngjtnQE1qzamioo2_500_zpseb18b6a8.jpg  photo 419343_296278880437993_572021378_n_zpsecf86791.jpg

Lionel Esteve

 photo 130879311_zps401f1a93.jpg  photo 3861_1_zps5bc6aed9.jpg Born in Lyon in 1967, Lionel Esteve has-been living and working there since 1997. Were His works included in several shows,: such as "involution" (CAC Brétigny 1995), "The Persuaders" (Museum of Fine Arts in Tourcoing, 2004) and "Migrant" (Museum of Modern Art of the City Paris, 2003, curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist). In September, Lionel Esteve Will present His first exhibition at our gallery. In the exhibition, the visitor - driven through net made of thread and pearls - will discover a floating graphic path. Indeed the artist Makes His works by gathering bits of materials he finds and recycled. Each Time of the Old works can be defined as a spatial drawing Where the colors flow Either fast or quietly. By Being Both brittle and non-formal, Lionel Esteve's works are extremely powerful, insofar as the eye They live more than They Are to be Looked at for Themselves. They Stimulate the perception of an infinite reality, by unveiling an Almost tangible space. Lionel Esteve has presented a mobile moving at "Art Unlimited" Art Basel Fair 2005.  photo Untitled-2_zps61a35a9d.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsb8e6afb4.jpg

Peter Pink

 photo 530456_418677051476638_85598062_n_zps090161ac.jpg  photo 530456_418677044809972_902897839_n_zps3e04350f.jpg  photo 530456_418677034809973_577788300_n_zps4873d144.jpg  photo 530456_418677048143305_459798729_n_zpsfe3ad7d9.jpg " One morning I had the idea of protesting potatoes. I already was using the sunglasses. So I put the sunglasses on the potatoes and I really liked how the different organic forms of the potatoes made it as if they were different characters or personas. Each potato had a different expression, if it was skinny or fat, or grumpy or weird. So that was the beginning. Then I just became curious about what other foods could represent other characters. After a while food became interesting in itself because you are working with lots of different textures and forms and it's all natural. I also like that food is alive and that it changes form quite fast, so the art can only be momentary. " - Peter Pink (via A. Muse Berlin)  photo Peter-Pink-Potatoes-6_zps09b4baac.jpg  photo Peter-Pink-Potatoes-5_zps32092717.jpg  photo Peter-Pink-Potatoes-4_zps8455cd52.jpg


 photo 4155429886_9ddd0ebcd8_b-500x479_zps30cabbc0.jpg  photo 4155436006_6c7ae69194_b-500x572_zps3231382c.jpg  photo 4155430492_0f3926cfc4_b-500x616_zps422db3b4.jpg  photo 4155431912_ee00220e0c_b-500x381_zps26f2b77b.jpg Dran is an amazing French street artist who has been called the ‘French Bansky’. His work is aimed at ridiculing the problems of modern society and culture.  photo 4154674455_e62f334ae3_b-500x558_zps70a281bf.jpg  photo 4154671757_d2b61469c1_b-500x488_zps0fc8dacb.jpg  photo 4155432370_286638847b_b-500x378_zpsd4d40141.jpg

CD Sculptures by Sean Avery

 photo Duck_by_SeanAvery_zps9e7553d0.jpg  photo Fleeple_Male_by_SeanAvery_zpse1b4d32f.jpg " My sculptures are all constructed with recycled materials — old CDs, computer hard drives etc, so I classify my work as "sustainable art". They're a lot of fun to make, but they take an extremely long time to finish, so I don't do a lot of them." - Sean Avery  photo Ant_by_SeanAvery_zps7c0079d6.jpg  photo Rat_by_SeanAvery_zps2d0e33aa.jpg

Trystram Menhinick

 photo 8700-8727738-7_zpsca76cfd7.jpg  photo 8700-2357305-7_zpsf876382c.jpg  photo 8700-6369428-7_zpsda31b7ce.jpg I stumbled across this fantastic work today of Trystram Menhinick, a talented artist hailing from Salford, Manchester. Looks goodness.  photo 8700-8727750-7_zps09af3a93.jpg  photo 8700-9520286-7_zps23be85ac.jpg

Erika Sanada

 photo 5282411_orig_zpsebd73b91.jpg  photo 3398589_orig_zpsc76e2ab7.jpg  photo 429829_orig_zpsad5e23a1.jpg " My concept is 'Odd Things' I want my audience to feel emotions that include excitement, astonishment and impact when they look at my artwork there are two reasons why I create odd, creepy and grotesque things. One is the memory of my childhood and the second is constant anxieties. My work reflects the creepy and the grotesque because I am fascinated with the dark side. When I was young my friends ignored and bullied me, as a result, I stayed indoors and watched a lot of supernatural movies. They helped me escape from reality and gave me power. A lot of these movies showed heroes using their magic to turn villains into grotesque animals and insects. This transformation intrigued and inspired me to make work that reflected the images that I saw in those movies." - Erika Sanada  photo 4522754_orig_zps0c07e73a.jpg  photo 9584109_orig_zpsf4ff0f23.jpg