Yasuhiro Ymashita

p This cute house is designed by architect Yasuhiro Ymashita, located at downtown Tokyo. Love it. p p

Fantastic Norway

p p Fantastic Norway, designed this Norwegian cabin retreat in the Middle-North of the Scandinavian country. Looks great! p

Fernando Romero

p p Bridge Tea House designed by Fernando Romero in Jinhua Architectural Park in China. Click here for the link. p

Amazon Tree Houses

Amazon Tree Houses was formed in 2007 by Derek Saunderson, a Joiner and Treehouse builder with over twenty years experience. His aim was to bring the craft of treehouse building back from the accountants and sales-men, and put it firmly back in the hands of the crafts-men who’s passion for treehouse building shows in their skill and commitment for creating beautiful natural structures.

The Helix Hotel

American design firm, Leeser Architecture recently won an invited competition for a five-star luxury hotel in the Zayed Bay in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Called the Helix Hotel for its staggered floor plates, it rests in the bay, partially floating in the water. With 208 guest rooms and suites arranged around a helical floor, the floor constantly shifts as it rises to the top floor. The curvy floor is meant to resemble winding street in a bustling town. It is designed so that one activity feeds into the next rather than affecting sharp separations between each activity. In this way it develops a feeling of being free to whimsically experience all aspects of the hotel without having to decide on an agenda in advance. Guests can take advantage of the lounges, cafes, meeting rooms, indoor health spa, running track and indoor fountain. p


p p AIRchitecture - Delft's Flying Architecture Faculty Vision: A new concept for an architecture faculty; Dynamic learning from "hands-on" experience; Being there will enhance passion for architecture and responsibility to the people and the environment around the world; Flying workspace allowing future collaboration and student exchange; Energy efficient implementations as an integral part of the design; Minimal footprint; Visionary approach that can be merged within existing educational fabrics; Urban and global connections and awareness; Sustainable principles with economic and ecologic viabilities; Integration with the new green campus design by mecanoo. On-site building: The static place will serve as a social place; Library, offices, lecture halls, restaurant, storage place and auditorium are right on and below ground; Students, teachers and visitors will feel home and part of nature; Sharing spaces approach and using facilities on-campus and in other universities around the world and around the city; The low building silhouette will merge into the landscape and add more value to the entire campus. (Continue reading...) p


p p Love this cool tilted house design by TNA Architects in Japan. Link here. p

Monaco House

p Monaco House in Melbourne, Australia designed by McBride Charles Ryan. More photos here. p


p Sinato architects designed this ladies apparel shop in Funabashi, Japan. Looks goodness! (photos via Yasushi Nagai)

Königsberger Vannucchi

p p p By architects Jorge Königsberger and Gianfranco Vannucchi (via Archdaily) p