Ipera 25 Apartment Building by Alatas Architecture and Consulting

 photo Dezeen_Ipera-25-by-Alatas-Architecture-Consulting_1_zpsdd27c241.jpg  photo Dezeen_Ipera-25-by-Alatas-Architecture-Consulting_7_zpse9a89014.jpg  photo Dezeen_Ipera-25-by-Alatas-Architecture-Consulting_17_zpsc7bcdafe.jpg Ipera 25 Apartment Building in Istanbul by Architects Ahmet Alataş and Emre Açar of Turkish studio Alataş Architecture & Consulting. 'The building is located on Tatarbeyi Sokak, is one of the most virginal and underdeveloped streets of the rapidly transforming Galata District under conservation. Comprised of eight 80-m2 studio flats and one 190-m2 penthouse up for sale, it has a total surface area of 1000 m2. The building is a residential project that extends beyond the conventional codes of the already-built environment, yet manages to reproduce these codes, respecting the existing architectural fabric.'  photo tumblr_inline_mlv9esuWwc1qz4rgp_zps207ce74c.jpg  photo Dezeen_Ipera-25-by-Alatas-Architecture-Consulting_5_zps20964de8.jpg

Ginko Eco-Neighbourhood Housing

 photo 51addd47b3fc4bbb7a00005a_ginko-eco-neighbourhood-housing-nicolas-laisn-christophe-rousselle_nicolas_laisne_architecte_03_-hd_zps67be0ee5.jpg  photo 51addc2eb3fc4b225b000060_ginko-eco-neighbourhood-housing-nicolas-laisn-christophe-rousselle_nicolas_laisne_architecte_04_-hd_zpsc7595bec.jpg  photo 51addf9db3fc4bf3fc00005d_ginko-eco-neighbourhood-housing-nicolas-laisn-christophe-rousselle_nicolas_laisne_architecte_08_-hd_zps9807a8d0.jpg The Ginko eco-neighbourhood is located in northern Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne River. Architects Nicolas Laisné and Christophe Rousselle have been commissioned to develop the Saint-Exupéry lot. The project includes the construction of four apartment buildings and seven single-family homes. Link here.  photo 51adde6cb3fc4bf3fc00005b_ginko-eco-neighbourhood-housing-nicolas-laisn-christophe-rousselle_nicolas_laisne_architecte_07_-hd_zps35b7ac9e.jpg  photo 51ade1f9b3fc4b225b000071_ginko-eco-neighbourhood-housing-nicolas-laisn-christophe-rousselle_nicolas_laisne_architecte_02_hd-_zps24af563b.jpg

House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos

 photo house-pedralbes-05-800x533_zps5c3b0a5f.jpg  photo house-pedralbes-09-800x1200_zpsa2aa8dc9.jpg  photo house-pedralbes-10-800x533_zpsebd7eb5d.jpg  photo house-pedralbes-20-800x495_zps323031e8.jpg House Pedralbes designed by BCarquitectos: 'This family home is located in the upper area of Barcelona. The project pro­posed to move the building to the rear of the site in order to achieve the best orientation towards the south and east, and to have a spacious garden. Fur­thermore, building the house on the highest point of the land attains the best views of the sea, the city of Barcelona and also the Serra de Collserola. Its proximity to a ring road required a formal solution to noise pollution. Estudio BC resolved this in the home, by designing a wooden skin formed by vertical slats, which covers the back and side façade, and planning a green wall-slope on the edge of the lot that reinforces the protection against the noise.'  photo house-pedralbes-14-800x1200_zpsfcac27f8.jpg  photo house-pedralbes-06-800x533_zps5b4981ba.jpg  photo house-pedralbes-15-800x1200_zps20ae6ebb.jpg

Hue Apartments

 photo Hue-Apartments-01-1-800x1210_zps73bfb593.jpg  photo Hue-Apartments-01-3-800x1195_zps8a751b18.jpg  photo Hue-Apartments-05-1150x758_zpsac3df0e8.jpg Melbourne-based studio Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) designed the Hue Apartments project located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 'Hue is a 5 storey apartment building that sits within a post industrial streetscape in Lord Street, Richmond. The site is bound on 3 sides by large 2-4 storey brick warehouse buildings whilst across the road are the rear yards of residential properties.'  photo Hue-Apartments-09-800x532_zpsff3ca6d3.jpg  photo Hue-Apartments-02-800x1194_zpsfe80bc69.jpg

Torquay House

 photo Torquay04dailyicon_zps56d71aec.jpg  photo Torquay05dailyicon_zpsfdfc58f8.jpg  photo Torquay02dailyicon_zps947ac53f.jpg Torquay House in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, by Wolveridge Architects, Photography by Derek Swalwell (via Archdaily)  photo Torquay06dailyicon_zpsbb49e9a4.jpg  photo 51275c03b3fc4bc90700005d_torquay-house-wolveridge-architects_wolveridge_torquay13108-528x396_zps15dfc6a9.jpg

Cardboard Pavilion

 photo 4-corrugated-cardboard-pavilion-in-valencia-by-miguel-arraiz-david-moreno_zpse02ff82b.jpg  photo 3-corrugated-cardboard-pavilion-in-valencia-by-miguel-arraiz-david-moreno_zps18a0fb8c.jpg  photo 5-corrugated-cardboard-pavilion-in-valencia-by-miguel-arraiz-david-moreno_zps4592d406.jpg Corrugated hexagonal cardboard box building in Valencia by architects Miguel Arraiz García of Bipolaire Arquitectos and David Moreno Terrón of Pink Intruder. Link here.  photo 2-corrugated-cardboard-pavilion-in-valencia-by-miguel-arraiz-david-moreno_zps15230328.jpg  photo 6-corrugated-cardboard-pavilion-in-valencia-by-miguel-arraiz-david-moreno_zps55f473aa.jpg

Holographic Cube Building

 photo tumblr_mhdt1cuVVe1qzamioo2_1280_zpsdbae1f10.jpg  photo holographic_1_zps89db495f.jpg  photo tumblr_mhdt1cuVVe1qzamioo1_1280_zps147f84ad.jpg Originally made for the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, this installation covered two buildings in holographic panels that shifted color once lasers were reflected off it, creating a dazzling array of invisible light pyrotechnics. Link here.  photo tumblr_mhdt1cuVVe1qzamioo3_1280_zps5c1d6982.jpg  photo tumblr_mhdt1cuVVe1qzamioo4_1280_zpsac55e8fc.jpg

Glass House by Santambrogiomilano

 photo Picture-2_zpse7af6d96.jpg  photo Picture-1_zps7ee28e7e.jpg Check out this stunning glass house concept created by Italian design studio Santambrogiomilano.  photo Picture-4_zpsf6508077.jpg  photo Picture-3_zps23502a7f.jpg

FujiwaraMuro Architects

 photo house-in-muko-fujiwaramuro_zps61d7c213.jpg  photo house-in-muko-fujiwaramuro-4_zpse1c57068.jpg Huge vertical louvres give a pleated appearance to this family house in Kyoto by FujiwaraMuro Architects. Link here.  photo house-in-muko-fujiwaramuro-7_zps7a492085.jpg

OLS House by J.Mayer H. Architects

 photo ol_030413_02-940x620_zps1f10490c.jpg  photo ol_030413_01-940x657_zps361a1438.jpg  photo ol_030413_09-940x715_zps4fe46a33.jpg  photo ol_030413_13-940x703_zps3ba9016e.jpg J.Mayer H. Architects have designed the OLS House near Stuttgart, Germany. 'The new, 4-person family home is divided into an elevated ground floor with entrance area, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan containing the living, dining and kitchen areas. Full-height glazing provides a free view of the valley and terrace looking over the garden area. Upstairs are the sleeping areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms. The central design element is a sculptural staircase that connects all three levels. The house was built as a reinforced concrete construction. The facade consists of one heat-insulating compound system and an aluminum and glass facade. Slats and anti-glare sheeting provide integrated sun protection, protecting it against heat. All of the lightweight partition walls inside are made of drywall. The floor is a seamless layer of screed. The roof with the deep, recessed balcony was built with pre-weathered zinc plate cladding and is fitted with solar panels.' Link here.  photo ol_030413_05_zps65ec524e.jpg  photo ol_030413_07-940x635_zps27af1149.jpg