Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud

p o p p Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud, France by KOZ Architectes / Christophe Ouhayoun – Nicolas Ziesel. Photos by Stephan Lucas. p p

Zamet Centre

p p p ' Situated in Rijeka’s quarter Zamet, the new Zamet Centre in complete size of 16830 m2 hosts various facilities: sports hall with max 2380 seats, local community offices, library, 13 retail and service spaces and a garage with 250 parking spaces. One third of the sports hall’s volume is cut in the ground, and the rest of the Centre is fully fitted into the surrounding landscape. The building’s main architectural element are ribbon-like linear stripes stretching over the site in a north-south direction, functioning at the same time as an architectural design element of the object and as a zoning element which forms a public square and a link between the park on the north and school and B. Vidas street on the south. ' p

123 Social Green Center

p p p p 123 Social Green Center in Spain designed by Somos Architects. Link here. p


p p p Clinic, Kure city, Hirosihima, Japan, by Suppose Design Office via Arch Daily. Link here. p

Cahill Center by Morphosis

p ' Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics was designed by Morphosis Architects. Since the construction of the Palomar Observatory in 1948, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has continuously pioneered new ways of observing and explaining the heavens. Caltech scientists and engineers have deployed ever-changing telescopes on satellites, rockets, and balloons, and with these have made fundamental discoveries leading to new theoretical models. Paramount discoveries that have come out of Caltech include the cosmological nature of distant quasars, gamma-ray bursts, and brown dwarfs. In 2007 alone, Caltech astronomers found the largest object orbiting the sun since the discovery of Pluto in 1930, as well as the most distant galaxy in the universe. Yet, over the decades, the various specialists dispersed across the Caltech campus. The Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics brings together a dozen different groups with vastly different cultures, focuses, and scopes into a single structure designed to facilitate collaboration and spontaneous discourse. ' Link here. p

Suppose Design Office

p p p p Saijo house in Hiroshima, Japan by Suppose Design Office. Link. Lead Architect: Makoto Tanijiri (via Yatzer) p

Livraria ad Vila

p p p Livraria ad Vila is a bookstore designed by Isay Weinfeild located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Looks goodness. p

Upside Down House

p p This cool installation of an upside down house in Trassenheide Germany was designed by Polish partners Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk for the Edutainment exhibition company. Link here. p p p

Leaf House

p p p " Outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful little beach with amazing blue water, sits a little house with a flowering roof that shades and protects like a big tropical banana leaf. Designed by Mareines + Patalano, the open air abode is meant to encourage interaction and connection between man and nature. With verandas and open spaces in between rooms and no corridors, the tropical beach house is an ideal place for social gatherings and parties. The open layout also takes advantage of trade winds that blow in from the sea, providing natural ventilation and passive cooling. " (Continue...) p

Mobile Treehouse

p p p " Entrepreneur Alan Jennison acquired the “mobile treehouse” in 2007 from Forestry Tasmania who used it to promote tourism. Beyond being used for promoting the beautiful Tasmanian island, off the coast of Australia, Jennison imagines that “it could also make a great home, cubby for the kids, artist’s studio, shed — the list is really endless.” The log is outfitted with light fixtures, electric hook ups, and sliding glass door showcases, so it could also be used as part of a museum, a personal library, or just a private den for relaxing. " (Continue...) p