Shingle House by Ramella Architects

 photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_03-800x533_zpsd4c60bf8.jpg  photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_01-800x533_zpsa234a14d.jpg  photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_06-800x533_zps671c2453.jpg  photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_14-800x533_zpsb2c32002.jpg Concepts for the Shingle House are drawn from the American roofed houses, included the request for a large Bay-Window with roof Shingles. The sloping lines of the coverage, form a sloping wall that gives a movement in the facades, and the roof touch the ground. The pillars are extended and bent to the outside to form a set. Noteworthy are the colors gray to the roof type and predominantly white finishes like paint and flooring natural stones. The classic model of Bay-Window requested by the owners, was stylized to create effects internally and followed the coverage. The sloping wall of the living room to the second floor follows inclined to the piano room and creates a double height that allows light to step inside the space through the garret strategically placed in the center of the roof to ensure privacy. Link here.  photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_15-800x1200_zps008a5700.jpg  photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_05-800x533_zps89b71a23.jpg  photo shingle_house_ramella_arquitetura_ILikeArch_00-800x533_zps9dd81e9c.jpg

YOAP White House

 photo 4_zps43e43346.jpg  photo 3_zps8478ba84.jpg  photo 6_zpsc543bdd4.jpg From the architect: The site Located is limited to a very small area, small even for a house: 8 meters wide and 20 meters long, with a 175 m2 area. Nine studio apartments had to be packed into this 5 story multiplex housing building. As is the case for all rental housing in Korea, the building had to be profitable and economical and yet the building should be pleasant and even pleasing for the residents. Its name YOAP White House comes from Korea word yoap, meaning just around or nearby. This small housing will stand in the corner site of old resident area of Bangbae-dong, giving intimate image. More here.  photo 5_zps94a873ff.jpg  photo 2_zps77ab3a8a.jpg

Housing ZAC Port Marianne

 photo 01V2_full_zps147fd397.jpg  photo 11V2_full_zps2ef691ac.jpg Between Avenue Pierre Mendes-France and Avenue 98 World of Montpellier, the ZAC Port Marianne comes from the willingness of the municipality to draw a garden city close to the city center, easily accessible thanks to the numerous infrastructure transport (major roads, tram, bicycle network). Associated with several architects, Christian de Portzamparc here imagined a large 7-hectare park where a group of 11 islands representing 1,900 housing emerges. (Continue here)  photo IMG_5068_full_zpsedef9c52.jpg

Alex Chinneck

 photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco2_1280_zps87efce73.jpg  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco4_1280_zpse4619566.jpg  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco1_r1_1280_zpsb9b2090a.jpg From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes by Alex Chinneck (b.1984), a London based artist and designer. Website here.  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco7_1280_zps29149f04.jpg  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco6_1280_zpsb3077a2c.jpg

Sensualscaping Stairs

 photo ---IMG_2824_950_zps2da63b41.jpg  photo Staircase_duo_950_zps537208cd.jpg " These stairs for a residential project (Sensualscaping) took us in an important new direction, harnessing digital production and fabrication to form a seamless and deeply sculptural experience. This page documents a component that we felt was rich enough in detail to merit further exploration and explanation. The stair is a continuation and intensification of the simple graphic skirting board lines that trace their way through the house. As they turn the corner into the stair void, they expand like a genie released from a lamp, curling and separating and bifurcating from the wall to form the delicate edge of the stair treads, lifting into the air to rise as the veil of the balustrade. This veil hangs gently from above as a series of thin paired threads, softly pulled back at the entry to allow movement past, gently splaying around the corner to meet and carry the arriving visitor onwards & upwards." - Atmos Studio  photo ---IMG_0869_950_zps6ad822e4.jpg  photo IMG_0208_950_zps41c457c6.jpg

The Margarido House

 photo 1930590911_margarido_030310_01_940x741-600x472_zpsb1968350.jpg  photo Margarido-House-01-1-750x558_zps48b2fd3e.jpg  photo Margarido-House-01-3-750x895_zps086e5d7c.jpg Margarido House, a Contemporary Energy Efficient home by Onion Flats. This 4,650 square foot single family home in the hills of Oakland, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and all of San Francisco, was one of the first LEED-H Gold single-family homes in the State of California.  photo Margarido-House-01-8-750x469_zps1a649ccc.jpg  photo Margarido-House-02-2-750x598_zps41ad8860.jpg  photo Margarido-House-01-2-750x418_zpsc0f8c383.jpg

Vallvidrera House

 photo Ylab-Vallvidrera_03_zps4478079c.jpg  photo Ylab-Vallvidrera_14_zps238847fb.jpg  photo Ylab-Vallvidrera_13_zpsf7274cac.jpg 'The project is situated in the Vallvidrera neighborhood, a residential area with views overlooking the city of Barcelona, surrounded by the Collserola natural park, in a very sloped and small plot situated between a valley and a pine forest. The objectives of the project were to get the maximum possible building area within a tight budget and an optimized orientation of all openings while protecting the privacy of the owners.' Architecture and interior design: YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona  photo Ylab-Vallvidrera_02_zpsc68f73a7.jpg  photo Ylab-Vallvidrera_01_zpsd01d2216.jpg

Cinématheque Suisse / EM2N

 photo 51ae0927b3fc4b225b0000a3_cin-matheque-suisse-em2n_121_fot_frei_obj_ar_177617-528x396_zps6f338652.jpg  photo 51ae0913b3fc4bf3fc00007c_cin-matheque-suisse-em2n_121_fot_frei_obj_ar_177317-528x396_zps2981060a.jpg  photo 51ae092fb3fc4bbb7a000096_cin-matheque-suisse-em2n_121_fot_frei_obj_ir_176732_zpsa12f80c6.jpg Architects: EM2N Location: Penthaz, Switzerland - 'Paradoxically, the charm of the existing Cinémathèque lay in its simple and utilitarian appearance. The home of the national collective film memory presented itself as an unpretentious accumulation of sheds, concerned more about the contents than the packaging. The extension project accepts this starting point and makes it its own. The structure of the existing buildings arranged in a linear fashion is translated by new additions and remodeling into a composite, ambivalent form of parallel buildings of different lengths. Just the end situation is marked by angled cuts; the building in this way acquires a face.' More here.  photo 51ae0951b3fc4b225b0000a7_cin-matheque-suisse-em2n_121_fot_frei_obj_ir_177487-528x396_zpscf3fd352.jpg  photo 51ae090cb3fc4bbb7a000092_cin-matheque-suisse-em2n_121_fot_frei_obj_ar_177218_zpsf15f06fe.jpg

Offices for Junta de Castilla y León by Alberto Campo Baeza

 photo 1_zps3c96e9fd.jpg  photo dezeen_Offices-for-Junta-de-Castilla-y-Leoacuten-by-Alberto-Campo-Baeza_7_zps3bd2cee5.jpg  photo dezeen_Baeza_zps993814d1.jpg Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has concealed an office block with walls made entirely of glass behind a sandstone enclosure in the Spanish city of Zamora. The project was completed in collaboration with architects Pablo Fernández Lorenzo, Pablo Redondo Díez, Alfonso González Gaisán and Francisco Blanco Velasco. Link here.  photo dezeen_Offices-for-Junta-de-Castilla-y-Leoacuten-by-Alberto-Campo-Baeza_10_zps489334ee.jpg  photo 2_zpsdc0bc61d.jpg

Casa Gómez

 photo casa_gomez_sostutidio_sergio_orduntildea_architects_ILikeArch_01-550x366_zps26bf2a1d.jpg  photo casa_gomez_sostutidio_sergio_orduntildea_architects_ILikeArch_04-550x826_zps03ae0fc3.jpg  photo casa_gomez_sostutidio_sergio_orduntildea_architects_ILikeArch_02-550x366_zps51615e08.jpg Casa Gómez was developed and built by SOSTUDIO / Sergio Orduna Architects between 2011 and 2012 in Cancun, Mexico.  photo casa_gomez_sostutidio_sergio_orduntildea_architects_ILikeArch_03-550x366_zpsfb594508.jpg  photo casa_gomez_sostutidio_sergio_orduntildea_architects_ILikeArch_05-550x366_zpsfd7b0944.jpg