Luis Luna

p p This colorful wooden chair is designed by Luis Luna. Rockin'. Love it! p

Sandra Backlund

p Nice work by Swedish fashion designer Sandra Backlund. p

Papa Chair

p Israeli designer Itay Ohaly came up with Papa Chair, ' encouraging the interaction between parent and child/or, as an extra place for our stuff '. I guess this will work at least until the daddy stands up. Hahahaha. p

Meat Landscapes

p p DDB is an advertising agency that did a series of print ads for Negroni - a Italian meat-manufacturer. Looks goodness, I had to share. p


p By Dutch designer Maarten Baas. Awesome! Love it!

Mary Huang

p ' The scarf is made from machine-knit material. The dress is a combination of woven cotton jersey and hand-crocheted flowers. About two dozen bright white LEDs are embedded in each. Both pieces are interchangeable from battery power to wall power via an adapter. ' Designed by: Mary Huang p


p I just got an email from our pal Julian James (previously-blogged) informing me that the first issue of his online PDF magazine NewSugar is out now. It’s filled with all sorts of images and interviews from artists like Steve Rack, Kate Copeland, Pit, Cale Ajioka and many more. Download it now.. it's FREE!! Thank you Jules! Congratulations!!

Mori Ex Cacao Death by Chocolate

p p These series of chocolate skulls are by D.L. & Co. in collaboration with confectioner Valerie Gordon. Available in scorched caramel, bitter brandied cherry, and curious chili. Mmmm. Sold individually for $40 or you can get it as a set of the three flavors for $90. Buy here. p


p Lovely sweaters by the French Collective Shoboshobo.

Faesthetic Magazine

o Faesthetic Magazine is an independent art magazine packed with illustrations, photography, graffiti and digital art. Issue #9 is now ready for purchase featuring 80 pages of high quality 2 color original UFO themed art over 25 artists including our very own Peap. Get yours now! Click here. o