I Hate You From The Bottom Of My Heart Necklace

p Gotta order this.. immediately! This is awesome. Haha. Buy here. Previously on Sweet Station: Kidviskous

Print Liberation

p Haha. Well, that pretty much sums up my week. No posts this weekend kids. Too much planning and writing to do. I need to recharge myself with some positive energy. I'll see you all back here Monday. Stay fly! Shirt by Print Liberation

One World Clock

p ' Thanks to this wall clock you will know what time is it all around the world! Graphic and very functional for the globetrotters, practical when you want to join your friends or you family abroad ... Each hand (10 hands in total) represent a famous monument, characteristic of a famous capital city...' (via Made in Design)

Polka Pots

p These mutant pots looks pretty wild. Aww! ' The Polka Pot project is a collaboration with RIESS Email, an Austrian enamel company. The idea of the pot is changed, modified, mutated. The elements of these known daily-used objects are rearranged- the result is a collection of creatures, which make you think about your routines and ways of doing things. ' (via DesignBoom) p

Sticky Sunglasses

p Looks fun. You like? Yes? No? Maybe? Sticky shades by Azumi & David via What's Wrong With The Zoo. p

Vote T

p Speak your mind fashionably. Haha. I thought this Men’s T-shirt from the Gap is very cleaver. Obama or McCain? Write it in!

Baby Hand Soap

p ' Weird, and wonderful, these little hands are actual soap. About 10 different hands in different skin tones come to a pack. Handmade of goat's milk and vegetable glycerin and slightly, lightly scented, these are the original Baby Hand Soaps by Marie Gardeski for Foliage. Each one ranges in size from 1/2' to 2." Really quite lovely! (and, ok, a little creepy). '

Rattus Norvegicus Rex

p Rattus Norvegicus Rex aka 'The Brown Rat King' is yours for 1250.00 Links here and here. p

Digital Dali

p Digital Dali rests on the edge of any horizontal surface. The power cord can either run out of the back, or from the bottom to be concealed by the tabletop. Designed by: Ross McBride

Shahar Peleg

p p Hot Man by Shahar Peleg ' Shahar Peleg, is a multi-disciplined designer, he designs, develops and produces commercial products in small quantities. His products are sold in design stores in Israel and other countries including Japan, Singapore, and the US. He has also been a feature exhibitor in numerous shows in Israel and around the world. Shahar designs every-day objects with additional values which give them a fresh character. His experimentation with optical illusions and magic result in smart and surprising products that challenge the spectator to take a closer, more detailed look. His products are characterized by minimalist form and with the use of ordinary materials, usually produced in low tech production processes and at times even handmade. ' p