Pee-pee teepee

p Okay, don't laugh but I thought this is such a clever idea. Makes it so much easier for the parents of baby boys. Haha. Pee pee tee pee is a cone-shaped cloth that makes diaper changes danger-free. Hehe. Awwww! m


p Spiceship is a collaborative studio of Audrey Hasen Russell and John Truex. Check their website out when you get a chance. o

Ronny Poon

o p In love with this triangular box of Chuck Taylor All Stars for babies by Ronny Poon. " A fun package for toddlers Converse shoes. It helps improve children’s motor skills by allowing the child to lace-up the box. When 5 boxes are collected they can be placed together to form the Converse star. " p

Flat Light Bulb

Flat bulb designed by Joonhuyn Kim from Korea. I don't think its on production yet, but when they'll be, I'd love to get my hands on a couple of them. Kickass!

Tango Variations

p p Tango dancing chairs created by Ante Vojnovic. (via Yatzer)


p Ahh this is awesome. Well now I can eat chocolates and know exactly how much calories it has. Link here guys.

Jack Daniels Fudge

p Jack Daniels Fudge. I can not wait to try this one!! (Thanks for the link Cory!!)

Folgers Ad Campaign

p Folders campaign (by Saatchi & Saatchi) turned manholes in New York City into steaming cups of coffee. Link here.

Timothy Horn

p p Great work by Australian artist Timothy Horn. More to see on his website. p p

Can Of Inspiration

p Can of Inspiration from the Department of Doing. A great gift for the un-inspired. Directions: Add 1% inspiration to 99% perspiration for the original, Thomas Edison inspired formula - and get the job done! Once opened, content will infuse the local atmosphere. Caution required in confined spaces to avoid over-stimulation. Inspiration from the Department of Doing is the finest you can buy. Use sparingly.