Luna Faucet

p A minimalist faucet for a modern bathroom. ' High-end plumber Graff designed this gorgeous work of art it calls Luna, appearing to be more ski jump than faucet. Its hot and cold water controls reside either in the countertop or on the wall, while the three-foot-tall faucet itself juts out of the wall, gently curving into the sink below. ' p

Pee-pee teepee

p Okay, don't laugh but I thought this is such a clever idea. Makes it so much easier for the parents of baby boys. Haha. Pee pee tee pee is a cone-shaped cloth that makes diaper changes danger-free. Hehe. Awwww! m


p Spiceship is a collaborative studio of Audrey Hasen Russell and John Truex. Check their website out when you get a chance. o

Ronny Poon

o p In love with this triangular box of Chuck Taylor All Stars for babies by Ronny Poon. " A fun package for toddlers Converse shoes. It helps improve children’s motor skills by allowing the child to lace-up the box. When 5 boxes are collected they can be placed together to form the Converse star. " p

Flat Light Bulb

Flat bulb designed by Joonhuyn Kim from Korea. I don't think its on production yet, but when they'll be, I'd love to get my hands on a couple of them. Kickass!

Tango Variations

p p Tango dancing chairs created by Ante Vojnovic. (via Yatzer)


p Ahh this is awesome. Well now I can eat chocolates and know exactly how much calories it has. Link here guys.

Jack Daniels Fudge

p Jack Daniels Fudge. I can not wait to try this one!! (Thanks for the link Cory!!)

Folgers Ad Campaign

p Folders campaign (by Saatchi & Saatchi) turned manholes in New York City into steaming cups of coffee. Link here.

Timothy Horn

p p Great work by Australian artist Timothy Horn. More to see on his website. p p