Can Of Inspiration

p Can of Inspiration from the Department of Doing. A great gift for the un-inspired. Directions: Add 1% inspiration to 99% perspiration for the original, Thomas Edison inspired formula - and get the job done! Once opened, content will infuse the local atmosphere. Caution required in confined spaces to avoid over-stimulation. Inspiration from the Department of Doing is the finest you can buy. Use sparingly.

The Standard Hotels Limited Edition Shirts

Three contemporary legends, Jose Parla, Eric Haze and Natas Kaupas from Miami, NYC and LA have created a set of 3 limited edition T-shirts for The Standard Hotel's 3 properties (owned by Andre Balazs) in those cities. Here's some artist info they sent to me. Miami: Jose Parla - a contemporary artists with graffiti roots whose work looks like kaleidoscope of layered colors and textures. It’s totally incredible to watch him at work… his first solo exhibition in NYC just opened at Cristina Grajales (from Nov 8 to Dec 20)… He has had many exhibitions around the world in USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Japan etc. etc. - including ones at Christies during art basel and with Takashi Murakami in Tokyo. p New York: Eric Haze - legendary graffiti artist and graphic designer from New York City and is known as one of the earliest designers of streetwear clothing… Eric has collaborated with a number of brands such as Porsche, Sony, Stussy, Mountain Dew, Nike, G-Shock, New Balance… Some of his works include the now iconic early hip-hop logos for Public Enemy, EPMD, and MTV as well as album covers for the Beastie Boys and Tommy Boy Records. His handwritten text for the cover of the Beastie Boys “Check Your Head” album is probably one of the most imitated handwriting styles to this day. p Los Angeles: Natas Kaupas - accomplished artist and skateboarding legend - He is often referred to as one of the first true professional street skateboarders during the “Dogtown Era”… In early 1990’s, Natas began to do art direction and graphic design for such companies as Santa Monica Airlines, Element, Vita, Etnies and his own board company, Designarium - and later became global creative director at Quicksilver. Natas was profiled in one of the most famous skateboarding films of all time "Streets on Fire”.

8-Bit Tie

p Whoa. Major geek wear, huh. So what happens when you run into a guy wearing this 8-Bit Tie? Ummm... feed him to the dogs? Hahaha.. just kidding. I really need to zip my mouth at this point. Previously on Sweet Station: Pixel drink coasters

Comma Pendant

p I thought this comma pendant is a perfect gift for bloggers. Buy here.

Mr. P Brother Shakers

p Wow. Mr. P Brother Shakers have a smile that lights up the world. Try it. You might get called cute when you smile like this. Hehe.

Human CD Holder

p p I don't really own a lot of cds cause I get a ton of stuff off iTunes and Limewire. Ugh. So anyway, these guys would be perfect around the house. Add to cart.

Kittiwat Unarrom

p Chill out people. It's just bread. I would totally eat this. *vomits* lol. " When people see the bread, they don’t want to eat it. But when they taste it, it’s just normal bread. The lesson is ‘don’t judge just by outer appearances." - Kittiwat Unarrom

Push Up Preston

p I met a dude yesterday who has muscles on top of muscles on top of veins and more muscles on top of muscles. Seriously. The guy has subcategories of muscles personal trainers and scientists haven't classified yet. My goodness. Anyway, I think he'll enjoy this Muscle Beach Boy Push Up Preston. Haha. Is it one of those random days again!

PB & J Necklace

Dork Alert! Just thought I'd share cause I really love this necklace until I lost it 2 weeks ago! Boooo!

Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug

p Mr. Suicide bathtub plug fits approx. 1.5" and is 2.75" diameter. and it's 3.5" tall. Buy here.