Camera Shaped Cookies

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Manjar has created these iconic cameras you want to eat. Designs include a Polaroid Rainbow Land camera, a Diana camera, and a Blackbird camera and they also come in 'Greenpoint' and 'Bushwick' flavors. Photobucket Photobucket

Decagon Tent

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 'Japanese outdoor equipment company Logos has created a 'Decagon Tent,' a modular tent structure that can stand alone or link together with other decagon tent components to create a complex interior environment, even while you’re roughing it in the great outdoors.' Photobucket

Hand Sign USB Flash Drive

Photobucket Photobucket Popular culture inevitably absorbs counter-cultural symbols and gestures. Think about the hippie peace sign or the rocker's devil horn salute. More recently, inner-city gang hand signs are routinely "thrown up" by friends posing for pictures and by celebrities in magazines. Meanings sometimes evolve through technological advances. The Hand Sign USB key pays respect to the remarkably expressive human hand. Hand Sign USB is available in a range of gestures, including "love", "east side", "west side", and "change". Link here. Photobucket

Lamb Stool

Photobucket Photobucket Stool, made from a whole lamb, exposing all the details remaining of the former life of the animal. This is evident from the transition in the wool from the legs to the ‘back’ and the detail on the inner leg dew claw. The mind goes between “the individual” and “the product” as the item captures an in-between stage where both are present. To achieve the highest quality and finish, the stool is developed with Frank J. Zitz & Company, Inc. Frank J. Ziltz is a renowned taxidermist which clients include museums and private collectors, with a great reputation for correct anatomy and excellent detail. The re-enforced legs are anatomically correct and strong despite looking thin and fragile. The 3D geometry of actual hoofs was recorded in a CAD engineering program and then cast as an accurate interpretation in premium metal. Link here. Photobucket

Go Love Your Own City tees

Photobucket Photobucket Go Love Your Own City t-shirts by Reason Clothing. Buy it here. Hahaha. Photobucket

Pancake Plates

Photobucket Photobucket In his quest to create the perfect plate for devouring pancakes, designer Jon Wye broke down the elements of what makes a pillowy stack so comforting. After a lifelong love affair with breakfast, Wye pin-pointed the crux of satisfaction: syrup. Designed with a raised edge that gently slopes the plate toward the diner and an ingenious reservoir for pooling loose syrup, this plate was made for slicing, dipping and delighting in each bite of pancake goodness. But the best part? This plate enhances any saucy dish down to the last drop. Link here. Photobucket

Time Out Timer Stool

Photobucket Photobucket 'Sometimes it's just too hard to punish your kids because they're so darn cute! However, our time out stool may have them volunteering. The hourglass is filled with white sand to time approximately five minutes, so you'll know exactly when their time out has expired.' Buy here. Photobucket

Keyboard Coffee Cups

Photobucket Keyboard Coffee Cups by Shanghai designer E Square, inspired by the Apple computer keyboard. Click here for the link. Photobucket

Meltdown Chair

Photobucket Photobucket Tom Price Meltdown Chair 'is created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a woven ball of approximately 10,000 black nylon cable ties. The ties begin to liquify as they come into contact with the heated former, then set in the shape of the seat as it cools, creating a contrast in form and texture to the remaining ties. No additional material has been added to make the seat - it is made entirely from melted cable ties.' Photobucket

Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Get warm and comfy in a Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag. The veggies and the crust are made from pillow material so you're good to go. Wow.. sleeping in a pizza slice, imagine that! Photobucket