Gigi Barker

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A set of furniture designed by Gigi Barker made to look (and smell) like blobs of human flesh. “Barker’s skin chair and skin stool set were created as part of a project called A Body of Skin, where she studied the ‘texture of skin and the shape of the body’, exploring ‘the intricate subtleties and varieties of the skin surface and the volume of the flesh’.” More here.

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Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

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‘Your colleagues often stop to swoon over your oh-so adorable otter-shaped tape dispenser by Streamline! Lying back as if its floating in the ocean, this brown ceramic sea otter holds the adhesive roll between its clawed paws while the metal tape-cutter sits at the end of its long muscular tail.’ Link here.

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Inte-rex-ing Choice Plate

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‘Looking to add massive charm to your space? Display this ceramic plate by IMM Living during your next gathering and listen as your friends roar with delight! A T-Rex figurine stands right through the center of this piece’s attached white plate for a touch of quirkiness that transcends time.’ Link here.

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Star Wars Rings

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Check out this collection of Star Wars rings by Japanese design firm J.A.P. created for the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Click here for the link.

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Upside Down Cat Mug

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‘Every time you take a sip of your coffee, tea or cocoa the bottom of your mug will reveal a cat face! You can also just set the mug upside down to see the cute, black kitty face looking up at you! The perfect gift for the cat and coffee lover in your life! Its the little details, like a cat under your mug, that really make you feel good and love life!’ Buy here.

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The Supersize Bed

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The Supersize Bed is a collaboration with architectural foodsmith Harry Parr. The supersize style chip bed is both compelling and functional. Taken out of their ‘carton’, an armful of chips can be stacked up as flexible bolster cushions.

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Skull Creepy Coffee Cup

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A creepy skull in your cup. As you drink the Skull will emerge. Cups are handmade, dishwasher safe, microwavable, and hold 15 oz. Black glaze. Click here to buy.

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Scented Belgian Waffle Coin Purses

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Stash your precious cash within the crispy batter walls of these Scented Belgian Waffle Coin Purses and suddenly your money has never smelled sweeter (or looked tastier). Click here to buy.

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Monkey Brains Bowl

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‘Roast chicken and Shepherds pie just won’t cut it any more. Your body is a temple, a temple of doom, and it deserves to be fed something far more exciting. So why not liven up meal times with this Monkey Brains Bowl and scoop chilled cerebral delicacies straight from its hairy gaping cranium. If this fine piece of severed simian storage is good enough for his Supreme Highness, the Maharajah of Pankot (and he knew how to party), then it’s certainly good enough for you.’ Buy here.

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Cowgirl Chocolate Bars

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Cowgirl Chocolate Bars by FINE & RAW. 4 flavors: sea salt, espresso, ginger, alderwood smoked salt. Click here to buy.

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