Revelation by Heidi Taillefer

 photo Revelation-HeidiTaillefer_zps66962d90.jpg  photo 8625943207_aecc457f24_b_zps17a27d68.jpg Here's your chance to own one of Heidi Taillefer's  printed limited edition reproduction of Revelation (2010). This print is available in the von Scaramouche online store. Hurry up because this reproduction only has 40 signed and numbered prints AND for a special price of $265 on April 20th only (regular price: $295). Meaning, it's not gonna last long. Revelation is available here. Buy it now.  photo 8627053204_e9709089df_b_zps2e6edba4.jpg  photo 8627053572_208f9159b3_b_zpsbd497fae.jpg

Frank’s Screw Box

 photo MB430_B_360_6_zps5ea58b7e.jpg  photo MB430_360_7_zps411a3b2a.jpg We all need to store our screws somewhere, and Frankenstein's monster likes to keep his close by, just in case... Ideal for screws, nuts, bolts or any other bits & bobs that you want to keep handy.‬ Buy here.  photo MB430_A_360_1_7_zpscc3dc8c0.jpg

Pup Crawl Illuminated Dog Leash

 photo Pup-Crawl-Lights-Up-Dog-Leash_zps0a7f65b4.jpg  photo Lauren-Lady-Liberty_zps2db62a87.jpg  photo All-Leashes-Grouped-and-Illuminated_zps2ac6b5b6.jpg Pup Crawl Illuminated Dog Leash 'can be seen from up to a quarter-mile in the dark. It's made of reinforced nylon, so it's strong and lightweight'. Click here to buy.  photo Pup-Crawl-Illuminated-Dog-Leash_zpsd01c3a23.jpg  photo Frank-Red-Leash-31_zps404bcb9e.jpg

“Thumb” Tacks

 photo Thumb-Tacks-by-Handy-Thumbs-1_zpsdcac771e.jpg  photo Thumb-Tacks-by-Handy-Thumbs-2_zps5308f797.jpg 'These Thumb Tacks were designed by the team at Handy Thumbs to look just like the product name would suggest. As oppose to having little colorful pins, these tacks are shaped just like tiny fingertips, complete with finger nails and all. The thumb tacks operate just like any ordinary push pins, and come in a pack of 5.'  photo BMG__0665_1024x1024_zps384a5840.jpg  photo 3900702cce884f4488bda8b5f2b3cb74_zps91a915c1.jpg

Animal Bookends

 photo 1469_1_zps0333e025.jpg  photo 1469_2_zps3491345d.jpg  photo 1469_3_zpse1907b42.jpg Very cool animal bookends with a sirloin detail inside. Click here to buy.  photo 1469_5_zpscf7fde6f.jpg  photo 1469_4_zps7fe78940.jpg

Digital Disruptions by Vanessa Bertagnole

 photo image4-4_zps550f1047.png  photo image-8_zps05c07204.png  photo image2-7_zps994c4d0e.png Digital Disruptions is a series of still images illustrating liminal spaces between converging digital worlds. As printed images this work seeks to transport viewers to another world existing in another space and time by presenting the transference of various digital media: video, television, computer and finally materialized through photography form. The brain struggles to make sense of these digital anomalies and abstractions presented in a familiar mode of representation. By disrupting the digital code and constant stream of digital imagery pervading our everyday lives, these images allow for quiet reflection and contemplation on the convergence of media now commonplace in modern society.  photo image1-7_zps45aff043.png  photo image3-6_zpse9b7b989.png

Lya Nagado

 photo 31_zps7ae058a8.jpg  photo 28_zps9792c256.jpg " My paintings and sculptures suggest otherness by representing liminal states of animation – or inanimation, between reality and fantasy. The transcendent themes reminisce of those of sacred images, which today are incorporated inconspicuously in the way we depict ourselves, but devoid of the original meaning." - Lya Nagado  photo 27_zps09f358a7.jpg  photo 29_zpsbbaa4d79.jpg

N° 1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub

 photo slider-04_zps84c10e1d.jpg  photo slider-05_zpsae358e78.jpg N° 1 is a top product from Corcel. This exclusive and outstanding bathtub differs from all others on the market in its shape, visual appearance, and first and foremost ist material – carbon. A high design free-standing tub with distinctive character offering generous interior space for comfortable bathing pleasure. Link here.  photo slider-02_zps72adad20.jpg  photo slider-00_zps15bd25cc.jpg

Quack Muzzle

 photo A-DuckBilled-Protective-Muzzle-For-Dogs_zpscf9f433d.jpg  photo quack-muzzle02_zpsf457f7ae.jpg Quack Muzzle is a duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs created by OPPO. Strap it on your dog's head and transform them into a duck. Hahaha.  photo quack-the-duckface-dog-4884_zps54fc1d13.jpg

Eiffel Tower Scissors

 photo Stainless-steel-titanium-eiffel-tower-vintage-scissors-diy-handmade-scissors-cross-stitch-scissors_zps9e774621.jpg  photo image1-7_zps4d4b7a7a.png Check out this beautiful stainless steel titanium Eiffel Tower scissors.  photo T2s05AXc0aXXXXXXXX_66084257_zps4822fb9c.jpg