RibCage iPad Case

 photo RibCage-for-iPad_zpsc1bbb199.jpg  photo IPAD-RIB-CASE-2_zps0815950e.jpg The first thing you'll notice about RibCage™ is its awesome looks, but this isn't just for aesthetic purposes. Ribcage is designed with protection in mind from the ground up. From the ultra tough reinforced protective faux leather panel to the easy fit elasto-PU back panel, RibCage™ is quintessentially the best sleeve protection in the market. RibCage™ was designed with customer requirements and style fully considered. RibCage™ is the utopia of form meeting function.  photo ribcage-ipad-case-2-590x364_zpsaaea6cfb.jpg

R2D2 heels

Photobucket Photobucket You know you're a Star Wars geek when you get your head stuck in a bucket trying to be R2D2 upon seeing this post. Link here. Photobucket

Break Soap by Dave Hakkens

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 'Most of our classic bars of soap are being replaces by soap pumps. However, a lot of these soap pumps contain a lot of chemicals. Not only the soap itself, also its packaging. The main reason to use soap pumps is because its more hygienic and easier to use. I wanted to give the classics and more natural bar of soap the same features so we could start using them again. The block contains different sizes for different needs. Dirty hands? Just use a bigger piece. '- Dave Hakkens Photobucket Photobucket

BBQ Rockin’ Fork

Photobucket Photobucket Rock out with our BBQ Rockin’ Fork next time you’re cooking up good food! Great for backyard cookouts or tailgating your favorite game or concert! Measures 17.5 inches long. Stainless steel with etched design. Dishwasher safe. Buy here. Photobucket

Transformers by Kei Harada

Photobucket Photobucket Check out this modular cloud-like sofa named Transformers by Japanese designer Kei Harada. Looks so comfy! Photobucket Photobucket

Shell-ebrate Egg Cup Set

Photobucket Photobucket 'You’ll have time to make the rounds with a fresh carafe of coffee, check on the cake in the oven, and take your seat on the porch, before your guests are finished chuckling over these charming egg cups! Just break open a bottle of something bubbly, and let them get another giggle at the bright yellow feet that accompany each petite, rounded piece. Crafted from ceramics with a glossy glaze, this quirky quartet will lighten the mood, whether you’re hosting a birthday brunch or an early morning party for a friend’s recent promotion!' Buy here. Photobucket

Finger Stand

Photobucket Photobucket As weird as they look, these fingers could very well be just as useful as your real fingers. Available in 2 sizes: Index Finger and Thumb. Buy here. Photobucket Photobucket

Smoko Computer Accessories

Photobucket Photobucket Check out these whimsical computer accessories from Smoko: Toaster USB Hub with SD Card Reader and USB Toast Flash Drive. Buy! Buy! Buy! Click here for the link. Photobucket

Tipsy Wine Glass

Photobucket Photobucket You know that moment on a pleasant evening with friends, when the room starts to feel a little more relaxed, the conversation a little more entertaining, and your worries a bit farther away? Well, these tipsy wine glasses are already there. Why not join the fun yourself, with this pair of 12oz. bent stem glass goblets. In spite of their inebriated appearance, their base is built wide enough to help keep them standing securely upright. Now if only the rest of us were built that way. Buy here. Photobucket

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Photobucket Photobucket What a wonderful idea! Tetris piece shaped lamps that you can stack. 'The good thing is that the blocks don't disappear when you complete a row and the bad thing is that the blocks don't fall by themselves. Click here to buy. Photobucket Photobucket