Desk Egg

 photo 61uZdl9a7eL_SL1200__zpscf1955ee.jpg  photo Design-Fetish-Magnetic-Egg-Paperclip-Nest-1_zps79ad2f3e.jpg The Desk Egg is an "eggscellent" paperclip organizer! Make a charming nest of paperclip with the magnetic egg. Your desk will the the talk of the office!  photo Desk-Egg_38027-l_zps3b7c7a3c.jpg  photo Untitled-1-2_zpsac6a71a9.jpg

Skull Stuff Tidy

 photo 10727756-1361366316-91496_zps891ae834.jpg  photo 10727756-1361366316-91555_zpsd68d7063.jpg Store all your everyday essentials in your head. It's easy to forget your keys, phone, wallet, watch, change and you can spend ages trying to remember where you last put them. With this realistic realistic hollowed out Skull Tidy you can organise all your essentials, and your shades on the bridge of the skull's nose to make it look even more awesome. Buy here.  photo 10727756-1361366316-91496copy_zps24b1a3dc.jpg

Muscle Skin Suits

 photo Muscle-Skin-Suits-for-cycling-5_zpsea61b85d.jpg  photo Muscle-Skin-Suits-for-cycling-3_zps024fee00.jpg Do you want to stand out in the peloton? Accentuate your individuality? Enhance the shape of your muscles? Now you have a chance to make it happen, with the MuscleSkinsuit, created out of passion for both cycling and graphics. Buy here.  photo d5c169819d971dbda191e167a03e546c_zps503a7e1e.jpg  photo Muscle-Skin-Suits-for-cycling_zpsb6251059.jpg

The Edible Spoon

 photo edible_spoon_zpsfd308574.jpg  photo Presentation_Image2_zps1e81300b.jpg The Edible Spoon may be used to eat a variety of foods. It's tasty, it's healthy, it's convenient, and it promotes a cleaner tomorrow. It's 100% biodegradable. And 100% edible. And 100% good for you and the environment. This spoon comes in three flavors: Plain, Spicy and Sweet.  photo Presentation_Image11_zpsb3312740.jpg  photo Presentation_Image6_zps2552303a.jpg

Magic Lasso Rope Wine Bottle Holder

 photo pe371_zpse0798312.jpg  photo lasso_wine_bottle_holder_kitchware_drinkware_novelty_gifts_for_him__zps1f79f4ca.jpg Magic Lasso Rope Wine Bottle Holder creates the illusion of a floating bottle with this magical rope. It can be tied in different ways. Definitely one unusual wine bottle holder for your home. Love it!  photo KGrHqJHJBcE63Vgy76LBOzSFwSkw60_3_zps7e552e58.jpg

Honey’s Magnets

 photo IMG_0512copy_zps1b149d04.jpg  photo MAGNETS11copy_zpsa713879d.jpg  photo IMG_0903copy_zpsf60138ad.jpg Oh look, it's Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, and Daniel Day-Lewis in disguised as Bill the Butcher!! Nice. What better way for them to join forces than to have their handsome faces immortalized in magnet forms. We can all thank Honey for that, the artist and founder of the best virtual art gallery on the planet - Sweet Station, in my humble opinion. Yes I know, I'm her brother so I'm biased. These magnets aren't your ordinary run-of-the-mill magnets. These magnets are special. How special you ask? Check out the details on Robert's face. How about Christopher's wrinkles! Are you mystified by Daniel's handlebar stache? Their mugs were lovingly recreated from Honey's amazing illustrations. For $8 plus cost of shipping, you'd get a pack with one of each. It's been a long loooooong time coming it seems but we finally have the magnets ready to go. All they need are good homes. Before I forget, there's a surprise that comes with each awesome magnet packs. I don't wanna spoil it but let's just say that if you can handle that truth, this is as good as it'll get. We appreciate you and I promise you'll like the magnet packs. But hurry, we're only making a very limited run, for real. Click here to buy.  photo mmmcopy_zpsbda3497e.jpg  photo MAGNETS22copy_zps08057d2d.jpg

Crunched Cushions

 photo coussi-croqueacute-gaufres_zps741246c9.jpg  photo coussin-croqueacute-tartelette_zps178cf206.jpg Although yummy, these are not edible. Crunched Cushions are dessert shaped pillows by French design company Bonjour Mon Coussin.  photo coussin-croqueacute-chocolat_zpsde77d820.jpg  photo coussin-croqueacute-petit-beurre_zps7561e92c.jpg

Pet Sweep

 photo Prank-Pack-Pet-Sweep_zps67050ca7.jpg  photo petsweepgallery_0005_layer_50_zps72724c30.jpg Introducing Todd Lawson's latest invention, the Pet Sweep, which will your pets cleaning the house independently. Lawson's animal-powered debris removal system will keep your home tidy & your pets busy. Here's your chance to have some fun with the pet lover in your life by giving them a Pet Sweep Prank Pack!  photo webheropetsweep_zpsae217029.png

Barnacle Ceiling Lamp

 photo IMG_3396_zps32a99005.jpg Sculptor and designer Daniel Ritthanondh has made a ceiling lamp fixture inspired by the “barnacle” from the Half-Life video games. Link here.  photo IMG_33951_zpse6e680dc.jpg  photo IMG_3391_zps59635562.jpg

LWA Pigeon Post

 photo Pigeon-Mailbox_zps853fdfba.jpg  photo PigeonPost1_zpsaee8521b.jpg The Pigeon Post is a kit by the LWA to send a plastic carrier pigeon through the mail. 'Place your message in the supplied pouch, put the stamps on it, and pop it in the blue mail box on your corner! The bird will arrive at its destination to the delight and awe the recipient.'  photo THIS_zps1ac48fb6.jpg