FUUT Desk Feet Hammock

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‘Propping your feet up during strenuous work hours will not require an extra chair anymore as long as you have the FUUT Desk Feet Hammock under the work table.’ Buy here.

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Glass Animal Sculptures

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Love these handmade glass animal figurines by Etsy seller Pavel from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Click here to buy.

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Sushi Socks

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Look what just came around the carousel. Fresh from Japan, Sushi Socks are the hot (or is that cold) new thing in cosy footwear. Hand-rolled to look just like their tasty namesakes, each pair of these fun socks is woven in the colours of classic sushi. Choose from Shrimp, Octopus, Salmon, Red Caviar, Tuna and Mazasushi (Trout apparently)… or dine out on all of them.

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Hamburger Bean Bag

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Super comfy bean bag in a playful hamburger shape. Click here to buy. Yes!

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Modular Fish Hotel

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Give your fish the gift of a modern, stylish home with this Modular Fish Hotel, a seriously classy aquarium that you can stack — purchase in multiples to create a swanky fish condominium! Features a square glass bowl surrounded by a paintable plastic facade with asymmetrical windows + an uncovered top.

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Cub on By Oven Mitts

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‘Protect your paws from the sizzle of your culinary creations with this set of bear-themed oven mitts by Fred. Constructed from insulated cotton, these plush terry cloth pot holders boast silicone paws and soft-yet-sassy claws – helping you beat the heat with your ‘bear’ hands!’ Buy here.

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Gigi Barker

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A set of furniture designed by Gigi Barker made to look (and smell) like blobs of human flesh. “Barker’s skin chair and skin stool set were created as part of a project called A Body of Skin, where she studied the ‘texture of skin and the shape of the body’, exploring ‘the intricate subtleties and varieties of the skin surface and the volume of the flesh’.” More here.

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Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

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‘Your colleagues often stop to swoon over your oh-so adorable otter-shaped tape dispenser by Streamline! Lying back as if its floating in the ocean, this brown ceramic sea otter holds the adhesive roll between its clawed paws while the metal tape-cutter sits at the end of its long muscular tail.’ Link here.

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Inte-rex-ing Choice Plate

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‘Looking to add massive charm to your space? Display this ceramic plate by IMM Living during your next gathering and listen as your friends roar with delight! A T-Rex figurine stands right through the center of this piece’s attached white plate for a touch of quirkiness that transcends time.’ Link here.

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Star Wars Rings

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Check out this collection of Star Wars rings by Japanese design firm J.A.P. created for the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Click here for the link.

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