Rainbow Pencils

 photo 04_RainbowPencil_insitu_zps898c1890.jpg  photo 01_RainbowPencil_rainbow-sharpening_zps0e33df5f.jpg Made from recycled paper, rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows every time you sharpen them. Rainbow Pencils function like regular wooden pencils, and are the same size and weight, but they're not made from wood, they're made from lots of layers of recycled waste paper. This means the shavings/sharpenings look like rainbows. Each pencil has a 6-layer rainbow core and comes finished in either black or white. There's 5 in a pack and the simple design makes a great gift. Click here for the link.  photo 07_RainbowPencil_nopack_insitu_zpsa4e2a473.jpg  photo 05_RainbowPencil_5-pack_white_zpseac7e5ab.jpg

Cereal Killer Spoon

 photo il_fullxfull323961982_zpsad74b64b.jpg  photo il_fullxfull323835173_zps121840f6.jpg A spoon hand stamped with 'Cereal Killer' should make anyone chuckle. Now click here to buy.  photo il_fullxfull323961854_zpsf35ff2d6.jpg

Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

 photo Muffin-Tops-Cupcake-Molds_zps8519ea47.jpg  photo muffin-tops-cupcake-molds-9117_zps224bc3ce.jpg We've all seen this look before, but not like this! Fill these adorable jean-style cupcake pants with your favorite cake batter. As our hilariously lifelike Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds bake, they'll develop that little extra bulge around the middle! Buy here.  photo muffin-tops-cupcake-molds-9116_zps37f0223e.jpg

The Books Shelf

 photo SetWidth562-booksfullfrontlow905px_zps1d713b42.jpg  photo SetWidth562-booksangledCU905px_zps45aad858.jpg The Books Shelf is a typographic bookshelf designed to hold just those books you go back to over and over. With counters of various sizes for novels, magazines and art books, it is the perfect bookshelf for typographic obsessives. Now you can spend your Sunday afternoons endlessly kerning your furniture.  photo SetWidth562-booksemptyleftiso905px_zps6a6755ff.jpg

Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop

 photo kitty-paw-doorstop-xl_zpsc311f4f7.jpg  photo kitty-paw-doorstop-2_zps91d61af7.jpg In or out? Cats can never make up their mind. If you've decided to keep the door open, you can call on our Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop to prop it purr-fectly! Buy here.  photo herekitty_lr3_zpsdac05aea.jpg

The Bookmarker

 photo bookmarks-artori_zps320c415c.jpg  photo Text-Bookmark_zps4c1f8f3b.jpg Here's a wonderful gift idea for the book lovers! These bookmarks are placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place. The creative design featuring words that appear on the fore-edge gives the marking an extra special meaning. Buy here.  photo AD280-AD284-4_zps8e25e0af.jpg

Censorship Towel

 photo Censorship_Towel_G_1_905_zpsbc04cfde.jpg  photo 1_zps976c34ba.jpg The Censorship Towel is designed by Phil Jones, artist, illustrator, designer, photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click here for the link guys.  photo Censorship_Towel_Guy_905_zps8c2d2b05.jpg

Fred’s Chill Baby Pacifier

 photo CL5802_zpseec8ac24.jpg  photo chillbabyvolume_lr1_zpsa67387be.jpg Nobody like a screaming baby, not even the baby…so keep it down to a dull roar with Fred’s Volume Control pacifier. Fred's Chill Baby pacifiers are designed to give you the comfort you crave, while providing your parents with the quiet they really really need. It's all good, baby. Chill Baby pacifiers are PVC-free and BPA-free and meet all child safety standards. Buy here.  photo PACI-2059_zps0f69f189.jpg

Splash Red Chopping Board

 photo Splash-Red-Chopping-Board-1024x682_zps5ef96725.jpg  photo splash-red-chopping-board-5_zps1c20dae2.jpg Here's 'a very quirky kitchen addition which is cleverly designed to make it stable against the edge of the kitchen counter whilst the vertical drip can be easily removed to make a completely flat worktop saver. 'Splash Chopping Board' is beautiful yet a unique design that should be kept at every kitchen. Buy here.  photo splash-red-chopping-board-4_zps51e40acf.jpg


 photo 482046_3892320939498_858366355_n_201_original_zpsdcd3f26b.jpg Sharkini is a unique and clever one piece swim suit with side cut out and leatherette "teeth" trim and one chain strap. Click here to buy.  photo sharkbiteback_original_zpsa8984d04.jpeg