Animal Chair

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Imagine a home in which an animal chair awaits you at the entrance, perfect either as a chair or for d├ęcor. A beautiful balance between furniture and art, creativity and functionality. Available in 4 animal types: Buffalo, Poodle, Lamb, and Pony. Get yours here.

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Pencil Broom

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Top-quality pencil with a broom-like eraser on its end. Click here to buy.

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‘These grass leaf-shaped pens, called the Pooleaf, available in 3 different shade, give you the look of a natural plant when put together in a pen cup.’

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Cult Lovers

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A funny series of conceptual pop culture condom wrappers created by Italian artist Benedetto Papi. Click here for the link.

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Sniffing Notebook

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Select from this series of notebooks with covers that will transform you into your favorite animal. Click here to buy.

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Vintage Cloud and Rainbow Teapot

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The body of this amazing little teapot is shaped like a fluffy white cloud with vivid rainbows painted on both sides of the handle. A rare, colorful and hopelessly uplifting kitchen accent. This piece is quintessential 1970s! Measures approximately 5″ tall, 9.5″ wide and 3.5″ deep. Buy here.

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Altered Antique Plates

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Etsy seller BeatUpCreations offers orphaned and unloved antique plates and transforms them into new modern portrait plates. Check it out here.

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Custom Silkscreen Pet Pillow

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Get a custom pillow of your very own pet by submitting a photograph of your pet here. Pillows measure approximately 13″x17″ depending on the proportions of the photograph.

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Skyline Multi Hook

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The Skyline Multi Hook is designed to look like a “window on the wall” to the cityscape beyond. Part wall decor and part storage solution, the Skyline Multi Hook features five (5) flip-down hooks that flip up for a seamless look when not in use.

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Pick Digicam

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With 2.0 megapixels, and both still and video capability, this new Pick Digicam is great new way to capture some lo-fi pics and movies. Simply plug it into your USB port to charge or download images. Requires a Micro SD card which will give you hundreds of images on one charge. No batteries needed, works with both Mac and Windows!

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