Halloween Skull Pancake Molds

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Scare up a bewitching Halloween breakfast, starring spooky skull-shaped pancakes! Just place the nonstick molds with their handles up on a preheated griddle, then pour in your batter. After the first side of each pancake has cooked, remove the molds and flip the pancakes. Link here.

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Cleaver Ring

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A ring made from sterling silver and recycled wood in the shape of a mini cleaver. You like? Buy it here.

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Campervan Frame

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Perfect for any happy camper, the Campervan Frame allows you and your best mates to take a road trip. Designed to look just like the people in the photo are behind a classic campervan windscreen, this groovy photo frame is a perfect way to give your photos a retro 70s look. Buy here.

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Canapé Cactus Sofa

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The Canapé Cactus sofa is designed by Italian designer Maurizio Galante. It is made up of a cluster of prickly-painted cushions. The appearance of the sofa is like that of a real cactus.

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Pistachio Nut Bowl

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A playful and practical solution for serving nuts and olives. Split the pistachio in two by taking the top off, providing your guests with an empty bowl ready to receive discarded pits and shells. Just serve and watch everybody go nuts for the Pistachio. Link here.

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Swans Upon a Time Tea Pot

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Grace the presence of your lovely kitchen with this elegant glass teapot. The polished neck of a strong and beautiful swan forms the handle of this piece, while two handsome wings carefully enfold its body. Place it on the garden patio with a plate of colorful macaroons and serve your dearest friends fresh jasmine green tea. Pour a cup of your own, and remember this ‘swan’ is for you! Buy here.

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Nimbus Cloud Serving Board

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‘You’ll be walking on cloud nine with this new serving board in your home. Shaped like a fluffy nimbus cloud, this end grain solid maple board can’t help but add an element of fun to your cooking routine. Have some friends over and sample cheeses and your other favorite finger foods using the board as a center piece and its four raindrop shaped wooden coasters as hors d’oeuvres trays. While it might look like a cloud, its sturdy construction from locally sourced maple ensures that with a little love, you’ll be enjoying rainy days in your kitchen for a long time to come.’ Click here to buy.

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‘This Henbag is sure to ruffle a few feathers. Feel like you’re too cooped up in your fashion cage? Chook your bits inside, pullet over your arm, head outside – and you’ll be the hottest chick in town. It’s such an eggsellent conversation starter that you’ll have to be careful people don’t try and poach it from you.’ Buy here.

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Toast Shoulder Bag

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A traditional hard-sided shoulder bag. Tan leather exterior with tan taffeta lining. Hidden magnetic closure and nickel hardware. Buy here.

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Gigantic Donut Pool Float

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Donut miss out on this hilarious pool time essential. This inflatable float features classic strawberry “frosting” and multicolored printed sprinkles. Looks so delicious someone already snuck a bite! Deflates & folds up for mega portability. Measures approx 46″ in diameter and 12″ deep when inflated. Inside hole is 18″ Buy here.

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