photo p5845_extra2_column_grid_12_zps09637358.jpg  photo p5845_extra3_column_grid_12_zps8f75c27c.jpg 'This Henbag is sure to ruffle a few feathers. Feel like you're too cooped up in your fashion cage? Chook your bits inside, pullet over your arm, head outside - and you'll be the hottest chick in town. It's such an eggsellent conversation starter that you'll have to be careful people don't try and poach it from you.' Buy here.  photo p5845_extra1_column_grid_12_zps9ce4a133.jpg

Toast Shoulder Bag

 photo wc_TOAST_Open_sm_1024x1024_zps55fb7f5d.jpg  photo wc_TOAST_Front_CROP_1_grande_zpsd2a2a2b3.jpg A traditional hard-sided shoulder bag. Tan leather exterior with tan taffeta lining. Hidden magnetic closure and nickel hardware. Buy here.  photo wc_TOAST_Perspective_1_1024x1024_zps377f0a88.jpg

Gigantic Donut Pool Float

 photo 2_zpsf5a86928.jpg  photo 3_zps6916d38b.jpg Donut miss out on this hilarious pool time essential. This inflatable float features classic strawberry "frosting" and multicolored printed sprinkles. Looks so delicious someone already snuck a bite! Deflates & folds up for mega portability. Measures approx 46" in diameter and 12" deep when inflated. Inside hole is 18" Buy here.  photo 1_zps13f93938.jpg

Moby Pick Party Picks

 photo mobypick_lr1_zpsc057b41b.jpg  photo PICK-2066_zps0ad8a8ce.jpg 'When there's a party on the horizon, make sure you have the proper harpoons to skewer your snacks. Moby Pick is here to help. We've packed one porcelain whale and 32 spouting picks in each colorful printed giftbox.' Buy here.  photo mobypick_lr3_zpsb761b966.jpg

Rainbow Pencils

 photo 04_RainbowPencil_insitu_zps898c1890.jpg  photo 01_RainbowPencil_rainbow-sharpening_zps0e33df5f.jpg Made from recycled paper, rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows every time you sharpen them. Rainbow Pencils function like regular wooden pencils, and are the same size and weight, but they're not made from wood, they're made from lots of layers of recycled waste paper. This means the shavings/sharpenings look like rainbows. Each pencil has a 6-layer rainbow core and comes finished in either black or white. There's 5 in a pack and the simple design makes a great gift. Click here for the link.  photo 07_RainbowPencil_nopack_insitu_zpsa4e2a473.jpg  photo 05_RainbowPencil_5-pack_white_zpseac7e5ab.jpg

Cereal Killer Spoon

 photo il_fullxfull323961982_zpsad74b64b.jpg  photo il_fullxfull323835173_zps121840f6.jpg A spoon hand stamped with 'Cereal Killer' should make anyone chuckle. Now click here to buy.  photo il_fullxfull323961854_zpsf35ff2d6.jpg

Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

 photo Muffin-Tops-Cupcake-Molds_zps8519ea47.jpg  photo muffin-tops-cupcake-molds-9117_zps224bc3ce.jpg We've all seen this look before, but not like this! Fill these adorable jean-style cupcake pants with your favorite cake batter. As our hilariously lifelike Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds bake, they'll develop that little extra bulge around the middle! Buy here.  photo muffin-tops-cupcake-molds-9116_zps37f0223e.jpg

The Books Shelf

 photo SetWidth562-booksfullfrontlow905px_zps1d713b42.jpg  photo SetWidth562-booksangledCU905px_zps45aad858.jpg The Books Shelf is a typographic bookshelf designed to hold just those books you go back to over and over. With counters of various sizes for novels, magazines and art books, it is the perfect bookshelf for typographic obsessives. Now you can spend your Sunday afternoons endlessly kerning your furniture.  photo SetWidth562-booksemptyleftiso905px_zps6a6755ff.jpg

Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop

 photo kitty-paw-doorstop-xl_zpsc311f4f7.jpg  photo kitty-paw-doorstop-2_zps91d61af7.jpg In or out? Cats can never make up their mind. If you've decided to keep the door open, you can call on our Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop to prop it purr-fectly! Buy here.  photo herekitty_lr3_zpsdac05aea.jpg

The Bookmarker

 photo bookmarks-artori_zps320c415c.jpg  photo Text-Bookmark_zps4c1f8f3b.jpg Here's a wonderful gift idea for the book lovers! These bookmarks are placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place. The creative design featuring words that appear on the fore-edge gives the marking an extra special meaning. Buy here.  photo AD280-AD284-4_zps8e25e0af.jpg