The Cleaver Clutch

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Own the world with this Cleaver Clutch featuring blood splattered allover. This clutch can hold all of your beloved belongings yet ward off your undesired creeps. Rock the Cleaver Clutch to vamp up any outfit and don’t forget your game face. Graphic butcher’s knife shaped clutch Zipper closure with wristlet handle Interior small pockets to hold 3 credit cards Interior small zippered pocket. Buy here.

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Cook’s Carrot Whisk

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The root to making perfect whipped cream or irresistible crepes is having a fresh whisk to get all the ingredients mixed together! Unfortunately you can’t just pick a whisk from your garden so you should naturally use our Cook’s Carrot Whisk! Every bunny will love your new whisk and it can help make a dynamite carrot cake! The best part is that there is no watering necessary to keep this carrot alive! The wires are coated with easy cleaning silicone, and the handle is plump, cushy silicone too! Buy here!

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Clip Bag

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The Clip Bag by Peter Bristol playfully borrows its form from a common binder clip. The binder icon functions so well as a bag you can almost take it seriously. Constructed of wool felt and aluminum tubing.

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Chalkboard Tablet

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This perfect list-sized tablet will replace any number of scraps on desktops, refrigerators, bedside tables et cetera. Available in oak or poplar. Buy here.

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Keyboard Coasters

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It’s ok to spill on this keyboard! A simple and modern set of coasters to complement your desk. Click here to buy.

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Invisible Bookend

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With this new piece Paul Cocksedge asks the question: would you want to own something, when all you can see is what it does, not what it is? Invisible Bookend is a lightweight, free-standing object suitable for desk, shelf or floor which requires no mechanical fitting. It easily holds more than a metre and a half’s length of books, of all shapes and sizes. “I wanted to discover if other people would enjoy as much as I do seeing books displayed without any other object to distract attention from them. This is a design which is not about appearance, only function. That’s the beauty of it.”

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Kobi Levi

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Kobi Levi designed a series of high heels featuring some popular Disney evil villains.

 photo KobiLevi_DisneyUrsula2_zpsf2510a4e.jpg

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Blow Wall Shelf

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Effortlessly dancing between installation art and functional object, YOY Idea’s Blow Shelf takes inspiration from a pile of sheet paper being blown in the wind. Made of powder-coated steel, the thin, white shelves are each unique with slight variations in the curves and angles that give the object a sense of movement. Designed to be grouped together, the easy to install shelves are equally stunning left empty or used to display special items and keepsakes. Each includes mounting hardware consisting of a wall clamp with screws that grip a slot in each shelf to anchor the display to the wall. Buy here.

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Pocket Cup

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This portable silicone cup crafted in the shape of a leaf can be folded and kept in the pocket. Click here to buy.

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Animal Wine Rack

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Loving this series of animal shaped wood wine racks from Conte-Bleu, a design company based in Seoul, South Korea.

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