Patterned Paint Rollers

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These patterned paint rollers from The Painted House, based in the UK, come in a range of different designs . Each design roller is reusable and interchangeable, and can be used with either the fabric applicator or the wall & paper applicator. You can use them on walls, to perk up old wooden furniture, make reams of wrapping paper and meters of fabric. Link here.

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Smartphone Mount Astronauts

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‘Your work space just got little galactic! Beautifully crafted, its solid enough to take the weight of smaller tablets too!’ Click here to buy.

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Shark Felt Laundry Basket

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Shark Felt Laundry Basket for bathroom or children’s room as a basket for toys. Might be placed both in the bathroom for laundry and in the children’s room as a basket for toys. It might be positioned as a free standing element but also, thanks to its material, it might be squeezed behind e.g. a washing machine without losing none of its aesthetic valour. The shark has a minimalistic character which strongly appeals to sense of humour and, at the same time, it is highly functional. It is a prefect decorative element both for small and big spaces, and both for modern or more traditional environments.

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Mens Boulder Boot Brown

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Weighing a mere 9.9oz (size 43), the Boulder Boot is arguably the lightest boot in the world. The upper is made of water-resistant nylon and full-grain leather to keep away moisture. The whole boot is completely collapsible, great for stuffing into a pack during a hike and wearing around the campfire afterwords. There’s absolutely nothing to this boot, no heel counter, no toe counter, no shank, and nothing stiff that would irritate the foot. If a barely-there boot is what you’re in need of, look no further. Buy here.

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Abri-boca by Philipp Süssmann

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Abri-boca explores the theme of transformation- the transition between open spaces to more intimate and enclosed ones. My goal was to primarily observe, understand and research the meaning of “transformation”, which should ultimately lead to a discovery of a new product. I propose that people need “spaces of calmness” to direct the course that they want to live. Yet, these “spaces” seem to vanish in our daily routines. Relaxation, calmness and the awareness that comes from having time to disconnect seem to have a decreasing part in our live. Pursuing that thought, I have conducted research at the intersection of nature, motion, society and living spaces. My goal has been to ultimately create an object that symbolizes and captures the meaning of “Transformation” and creates the user a space to retreat from the hustle of daily live. My design affords users to rest within the object in an open state, and if more privacy is desired, one can easily pull the wooden shell closed via a pivoting mechanism, creating a protective canopy over the occupant.” – Philipp Süssmann

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Kaplus Ice Tray

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Kaplus molds ice into pieces that are as entertaining for the party guests as the drinks. The mold is made of silicone, which smoothly releases ice into your glass. For perfectly clear ice cubes, use distilled water.

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Witch’s Hat Wine Bottle Stopper

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Witch’s Hat Wine Bottle Stopper — They’re handmade and handpainted by local indie artists in California.

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Ceramic Sitting Flower Pots

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Handmade pots, designed and created to brighten the corners or areas that need a touch of humor to your home. Link here.

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Smuggler’s Belt

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The professional smuggler’s solution to carrying microfiche, concealed banknotes, or other contraband. The hidden inner pocket of the Smuggler’s Belt stays closed while you wear it and becomes accessible only when you take the belt off.

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Pac Seat

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‘This chair, made from polypropylene by Bruno Marques, was designed for children taking as inspiration the immortalization of an icon of the arcade games of the 90s.’ (via Likecool)

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