Korehiko Hino

 photo 36e40a1ecc04603d8f777172d5049c2c_zpssv7ftinj.jpg  photo KOROSIYA_zps41ijwkes.jpg  photo H3896-L08913976_zpsr1fcdste.jpg Last blog post goes to one of my favorite artist: Korehiko Hino. Thank you everyone for your love and company for the last 8 years. It's been surreal and one heck of a journey. Goodbye:( P.S. All the post will remain for now.. korehiko-hino06 h3896-l06879151 0601_hino_3

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  1. Bobby Shafto

    You’re closing down :(…Thanks for all the time you put into this, it was my first introduction to many artists and always the first blog I would check in the morning. Good luck, with whatever you’re doing next :)….

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