Mi Ju

 photo unnamed-1_zpsnpw7rnyu.jpg  photo unnamed_zps4b7cbaez.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsggunsv3s.jpg " My work is an improvisation in liminality: between dream and concretized, ancient and contemporary, Korea and the West, ephemeral and eternal, the uncensored and codified. Each character, pattern and energy reflects states of consciousness that are revealed in the creative act, a form of both improvisation and organization wherein the uncensored is working in concert with momentary, yet specific compositional organizations. It is my intention that the work will be a place of meeting between memory, dream and fantasy, and concretized into meaningful visual terms." - Mi Ju  photo unnamed-2_zps3njzezmv.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpscyq5khqg.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsih30mydk.jpg

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