Paula Hayes

 photo GiantTer_SG09_GT02_3_900_1114_80_zpsfbb28f1b.jpg  photo GiantTer_SG09_GT02_1_900_1125_80_zps155655a6.jpg  photo GiantTer_SG09_GT02_5_900_1116_80_zps5256fb0d.jpg New York-based landscape designer and artist Paula Hayes works with plant life and minerals to produce stunning terrariums as sculptures for gallery environments. Hayes’s work crafts industrial materials—such as hand-blown glass, silicone, or cast acrylic—into organic shapes that she then fills with a rich variety of plant life. These works deftly combine the intricate beauty and care required of the plant life with innovative, willfully independent sculptural forms. Paula Hayes was born 1958 in Concord, Massachusetts. (via Salon94)  photo Giants_SG09_GT6_GT16_5_900_1260_80_zps9514404a.jpg  photo Giants_SG09_GT6_GT16_JGR1_1_900_1300_80_zpsd90e770b.jpg

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