Margarita Checa

 photo 143_zps70016201.jpg  photo 148_zps81788bef.jpg  photo 146_zps9be63bdf.jpg Widely considered to be the most significant female sculptor in South America, Margarita Checa’s work is epic in its eloquence, breathing new life into archetypal symbols and dreams. Her hauntingly beautiful figures are at once mystical and primal, conveying an emotional experience unbounded by time. Checa hand-carves ancient olive wood taken from trees that were planted by the Spanish during their conquest and colonization of the Incas. Into this olive wood Checa imbeds inlays of silver, bronze, bull horn, or other exotic South American hardwoods. Checa relates that this aspect of her work attests to her deep ties with her homeland of Peru: "I went to live in Costa Rica in 1992. There I had the strongest sensation that regardless of where I might find myself I carried with me my entire country - its culture, its history, like tattoos all over my body. It was at that moment I started to inlay woods in the different colors and hues offered to me in Costa Rica."  photo 134_zpsc1ccc98b.jpg  photo 138_zpsa5695ef3.jpg

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