Dana Park Weiser

 photo tumblr_mmrn7beQdQ1r05oujo3_1280_zps9fc8aacb.jpg  photo 4_523_zps34962e4f.jpg  photo tumblr_mmrn7beQdQ1r05oujo2_1280_zps029e6c26.jpg " As a Korean-born adoptee, raised in a Jewish-American home in a large, mid-western city, I use my childhood experiences to explore questions of lost identity, multiple identity and racial identity. I use my personal memories, followed by research, to explore current incidents of racial stereotyping and to reflect on, and bring a unique focus to, contemporary observations on our society. My work is inspired by everyday words and gestures or movements. While my sculptures are often seen as figurative, I prefer to describe them as gestural. The larger works are often a vehicle for capturing a seemingly small gesture or act, which is better captured and understood in a larger context. My sculptures are often literal representations of idioms, such as My Thoughts Exactly... and Child Overboard. While my figures mimic the most simple translations of these words, their connotations are considerably more complex." - Dana Park Weiser  photo 4_525_zps32ce1504.jpg  photo 4_527v2_zps36264fe3.jpg  photo 4_526_zpsc1922fbc.jpg

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