Rudy Gutierrez

 photo 591dd2881af8a753552de58eee2f194c_zps8db76550.jpg  photo 4e721633b2b120710627af334b02ac83_zps8d19e350.jpg  photo 3d9403019a4cb19dc1d580f45f01d142_zps96c06e78.jpg Rudy Gutierrez calls his work "Rhythmic Gumbo" apparently because of the musical feeling mix of elements or languages that make up his visuals. As the word GUMBO is broken down it can be seen in in many ways but after many queries he has defined it as Great, Universal, Magic, Beyond, Order. The art itself is very much about sound and movement so Giving, Unique, Melodic, Oneness would also seem to apply. This stew is brought to us in layers. Layers of reality combined with layers of spirit which are formed by flat, tonal, real, abstract, raw, and refined figurative scenes. Sometimes it is the deconstruction of the real and at other times its finding the reality in the amorphic. At all times he stresses, it is about connecting. Gutierrez's work has been described as "Wall Medicine, ancient yet contemporary, urban in a sense and musical in feel." The reality is that the intention of the work is always about touching people and the ever shifting sofrito or mixing of these spices is at many times a combination of sophistication and so-called primitism, that is to say it is where a meeting takes place between refinement and rawness. It is indeed the place where Magic meets the University of the Streets and all kinds of noises occur to induce this dance between ancestors and acquaintances alike. Spirits Known and Unknown if you will.  photo 3064306d7e8754ca229ab83ad99f0c02_zps0a18b0fa.jpg  photo b47dff0f915d0b1d8b469a16a3ff8b73_zpse2343180.jpg

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