Patrice Murciano

 photo Patrice_Murciano_45_zpsadc18944.jpg  photo Patrice-Murciano_13600_548_zps8f1264c3.jpg  photo Patrice_Murciano_05_zps413beada.jpg Patrice Murciano was born May 27, 1969 in Belfort, but it is in the south of France he grew up. Like Obelix, he fell into the pot when he was little: he began drawing at the age of 6 years by reproducing cartoon characters in ink. At age 8, he steals his mother's makeup to draw portraits and female nudes. Teenager, fascinated by the great masters, it reproduces the masterpieces of Velasquez and Rembrandt on oil canvas boards. Quickly, his parents want to see enter the Fine Arts, but close friends of the family, art connoisseurs, as well as his art teacher worried that the talent of Patrice is "affected" by a normal course of studies art. His parents, whose activities are far removed from that environment, hear this argument and leave Patrice express on the canvas as he sees fit. Thus it will form over the years by himself, away from the codes and assumptions artistic ... Patrice is 43 years old now and still lives in the south of France, even if it is regular exhibitions abroad (New York, Osaka, Los Angeles, etc.).  photo 17-colorful-paintings-by-patrice-murciano_zpsef3ce265.jpg  photo Woody-Allen_zps179ceeb0.jpg

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