Kim Dingle

 photo SW_WORKSimage2482w625_zps8735f56a.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2470w625_zps7040e78a.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2476w625_zps6a24ccd8.jpg " I've been an artist since I was a baby. My art is about my inner life, and the pain of it. It's about the very painful process of being alive. By nature I am not an overtly political artist. I know that everything is political, that everything is politicized. But...I don't work at that level. The fact that we walk around...and eat and breathe and have ideas and don't need any batteries or cords is just amazing to me. I mean, what keeps us moving? I'm in awe of it. "Priss" is like Shirley Temple as a psycho pit bull. Being a girl is my background. Of course I have a feminist consciousness but I don't think of myself as an artist who has a feminist agenda. No more so than any other artist, male or female. " - Kim Dingle  photo SW_WORKSimage2478w625_zps8e81d5e2.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2483w625_zps9b196503.jpg  photo SW_WORKSimage2479w625_zpsb488d97b.jpg  photo Kim-Dingle-studio_zps3844a23a.jpg

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